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GW2 Super Adventure Box Back to School coverage guide

A list of guides and galleries related to the GW2 SAB Back to School patch. More content will be added throughout the day.

Weapon skins

SAB World 1 (complete)

SAB World 1 Tribulation mode (complete)

SAB World 2 Tribulation mode (video guides all up, written guides still in progress)

SAB World 2 (complete)

Gemstore items

Ascended Crafting


Patch notes

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The bloodstone dust is a joke to get, already have 800 from the chest/container i stocked from champions, not sure for the rest tho.

incinerator footfalls. not really different.
kamohoali’s blood comes out of its mouth now and i think the ghastly shark got some better textures.

That’s a lot of mats but considering that they are not prohibitively expensive at all. Things like bloodstone dusts, dragonite, etc give players incentives to actually do every contents instead of farming gold in one spot of the world. Notice that all the mats do drop in WvW where events are usually fast-paced and less tiring than dragon events which will be revamped soon. With this update, hopefully more players who are interested in the best in slot weapons will come back to WvW.

it almost is. the proportion of the size of the hoof to the width between the supposed feet is totally off. that’s my point. if the hooves were smaller it would make sense. as it currently is, it does not.

are you really arguing the reality aspect of a make believe weapon that leaves rainbow hoof prints when you walk?

I wouldn’t say those hoofprints are in a straight line. It looks fine to me, including the foot-shaped interiors in the prints.

Had a go at the new Tribulation mode for SAB. It’s tough.
Paths are linear and if you fall off them, you fall through the floor and into an insta-death spike pit. Wood spikes around where you spawn at the start also are insta-deaths. They can be jumped easily whilst running but harder to tackle from a standing jump. I can post a few screenshots for the first bit if you want.

Yeah. You get 2 lives now every time you exit and re-enter through a party. You only get 5 if you use a coin.

And falling through the floor is a trap. There’s a lot of those in Tribulation mode.

I got about 56 empyreal fragments from 13 jumping puzzles. I did some hard ones (ie. Malchor’s Leap one with the chests) and Cursed Shore one and some easy ones in the starter zones and LA and it seemed entirely random how many you get in a chest. 2 or 7 or 9. Nothing to do with difficulty or level of the zone.

But I still thought coming away with 50 for some simple puzzles wasn’t so bad. Hopefully you get at least 9 guaranteed per dungeon run. :/

And got 16 dragonite ore from Shatterer. Not sure how it plays out with the smaller bosses but should be pretty decent.

I got something like 5-6 Dragonite ores on the fire elemental, around the same for the shadow behemoth, 16 for the destroyer and 30 on Dwayna/Lyssa, so it varies depending on the level of the event

Yeah seems to vary a little bit except at temples which are a guaranteed 30. I got around 5-6 for FE too and 5 for SB, Shatterer after daily reset gave me 20, and got 15 from maw. Claw of Jormag was around 25~ I think. Overall, got a little over 100 for doing a boss run after daily reset.

Sadly fragments still seem to be the rarest. Haven’t heard how many you get out of dungeon, wouldn’t be surprised if its around 30. I did learn parking alts that aren’t 80 at a jp will not net you any materials at all though. >.< Need to be 80 for them to drop from chest.

just a note. whenever you see Hillbillies. Kill them without destroying the machine.. Racoons will appear after and lead you to secret places.

I missed a few place because I destroyed them

Hey dulfy, I was going through zone three, and almost right at the beginning i foudn one of the hard to find secret rooms with no rocks using a bomb. after you climb the face at the beginning you can follow these screens to find it. the second one is me standing in the same spot just looking to the right. hope this helps.

PS, the room just seems to be full of falling ice, and there doens’t seem to be a way to get up over a wall in it.

Hello Dulfy, if you’re interested in information on “time gated” materials for 400-500 crafting, so far it looks like the items in Ectoplasm Refinement are the only things that go on cooldown. Which means Lumps of Mithrillium and Glob of Elder Spirit Spirit Residue can be crafted once a day (reset when dailies reset).

I have crafted at least one thing from the other sections (Bloodstone Bricks and Deldrimor Steel Ingots) without them going on cooldown. I assume the other items do not.

Does anyone
have a tip for getting into the gong tower in zone 2 of world 2 easily? The way
I found was from the bottom of the tower, get on the wooden beams underneath the
floor, walk to the rocks and jump up and a bit to the side to try get on the
rock. I made this jump a couple of times last night but then my hands started to
cramp up and get sweaty and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the jump
right anymore, forcing me to log off frustrated in the end. Is this the only
way to get into the tower or am I overlooking an easier way?

There is a tree on the right from the checkpoint that leads you to the bottom level of the tower. You must have missed it.

Oh wow. Thnx! I think I’ve seen the tree you mean but I remember thinking it was too high or too far away to jump onto. I’ll surely give it a shot!

If you just want to finish the zone then there is a Shortcut Eagle right after the second Checkpoint (the one after the first Octupus you have to feed). You can use the jump flower there to hit a cloud which is on the opposite side of the normal way. Then you use the Glove of Wisdom to push the block towards the tree and jump up and you reach the Shortcut Eagle. This Shortcut is different from World 1 Shortcut Worm which you just have to go through. Shortcut Eagle works so that there are tons of Owls attacking you and the Checkpoint you end up at depends on how long you stay on the Eagle. If you make it all the way you end up at the last checkpoint before boss (basicly you skip somewhere between 10 to 15 checkpoints, haven’t done it normally so can’t say for sure how many there are.

Can you post a few more of how you got to the secret place in the last photo? The green leaf in your third to last one isn’t much of a landmark…

Any tips for the pressure plate construct in world 2 zone 3? i can’t figure out how to press all plates if the enemies deactivate them regularly..

I timed it right. So they all need to be white and I stood by one plate and when the sheep hit the ones i had turned black I jumped on one of them and they all went white. Took me a good 30 minutes to count up. I might be able to post a pic later if people are still interested.

If you follow the Genie’s instructions at the end of World 3’s Zone 1, you’ll see a hidden cutscene in a secret Lab.

The directions are;
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, START

Just like old school video games!

The password for the second part of the story after you find the genie in world 3 is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a

For those @ the Building with Traps and the Big Gong at the Top:
You can try to avoid the whole building by carefully jumping between the Trap and the housecorner at the right outside.
So you can jump over the Trap and push the block.
Be carefull, its only a little (!!!) gap to stand in.

Dulfy, I count 370 thermocatalytic reagents for the total. The hilt and blade cost 160, if I understand correctly (50 + 30 for each piece).

Will you do full guides with pics again for World 2? I find it easier to collect all the baubles if there is a pic guide instead of video. For secret rooms and a quick walkthrough where you only need to complete in tribulation mode the video is okay. Really thanks for all the stuff you did back then for World 1. I’m playing also other games and I don’t think it is fun to spend hours in the Box and I’m only trying to get as many achievements as possible and your guides are helping a lot.

Yeah his pictures are a bit weird, but if you go to the back corner he shows in picture and bomb it the wall will blow up.

Found a hidden room in 2-1, After you go through the waterfall, turn left and climb up the wall, hop back through the waterfall, go a few more ledges, and throw a bomb at the wall

No. each zone drops a unique green or yellow item that is account bound and daily. combine one from each zone and the 2g thing from moto in the forge to make a wep

Hey could you staff/mods please update the guide for the secret living story plot/genie plot as soon as you figure out how it’s done? i want to do it 😀 (achievement name: Special instructions)

It’s simple. You talk to the genie, wait a bit and he tells you everything. Then head to Rata Sum’s Research Waypoint and head around the corner to the bridge (your map should also have a Living World star indicating where it is). Then enter the Konami code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.
The next part is pretty self explanatory.

(Just for those who couldn’t be bothered scrolling down a Reddit thread.)

Dulfy, please make guides for achievements in World 2 normal mode. I can do the obvious ones (like for example the Tiptoe one), but when it comes to indefinitely count of something (achievements like find all baubles, kill all assassins, etc) I am really lost.

Hey Dulfy, here’s a 50 bauble chest (dig) I found in world 2-1.

Also I don’t know if it has been mentioned but the one of the flute songs is in the cabin that is right before the “frogger” style river in world 2-1. The cabin is reached by taking the first movable log to the water spurt. Follow the path and climb the mountain till you reach a spring. Use the spring/ flowers to go to the cabin. There is a secret room inside the cabin (floor) and just outside the cabin (grey wall near door) that can be opened with bombs. Inside the cabin is a log that teahces you the log song ( 1,2,3) that shows a moto face on secrets nearby

In the cave left from the hidden shop in w2z1 where you learn the song to find bomb spots (123). In the last frog room, is another bomb spot, and inside of it is this guy

You get the nunchaku in a hidden shop in w2z2. I posted a screenshoot of the shop. Just scroll a bit down and you should find the pictures

does anyone know if there is a new shop in world 1? I’ve gone trough it in tribulation mode 2 times and 1 is still missing for the achievement. The shop where you could get the candle for free doesn’t count!
Another problem would be the honeycomb in zone 3, I didn’t find a way to get there in many hours of search (cannon is blocked by a cloud).

Both are bugged it seems. There doesn’t seem to be a way through Zone 3’s tribulation’s maze and I’ve been through every shop in world 1 and there’s only 10 marked in my achievements.

There’s 4 if you count the secret room that houses the red coloured bauble (temporarily forgotten how much they give you).

I still have 4/11 Tough Customer, World1 achievement from 4 shop in World 1 Zone 1 & 2. It seem the hidden room not count because I didn’t get the achievement point after enter the room.

realy ? i have 10/11 including the room where you got the elite (10th spell) and i was in the emty shop ( trap comes from the ceiling when you go too far in) and it didnt count as shop , should i retry ?

How can you enter the first shop in W1 Z3…It seems like there is a wall ( of course one hit kill) in front of it if I try it the normal way.

Here is a list of items in World 2 (None of these links are mine but someone else’s in the comments)

For the achievement:

Nice Scoop
– Several shops (torch chop in W2Z3 works great) (325 baubles)

750 wallet bag (W2Z3) A guide by Dagnis I found in comments (500 baubles)

flat hand power (W2Z2) (mandatory)
-You get as you do Zone 2 of world 2

torch (W2Z3) (mandatory)
-2nd shop in Z3, you’ll pass a cave before the ice wall that blocks checkpoint 1

Nun chucks (W2Z2)
-underneath the wooden path leading to the gong building (go left from that checkpoint and drop under the wooden pathway) (425 baubles?)

Whistle (W2Z3)
-first shop in Z3 (225 baubles?)

5th heart (finish world 2)

Moto’s Finger (elite) (W3Z3)
(here is a guide I found)
Original post I found

Upgraded potions (300 baubles?)
-several shops sell it

Not to sure the 10th (i have 10/10 but not sure which one is missing)

Flute songs:

Log song (shows secrets) (W2Z1)
-follow dulfy’s hidden room guide to find the shop with it

Gatekeeper song ( opens gates) (W2Z2)
-Hidden room when you bomb the ground before the racoon kingpin

Ice Song (Breaks ice) (W2Z3)
-Found in the room with the flat ice and spikes. Before the little ledge halfway in the room on the right hand side is a door you need to open with the gate keeper’s song. Follow the open path to a room with 15 banana guys. kill them all to unlock the room with the song.

If anyone has anything to add to the list that would be great

Apparently the potion upgrade (encountered in a hidden shop in a wall in w2z2) that heals for 2 hearts and costs 300 baubles also counts for it.

What about the “Nice Scoop”? I.e. the upgraded shovel? Can’t remember where you buy it the first time but you can buy it from W2Z3, where you get the torch.

the 5th heart of life is an upgrade.
I don’t think the songs are an upgrade though, juste got the gatekeeper’s so far and still at 8/10

Just wanted to give you a big fat THANK YOU for the videoes. They allow me to save a lot of time through just following a guide. I don’t enjoy Tribulation mode much, but I do every achievements q: Also allows me to send a message to Anet that I don’t want to buy their damn infinite coin. Only ~ 20 continue coins used so far. Thanks Dulfy 🙂

For World 2 Zone 2, near the end with the teleportation pads, there’s a bit of a shortcut if you take certain teleporters in order. The order is given by a Mysterious Stranger in a hidden area on the ground where you can fight the Boss Raccoon on this level. He says something like “I know the path Left, Right, Right, Forward, Forward.” Taking the teleporters in this order lets you bypass the poles and fish right after the teleporters. Also, after you talk to the stranger some numbers show up on the ground but I haven’t figured out what they’re for… I think they were 33231 or something…

Also, the whole pagoda with the indiana jones reference gong sequence can be skipped by jumping on the tree in front of the pagoda, and climbing on the top of it via the clouds. From up there, one can jump to the nearby hill and avoid the annoying gong / traps.

Hey Dulfy, I am almost done with Tribulation Mode world 2, missing zone 3 – which is in full nightime by the way – want me to post a storm wizard greatsword once I am done?

hey dulfy, i found all hidden rooms in world 2 zone 1. i will make a picture guid on imigur tomorrow and post it on reddit. if you want i can make screens of all baubles i found too, just leave a coment here then. thx for all your good work . keep going 😀

We are still running around z1 atm. If this guy will stop going afk i can get all of the z2 rooms i found to you soon.

Do I need the Nice scoop shovel for the dig spots? I have been digging at all the locations found so far and no chest has popped for me. (been digging like crazy)

Are you going to look for the new secrets in world 1? (according to patch note, there’re new one)
There’s one at the start of world 1 zone 3.

Hello Dulfy,
Could you please open a page where we can share dig locations for World 2?
Nice guides as usual dulfy, thank you.

world 2 zone 2 – a little while after the ‘glove boss’ there is a door blocked by a ‘Fist-shape with a downwards arrow’. Tried all sorts of things to open it.
Does anyone know how to open it?

Here are some screen shots, First one being the door and 2nd is what i can see behind it.

after you kill it it drops a glove item, use it on everything that has a hand drawn in it

ps: if it doesn’t work that because you have to push it from another side.

The glove doesn’t work. I guess it’s only accessible after World 3 (where you can possibly find a glove update).
Anyway, I got 10/10 upgrades without the one behind this door, so it’s not necessary to get atm.

what upgrades do you have? i am stuck at 9/10.
I have the nunchucks, the torch, the shovel, the 750 baubble wallet, the whistle with all 3 songs, the better health potion, the 5th heart upgrade and the glove (dunno why that is 9 since i only count 8 there)

There’s 3 clouds for you to move around while you play the song. Before you jump to that group of clouds, press 3 while you’re on the last cloud before the group, this is because there’s a cast time associated with the first note. Then play 3 2 3 3 1 while you jump between the other two clouds. You’ll probably die as it opens, but you can make your way back to the newly opened cave.

You won’t get a new checkpoint, unless everyone is there.

As a result it’s best to find the way in groups, since you’ll need less lifes to find the traps & you’ll have some fun, watching them die.

Farming on the other hand is better solo.

Ok I’ve been working on the tribulation zone 1, fallowed the video walk through to a “T” all the way up past the first check point, hopped over the trees along the wall to the 2 monkeys above the shop. I jump down just like in the video but fall right through the floor into lava every time. I’ve tried to inch forward, checking edges of the floor but still cant find a way to progress at all. I’m stuck there, and since the game isn’t working correctly it seems compared to how it operated with the video there’s gotta be some kinda bug. If I try to walk along the left wall the missile nails me, if I try to go right I’m impaled by spikes… I literally cant get across to the second Check Point at all.

You have to make a really big jump (try to jump in the direction of the snake). If your jump is too short you’ll die. After that, jump right (look at the ground, where it’s a bit higher, you can stand savely).
You can slowly take 1-2 steps between the two jumps, just don’t go too far or you’ll die, too.

FYI there is a bug right now which is preventing people from getting credit for doing W1Z3 in tribulation mode. (the achievement included) . I recommend waiting till they fix it (no fix was released tonight)

Wait for the timer to finish once its done. I did mine and waited for the time and
Once the timer was over I got the achievement

had the same problem. You have to wait and get teleported to the bonus area. If you leave before the timer is finished you will not get the achievement.

A big ..I.. to ANet! Might as well make and sell this game separately. Honestly, no point for being in GW2. What’s the connection of this and the impending doom brought about by the dragons?

Dude, you do not understand how butthurt people are because now there’s two whole weeks during which no new content is added for their specific needs/wants. It’s almost as if ALL other content that they do enjoy suddenly doesn’t exist anymore. It’s sad, and the official forums are full of this boo hoo.

Nope, Duh. Can’t you see I very much enjoy this? haha That is why I didn’t reply to the first two comments, because I like to see how would people react to my comment.

As for my comment to Raziel, I just abhor his profile pic. That’s all. What a poser. Just keep those comments coming.

If you do one of the achievements you find out it has something to do with Moto being kicked out of some group of asurans, so it will connect with some kind of asuran invention sort of like Fractals of the mists.

Hey dulfy do you have the weapon skins for the king toad and storm wizard ? If so please show 🙂 ty
[icykold] (yaks Bend)

I cant join World 2 tribulation mode, i already did the Tribulation world1 and i got my green weapon, also i already did the world 2 normal mode ( without achies)

Yes i completed whole world in normal mode (1 and 2 ) anyway i did again the world1z3 in tribul..and i got the achie, now i can join wha i was looking for..thank anyway

When you finished the third zone in TM and killed King Toad you need to WAIT for the timer to tick out. It will port you to the bonus area (where you have to smash the cart), THEN you will get the achievement. If you port out of the zone before the timer runs out you’ll have the T-3 coin but not the achievement.

Not 100% true. It is also bugged. Sometimes you wait for the timer and do the bonus round but get no credit. Has something to do with how close you are to the final chest when the timer runs out

Got all the hidden rooms of w2z3 and made a list:

Note: I don’t think i remembered all of them + I’m pretty sure some of those rooms on the list don’t count for the achievement and are just to either get baubles or for tiny ‘shortcuts’. Either way they’re worth visiting and probably will be somewhat usefull for dulfy’s guide.

Nice job! Thanks for that! I’m still going to wait for the baubles guide so that I can do them at the same time. Hopefully dulfy’s done with that soon :).

Got a guide up for secrets room anyways this morning, not sure if you have seen it. Alot of the hidden rooms in w2z3 don’t count so I only listed the ones that counted for the achievements. Also the baubles one is a bit harder than previous zones and so far no one have it as far as I know

Is the TM achievement tough customer bugged for world 1 zone 3? I went to all 6 shops and I didn’t get the achievement. I also went to the hidden shop that i needed to bomb the floor

Are you sure you went to all 6 shops? I believe the room there you get Moto’s Breath also counts.
If you did, then maybe you went to the W1Z2 shop before they fixed the bug that made it not count. Check the patch notes/google to find out exactly which shop it was.

I just finished TM W1Z3 a few hours ago so this would be after the patch. I got all the upgrades, including Moto’s Breath. I went through all the shops in world 1 zone 1 and 2 ( I counted and used a guide just in case). Zone 3 I kept count and I got nada

If you are missing the bugged shop. It’s the shop near the shopkeeper that drinks from the water in W1,Z2 .
Exactly where you get the candle.

Did someone found the third honeycomb? I found one into world 1 zone 2 almost at half way nad one into zone 3 almost at the start before first normal checkpoint..where the last one is?Thnx for help 🙂

I sent Dulfy some screenshots showing how to get the honeycomb in W1 Z3 tribulation. Message me in game if you need pointers @ Cyrael Pelingar XI.

Hello everyone,
I found a honeycomb into zone 2 almost at half way and another one into zone 3 before the first normal checkpoint. can someone tells me where is the last one plz? 🙂

The last one is in W1-1, after the third normal checkpoint. You can see some dog bees. If you follow them, you reach a maze at which end is a cloud checkpoint. The dog bee queen and the honeycomb is right after that (in the corner behind the little hill with the spikes).

There is another blue bauble in the ice cave at the end with the bananas. But even with that one added completing it on normal mode isnt sufficient.

Also something to think about is that you can “cheat” in Tribulation mode W2 Z3 by going to the graphics options and set the full screen gamma to 3.5 instead of 1.0.

Start : (4 BLUE, 2 YELLOW )

1 BLUE In front the blowing wall and the ice ramp in a trench.

1 YELLOW Up the wall at the left side of the ramp ( while facing the ramp).

1 YELLOW up the wall next to the first hillbilly camp.

1 BLUE from the hillbillycamp destilator.

1 BLUE sticking left to the wall while entering the ice forest.

1 BLUE far above first hillbilly camp ( dodge jump).

From CP 1 : ( 7 BLUE, 1 GREEN, 4 YELLOW, 2 RED )

2 RED From Chest (Key from shop)

1 YELLOW on a hidden ledge on the left, right after CP.

1 YELLOW Jump down right after CP right next to the bananas.

4 BLUE at the icetrack with blowing faces.

1 BLUE beneath blowing faces.

1 YELLOW taking the left door while beneath blowing faces.

1 BLUE after taking first teleporter.

1 BLUE bottom rock tower.

1 GREEN halfway rock tower.

1 YELLOW top rock tower.


1 BLUE while descending from CP 2.

1 BLUE before going through waterfall hidden around a corner.

1 PURPLE behind the second waterfall hidden behind the corner in the room of the first waterfall.

1 PURPLE jumping down from that waterfall, again behind a hidden wall.

1 BLUE in room after climbing al the teleporters and opening shortcut.

1 YELLOW after dropping down a hole from one area higher then teleporter platform.

1 YELLOW far beneath that drop on a wooden platform.

1 YELLOW at two bananas nearby teleporter.

1 BLUE at icebear across the ice platforms.

1 PURPLE From chest after dropping down polar bear platform.

3 YELLOW after dropping down far beneath polar bear platform.

FROM CP 3 : (7 BLUE )

6 BLUE imidiatly right after CP behind wall.

1 BLUE After climbing right wall behind big ice pillar.

FROM CP 4 : (2 BLUE )

1 BLUE halfway the spiked room behind explosive barrel.

1 BLUE right after the waterfall.


1 BLUE to the right of the CP.

1 PURPLE From chest to the left of CP.

5 BlUE going up the ICE ramp.


1 BLUE on top of ice pillar after ice bridges.

2 BLUE on top of second pillar clouds.

1 PURPLE in hidden elite room.


1 BLUE up with polar bears.

2 BLUE on top of the pillars in the banana ice room.

2 BLUE at a ridge in the banana ice room.

1 PURPLE From chest at bridge to mini boss.

1 YELLOW from behind the icewall on top with all the bananas.

FROM CP 7 : ( 4 BLUE)

4 BLUE around the piramide with yeti ( yeti gives RED and teleporter).


BOSSFIGHT…..and then fail…..must be some more 🙁

the secret area that if you fall drops you into the shop has 2 yellow baubles in it and 1 if you go all the way to the bottom you drop down right of the teleporter.

Hi Dulfy,

Probably you’ve found this long ago, but thought I’d leave it here.

Infantile Mode no longer has diggable bauble chests. If you want to bauble farm, you have to do it normal mode, or content yourself with ambient baubles.

Also, the diggable bauble chest rewards in World 1 have been reduced across the board. Most that were 20 baubles are now 5; most that were 50 baubles are now 20.

It’d be useful to a lot of players – myself included – if you got a dig site guide up. Even if it’s incomplete, it’ll help, and people will likely post any other dig sites they find that aren’t in your guide.

Hi Dulfy, and everyone in the webs,
Any of you being able to complete Tiptoe achievement, I tried a few times, the first pack easy to pass by, the second group grabbed the inv. buff, no sweat, third won’t even go near, defeat boss but no chieve triger

I tried in normal mode over and over, would not complete. Tried it in infantile mode and it compelted first time. Just remember to use the barrel stealth buff near the Hillbillies towards the end.

Yea, the stealth buff helped me complete the achievement, just make sure not to die until you reach the next checkpoint, because most of the time you aggro the hillbillies when you respawn. Infantile mode is the way to go.

I play as a ranged thief (pistols and shortbow). Many times I have tried jumps made by other characters in videos (and im not new to jump puzzles). To me it seems my char is a tiny bit slower than most other chars I see.

Anyone know the reason for this speed difference?

Has there been a speed nerf, or is there a way to change speed on characters?

I play as a ranged thief (with pistols and shortbow). Many times I have tried jumps made by other characters in SAB videos (and im not new to jump puzzles). To me it seems my char is a tiny bit slower than most other chars I see.

Anyone know the reason for this speed difference?

Has there been a speed nerf, or is there a way to change speed on characters?

I play as a ranged thief (with pistols and shortbow). Many times I have tried jumps made by other characters in SAB videos (and im not new to jump puzzles). To me it seems my char is a tiny bit slower and jumps shorter than most other characters I see.

Anyone know the reason for this speed difference?

Has there been a speed nerf, or is there a way to change speed on characters?

-I’ve noticed that even in sab where there is no ‘in combat’ speed modification that when you get hit you run/jump slower for a split second.
-There’s also a distance difference between jumping then moving and moving and jumping.
-Try standing on the edge of the block you’re jumping from.
-You can always dodge jump if needed.

I believe jumping speed is the same for all races but you might get confused since jumping animation on 2 paws looks slower than the one on 4 paws. It also fools you with the distance of the jump and the position you land on when on 4 paws (which in fact is under your back paws / legs not the character’s center of gravity). I personally hate doing any jumping puzzles with charr since it’s so unreliable.

hey dulfy, i dunno if this baubles has been listed yet but i found a yellow bauble after the last chest of world 2 zone 3 (the chest before the yeti boss) you can from the top of the chest to a corner and then follow the jumping path there is a platform with bananas . you need to do some dodgeroll jumps to get to the corner at the end of this platform ( its a bit hidden). i hope i could help

Is there an ETA for Master of baubles world 2 ? I’ve done all the achievements without a guide but really don’t want to tackle this one alone if i can help it.

There isn’t an ETA because the achievement is still considered bugged/unresolved atm so I am not going to waste time putting up a guide when it doesn’t have all the baubles. When this situation changes I will put up a guide.

Oh i see, that sucks. Thanks for getting back to me though 🙂 saves me wasting time attempting it till its fixed.

And, I failed but i learned how to get a couple more baubles than on Baldurian’s list. So it wasn’t a total failure.

Impressive, If you would add those to my list, someone else might be able to add the last few baubles we both missed. It’s about time we are able to complete this achievement, isn’t it 🙂

Sorry for late reply but I’m not good with describing things, I find it easier to take pictures. I’m aware the guide is up by now I just thought i should inform you on that though.

OK not sure if u know about the room behind the water fall didn’t see it any were in the website just giving u a heads up

3 secret rooms were already found in April, however I’m pretty sure they don’t count towards the Associate of Secrets World 2 achievement. This secret area is in the Associate if Baubles Guide.

Hello dulfy! I remember hearing you ask how to avoid taking damage in the fight against the tiny storm wizard at half HP! this is how it goes: whenever he shoots his lightnings at you (and you want to push them away with your glove) go at MAX distance before pushing them back to him. If you hit him, he will run straight to you but as he has to run so long he can only chase you TWICE (ofc you have to dodge his first attack and run straight to the other side)! you can dodge both attacks and if u did everything correctly he cancels his third attack right before hitting you.

Can’t see it on the list above… Still says does not include it because bugged. Tried searching for it and it’s not coming up there either ^^

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