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GW2 Super Adventure Box World 2 guide

A guide to World 2 of Super Adventure Box, this is a work in progress.

World 2 Overall

World 2 Zone 1 – Rapids

Video walkthrough (1.5x) – This video does not include location of any hidden rooms or baubles.


World 2 Zone 2 – Pain Cliffs

Video walkthrough (1.5x) – This video does not include location of any hidden rooms or baubles.


World 2 Zone 3

Video walkthrough (1.5x) – This video does not include location of any hidden rooms or baubles. Guides for these will come at a later time.


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46 replies on “GW2 Super Adventure Box World 2 guide”

I think it’s free in the shop in World 1, Zone 2, where you find a shopkeeper who is drinking the first green water you find. He dies right next to his shop. Inside is the candle, I believe. In later shops you can buy it but I believe it’s 150 baubles. Don’t quote me on any of this though.

There is a hidden area that you can get to with a bomb in the forest maze around the area of the mini boss on the far right side on the ground. (Need to verify exact location but it is somewhere in that maze)

Duffy can you make a “release” page/list/menu thingy like you did with each release up in gw2 tab for Super Adventure Box(SAB).
It would be great and super easy to get to the link i(we) wanted.

Concerning World 2 Zone 3: Using the Whistle and the Ice song (from Zone 3) one can unfreeze the waterfalls permanently (at least until you leave the zone) and make the icicles drop without shooting them, simply by standing near one on ground level and playing the song.
Furthermore one can close the mouths, utilizing the Gatekeeper Song from Zone 2. This very same song is also necessary for some hidden rooms, especially in order to reach Song #3 and the new Elite.

Once the guide is up, I can complete the remaining achievements: Master of Baubles, Major in Enhancement, Master of Secrets World 2, Baby’s Second Super Adventure and the Major in Achievement meta. I may as well wait for the guide and get them all in one swoop.

Did anyone manage to accomplish the SUper Adventure Secret achievement ( talk to the genie ) ? I’ve seen a few videos showing the zone where that genie is but I can’t find how to get there 🙁

Okay, and how exactly do you access it ? When I was through z3, I just got that bonus mission with thieves after the Storm Wizard, and then got ported back to the hub 🙁

Hi, I just want to ask. For W2Z2, may I just use the Shortcut Eagle instead of going through all that hassle? If so, will it count towards the Academic Achievement?

Does anyone knows how to get into that unopenable room accessible from the one you’re in, Dulfy, at 7:35 in your video for W2Z2? I thought the key was Moto’s Finger, but it doesn’t seem to work, nor does the the gate opening song. Any ideas?

World #2: Zone #3 : [ GONG ]
They must have changed the Gong-roll part since you created this video.
I hit gong, and die method still. But, there is now three (3) dart traps coming from the left, and I don’t see the last one on the right anymore.
So, they made it a bit easier; especially easy with the nifty die-port trick.

World 2 is on another door. World 1 entrance is on “Far-Right”, while world 2’s one is on “Close-Right”.

Where is BECOME THE MASTER achievement for Zone 2?
I need a guide to kill all the assassins.

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