GW2 Bachelor of Secrets World 2 Achievement guide

GW2 Bachelor of Secrets World 2 achievement guide showing you all of the 9 hidden rooms you need in World 2 Zone 2 of Super Adventure Box for the Bachelor of Secrets World 2 achievement.

Note: You will need a flute to open the last hidden room. The flute costs 250 baubles. Do not try this until you either have 250+ baubles or a flute or otherwise you will be 8/9 in hidden rooms.

Video guide

Checkpoint 2-3

Hidden room 1: Right after checkpoint 2 with the scale puzzle, you need to make this long jump from the rock to the cloud (try a dodge jump if you can by putting your thumb on spacebar and v at the same time. It give more distance than a standard jump) and direct yourself so you are headed to this little cloud hidden behind the rock. Use your Gloves of Wisdom (you get it after beating the first miniboss in World 2 Zone 2) and push the block to the tree nearby. This will allow you to jump on the tree.


Now above you is the shortcut eagle but you don’t want to get sucked in so move quickly away from the Shortcut Eagle. If you do get sucked in by the shortcut eagle, just jump off the bird.


Once you are up there, throw a bomb to reveal a hidden shop.


Checkpoint 3-4

Hidden room 2: This next hidden room is before checkpoint 3 but you will want to head to checkpoint 3 to get saved there so it is faster to run back when you die. From the checkpoint, head back to the area with the two flower pads. Use the first flower pad to get to the area with the second pad.


On the second flower pad, aim towards the hole in the wall to shoot yourself into another hidden room, a shop without a shop keeper.


Checkpoint 6-7

Hidden Room 3: This hidden room is located right after Checkpoint 6, which is behind the temple with all the fish in pools. Plant or throw a bomb there to reveal hidden room 3. Don’t exit the shop yet!


Hidden room 4: Behind the shop keeper in Hidden room 3 is a bookcase. Interact with it to remove it and then throw a bomb at the uncovered wall and exit through the hole. This counts as Hidden room 4.


Checkpoint 7-8

Hidden room 5: Right after checkpoint 7 is the gong room. Don’t go inside, instead, follow the outer rim of the building and drop down to the wooden platform below the building. Throw a bomb at the wall there to reveal another hidden room.


Hidden room 6: Go back to the first floor platform outside the gong building and then hop on to this tree here. There are three trees here. You are going to use the first two to get to the top of the gong building and then from the gong building make your way to the third tree which you can’t reach from below.


Using that second tree to reach the top floor of the gong building and then run to the back to the building where you will find clouds that help you to reach the roof.


From the roof, jump down to that third tree.


Use a bomb to reveal a hidden room. Don’t leave the room yet!


Hidden room 7: Throw bombs at one of the walls in hidden room 7 and then drop down to the chest.


Hidden room 8: Make your way back to the same area as hidden room 6 but this time do not drop into the hole! Instead, take the flower pad to shoot across. Follow the path along to a forest maze with entrance near two hillbillies.


If you are not sure how to navigate the maze, follow the raccoons who are stealing baubles from the hillbillies. There are toads in the forest so don’t rush and check your corners. You will see a dark patch of ground below the Raccoon Kingpin, throw a bomb to reveal the hidden room.


Hidden room 9: Make sure you have the flute for this one. If you don’t have one, you can buy them from the various shops in this zone for 250 baubles or buy one from W2Z3 vendor (right at entrance). Jump through the acid water in hidden room 8 until you see the Mysterious Stranger. Talk to him and then click on the cross near him to contemplate. This will allow you to “learn” the tune which is displayed on the ground.

Use your flute and play the sequence 332331 (just click the the buttons in sequence, for 33 just click 3 twice). This should open the door to the final hidden room with a +50 bauble.


  • Symb1

    Thanks !! 🙂

    • Sylk

      Yeah! Thanks a lot for all the very good SAB guides!

  • Jiuzi

    pls video pls video xD like the first together with bubble achievement ^^

    • Video is coming, the baubles for zone 2 will take a bit so I have decided to release the video for the secret room alone for now. Will do the combined one later.

      • Jiuzi

        amazing 🙂

      • Scaleus

        That’s nice.. this map is crazy so i prefer to wait for ur combined video 😉

        Thanks for ur work

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  • gemini sumner

    will u be doing one for world 1 zone 1 hidden rooms dulfy?

  • Deluwiel

    Hi! There is a dig spot right under the building with the assassin boss. You can dig up 50 baubles there 🙂

  • gemini sumner

    dose anny one know were the hidden rooms are in world 1

  • Marco Silva

    On hidden room 9, you should advise the player that he has to learn the tune first by contemplating near the unknown Stranger (maybe there one of those sticks where you learn the tunes, I couldn’t see). 😀

  • graff3

    If i can figure my way to the room up on the cliff I will send you those pics. You’re welcome btw 😉

  • Yankee

    you can just use the flower to shoot yourself to the cloud for the first room. no need for dodge jumping and its way easier

    • Flowers don’t work anymore as of sept 6 patch, they only go one direction now.

      • Yankee

        Oh okay, didnt know that.

        • momo

          You don’t need flower to the could. You can jump to the could. Much easier. 😀

  • Hanatash

    I’ve just done another run through this zone, and after killing every single thing on the map, and picking up every bauble, I still didn’t get the Bachelor of Baubles and Become the Master achievements. I’m not sure if it’s bugged or if I just missed some ridiculously hidden place that for some reason doesn’t count as a secret room. It’s getting rather tedious.

  • Six

    I was able to find all the hidden rooms but I think they changed where all the infantile clouds are. The video no longer matches. It got a little confusing but doable.

    • They havn’t changed the infantile clouds, this was recorded post-patch

      • Sty

        At least the cloud at 5:09 on video (and hidden room 5, first picture) has been deleted. Now, one can totally skip the room filled with toads just before the temple containing the gong by using a cloud on the right.

      • Sterling

        (I knoow I am replying to a 3 year old comment :P) actually the infantile clouds have changed now. there are no clouds leading up into the push block puzzle after checkpoint 4, and the shortcut through the big cloud cuts off so much that everything after checkpoint 4 must be done in essentially normal mode.

      • Daniel E Murphy

        they have now. after assassin there is not clouds to get to the next hidden room

  • thor2586

    has anyone figured out what this is

    • Lydia Hurst

      Another forum says that the wall there will probably need the next upgraded version of the pushing glove to be broken, which is yet to come out. Maybe they will release this upgrade in W3?

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  • Devenir

    I followed the guide, got all the baubles… but I don’t know why, the first secret room “another shop entry” has not been unlocked…. Can anyone tell me which one it is, ’cause well, maybe I missed it, but it’s definitely not the first one of that guide…. Thanks a lot

    • NHA

      same, i didn’t get the alternative shop exit unlocked even though i’ve followed the guide.

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  • Oneiroid

    attempting to get the checkpoint 6-7 shops– WAY harder now. infantile clouds for the puzzle are completely removed which isn’t the annoying part. the piranhas now blow up in your hands about 2x as fast. makes getting the top checkpoint near impossible unless you have godly reflexes

    • Hydra

      The trick is to weapon swap every now and then, which will drop the fish (not losing it), and allow you to pick it back up again

  • Ayakaru

    Checkpoint 2-3

    Hidden room 1: Right after checkpoint 2 with the scale puzzle

    this is AFTER checkoint 3, not between checkpoint 2 and 3

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  • Kyle River

    i think this is out of date

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