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GW2 Major in Enhancement SAB achievement guide

GW2 Major in Enhancement SAB achievement guide showing you how to get all 10 upgrades required for the Major in Enhancmeent achievement under SAB Back to school.


Note: This list is organized by ease of access. Some of the items may be purchasable at an earlier zone but it is usually in the middle or end of that zone and therefore harder to get.

World 1 or World 2

1. Slingshot (World 1 or World 2) – 225 baubles

A lot of you who have done World 1 back in April may already have this since you can buy it from the shopkeeper right before the Frog boss in World 1 Zone 3. However, it wasn’t needed for the Minor in Enhancement achievement in World 1 so it was a mystery. Luckily, this item now counts for Major in Enhancement.

You can also buy it from the shop keeper at the entrance to World 2 Zone 1 or World 2 Zone 2. It costs 225 baubles.


World 2 Zone 2

2. Glove of Wisdom (World 2 Zone 2) – Free

You get this glove automatically when you defeat the Assassin boss in World 2 Zone 2. He is after checkpoint 4 if you are keeping track.


3. Chain Sticks (World 2 Zone 2) – 400 Baubles


This is sold by a hidden shop under the pagoda with the gong. The fastest way is to take the shortcut eagle in World 2 Zone 2 and make it to the very end (just stay around the head of the eagle and when you hear wings flap move away from the head and move back when the bees from behind pass). Once you make it to the very end of the shortcut eagle, it will place you on a wooden structure that holds the bell. Jump off and die and this will port you to the checkpoint just after the gong pagoda.


World 2 Zone 3

4. Wooden Whistle (World 2 Zone 3) – 250 Baubles

You can get this flute elsewhere but the easiest way to get it is probably the shopkeeper at entrance to World 2 Zone 3. If you want to get it earlier and don’t mind a hit of traveling, you can get it in World 2 Zone 1 at one of the hidden shops (It is Hidden room 5 in this guide).

5. Medium Health Bottle (World 2 Zone 3)– 300 Baubles

Same vendor at entrance to World 2 Zone 3 sells the Medium Health Bottle for 300 Baubles


6. Torch (World 2 Zone 3) – 400 Baubles

Near the first checkpoint of World 2 Zone 3, there is a hidden shop that sells the Torch. You will need it to get past the first checkpoint in World 2 Zone 3 as well (thanks Aurora Mistfire for the screenshot)


7. Nice Scoop (World 2 Zone 3) – 325 Baubles

Same shop as the Torch, vendor also sells Nice Scoop for 325 baubles. Another location if you don’t have World 2 Zone 3 unlocked is the shop right before the final boss in World 2 Zone 1 but it is a bit further and requires more traveling.


8. Bauble Tote Bag (World 2 Zone 3) – 500 Baubles


Past the first checkpoint of World 2 Zone 3, head towards the yellow bauble on the ground and keep going left. Soon you will corner a smaller corner in the wall with an opening. Throw bombs into it and you will find the secret shop that sells the Bauble Tote Bag that can hold 750 baubles. The screenshots are not the best so please consult the video.


9. Moto’s Finger (World 2 Zone 3) – Free


Moto’s Finger is a bit tricky to get. You have to make to the foggy area before the spiky area with the icicles and push blocks. It is shortly after the part with the two goats jumping on the puzzle tower. You can use a bit of infantile mode cloud but the rest you will have to climb like in normal mode since the infantile mode cloud skips over that area. Note that you cannot use the shortcut introduced in the 2016 release as it completely skips over and send you to the end. When you see a split in the path with two teleporters, pick the one without the happy face and keep following it. You will see the pyramid tower with the jumping goats soon enough and the checkpoint we need to get to is shortly after that.


You also need the following

Jump from the infantile cloud to the wooden bridge below and proceed to the pillar with the frozen waterfall. Go through it with your torch and then look for clouds on your right (zoom in if you can’t see the clouds). These clouds will take you to the hidden area with Moto’s Finger. Don’t jump to them yet! Instead, take the clouds to the left and these will take you to checkpoint nearby as you will need it to run back quickly.


If there you see two different paths of clouds, take the left path. You will arrive at the final trio of clouds before a wall and will need to play 332331 (play 3 while jumping to the first cloud to allow it to channel, and then play 3 again before jumping to the second cloud. On the second cloud play 23 and then jump to third cloud to play 31. If done correctly the wall should open and you will need to hop in quickly before the cloud disappears.


10. Health Vessel (World 2 Zone 3) – Free

Defeating the Storm Wizard at end of World 2 Zone 3 will reward you with an extra heart.(thanks Aurora Mistfire for the screenshot)


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

45 replies on “GW2 Major in Enhancement SAB achievement guide”

Well. according to the Shopkeeper in w2z1 the owls are not what they seem… So we have no idea what they really are anyway.

The mountain goats however… are just cows in a mountain goat suit.

Theyre definitely owls 😛 They’ve just got their wings tucked in and are “diving” horizontally at you from the front

They say that because in the secret room with a bunch of glowing owl eyes, it isn’t actually owls, its things you can break for baubles thus they are ‘not what they seem’

How in bloody world she has time to do all those guides and practice everything in 10 games at same time? what the hell?

Thanks Dulfy for all this work !
We need a lot of bobbles to buy all those stuff. It’s seems than World 1-2 dig spots have been nerfed, and dig spots are now accound linked (instead of character linked), it’s difficult now to farm them.

Any way to see an updated guide with new dig spots ?

Check Dulfy’s guide from April. I put some screens of all the places I found in W2Z1 in the comments. I’m working on W2Z2 today and W2Z3 tomorrow. There are about 280 baubles you can get from just zone 1, more if you kill all the bears along the way. =)

You should mention that near the room at 9. with Moto’s Finger are 2 other rooms needed for the Master of Secrets achievement. Did the Master of Enhancement first and then had to revisit this place(which for me was not possible to do without a lot of dying). Didn’t expect there to be other rooms as well nearby. Could save people some trouble if they knew this first and then got these hard rooms while they are at it.

Here are screens of what Luthan is describing. All three rooms require bombs to open as well as reaching this place via jumping across the clouds and playing the open song on the flute.

Not sure if its been mentioned, but for Moto’s Finger door opening, you can actually start playing tune well before you get there (if you have the coordination). I keep the flute out at the start and just push numbers as i’m jumping till i get to the split, after the split i start playing one note or so at each cloud (it all happened so fast I don’t recall) that once i reached the triple clouds i was already on my last note.

Glove of Wisdom pushes open gates and barriers marked with a new krytan ‘W’.

So where is the Glove of Power? Because there is one gate that is marked with a new Krytan ‘P’ that doesn’t respond to the Wisdom glove.

There is no wall beyond the trio clouds! I played the tune accordingly but where is the wall!?

I jumped towards the direction where the wall is supposed to be, but fell through without seeing any wall.

I’ve already learned the tunes from the secret in room in World 2 Zone 2, so why isn’t the wall there?

For moto’s finger, I found it useful to change up my skills from 1 2 3 to q w e because it was easier for me to play the song and I actually got it rather quickly.

Has anyone else got a bug on this? I have all of the above and am on 9 out of 10.

Edit: Never mind, I thought I had bought the fancy shovel but I hadn’t.

Would like to see a full guide to getting Moto’s Finger. I have no idea where the checkpoint is that the guide starts from, nor do I have any idea as to how to get there.

For those of you who are stuck like I was, when you get to the end two portals, instead of taking the happyface arrow’s portal, take the one with the crying face. This will lead you through to the area needed for Moto’s Finger.

So what the fuck do you do once you’re in the Moto’s finger room? It took two lives for me to get there, and it’s just an empty room with a bauble. Then I was killed by the falling icicles.

Well it would be nice if the guide said that. I was lucky enough to spot a commenter’s picture below at the time.

332 331 on clouds DONT WORK anymore… anyone know why? Did all what Dulfy says before with secrets room etc.

I’ve been trying to navigate these clouds for about an hour now, and when I get to the final trio of clouds, there’s no wall. Just empty space. I tried just playing the tune and jumping in the direction where I thought the wall should have been, but instead I saw only more empty space. Nothing but frustration and poor visibility.

Is this achievement still possible? I have everything but Moto’s Finger, and yes, I did learn the song in World 2 Zone 2.

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