GW2 Permanent Super Explosive Finisher

Screenshots and videos showing off the new Permanent Super Explosive Finisher you can purchase in the gemstore for 600 gems.


  • Cobalt

    normally i wouldn’t waste money buying finishers but that is awesome.

  • TexRob406

    Basically came to post the exact same thing…might have to get this

  • UrMom306

    annnnnd…..i’m getting this lol

  • Disgruntled Charr

    This finisher made me buy gems for the first time in a year. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • Guest

    BOOM Headshot!

    P.S. The problem is EVERYONE is going to have… on second thought with these going off every second would that be a bad thing? 🙂

    • UrMom306

      nope its epic, played wvw last night and there were little mushroom clouds going off all over the place, it was hilarious 😀

      • Guest

        Thought as much! :]

  • I cheer on my charr as he starts to perform his new finisher. “Come on buddy…BOOM!”

  • Ghisteslohm

    Finishing enemies with this thing is a BLAST

  • Christian

    You’re very own personal Mini Nuke! Now you can really make your enemies go to hell!

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