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GW2 Bachelor of Baubles World 2 achievement guide

GW2 Bachelor of Baubles world 2 achievement guide with locations of all the baubles you need to complete this achievement in World 2 Zone 2 of Super Adventure Box.This guide also includes Become the Master achievement, which should be completed at same time to save time. This guide uses information provided by TFMurphy Updated for 2016 release


General Info

This achievement must be done in infantile mode as backtracking is only possible in that mode.

2016 release: 2016 release added 10 more assassins in the new cloud shortcut. Follow the guide normally and then watch the second video on the new assassins to complete the Become the Master achievement. Other than Arenanet removing the infantile clouds after the new shortcut, bauble locations are still the same.

Tip for Become the Master achievement: There is a thing called Team Score under Super Adventure Box on top right corner of your screen. That score is how many you have assassins you have killed so use it to keep track for every checkpoint. This score ticks if you kill a frog etc so do not kill them until the frog pagoda (or just keep track of how many you killed).

Make sure you have a wooden whistle for the last hidden room! Can be brought at the shopkeeper right at starting point for World 2 Zone 3 for 250 baubles or at hidden room 5 in world 2 zone 1.

Required items: Wooden Whistle, Bombs, Whip, and Glove of Wisdom (this guide assume you have done World zone 2 at least once, if not then you will need to backtrack for 12 and 13 after you have got the glove from the first miniboss).

You must do this in infantile mode as you cannot backtrack without infantile clouds. Make sure you have at least 50 baubles to start for 2 keys just in case.

Couple of other things

  • Make sure your bauble wallet is never full during the collection of baubles. Waste them on bombs if you are full.
  • Only baubles in the “open” world and in chests count – those dropped by enemies or found by smash things in shop/dug up do not.
  • You cannot exit to SAB hub while doing this, doing so will reset your progress. You can die or go to Moto’s Hell (i.e. where you need to buy more continue coins).
  • If you DC/crash etc then you will need to start over.

Video guide (2016 release)


Start to Checkpoint 1

Bauble count: 6. Assassin count: 8. Total: 6 baubles, 8 assassins.

1-2. Blue Bauble (2) / Assassins (2):

First blue bauble is right behind the shop keeper.The second bauble is on a pillar nearby that you can use the nearby tree to grab.There are two assassins in this area, one red and one white.


3. Blue Bauble/Assasins (2)

This bauble is located on the second peak not far from the starting point. There are also two white assassins.


4. Blue Bauble/Assassins (2)

On the third peak, you can find a bauble near one of the assassins (white). The other assassin is standing near the jump pad but you can get him with a bomb from a distance.


5-6 Blue Baubles (2)/Assassins (2)

Near the checkpoint, there are two blue baubles here and two white assassins.


Bauble count: 6. Assassin count: 8. Total: 6 baubles, 8 assassins.

Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2

Bauble count:4. Assassin count: 15. Total: 10 baubles, 23 assassins.

7. Blue Bauble/Assassins (3)

Blue bauble on top of the first pagoda. Three red assassins around the pagoda as well.


8. Blue Bauble/Assassins (4)

You can find a blue bauble shortly after the dart trap on a rock. After the dart trap is also peak where you will find four assassins (3 white, 1 red).


9. Blue Bauble/Assassins (6)

Blue Bauble on top of the second pagoda you can get by using the flower. There is also a chest behind the wooden boards you can break which contains the red bauble. Don’t worry about that one for now and we will come back later when we have a key from a nearby shop.  Also six assassins in that pagoda (2 red, 4 white).


10. Blue Bauble/Assassins (2).

There is a blue bauble guarded by the white assassin below. The purple assassin at the top can be killed by using slingshot. You may need to use the infantile bridge and action camera mode.


Bauble count:4. Assassin count: 15. Total: 10 baubles, 23 assassins.

Checkpoint 2 to Checkpoint 3

The next 3 assassins (red) can be found near the piranha pools. There is 1 guy up top and 2 at the bottom where you have to do the puzzle.

Bauble count:0. Assassin count: 3. Total: 10 baubles, 26 assassins.

Checkpoint 3 to Checkpoint 4

Bauble count:.5 Assassin count: 7. Total: 15 baubles, 33 assassins.

11. Blue Bauble/Assassins(2)

This blue bauble is to your left and around the corner.There are also two white assassins you need to kill around this first peak.


12. Blue Bauble

You will now need to make a very hard jump to get to the cloud near Shortcut Eagle. If you can, try a dodge jump as it covers longer distance than a standard jump (put your thumb on spacebar and V and then press at same time). Push the block with your glove of wisdom to jump up there. Be very careful to not get sucked in by the shortcut eagle (you need to jump on the mountain nearby right after grabbing the bauble). Your first hidden room is also here which you can access by throwing a bomb on the top of the mountain covered with canopy. Buy your key here!


13. Red Bauble

Bring your key, make sure you activated all the infantile cloud on the way as we will be backtracking back to that pagoda for the chest with red bauble.


14. Blue Bauble/Assassins(2)

There is a blue bauble to the left of the peak after shortcut eagle. There are also two assassins here, one white (on the very bottom, which you need to jump off the rainbow to reach and then climb the tree to get back up) and one red at the top.


15. Blue Bauble/Assassins(3)

Get to the checkpoint first so you don’t have to run back so much when you die. Around the checkpoint are 3 assassins, 2 white and 1 red. Kill them and then hop down to the flower pad below. Use it to get to the blue bauble. Now use the second flower pad to shoot yourself into the hole in the wall where you will encounter your second hidden room.


Bauble count:.5 Assassin count: 7. Total: 15 baubles, 33 assassins.

Checkpoint 4 to Checkpoint 5

Bauble count:.1 Assassin count: 6. Total: 16 baubles, 39 assassins.

16. Blue Bauble/Assassins (6)

One blue bauble inside the room on the top floor so should be very easy to get. If you doing it on infantile mode you will need to jump off the rainbow to grab it. For assassins you have the follow

  • 1 Assassins (mini boss)
  • 2 red and 2 white assassins in the top floor of the building
  • 1 red assassins running around on the outside of the building when you exit.


Bauble count:.1 Assassin count: 6. Total: 16 baubles, 39 assassins.

Checkpoint 5 to Checkpoint 6

Bauble count:.1 Assassin count: 4. Total: 17 baubles, 43 assassins.

17. Blue Bauble/Assassins (4)

There is a blue bauble in the middle of second floor of this building with the push block puzzles. You have to do the push block puzzle now since there are no more infantile clouds that lead you through it. Do not follow the right path as that lead you to cloud shortcut which skip you directly to the final boss.


For assassins you have 1 red patrolling the bottom floor, 2 on the top floor running around (one white and one red) and then one white assassin behind the little rock with glove symbol which you can’t open but can lure the assassin out.


Bauble count:.1 Assassin count: 4. Total: 17 baubles, 43 assassins.

Checkpoint 6 to Checkpoint 7

Bauble count:.9 Assassin count: 13. Total: 26 baubles, 56 assassins.

18-26. Blue Baubles (9)/Assassins (13)

Right after you exit checkpoint 5, take a left and use the cloud to get to the roof of the dart pagoda. There are 7 Blue Baubles you can reach on the wooden thingie that supports the bell. Once you grabbed those, use the cloud to grab the 2 on the roof of the pagoda with the glove miniboss.



In terms of assassins, there are quite a few (13)

  • 3 Purple assassins along the path to the piranha pagoda
  • 2 White assassins on the first floor of piranha pagoda
  • 2 white and 2 red assassins on the second floor
  • 1 red and 3 white assassins on the third floor.

Bauble count:.9 Assassin count: 13. Total: 26 baubles, 56 assassins.

Checkpoint 7 to Checkpoint 8

Bauble count: 2 Assassin count: 3. Total: 28 baubles, 59 assassins.

27-28. Red Baubles (2)/Assassin (3)

There is an assassin right after the checkpoint standing on top of a mountain. Bomb the top of the mountain to reveal third hidden room. Inside the hidden room, remove the bookcase behind the shopkeeper and then throw a bomb to reveal the fourth hidden room once you go through it.

Now zone back into the shop and buy your key, we are going to backtrack get that chest on the roof of the piranha pagoda that contain two red baubles. 



Once you have the two red baubles, head towards the next checkpoint but don’t forget the two white assassins along the way. The first one you have to kill with slingshot but the second one can be reached by jumping from the next checkpoint.


Bauble count:.9 Assassin count: 13. Total: 28 baubles, 59 assassins.

Checkpoint 8 to Checkpoint 9

Bauble count:.1 Assassin count: 6. Total: 29 baubles, 65 assassins.

29. Blue Bauble/Assassins (6)

The Blue Bauble is inside the toad room which you can access after clearing the pagoda before it. That pagoda has 5 assassins (2 red, 3 white) on the various floors so make sure you kill them all.


The toad room is tricky because it is going to affect your Team Score, which up to this point only reflected assassin kills if you have being avoiding the toads. The toads in this room are very hard to avoid so you will need to kill them and keep track. Your team score at this point should be 64 before the toads. There are exactly 6 toads in the room so subtract 6 from your team score to keep track of assassin totals.

The blue bauble is in the middle of the room but it is trapped with darts. Get close to it and then use your whip to grab it.


Passing the toad room, there is a white assassin outside that you need to nab for the achievement.


Bauble count:.1 Assassin count: 6. Total: 29 baubles, 65 assassins.

Checkpoint 9 to Checkpoint 10

Bauble count:6. Assassin count 17: . Total: 35 baubles, 82 assassins.

30-31. Blue Baubles (2)

Once you hit the next checkpoint right outside entrance to gong pagoda, go back and get on top of the toad pagoda to get these two blue baubles. There is a bauble on the pagoda right before the toad pagoda but you can’t reach it just yet.


32. Blue Bauble/Assassins (2)

There is a blue bauble on the outer edge of the gong pagoda on the first floor. It is to the right of the checkpoint near the  hand symbol on the ground but you can’t reach it that way due to dart trap. Instead, go around it and grab it.


You will also encounter two assassins (red) on the outer edge as well.

33. Purple Bauble

Go back to the checkpoint and then go left from the checkpoint. At end of the platform, drop down and bomb the wall to reveal your fifth hidden room. Buy a key from the shop as we will be needing it for the bauble.


Exit the shop and be extra careful following the outer edges of the cliff to get back to the pagoda before the toad pagoda. Take care to not fall to your death or you lose your key and have to buy it again. Make your way back to the checkpoint again at the gong pagoda.



From the checkpoint, you are going the same way as you did when you went to the hidden room but this time jump on the grassy area to your left and climb up the tree with an owl. Get to the top of the tree and then hop to the pagoda. Then use the pagoda to hop on to the higher tree and then hop again back to the pagoda a floor higher.


From the upper floor, go to back of the pagoda, you will see clouds you can climb to get to the roof. From the roof, you will need to make a giant leap of faith onto this tree sticking out of a giant rock to land on top of the rock.


Once you are on top of of the big rock, bomb it to reveal your sixth hidden room. Bring your key and jump down. Inside the hidden room, bomb one of the walls to reveal the seventh hidden room. Carefully drop down to a chest below to get the purple bauble.


Now jump off the chest and return to checkpoint.

34. Blue Bauble

Go back to the rock with the sixth hidden room, this time don’t go in. Now make a huge leap (make need to dodge jump if you can’t reach it) to the roof of the pagoda before the toad pagoda so you can grab the blue bauble there.


35. Purple Bauble

Go back to the same rock again and this time jump on the flower pads which will shoot you to the next hill over. There is a hillbilly camp at that hill with entrance to a maze nearby. Follow the raccoons thieves and they will lead you to the Raccoon Kingpin.


Bomb that area to reveal eighth hidden room. Go inside the room and then interact with the cross/stranger to learn a new song for your flute. Play the song 332331 and this will open the door to ninth and final hidden room and purple bauble.


Gong pagoda assassin clearing (15)

There are no baubles inside the gong pagoda but if you want the assassin achievement you will need to clear every floor.Note that sometimes the white assassins are sticking together and may look like one when in fact it is two.

  • First floor should be cleared since you already killed them in 32
  • 1 white assassin on second floor
  • 3 (1 red, 2 white) on third floor
  • 2 white assassins on fourth floor
  • 2 red assassins on fifth floor
  • 4 white assassins on sixth floor
  • 3 (2 red, 1 white) from gong pagoda to next checkpoint.

Bauble count:6. Assassin count 17: . Total: 35 baubles, 82 assassins.

Checkpoint 10 to Checkpoint 11

Bauble count:6. Assassin count 18: . Total: 41 baubles, 100 assassins.


36. Blue Bauble/Assassins ( 8 )

Go Left, Right, Right, Forward, Forward and clear all the assassins on the way (6 assassins, 1 red, 5 white). This should give you a blue bauble at the end.


Now jump off and respawn at checkpoint, go forward, left this time and kill the two assassins (2 reds). This will bring you to the next checkpoint  but do not activate the checkpoint yet. That is 90 assassins in total. Your team score should be 96 assuming you only killed the six toads at the toad pagoda.

Now you need to backtrack to the shortcut eagle. Basically keep going back until you reach the place with the tall pillars that you need to jump through. In the middle of all the pillars is a cloud on the left you can jump on and follow.


Keep backtracking, back to the piranha pagoda.


Backtracking to the pagoda with the master assassin. Those infantile clouds come in real handy.


Your goal is to backtrack all the way to the shortcut eagle and use it.


37-41. Blue Baubles (5)

Now while on the eagle, you need to stay on it until the last minute to get the 5 baubles that you need.

You do not need to collect any baubles during the shortcut eagle flight to get the achievement, just stay at the head and you will be safe.  The head protects you from bees in front.


If you stay until the last second of the flight, you will get ported to the top of the bell and go there to collect 5 baubles.


Now you need to make a decision here, if you are confident about your jumping ability, you want to make a long jump and hope you make it across the checkpoint. If not, you probably should save on the last checkpoint before boss and then try jump over to this checkpoint on the side clouds.


Once you are saved at the new checkpoint, jump to the new cloud area where you will find 6 assassins on the cloud. Then you want to jump to the little hut where you will find 2 more assassins.


Finally, jump to the huge fluffy clouds to the right and you will find 2 more assassins to kill. This should give you Become the Master achievement.


Now kill yourself so you respawn.

Bauble count:6. Assassin count 18: . Total: 41 baubles, 100 assassins.

Checkpoint 12 to Checkpoint 13

Bauble count:1. Assassin count 0: . Total: 42 baubles, 100 assassins.

42. Blue Bauble

Go activate the bell and then past the last checkpoint you will find you last bauble.


Kill the boss

Kill the boss will give you the Bachelor of Baubles achievement at the end.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

179 replies on “GW2 Bachelor of Baubles World 2 achievement guide”

Thanks a lot for the guide! After yesterday’s patch, it might be benificial to do the achievement on normal difficulty in order to obtain a lot of baubles from assassins.

The jump to the short cut eagle actually was really easy before the change to the spinning flowers, as one could just use that with the right angle to get over.

Okay, I seriously supoort doing this on infantile mode, backtracking to shortcut eagle near the end is a pain on normal mode.

Great, now I managed to get the Become the Master achievement, but not Bachelor of Baubles. This game just randomly decides which achievement it’s gonna give me.

I guess it’s yet another run through this long bloody map. <_<

You should really do it on infantile, i just finished and although the eagle is such a pain and should be done earlier, its a lot easier with the clouds

I did do it in infantile. It’s just bloody annoying because I had to do the map 5 times to get the 2 achievements, even though I should have got them both on my second try.

Now on to zone 3…

I cant seem to finish this. I got my Become the master achievement but when Im backtracking I keep falling though a rainbow… (the one with the pirahnas and giant blue squid)

Checkpoint 3 to Checkpoint 4
12. Blue Bauble
The flower jump is somehow bugged, actually all of them. No matter where you aim, they make you jump to the actual direction of the jump. Which means, that it got bugged somehow after the newest patch.

If anyone has the same issue as me, please confirm.

No, all flowers now put you specifically where they’re supposed to put you. You cannot control the trajectory in any way AFAIK.

Note that you don’t actually need the flowers to do any of the jumps.

A question. Does the short cut eagle get you a checkpoint ? Or could you go through that. Die and progress normally? I’d prefer doing it on normal but backtracking after the eagle would be a real pain…

[EDIT] Ugh… it makes a checkpoint before the part with teleporters. That’s a shame :/
[EDIT 2] But backtracking isn’t that bad, makes it interesting 😉

While I haven’t tried it with the eagle, the worm in W1 tags all the checkpoints it passes, so imagine it’s the same here.

After spending quite a lot of time in this zone for this particular achievement (doing it without this guide) Just before i got the last bauble, i was literally stuck inside one of the wooden beams you use to hit the gong and couldn’t get out…safe to say i didn’t get the achievement completed >.> But thanks for this guide dulfy! It’ll make my second run through much quicker and hopefully i’ll be a little less stuck =D

Next time that happens try use shovel and see if you can dig out a bunny to kill you. Some people said it works. Anyways I had that bug occured to me twice early on so I learned to never move until the wooden beam stops swinging

near the end, after the portal puzzle with the assassins, where you have to jump on the wooden poles;
if you die falling off of them, for some reason, it takes away two of your lives instead of one,
so very annoying

if you’re stubborn like me you’ll try to move forward and kill the mini boss and then backtrack after you get the gloves, but i understand your disappointment because dulfy always assume everyone’s experienced

36. Blue Bauble/Assassins ( 8 )… You can save 1 live when you jump on the next platform with the teleporter and take the one that farest away from you to get to the checkpoint 🙂

TYVM for the guide, you are awesome!

Great guide, it helped me get the bauble achievement. One question though: how do you get inside the gong pagoda? I can’t go up the ramp because of the dart traps, and there aren’t any other outside entrances.

Just a hint if you have problems with the shortcut eagle:
You can buy 9 small health pots (5 baubles each) and constantly keep using them during the flight (just stand on the head).
-> You should end up with one heart left

Wow, the shortcut eagle was the most annoying part, I think,
but I did it finally.
Thanks for the guide, and the tips to help to complete it, they’re very helpful.

Even with 4 hearts and no potions, it is possible to complete the eagle with one heart left,
if you time the bees/birds right.
I found that if you turn the game music off and environment/other sounds up,
you can hear the bird wings flapping sound easier, to know when to move to the side, on the eagles wings;
also, if you hear the wings flapping noise and see the bees coming towards you,
at the same exact time,
sometimes it’s just better to take a hit, standing at the head of the eagle, rather than risk falling off the eagle and dying/starting over.

Also, at the boss, if doing it in infantile mode,
I found that if you stand on the right rainbow bridge,
the one next to the one you used to get to the boss cage, on the right;
you can stand at the edge of the bridge, hit the cage and it only takes one step back to move away, when the bosses head moves (to attack you).

Although, I was using the upgrade default weapon the nunchucks “chain sticks” from the hidden shop to attack the boss,
and I’m not sure if it had a longer reach or not than the sword,
so it might have been easier to reach the boss with those?
I found it definitely seemed easier and faster to kill other things like assassins with the upgrade

I like how you gave us a warning that we need the push skill in order to do this

Required items: Flute, Bombs, Whip

Protip for Shortcut Eagle: Instead of listening to the bees, just turn around and look backwards. You’ll see them home in on you and you can just sidestep them at the last second while staying safely behind the head to prevent frontal bees from assailing you. Makes for an easy trip with no health loss.

Also, with regard to item 32 in the guide, I found that the dart traps on the outside of the gong pagoda are actually fake. You can run right past the one pointed at in the screenshot on 32, as well as the one on the other side of the pagoda. My guess is they’re disabled in Infantile Mode.

It seems everytime I post a bauble related guide up, there are people who didn’t get it while others got it fine. Make sure you check the following

1. Actually grabbed all baubles – sometimes it is good to check, especially if say a chest contain two baubles and you only grabbed one.
2. You did not zone out to Super Adventure box, dc etc – i.e. did it in one go.
3. You kill the final boss of the zone, achievement isn’t rewarded until the final boss is killed.

Met all the requirements.

Don’t want to do it again.

Saved myself the headache and got all the achievements required for the title minus the Bachelor and Master of Baubles that isn’t needed. It’s really not worth the 10 achievement points.

I can confirm as well that you must have missed something. Followed the guide to the letter, got both achievements.

Couldn’t you type EARLIER to not touch the next checkpoint?! geez. If i can’t make it now anymore then 2h in the back…

Touching the next checkpoint adds some more jumps for the run back to the shortcut eagle but it isn’t end of the world. Also, I wrote the warning right after the previous checkpoint, any earlier and it would not be irrelevant.

Don’t exaggerate it to 2hours and don’t make multiple accounts saying the same thing. I can see your IP.

I don’t make multi acc lol. I just couldn’t edit my previous message. I tried jumping back in multiple ways but that did not work. I even got to other platforms with teleporters but they kept teleporting me to the final tele at the checkpoint.

Also it did take 2 hours because it was basically: watch 2 minutes of vid -> repeat, watch 2 minutes of vid -> repeat. I wanted to be sure I don’t miss any.

PS you use double negative “would not be irrelevant”. Either “would not be relevant” or “would be irrelevant”. Double negative means it “would be relevant”

On a side note, is it possible to have an option on youtube for faster vids? Would love to be able to watch it at 2x or 4x speed.

I just started following this guide and I’m right in front of the first checkpoint. I’ve killed 9 assassins, confirmed by the team score. In section5-6 there was 2 white assassins and 1 red.

Also, in section 7 there were only 2 assassins for me. I guess this could be where some people are missing one if it can appear in different places. (I hadn’t opened the gate previously) Oh well, just sharing. Love the help Dulfy.

No it is only 2 white, the red assassin you killed is the one rushed in from after the checkpoint and is part of the 3 red assassins around the first pagoda. It doesn’t matter if you open the checkpoint or not, that assassin will rush you if you get close

So I followed this video to the T, but I didn’t get the Become the Master achievement. I noticed at the first pagoda, you said there would be 3. Yet there were only 2. Possible bug I guess? If so, then I guess I won’t be getting this achievement now. 🙁

So I’m doing this a 2nd time, my bad. lol Been following your video guide (which thank you so much that you do this! 🙂 ) and did not notice one assassin. The pagoda just after the first bell/checkpoint, at the top in the room for the next checkpoint, I did not notice you attack an assassin that you can peep between a door frame and a wall that you can’t break yet. I got it now! Thank you 🙂

Hi, i am stucked at cpoint 10 to get to 5 baubles near the boss gong. Is there a way to go back to the eagle from cpoint 10 on normal mode or there is a way to get there after cpoint 10?

p/s: I finished the achievement for secrets and assassin.

and a tip for those who have problems with the eagle crab a few healing potions (best the greater ones..^^) stand behinde his head go afk with finger on healpot if not lazy enough dodge sometimes forward when they come to sting you 😛

So to make the eagle part 100% easier turn around, you can see the swarm of bees coming and just generally hang out int he middle. I kept failing it like a total loser until my guildie was like “oh turn around”

How come we don’t have the clouds? This guide is useless if you don’t get the rainbow clouds. Can someone elaborate?

Just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for this and the other SAB guides!! I can’t imagine doing these achievements (especially baubles) without them – thx again SO MUCH!! 🙂

already got master achievement 2 days ago doing bachelor of secrets, but i have missed something in the way and i didn’t got bachelor of baubles.. i’ll try today ^^ thx for the guide

Some things have changed around the gong pagoda.
1. There is a new cloud that allows to skip the toad room (one needs to catch the blue bauble out of it ouf course)
2. The dart trap that used to forbid just going around the pagoda is deactivated. So one has more options at this point.

Both things are valid for infantile mode, only.

Me and 2 friends did this today, i read the guide and they followd me, but me and 1 of my friends did’t get the Bachelor of Baubles achievement but 1 of us got it, the only difrens is that the guy who got it made the shortcut eagle on the first try and we who did’t get it fell of and had to do it again.
Could this be a bug?!

I would guess it’s a bug but don’t think it’s related to him falling of the shortcut eagle the first time. I’m not getting the achievement either and I’m not failling the shortcut eagle :p

Hi Dulfy, first off a huge thank you for all the hard work you put into
these guides! They are greatly appreciated, and have been a lifesaver for me over the past year 🙂

I’ve been reading thru this guide in preparation for doing these achievements later
today. Just spotted something – at the top of the “Checkpoint 1 to
Checkpoint 2” section it states 18 assassins, for a total of 23 but I see the bottom of the section shows 15 assassins, so I am going to assume 15 is the correct total. Might want to update that to avoid confusion 🙂

Followed the video guide for baubles, and got every single one as outlined in the video. Sadly, no achievement. I wonder if its a game bug, or what, because I was alt-tabbing and pausing for every bauble lol.

Why not put the shortcut eagle near the beginning of the guide? Just grab the baubles on top of the bell after the shortcut eagle and then suicide and continue collecting baubles where you left off. This saves on the 5 minute walks every time you get knocked off or die to the bees. Would’ve saved me 25 minutes anyway.

No because it doesn’t work like that. The shortcut eagle saves you to the checkpoint that is right before the teleporters w/ the assassins if you take it all the way to the end. Unless you feel like backtracking from the end of the zone to collect pretty much 90% of the baubles..

One of the worst living stories ever. I am on 6 hours on word 2 zone 2 doing this guide, messed up twice and stuck on the long “shortcut” eagle cause I keep getting knocked off. Hope world 3 is better.

For the eagle, when you still get knocked off, get 9 healing pots, stay at the head and just ignore the ones from behind, heal through it. With 5 hearts (live bar) you never get down to zero.

@ Dulfy, great guide!

Well, I followed the guide to the letter, spend two hours checking and rechecking everything… no achievement. Didn’t fall off the eagle or anything, got every bauble, killed every assassin, went to every secret area. Got the master of killing assassins ‘chieve, got the secrets ‘chieve, but no baubles ‘chieve. I think it might be a bug or something because there’s just no way I missed any. I read through the guide again going, “Nope got that one, nope got that one, nope got that one.”

At least I can have another go without needing to get every assassin :3

[…] Dulfy — Bachelor of Baubles World 2 achievement guide. “Bachelor of Baubles world 2 achievement guide with locations of all the baubles you need to complete this achievement in World 2 Zone 2 of Super Adventure Box. This guide also includes Become the Master achievement, which should be completed at same time to save time. This guide uses information provided by TFMurphy” […]

So what does killing assassin do for the achievement? Is it part of the requirement? Cuz im doing the Bauble thing without killing all of the assassins.

Ah ok cuz the information above at the header of the page doesn’t make sense. That’s what was confusing me in the way you worded killing the Assassins ~ Become The Master achievement. In the second sentence Tip: The wording is what had me thinking it wasn’t a requirement but recommended as a way to keep track of the baubles.

Hey! Also, in the Eagle Shortcut, if you stand at the head and watch the bees that are coming from behind, you can use your Wisdom Glove to push them away and avoid having to move at all. If your timing is right, it works!

I believe ive found the “bug” people are getting. between cp1 and cp2 what this guide has listed as (8.) there was no bauble for me this is the 3rd time ive “finished” this achieve following guide to the letter but the first time I noticed it wasn’t there. its on the main path so I always assumed I got it. hope this helps all the bugged players. report it in hopes they will fix it. luckily its early on so you can find out if that’s the problem fairly quick and easy.

I just got both the bauble and assassin achievement following this guide. I fell down from the shortcut eagle and I died multiple times but I was still able to get the achievements (just as long as I never went back to SAB home). Also, as Lanfairya posted down below, turning around on the shortcut eagle and just standing behind the head will make the trip on the shortcut eagle rage-free. Just remember to turn off ‘double tap to evade’ in the options. Thanks for the guide, Dulfy!

(sry, bad english)right now im inside sab and i killed all of the assasins but didnt get the achievment so i want to know if there is a new assasin or do i need to kill the boss before i get the achievment
its 4:18 am right now and i need to know, plz answer quick

thx for the quick answer
still dont know where the last forgotten assasin is -.-
(just by the way—best guides ever—ty)

This guide was perfect. I got all the hidden rooms, assassins, and baubles. However, I got d/c before fighting the boss, so I have to run through for just the baubles (totally possible as I made a list on notebook paper of where they all are).

My only issue was the leap of faith onto that one pagoda corner. First day, I quit after trying for over an hour. Second day, I nailed it on first try. Going for bauble achievement right now, so we’ll see how day #3 goes.

I don’t see the difficulty in getting to the eagle shortcut. The jump in easy if you jump at edge of platform.
Personally, my dislike of this zone is all the assassins…they’re a pain in the butt, but if you have the chain stick upgrade…you kill them a lot easier.

3 hours later and 2 continues had the 4 achievements (Bubbles, secrets, assasins and eagle) in a solo run. Followed the guide perfectly. Thanks for it, it was great. I ran out of bubbles for two of the chests but after the racoon I had the bubbles for both of them. I recommend to add that information to the guide to avoid people keep digging for bubbles to buy the key. Also state at first that must be done in infantile mode. The hardest parts were the Racoon (Keep fighting till he dies), The gong pagoda (Really slow to climb and a short path indication would be ashome) and the shortcut (done with 7 potions). Thanks a lot!

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gona fucking rage quit! Seriously, falling off the eagle and back tracking over and over again is seriously annoying. Should do the eagle right off the bat to save yourself the agony I’m going through right now UGH. Specially if you miss that last jump at the eagle >.< Going on 2 hrs now!!!!!

Ya fuck this shit, Most time consuming BS Achievment ever. 2 hrs 10 mins to get the “5 Baubles” from the fucking eagle. Not to mention the 2 1/2 hrs it took alone for the entire map so around 4 1/2 hrs almost. Back tracking was the most frustrating part of the fucking bauble hunt to the eagle.

Heres an idea, how about you detail your guide to just activate all the clouds all the way to just before the teleporters then run back to the eagle. That way if the person fails or cant dodge because of latency 1-2 seconds long they can atleast rage quit in style. After completing the most difficult part of the map then go back and kill the assassins, and collect the baubles. I cant dodge at all, the best I can do is wiggle around and hope to avoid the damn owls. The rest of the map was easy compaired to humping to the eagle and failing over and over.

According to another post, you can use the glove to expel the owls (I did not test this strategy, but it probably makes this part easier).

Personally, I just stayed at the head of the eagle with 9 potions… Not elegant but it worked.

Followed this guide today and got all the achievements. For some reason, one of the assassins didn’t spawn, or I didn’t credit for him in my score (step 29, only 4 assassins on the pagoda) but I got the achievement all the same. Thanks guys 🙂

3 and a half hours later….I am never entering 2-2 again. Thank you Dulfy for helping me get all of the 2-2 achievements in one go.

Shortcut eagle EASY mode: Buy health upgrade. Stand by shortcut eagles head and do not move. Just heal through it as the bees hit you. Saves you so much rage

In reading all this bitching and complaining…let’s stop and think for a minute.
Dulfy is proving you a service, so you don’t have to spend 100-plus hours figuring this out on your own. In essence, this is a cheat guide and some of you are complaining about how it can’t be made easier for you still.
Dulfy did not design this world/zone, ANet did and I agree…it was a pain in the butt. However, I did it all in less than 2 hours and I did get a d/c before the final boss, so I had to re-do the bauble portion only and that took less than 1 hour.

Personally, I only found that leap of faith from the cliff onto the top corner of the pagoda to be truly challenging. Day 1, I spent over an hour and gave up, Day 2, I nailed it on the first try. Day 3, it took two attempts.

Jumping to the eagle shortcut, I don’t see how people thing it is hard….and the eagle itself is really easy as well.

Here is my 411 for the eagle.
Stand behind the head, but face either left or right.
Wave 1 – four flocks from behind. Face to the left and before first wave comes back up and then go forward and face towards the front. The next 3 waves will hit you and you will lose 3 hearts. Consume two potions to re-fill health completely.
Wave 2 – three flocks from behind. Don’t move at all. Consume two potions to re-fill health completely.
Wave 3 – four flocks from behind. Re-peat the same procedure as that for the first wave.
You’ll momentarily see one flock of birds on a 4th wave, but you’ll zone out to the pillars with the 5 baubles before that hit you. I haven’t died on the bird yet with this method and I’ve done this shortcut with my main and 6 toons.

Bottom line though…this is a game and Dulfy is a great service. Back off attacking them and if the game is so frustrating…QUIT!!!

Just done it.. followed everything, did not skip anything.. and still did not get all baubles for archievement. though that all bugs are fixed? 🙁

make sure you dont have max baubles when you kill the boss. stand in the chest until the very end of the countdown. ive gotten achievements after the loading screen in sab before. dont go to the hub or to the bad end room. i havent tested that last one but just to be safe.

they changed or added a block at that very high jump down to the pogoda corner and now i cannot even get close to landing on it for the bachelors

If you are taliking about the high jump to the pogoda(34.)the new block actually telling you where you should jump and a dodge jump’s length is more then enough to land the pogoda.

Indeed. I thought the rock kinda guided me to the exact jumping point.

I also have proven to more than 20 people (doubters to my theory) that a regular jump and the dodge-roll jump achieve the exact same distance. I’ve since then grown tired of proving it, but anyone who is interested can pm me in game (name = ‘Ahsitaka’).
I think the misconception comes from he fact that in the moment of take off fromt he ground, a player will actually jut SLIGHTLY forward before leaving the ground, giving them a small increment of distance forward to where they really think they are jumping from. This gives them an accidental perfect usage of the maximum distance a player’s feet go before falling (without jumping). If a player uses this maximum edge distance on a regular jump and are holding forward for the duration of the jump, they will reach the EXACT same point of landing at the end of their jump.
A little bit of practice in a safe area will make it easy to master. Just go anywhere you won’t die if you fall, and test how far you can go before you fall without jumping. Try jumping later-than-earlier while learning that maximum edge length.
Think “Diddy Kong” in DKC series 😛 (and i don’t mean the roll jump there either. Diddy’s animation let made it easy to jump earlier than max as well due to the appearance of nearly running off the edge)

The word “guide” is misleading here. A guide gives you a general stucture, and guideline to follow. When in fact, this guide will potentially make your quest for Babuels much longer and harder if you do not follow it WORD-FOR-WORD , STEP-FOR-STEP!
It was not explained that skipping that checkpoint was critical to the caus of not losing HOURS of your time on something that is not fun.
Also, the Eagle can be done after you have infantile clouds up to the point of the bell. This will save you a massive amount of time. Dying and retrying at the end of your quest is no different than dying and trying again part way though.
But if you die when only partially completed and decide you want to quit for that day, you are not giving up your entire level’s worth of progress.

You are suppose to follow it step by step. That is the point of the guide. Also, if you do not skip that checkpoint, it adds a couple minutes to your run back but it isn’t a game over.

I don’t mean to be a douche, but your impression of this guide is not Dulfy’s fault. Out there exist several guides and versions on how to tackle this achievement. If you didn’t like parts of it, just point it out without any insult or insinuation.

Heck, you are just using this for free so just be grateful. However, if you did donate to her, I will just shut up then and let you say whatever you please.

Despite my raging, I DO have something constructive to offer ^-^

Turn around and watch the bees coming in from behind the Eagle. =D
Just be sure to get back into center position behind his head again. And I suggest waiting till the last second to strafe to the side as you risk being hit be the crashing cluster of bees from the Eagle’s front on two occasions.

Well, I followed the guide today, and it looks like they’ve changed a few things…
there’s a new area (at least I believe it’s new) the Infantile mode goes through, so you no longer get any clouds after the 1st bell; if you go the normal way. That makes it a bit harder to backtrack to the eagle, however the new area also has some assassins you need to kill to get the achievement. I managed to jump past a checkpoint gate after the eagle shortcut (you can see it while on the platform where the eagle leaves you – it’s in the opposite side of the boss) then just backtracking a bit on that path and killing the assassins I saw (there was ~10) after that I immediately got the achievement.

How did you kill the pink assassin on a rock after the first checkpoint? I’ve been trying to bomb it from the tower roof nearby with no luck. My bombs refuse to cross the gap and keep plummeting to the ground just below, whether I’m in action camera or not.

Next to the tower? I was playing in Infantile mode, and there’s a rainbow that goes quite near him, I was able to bomb him from there.

Guess I’ll try that again. I was having difficulty reaching the assassin from that bridge as well, but I’ll try more spots. Thanks!

I cant find the 4th assassin on the 6th floor where the gong is… only 3 for me… i even killed all the assassins in the new cloudy area… still didnt get me the achievement…

As far as I remember all the numbers of assassins in this guide were correct, all that was missing were the assassins on the clouds… maybe you didn’t go far enough back on the cloud area? there’s a big cloud where most of the assassins are running around in circles, but you need to go a bit further back on another cloud, where the last 2 or 3 assassins are (one is also hiding in a house made out of clouds if I remember correctly).

I noticed the same. It requires being a little more careful, but from the checkpoint immediately before the teleporters, you can backtrack to the pillar jumping section. There are clouds that go behind the one piranha pool and leads back to the previous section.

From there, go where you defeated the three purple/pink assassins. At the platform closest to you, you’ll find a series of clouds leading back to the first giant gong/bell. Using the infantile clouds, make your way back up to the miniboss building. From there, backtrack to the Shortcut Eagle – being extremely careful at the hard jump (least you have to start all over again from the teleporter checkpoint).

Once you’ve taken the Shortcut Eagle and gathered the baubles on top of the gong, make your way to the beam overlooking the checkpoint nearest the cloud of assassins (new section). You may have to dodge jump, but I was able to make it barely and landed on the checkpoint gate itself. Proceed to kill the assassins and you should have “Become the Master.”

omg thanks! i’ve been trying this achievement for 2h and then noticed at the last point the guide wasn’t working! but thx to you i managed to backtrack and get on that stupid eagle! 😀

Followed step-by-step to the T, went exactly where I was supposed to. Had to find the last 8 assassins (they’ve added in more and the infantile mode skips HEAPS now), and didn’t get Bachelor of Baubles either. The only cheevo that following this got me was the Bachelor of Secrets.

I love your guides, but please keep updating them >.<

This needs to be updated along with the videos for zone 1 and 2. I’d love to get this achievement before the event is over.

I just got Bachelor of Baubles and Become the Master by following this guide BUT it is missing a few Assassins.

As people have said, once you leave the shortcut Eagle you can jump back past the prior checkpoint gate from on top of the wooden beam or you can use the two little square clouds off to one side to hop over it and there are a bunch of Assassins across a couple of islands that way.

I didn’t get any Baubles not listed though and found them all just fine.

Alright, so for the assassins…

The new area is right behind the 2nd last checkpoint. There is a huge cloud with 6 assassins on it. Behind that large cloud, there is a “island with a house”, 2 assassins are inside the house. Behind the house, there is a “cloud tunnel” with another 2 more assassins. Killed these 10 total (plus following dulfy’s old video and killing everything I see) and got my achievement.

I cant find the 4th assassin on the 6th floor where the gong is… only 3 for me… i even killed all the assassins in the new cloudy area… still didn’t get me the achievement…

I’m stuck in World 2 Zone 2.
Basically i got the achievement from the assasins, but i’m missing the bubbles on the top of the last zone before the boss to get all the bubbles . Is there a way to go back to eagle shortcut from the new zone? :l I don’t want to do this another time , really .

did you find a way back up? im having same problem, missing only 1 bubble and i dont want to do all over again.

To any one having trouble bombing the first purple assassin, I was able to hit it with the slingshot while standing on top of the chest behind the breakable walls in the pagoda.

The mini-bomb seems to be weird. I tried so many times, it just won’t throw across the gap. It just falls down to the bottom immediately when I throw it.

I just stood on the rainbow and slingshotted him.

sometimes with things like this, try mid throw to jump and it will go over gaps/some obstacles. same with slingshot if it needs to hit something higher or isnt hitting the mark

Getting genuinely frustrated with the puzzle after checkpoint 5. It says to suicide off a cloud to get the bauble, but there is no cloud nearby, at least not anymore. So I’m trying to figure out the top floor, but I keep getting one shot by difficult to see darts and have already lost ten lives because of that stupid crap.

you just have to go extremely slow, especially at first. the outer ring is generally safe, there’s only one dart trap facing out from the outer pillars. also don’t forget you can use whip to snag the bauble if close enough. go real slow, scan 360 degrees and move the blocks. theres one dart trap that can hit you from super far even if you moved blocks that look like they block it. SLOWWWWW. I know it’s hard when you die a few times.

idk if it’s in the guide or not but, The assassins near the shortcut that has the master of decor: a fluffy trap door can be reached from(if i correctly recall) the last checkpoint or 2nd f/last, if you backtrack some there’s a small cloud or two you can jump on to backtrack to them.

Normally I love your guides, but this one is painful. There is a marked difference between “to make it easier, use infantile mode” and “I’m going to assume you’re using infantile mode as I write the guide, and it’s literally impossible to complete with this method if you do not”. I figured I’d just make it a bit harder and not use infantile mode, only to find out after a LOT of lost time that it just doesn’t work.

Nevermind, just read at the top of the guide that it has to be done in infantile, Well thanks Dulfy for awesome guides! I just Gotta do it again, which is not that bad ;D

I wasn’t able to find a way back. I got most of the way, but that last jump seems impossible.

Still, pretty much every other guide on here has been perfect, so can’t really complain 🙂

It is still doable in normal mode – you need do first 14 steps, then use
eagle – collect baubles, die and then backtrack to step 15

Wow, whoever made this game really wants to make it Nintendo-hard. All these secrets and very specific things needing to be done, dear god.

Many thanks to you and TFMurphy for finding out and outlining all the steps here. Took me about 3 hours to complete (I’m bad at dodge jumping) and I was exhausted by the end of it, but I got everything in one go. Again, thanks <3

Struggling at the last hurdle – i have all the baubles, but i decided to ‘play it safe’ and get the last checkpoint, but it seems like that last jump back to the previous checkpoint can’t be done (any more?) – the cloud is high enough that it would be a difficult standing jump, and with the added distance i just hit the side of it no matter what i try

Nevermind – it just requires a dodge jump

Assassin 23 is alot easier to kill from chest on the pagoda. After killing Assassin 16, use glove, jump on chest and shoot. (video time 4:10)

Assassin #23: right where you’re jumping in the video – throw a bomb instead of using the slingshot. Try to aim for the right corner of the block. 1 bomb will take that little sucker out.

I would change the order a bit to have less backtracking, use the
shortcut eagle first to get those ontop of the bell then suicide to get
back. after the second chest, at that cp I jumped to the left side
instead of the pillars that go to the right to clear the cloud.

For those who do this and end up 2 assassins short, go past the last little hut with the two assassins, there are two more on the large cloud area. That might be covered in the video/s, but I followed the text guide and was kinda flummoxed to find I was 2 short. Thank goodness I didn’t decide to exit to SAB hub. 😉

Two small things to update, you say “Make sure you have at least 50 baubles to start for 2 keys just in case.” and then immediately say “Make sure your bauble wallet is never full during the collection of baubles. Waste them on bombs if you are full”.

I followed the video and got to the end and still didn’t have all the baubles. A guildmate followed it and was also short at the end.

When I saw the length of this video I instantly dreaded continuous dc’s I’ll inevitably have.

Can also confirm it works in 2018. Be prepared to spend quite a bit of time if you’re not familiar with the level – took me almost 4 hours following the video exactly.

Just in case anybody was glancing at the guide and kinda winging it as they went and missed the detail about avoiding frog kills to keep track of your assassin count, I fully cleared everything I’m pretty sure including frogs and ended up with a team score of 119.

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