GW2 Miniature Super Trio Set 2 gallery

A gallery and videos of the GW2 Miniature Super Trio set 2 introduced with the SAB Back to School Pack. The entire set can be brought on the gemstore for 500 gems.


Mini Super Banana  – Neat spin animation


Mini Super Raccoon – Has an animation where he runs around in circles


Mini Super Yei – Has an animation where he will pound the ground


Mini Super Assassin – Has a bow and mediate animation

  • Obtained by coming Mini Super Yeti, Raccoon and Banana together with a continue coin in the mystic forge


Mini Moto – Purchased from 20 bauble baubles from Moto in Rata Sum


  • Steve MD

    do you have the mini from mystic forging these 3 together?

  • digi_owl

    Heh, time for the spider and the banana to have a dance-off.

  • alan

    i still prefer my Mini Liadri

  • Cosmos Black

    Mini Super Assassin (Masterwork quality). You can get it by placing the three gem-store minis together with a single continue coin in the Mystic Forge. It doesn’t have any special animations when stationary but makes a ‘quick-footed-running’ noise when moving.

    • shodannet

      Actually, it’ll close its eyes, fold its legs underneath itself, hold hands out in front and hover for a few seconds, or he bows very quickly

      • Cosmos Black

        Mine must have been the lazy ninja of the clan then! Thanks for the information.

    • overlow

      shame he lacks the katana he has in sab 🙁

  • VitalSuit

    These 3 look rather boring compared to the first 3.

    • Jack

      really? i rather prefer these 3 (although yeti is the weakest of the bunch). i didn’t even get the first batch, but bought this one day one. that banana and racoon are awesome

  • Cosmos Black

    Mini Princess Miya (Exotic). Combining Mini Moto with Princess Miya’s Wig, Princess Miya’s Tiara and a Princess Miya’s Dress will yield this item. The mini curtsies, shakes its head, waves and looks around.

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