GW2 Revamped Legendary weapon effects

A gallery and videos of the revamped legendary weapon effects in the SAB Back to School patch.

Bifrost  – Modeled by Dokdek

  • The Bifrost: Updated the effects and texture to be more detailed and vibrant, enlarged the footfall effects, and added a new projectile


Bolt – Modeled by Lazy Daisy/Liquid Rhino

  • Bolt now have larger footfall effects


Eternity – Modeled by Dokdek

  • Updated the pommel on Eternity and added a unique footfall effect


Frenzy – Modeled by Unholy Ranger

  • Added a new projectile to Frenzy.


Frostfang – Modeled by Liquid Rhino

  • Frostfang now has larger, more impressive footfall effects.


Howler– Modeled by Sionn Frost

  • Added a new skill effect to Howler


Kudzu – Modeled by Liquid Rhino

  • Adjusted the position of the golden arrow on Kudzu and updated the effects on the Kudzu projectile.


Meteorlogicus – Modeled by Hotnessbebez Ilys

  • Updated the texture, effects, and animations; added a day/night cycle for the effects; and added a new footfall effect.


Quip – Modeled by Munkee

  • Better Footfalls


The Dreamer – Modeled by Sosecocroretot & Liquid Rhino

  • Added a new footfall effect to The Dreamer.


The Juggernaut – Modeled by Mrs Fonzie

  • The Juggernaut now have larger footfall effects


The Minstrel – Modeled by Hotnessbebez Ilys

  • Updated the effects on The Minstrel to be larger, more impressive, and more frequent.


The Moot – Modeled by DeumReaper

  • Updated the texture and effects on The Moot


  • Sosecocroretot

    Enjoy if you need for the dreamer

    • Gil

      Thank you very very much :D!

    • thank you! 🙂

  • Mrs Fonzie

    Here is a screen of the new Juggernaut footfall.

  • AzNfiRe

    They removed the purple aura from Quip??

    • Skeeth

      The weapon wasn’t drawn

  • Kakis

    Where’s the purple aura on quip?

  • Schiinch

    Dreamer footfalls look terrible

    • GizmosMonster

      i love the footfalls 😀 they’re more flashy than the ones Bifrost have, and come on.. HOOVES!!

  • DeumReaper

    “Updated the texture and effects on The Moot.” The footfalls auras are larger now.

  • Chiara Marcocci

    Bolt looks exactly the same.

    • Schiinch

      Only bigger footfalls

  • Arrow Slanger

    Frostfang…Where are you?

  • shakah

    What guild you in dulfy? lol

  • Kry

    Could you perhaps show us the footfalls of meteorlogicus in the day?

    • It is the same.

    • Elliot

      They’re the same night & day, it’s just the basic effects on the weapon that change.

  • John Doe

    What happened to the Incinerator changes ? They we’re mentioned earlier here :/

    • The Avenger

      I posted a video of the footfall here:

      The notes say they made the effect larger but I don’t notice a huge difference.

  • Hobo

    What were the Kudzu changes in patch?

  • Liquid Rhino

    Ask and ye shall receive. 🙂

    Here’s updated model/Projectile for Kudzu and and footfalls for Kudzu, Dreamer, Frostfang and Bolt. (Bolt was not a noticeable change)

    Long time fan – love your site!
    -Liquid Rhino (Borlis Pass)

    • Zir

      Did you forget to attach something? I don’t see any pictures or videos in your post D:

      • Liquid Rhino

        Not sure why it didn’t post the first time, but here goes another try.. Hope this helps! 🙂

        • Zir

          Nice, those footsteps on Kudzu look like an improvement! Thanks for sharing!

        • Thank you!

        • Kurr

          Dude your character looks almost exactly like my Thief which I posted on Guru a couple weeks ago O_o. Except the whole having a bunch of legendaries thing.

  • Kurosov

    Predator does not have an improved aura or a y change at all. I was a little worried when I saw it wasn’t mentioned at all in the changes/no changes section a few days ago and I guess it was meant for the latter.

    A real shame as I was hoping they’d add in the old engi tool belt effects again as well as add kit attack effects.

  • jwaz

    Frostfang got updated footfalls, and Kamohoali’i Kotaki got an skin improvement (the spearhead now glows purple).

    • The Avenger

      I uploaded a video of the updated spear effect:

      The change is undocumented in the patch notes but that’s definitely new. Edit: Dulfy, feel free to use

  • craziplaya21

    Dreamer update is awesome! You get footprints, WE get HOOFPRINTS!

    Dulfy, feel free to use.

  • Dagos

    Video from minstrel was removed.

    • Ya it bugs out for some reason, let me see if I can find soemone else with it

  • Derpy

    No update for Rodgort, how sad. 🙁 I would love some large firey footprints at least.

    • VitalSuit

      Anet said they weren’t changing anything about Rodgort.

      • Derpy

        Doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t want it. 😛 I think Rodgort as a weapon is perfect, but I would love some bigger footsteps. My character leaves behind such small ones…

        • alcina

          footsteps are enlarged on Rodgort, and in addition it leaves a bit of smoke behind

          • Burn

            nop .. didn’t happened on my Rodgort

  • Alice

    I feel like a lot of these didn’t need updates (like the moot or kudzu for example – kudzu’s footsteps were already very large) but other legendaries like Incinerator and Rodgort did.

    • GizmosMonster

      Kudzus footfall wasnt changed… the model was corrected and arrows a bit more impressive. and Incinerator got larger footfall

  • Psychosious

    As an Engineer for my main, I hate that The Predator was left out. I think that is such an ugly Legendary. I should know!

  • Lange Wapper
    • Lop-Ears

      These aren’t that helpful because you haven’t told us when these pictures were taken: Kraitkin has a day cycle and a night cycle.

      I might take some screenshots when I get home, but although they improved upon the actual textures of Kraitkin, they reduced the nighttime glow by a lot — the point where you almost couldn’t differentiate between the day/night Kraitkin anymore. I presume they toned down the glow to show off the new textures, but it’s really disappointing/

    • Shreds

      They are helpful! It’s clearly day cycle because you can see that the heads are moving. Thank you for posting these, I’ve been having a hard time finding pictures and these are very good.

  • Guest

    The Moot now looks epicly gay!

  • Trixxie Virtuoso

    Feel free to use my video for the Minstrel’s Effects, I can always make a cleaner version if you wish, just comment on the video if you want me to!

  • Atriarch

    I’m just disappointed that they didn’t fix Frostfang not having the ice on your arm effect when wielded in your off hand (nor does it leave its swoosh trails when swinging)

  • Dinny

    Here’s the new Kraitkin, day and night. The eels are now a darker color with a glowing green outline. Also, somewhat disappointingly, the green glow on the night cycle has been toned down significantly. (Compare to how it used to glow:

    • Akari Ryuu

      How about it’s projectile? Anything new with that?

  • KillerRhino


  • John Ray Young

    hi what about the predator? no update

  • devilish280

    Why was Incinerator not updated as promised and as it says in the patch notes? There is literally no difference.

    • GizmosMonster

      the footfall should be larger and more noticeable.. that’s all they did

  • Sic

    not sure if this is a concrete change. But there seem to be small blue floating sparkles on nighttime-howler. I don’t remember seeing these pre-patch

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  • MadTony

    Rainbow hooves :/

    I’d rather just have footprints or a tron like tail.

  • Gedablo

    How footsteps looks like when you have frostfang and the moot together?

  • Vaaiko

    I know no one cares but the spear was also updated with that patch. Here’s a pic , the blade now glows purple and the glow is more intense

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