GW2 SAB Back to School

GW2 Miniature Super Trio Set 2 gallery

A gallery and videos of the GW2 Miniature Super Trio set 2 introduced with the SAB Back to School Pack. The entire set can be brought on the gemstore for 500 gems.



Mini Super Banana  – Neat spin animation


Mini Super Raccoon – Has an animation where he runs around in circles


Mini Super Yei – Has an animation where he will pound the ground


Mini Super Assassin – Has a bow and mediate animation

  • Obtained by coming Mini Super Yeti, Raccoon and Banana together with a continue coin in the mystic forge


Mini Moto – Purchased from 20 bauble baubles from Moto in Rata Sum


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11 replies on “GW2 Miniature Super Trio Set 2 gallery”

Mini Super Assassin (Masterwork quality). You can get it by placing the three gem-store minis together with a single continue coin in the Mystic Forge. It doesn’t have any special animations when stationary but makes a ‘quick-footed-running’ noise when moving.

Actually, it’ll close its eyes, fold its legs underneath itself, hold hands out in front and hover for a few seconds, or he bows very quickly

really? i rather prefer these 3 (although yeti is the weakest of the bunch). i didn’t even get the first batch, but bought this one day one. that banana and racoon are awesome

Mini Princess Miya (Exotic). Combining Mini Moto with Princess Miya’s Wig, Princess Miya’s Tiara and a Princess Miya’s Dress will yield this item. The mini curtsies, shakes its head, waves and looks around.

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