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GW2 Associate of Baubles world 2 achievement guide

GW2 Associate of Baubles World 2achievement guide with a list of all bauble locations in World 2 Zone 1 required for the achievement. This guide uses information provided by THMurphy and is updated for 2016 release.


General Info

2016 Release

This guide works 100% for the 2016 release. Only thing is different is that the infantile cloud no longer lead you to checkpoint 1 and direct you to checkpoint 2 instead. Therefore you have to manually climb to checkpoint 1 for the baubles. Also, make sure you check with Betty Baubles at end of the zone to see if you have all the baubles before killing the boss.



This guide will also complete Associate of Secrets so if you are doing this you do not need to read Associate of Secrets guide.

For a painless collection of baubles, use Infantile mode, which works but you need to buy keys from shops since mobs do not drop them. Make sure you have at least 50 baubles to start for 2 keys just in case.

Couple of other things

  • Make sure your bauble wallet is never full during the collection of baubles. Waste them on bombs if you are full.
  • Only baubles in the “open” world and in chests count – those dropped by enemies or found by smash things in shop/dug up do not.
  • You cannot exit to SAB hub while doing this, doing so will reset your progress. You can die or go to Moto’s Hell (i.e. where you need to buy more continue coins).
  • If you DC/crash etc then you will need to start over.

2016 Video Guide (Also includes Associate of Secrets World 2 achievement)


Start to checkpoint 1

1. Red Bauble (+20)

Go left from the starting point and climb up the rocks to get to the double waterfalls. Behind the right waterfall on the bottom is a hidden room with water sprouts.



2. Yellow Bauble (+10)

Exit that room and manually climb up and follow the path. Jump on to this rock and go behind it. You will find a yellow bauble.


Checkpoint 1 to 2

3-6. Blue Baubles (4)

These baubles are all encountered in your travel through this section so should be fairly easy.


Checkpoint 2-3

7. Blue Bauble (1)

Single bauble here.


Checkpoint 3-4

8-11. Blue Baubles (4)

Four baubles across the bridge spanning the chasm.


Checkpoint 4-5

No baubles in the raft section.

Checkpoint 5-6

Buy a key from the store just left of checkpoint 5. (i.e. right after you got off the raft). This also counts as your first hidden room (After a wild ride).

12. Blue Bauble

Don’t use the cloud here, instead, you have to throw a bomb at the crocodile and then use the flower to shoot yourself across to get this bauble.


13. Yellow Bauble

Make sure you are still carrying the key, use this flower pad to shoot yourself to the middle of the waterfall, which should put you into into a hidden cave. If you don’t know how to do this flower pad properly, drop the key somewhere safe and practice it so you don’t lose your key to the waterfall.


14. Blue Bauble

Continue to the inside of the cave and you should see some yellow trees you can burn using candle/torch. Past that there is a single blue bauble.


15. Green Bauble

Continue to go up past the blue bauble and to your left you should see a green bauble.


16. Red Bauble

Unlock the chest with your key for a red bauble.


17. Blue Bauble

Head to the ledge and follow the pictures to get the blue bauble up in the toad area.


Checkpoint 6-7

No bauble in this section with water sprouts.

Checkpoint 7-8

18. Green Bauble

Immediately after the checkpoint, go left and jump up on the ledges. This allow you to go back to the waterfall where you will find a bombable wall with a green bauble. This also counts as your second hidden room.




19-21. Blue Baubles (3)

Go near the hillbillies and go through the forest where you will find 3 Blue Baubles. Don’t touch the Racoon King as he doesn’t count.


22-25 Blue Baubles (4)

Near one corner of the maze is a bear guarding a yellow tree. Burn it and through a bomb on the ground to make a hole appear. go inside to collect 4 blue baubles (lots of bears to fight through). This counts as your third hidden room.



26. Red Bauble

Before you cross the waterfall with the moving logs, jump down to this little rock and use a bomb. This should open up a hidden room on the very bottom floor. This counts as your fourth hidden room.


27. Blue Bauble

Hop on the closest log that flows over the river and then use it to ride to the water sprout at the very end. Use the water sprout to jump to the nearby wall and jump down to find this blue bauble.


28. Blue Bauble

Climb the nearby wall and use the flower pads.mushroom to get across. If you fall off the flowers than use the thingie near the hillbillie to get back up. Entering the shop counts as fifth hidden room. Do not leave the shop just yet! Throw a bomb on the ground near the fire place to reveal sixth hidden room.


29-30 Blue Baubles (2)

Blow the wall near the shop with a bomb and enter a toad cave. Inside the cave are three rooms, with the middle room being the one you entered. There is a blue bauble in the left room with the toad and another blue bauble in the right room (no water). This counts as seventh hidden room.

Clear the toads with bombs.


31. Green Bauble

In that left room you got your blue bauble, there is a wall you can break with your bomb to reveal another hidden room with a green bauble inside it and lots of toads. This counts as eighth hidden room.   


32. Yellow Bauble

Go back to the hillbillies near the checkpoint and carefully drop down. You will need to jump on the rocks to follow the river upstream where you can find a mushroom pad that will take you up. There is a yellow bauble behind the waterfall.



33. Red Bauble

Use the bomb on the wall behind the yellow bauble to reveal another hidden room. This counts as ninth hidden room. Once inside you will be ganked right away by a hillbillie so be prepared. The room is a maze with tons of hillbillies so don’t run around crazy. They aggro by proximity so pull them one at the time. Room is a maze so keep going left and at the exit you will find a red bauble. Beware that exit is guarded by a bear so prepare to fight when you exit.


34. Blue Bauble

After you exit the hillbillie area, burn the tree with torch/candle and then grab this blue bauble.


Checkpoint 8-9

35. Blue Bauble

Take the teleporter up to the top of the waterfalls and then drop down to grab this blue bauble.Note there is also a hidden room here that can be found by bombing the walls behind the first waterfall. This counts as your tenth hidden room.


Checkpoint 9-Boss

36. Purple Bauble

Go back to the shop near the last checkpoint and then buy a key. This shop counts as eleventh hidden room. Carry the key all the way to the next checkpoint and activate it. There are two ways to reach that chest

Note: Drop your key on the checkpoint and practice a bit first, especially with method 2 so you don’t die to the waterfall and lose your key.


Method 1: Jump from the flower rock to the rock near the waterfall but this is abit harder post-patch. You want to turn left while in  he air so you land on that little stub.



Method 2: Jump on the closest log to the final checkpoint and then face towards the cliff. When you get to the height of the nearby pillar on your way down, hold down W and you will walk to a ledge at the very bottom. There is an entryway at the right side of the ledge where you will enter a cave filled with bears and mushroom jump pads that allow you to get to the chest.


37. Blue Bauble

Use the flower pad above the checkpoint to get this bauble.


38. Blue Bauble

Use the next flower pad and then grab this bauble around the walls.


Now all you need to do is to fight the boss and you will have your achievement once the boss is dead!

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

101 replies on “GW2 Associate of Baubles world 2 achievement guide”

Thanks for guide, just did this in inf mode and it counted. My suggestion would be to combine this with Associate of Secrets guide. Had I known I needed to go to every secret room for bauble achievement, I wouldn’t waste time doing secrets first >_< .

Since all the chests and digspots are account bound per day, do you need to get this right in one try? So I don’t need to wait a day?

after the chests before the last boss,on the right, there’s a room full of bears in the dark. just letting you guys know 😛

Dulfy,theres 2 rooms missing for associate of secrets and they are just next to where you already go with this guide.I don’t get why you didn’t add the picture of the hole in the ground and the room next to the 2nd chest in the waterfall to the guide so it does both achievements?

The patch just now added an extra rock at point 36. you can no longer get to that chest by using the shortcut you show. You have to use the nearest log and ride it down to the very bottom and enter the cave in behind the waterfall (filled with bears) and make your way up through it to the chest.

Less Tricky.way to use Methol 1 is try to stand as far (right when face yo waterfall)as possible then do the dodge jump. The jump is long enough so you can land on the higher long platform instead of the lower short step.

For the bauble 36…. how are we supposed to do it? I think there is problem about the platform, it looks shorter than your screen….

Hey Dulfy, not completely sure, but i can’t find one bauble on the guide, maybe i just missed reading it but cannot see it there; around 19-21 part where you say “go near the hillbillies…”, then you pick the blue baubles in the forest, there’s that tricky jump right below the hillbillies, where you jump some rocks in a little river and pick a yellow bauble (there are 2 mushrooms there that lead you back to the checkpoint near the hillbillies)

I thought maybe would be better to post a pic… sorry if im just missing it on the guide, but apparently cannot see it

Oks sorry, nevermind what i said, just noticed you wrote that bauble after the next checkpoint, i was afraid to keep going if i knew i was missing a bauble, so thats why i didnt read more lol

I think you should note that you need to save your baubles for a key for the final chest. I followed this guide and happened to spend all my baubles at the shop near the end. Then when I got to the part about buying a key for the final chest behind the waterfall, I could not afford to get it with the baubles that remained in the zone.

I have to start over again and be sure to save enough for the key at the end this time. This would be worth noting in the guide for other users who may fall for the same mistake and save them from repeating everything.

if you have a torch while in the secret room with all the eyeballs *creepy*
you go up closer and notice they are all owls…
Then you can destroy these owls and they all drop Baubles.
video pause 9:28

I’ve done this twice, once in infantile and once in normal and it says I’m still missing 1 room and haven’t got the bauble achievement? Is this guide still accurate?

I found a hidden room that isn’t part of the achievments in World 2 Zone 1 that’s right above
Check Point 8-9 on the wall. Ive searched through the images you have listed but it doesn’t match anything here. Clearly a hidden room though.

Ugh I cant figure out how to get up to it either. Ive tried searching around the log cabbin on the cliff but there appears to be some sort of path to it from somewhere. I cant tell how you get to it.

When you say “Just above CP8-9 on the wall”, do you mean is it above the checkpoint in this guide, or literally over the checkpoint in the game? (Checkpoint between hillbillies and line of burn trees, i think is the one its refering to) Because that dark cave hole higher up on the cliff wall right before that checkpoint is actually the exit to another secret, the hill billy maze.

Its not literally on top of the CP8-9 its right near the Hill Billy Camp on the right wall. I’ve yet to figure out how to get up there unless I’m missing something here. Is that a legitimate hidden entrance?

Well I’ve done this twice now, once with the text guide and once with the video guide and I haven’t gotten the achievement either time (secrets worked the first time.) Either something’s missing or the game really hates me right now.

it still works though.. I got mine.
are you getting the last chest?? there is a video adaptation right below the first.

Well I finally was able to do a runthrough with another person and figured out I was missing the bauble at the end of the hillybilly nightmare cave. I guess I got so distracted fighting all the hillbillies that I forgot to look for it before exiting.

For bauble 36, (purple bauble) if you miss the jumps. at the bottom, behind the waterfall is a section filled with bears. The area is darkened but you can climb up from there. Defeat the bears and use torch/candle or gamma trick to lighten the area and climb up to the chest.

I got a problem with bauble 26 (RED)… the hidden seems to be non existent no matter how many times I throw a bomb at it… can this be done in infantile mode?

Dulfy, can you update your videos? Infantile mode on most levels are now completely different to what you have in your videos. It makes finding where you are very difficult.

Okay I will make an updated guide on world 2 zone 2. I don’t think zone 1 as changed. May take me a few days though as I am working on some other stuff

Infantile Mode no longer takes you by Baubles 3-6. Instead, it skips straight to the the next checkpoint.

I think you may want to relook at zone 1 too. I was trying to follow your guide and it seemed somewhat different and it made it more difficult than it needed to be, I think.

For 36, I found it easier to belly flop from the rainbow to the platform near the hidden ledge in the waterfall, then just hopping and hugging the wall on the way down to land on the ledge.

i missed 1 bauble on my first try for this and it turned out to be one that was on the bridge on the way to the raft but it ends up under an infantile rainbow so you have to get off the rainbow and walk back a little. it was probably in the video but i was following along at the same time and must have missed it, 2nd time through i saw immediately what had tripped me up, thought id just post a heads up

A 3th one to be dumb enough to do it 2 times without catching all or this must have bee updated (2017). :’C

I finally finished it, the guide still does work in infantile. #11 is under the rainbow on the bridge right before the raft, and the one I missed was #14 after you come out from the first cave with the bear.

I confirm that the guide is missing one for 2017. Must be, I have been at this hours and very carefully followed the guide. is it possible dulfy?

i was successfully able to complete with the text guide in normal (not infantile). im not sure what changes.

Dulfy, this world hasn’t changed at all in infantile mode so don’t worry about redoing a guide for it. For those saying the guide missed a bauble I’m afraid not, i completed the achievement on infantile. High chance you probably just missed the one under the rainbow on the bridge before the raft. Cheers for making the guides and working on redoing the ones that have changed!

Well IF I missed one, and I took hours carefully following this guide (and using my own brain to look), it certainly wasn’t that one. This is the second time I’ve tried and failed, following this guide.

Second time I did this with this guide and succeeded (first time I did this in 2016 on another account). I did W1Z1-3 and W2Z1 so far and got all of them without having to search for them. I mostly go only by the pictures which, in theory, is even more confusing than using the video guide.
One thing though: The last purple bauble behind the waterfall is accessible if you run into the waterfall a lot earlier. I did so and spared myself the jumping and the bear.

I probably missed something during the first two times I tried in infantile mode, but did pull off the achievement in normal mode today.

Alright, I did miss a bauble the last time I tried it. It was one in the secret room with many toads. So this guide is still correct.

Thanks – Guide Working – April 16 2017
A few details like:
-3-6. Blue Baubles (4) – Follow the first rainbow, reach checkpoint, turn 180° and go to the opposite direction, you wil find the baubles in order 6 5 4 3.
-8-11. Blue Baubles (4). One bauble is under a rainbow.
-35. Blue Bauble. Will be so awesome if you put a picture from what place(Plataform) and what direction we must throw the bomb avoiding wasting them.
-36. Purple Bauble. I die with a key on my hand and i dont lose the key. Need confirmation

And again, Thank you

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