GW2 Back to School Super Weapon skins gallery

A gallery of the super weapons, King Toad’s weapons, and Storm Wizard’s weapons available for the GW2 Back to School Super Adventure Box patch.

Looking for models! if you see any of the weapon skins below don’t have a high res pic and would like to model for me, please contact me ingame (Dulfy) via whisper or mail. NA servers only. Thanks!



The Pistols, Rifle, Shield, Shortbow, Warhorn all have unique weapon sounds, showcased here.





Super Weapon skins

Please note that blue versions of Super Greatsword, Longbow, Scepter, Shield, Shortbow, Staff, and Sword are not available for purchase from vendors this patch but can be still brought on the Trading Post. You can view them here.

Super Axe – [&AgGztQAA]

gw2-super-axe gw2-super-axe-2gw2-super-axe-3

Super Dagger – [&AgHFtQAA]


Super Focus – [&AgG5tQAA] – Modeled by Sauer


Super Hammer – [&AgHItQAA] – Modeled by Lloyd Fremont


Super Mace – [&AgGwtQAA] – Modeled by Lloyd Fremont


Super Pistol – [&AgG/tQAA] – Modeled by Inquisitor Derosa


Super Rifle – [&AgHCtQAA] – Modeled by Inquisitor Derosa


Super Torch – [&AgG8tQAA] – Modeled by Lloyd Fremont


Super Warhorn – [&AgG2tQAA] – Modeled by Seraphh


King Toad’s Weapon skins

These weapons are obtained by completing Tribulation mode of World 1. End boss of each zone drops a King Toad, Z1, Z2, and Z3 pieces respectively, which can be combined with a weapon design purchased from Moto (2 gold) in the Mystic Forge to craft.

King Toad’s Axe – [&AgHYtQAA] – Modeled by Marie Goes Necro (Mariemystar)

King Toad’s Dagger – [&AgHqtQAA] – Modeled by Panikism


King Toad’s Focus – [&AgHetQAA]


King Toad’s Greatsword – [&AgHwtQAA] – Modeled by Unlimited Blade


King Toad’s Hammer – [&AgHttQAA] – Modeled by Mingus Mingusson


King Toad’s Longbow – [&AgHztQAA] – Modeled by Hawaiian Pineapple


King Toad’s Mace – [&AgHVtQAA] – Modeled by Little Zurito


King Toad’s Pistol – [&AgHktQAA] – Modeled by Arcticus Nightmare


King Toad’s Rifle – [&AgHntQAA] – Modeled by Mingus Mingusson


King Toad’s Scepter – [&AgH2tQAA] – Modeled by Mingus Mingusson


King Toad’s Shield – [&AgH5tQAA] – Modeled by Obi Nader


King Toad’s Shortbow – [&AgH8tQAA]


King Toad’s Staff – [&AgH/tQAA]Modeled by Nox Levamentum

King Toad’s Sword – [&AgECtgAA] – Modeled by Unlimited Blade


King Toad’s Torch – [&AgHhtQAA] – Modeled by Marika Jaeger

  • Note: Unlike other torches, this one does not give out light in dark places


King Toad’s Warhorn – [&AgHbtQAA] – Modeled by Aury


Storm Wizard’s Weapon skins

These weapons are obtained by completing Tribulation mode of World 2. End boss of each zone drops a Storm Wizard, Z1, Z2, and Z3 pieces respectively, which can be combined with a weapon design purchased from Moto (2 gold) in the Mystic Forge to craft.

Storm Wizard’s Axe – [&AgEItgAA] – Modeled by Little Zurito


Storm Wizard’s Dagger – [&AgEatgAA] – Modeled by Sauer


Storm Wizard’s Focus – Modeled by Unlimited Bladework


Storm Wizard’s Greatsword – [&AgEgtgAA] – Modeled by Im Bored


Storm Wizard’s Hammer – [&AgEdtgAA] – Modeled by Zodd Tynalt


Storm Wizard’s Longbow – [&AgEjtgAA] – Modeled by Renacer Apeiron


Storm Wizard’s Mace – [&AgEFtgAA] – Modeled by Maggnius


Storm Wizard’s Pistol – [&AgEUtgAA] – Modeled by Arcticus Nightmare


Storm Wizard’s Rifle – [&AgEXtgAA] – Modeled by Suth


Storm Wizard’s Scepter – [&AgEmtgAA] – Modeled by Xandra


Storm Wizard’s Shield – [&AgEptgAA] – Modeled by Im Bored


Storm Wizard’s Shortbow – [&AgEstgAA] – Modeled by Karou Von Stein


Storm Wizard’s Staff – [&AgEvtgAA] – Modeled by Im Bored


Storm Wizard’s Sword – [&AgEytgAA]  – Modeled by Airwolf


Storm Wizard’s Torch – [&AgERtgAA] – Modeled by Sinafaye Silverhand

  • Note: Unlike other torches, this one does not give out light in dark places


Storm Wizard’s Warhorn – [&AgELtgAA]

gw2-storm-wizard's-warhorn gw2-storm-wizard's-warhorn-3gw2-storm-wizard's-warhorn-2

Backpack Skins

King Toad’s Backpack Cover – [&AgE5tgAA]

  • Rewarded for completing Minor in Achievement under Super Adventure Box


Storm Wizard’s Backpack Cover – [&AgE8tgAA]

  • Rewarded for completing Major in Achievement under Super Adventure Box: Back to School


  • Jack

    not at all a fan of the red on them, but i am very happy that they made the pistol look like the regular Nintendo pistol like i hoped they would.

  • Bonefield

    Thank you, Dulfy! I purchased the pistol (had 50 bauble bubbles left over from last time) and it looks really nice!

  • mohrad

    So if i wasn’t around last SAB patch (playing just for 2 months now) and i am Staff Ele… then i am screwed? No skin for me? :c

    • Cathammer5800

      jsut buy one not expensive

    • Akyh

      Buy while it’s that expensive. Its price is rising (less than 10g before patch, now 18g)

    • Andybabes

      Your best bet is to buy it off the trading post.

    • Ares Zax

      Unfortunately, yes. The only way to get the original release skins right now is to buy it from the Trading Post. Unless they are still dropping from the end zone chests?

    • VitalSuit

      You can also get the tribulation weapons if you want different colored variants (green for world 1, yellow for world 2, red for world 3, purple for world 4) If you want the blue one you have to buy it from the trading post since Anet decided not to re-release the skins for some reason…

  • digi_owl

    The focus looks like a punch dagger.

  • Pinchy Pinch

    Does the pistol remind anyone else of the old Nintendo pistol for Duck Hunt? I like it, a lot! 😉

    • Ares Zax

      Same. 😀 I saw it and immediately thought, “OMG, the NES Zapper!”

  • sum

    warhorn makes funny sounds!

  • bjchase55

    Any idea what the “designs” do? Says something about the mystic forge but what else goes with it? Looks like there are “designs” from the previous SAB.

    • They are for the Tribulation mode weapons

  • Fernandinajazz

    Here is the Tribulation items

    • Nick

      how do you get tribulation items?

      • Ghisteslohm

        There are tribulation items and a tribulation mode, what do you think?^^

      • Airwolf

        Every zone drops an item after completion (z-1, z-2, z-3). combine those with the 2g items you can get from moto in the mystic forge.

  • Deathlyhearts

    Tribulation Green Dagger (World 1) ^^

  • ADZ

    Here the King Toad’s pistol. It’s not on a weapon yet

  • FCA

    how can i beat the storm wizzard?

    • Ghisteslohm

      Reflect the hands, hit him when the shield is down, avoid his dash

      Phase 2: stay in the middle run in circles and kill the lightningballs then switch to an platform on the outside when he aoe´s the middle and avoid his attack from underground where he destroys the platform you are standing on.
      attack him->repeat 3 or 4 times

      • djly5y

        how reflect the hands ?

        • Ghisteslohm

          With your hand/push skill, the wizard attacks have the sign on them.

  • Cae Morana

    Toad’s Axe here:

  • Lady Lanabanana

    King Toad’s Sword

  • Damnation

    green mace..

  • Xafer

    King Toad’s Shield

    • Guest

      Just to clarify the picture above, the shield does still retain the yellowy center glow it had on the original. I got the shield in the hopes it was all green with only yellow text like the one above.

  • Johan

    King Toad’s Sword and Storm Wizard’s Dagger

  • Thyanin
  • Johan

    King Toad’s/Storm Wizard’s Greatsword

  • Ashura

    Can those skin be sold in tp?

    • Airwolf

      No. they are account bound.

  • Airwolf

    King toad’s Focus


    • Airwolf

      woops… meh whatever, link still works XD

  • Krystal S. S.

    King’s Toad GreatSword

  • bebunw

    be careful when you chose the tribute weapon you will only have one by tribute world

    • bebunw

      and by account*

      • Airwolf

        Not really. the items you get from tribulation mode are daily based. So you can get 1 weapon/day

  • Damnation

    King’s Toad Axe+Mace

  • GoEz

    can we get the item codes for the new skins please?

  • Parfur

    GS looks great! Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the hammer. Can’t wait to get the weapons in the other colours though!!

  • Parfur


  • Parfur
  • Best Vayne EU King Toads Axe and Focuss

  • Beefson

    Dulfy, you should add this post to the Weapon skin archives.
    Good job again, keep up the good work 😉

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  • ADZ

    And now, with the storm wizard’s pistol

    • Beefson

      Someone mentioned that the pistol has got new soundeffects, is that true ?
      And if so, I would really appreciate meeting you ingame if you got time 🙂
      Contact me here or ingame: Beefson

      • Airwolf

        Actually, all weapons from this set have special sound effects in the style of SAB I believe.

        • Beefson

          He just showed me the pistols ingame, they are awesome. I’m getting them, the sounds are great ! Encore une fois merci beaucoup, ADZ 🙂

  • Shrek456

    Do the weapons add new effect on skillls? For example do you throw a blue 8bit pixel axe with the rnagers 4 skill or is it just like the other skins that throw a normal axe model?

    • Magnusito

      It only adds retro sounds to your attacks.

  • Airwolf

    Both swords 🙂

    • Tamut

      You look like a jedi, May the force be with you. 😉

      • digi_owl

        Now for ANet to make purple and red…

        • Airwolf

          Red will probably come with world 4 tribulation or something (its the color the enemy has anyway). What the color for world 3 will be… no idea.

          • CalmestChaos

            its the bauble system, red is world 3, purple is world 4

  • Henner

    If i upgrade my Super Sword to a King Toad sword, is it still soulbound or accoutn bound?

    • Eh you can’t upgrade it, they are separate weapons and have no connections to each other.

  • Gerardo

    Storm wizard longbow pics if you need em.

    • Gerardo


  • Gerardo

    this also

  • Airwolf

    If needed. here is a screenshot set foor main or offhand. On Eu servers :/

    • Airwolf

      * for the wizards sword.

    • Airwolf

      Tries to help, gets down-voted q_q

    • Not sure who downvoted you but ty for the pic 😀

      • Airwolf

        No problem 🙂

  • Magnusito

    Longbow and Axe have special sound effects too.

  • xdyphx

    King Toad’s Shortbow

  • Magnusito

    Wizard axe. It goes to almost white when sheathed and only shines when it’s on movement.

  • Altan Rapsied

    Storm Wizard’s Hammer : wrong screen, this is super hammer.

  • Nurru

    Can you run Trib multiple times for multiple weapons?

    • Airwolf

      At least once a day. Don’t know if its character or account wide though.

      • Account wide

        • Airwolf

          Btw Dulfy. Was browsing the forums and saw the post about getting stuck in the log for the gong. Maybe also something you can put in the guides is that in most cases you can dig for bunnies. They will gladly help out by killing you if possible.

        • Nurru

          Sounds painful, but probably not as bad as I’m thinking now that I know the zones.

    • Yes, you can trib daily

  • Suth

    Storm Wizard’s Rifle

    • Added, thank you 🙂

  • Parfur
  • Nashor Silverblade

    If you want for your gallery – scepter and hammer!

  • Minha

    Storm Wizard Sword/Warhorn/Longbow screen

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