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GW2 Master of Secrets World 2 achievement guide

GW2 Master of Secrets World 2 achievement guide showing you all 17 hidden rooms found in world 2 zone 3 in Super Adventure Box

Video guide


Start to Checkpoint 1

Hidden room 1: Turn the corner past the starting area and then you will spot two hillbillies with a maze behind you. Don’t follow the raccoons this time but instead go left in the maze. You will soon find an area with two closed “mouth” walls. You can open one of them by using the gate opening song 332331 with your flute near it (this song was learned back in world 2 zone 2 hidden room #8).


Inside the opening you will need to do some jumping to get to the very top.Once you are at the top jump down the other side and enter a corridor with two polar bears.


Slay or run past them at there is a wall near the second polar bear where you can bomb to reveal your first hidden room. Inside is a wall you can unlock with your glove which will take you to the raccoon kingpin inside the maze.


Hidden room 2: Find you way back (quickest is probably run off the cliff). Follow the path and climb up the icy area. You will find a wall you can bomb below and to the right of the polar bear.


Hidden room 3: This is the shop on the wall that you need to buy your torch to get past the first checkpoint, you probably have this already.


Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2

Hidden room 4: Right past the checkpoint, jump down to the yellow bauble, and take a couple of lefts. You will find a corner with a small space. Blow up the wall in that small space to find a secret shop that sells an upgraded bauble wallet (750 bauble size).


Checkpoint 2 to Checkpoint 3

Shortcut: There is a really good shortcut that you should be activating to make all the hidden rooms in this section easier to get since they all require some backtracking. From the infantile cloud, jump down and go to this teleporter. This should lead you to an area with a frozen waterfall. Go in there to push the block out so it can act as another teleporter (make sure you don’t get knocked off by the wind).


This should bring you to another area with another push block you can move that allow you to just into that big gap in the wall. At the bottom there is a teleporter but don’t use it yet! Push the wall open with your glove and now you can use that teleporter to teleport to a location close to all hidden rooms.


Hidden room 5: Take the shortcut and instead of following the clouds to the left, jump down to the right and climb up to the area with the banana mobs with spikes. If you go forward, there is a second area with banana mobs with a pillar that reaches a cloud above. You can drop down and bomb the base of that pillar to reveal a new hidden room. Once inside the hidden room, tap W key repeatedly so you will be dropped on a pillar instead of the very bottom.


Hidden room 6: Once you have dropped on the pillar, hop on to the ledges to the right and make your way to the ledges on the left. Now you want to throw a bomb on the wall to reveal this hole. Then you need to make a semi hard jump to get in (jump from the edge seems to help). Once you get the achievement count, head back out and drop to the bottom of the shop.

gw2-master-of-secrets-world-2-achievement-guide-49 gw2-master-of-secrets-world-2-achievement-guide-50

Hidden room 7: Run out of the shop and jump off so you respawn at the checkpoint, run back and this time follow the infantile cloud and go left. Once you reach the platform with a teleporter that port you over the gap, drop down to your right onto another platform with two rows of spikes and a polar bear. From that platform, drop down a couple more times until you are at a pillar with a long drop below.


Jump down from that pillar to your left and then use the 332331 song on your flute to open the “mouth”. There are 3 yellow baubles inside it.


Hidden room 8: Go right from that “mouth” and you should see another closed mouth you can open again with 332331 to reveal a purple bauble.


Checkpoint 3 to Checkpoint 4

Hidden room 9: Right after the checkpoint is wall you can bomb to retrieve six blue baubles.


Checkpoint 4 to Checkpoint 5

Hidden room 10: Near the middle of the corridor with the spiked ground (it is where the two infantile clouds connects), play 332331 to reveal a door on the right that lead you to a maze. When navigating through the maze, pick the second to last door. The exit is on the right side of the maze so you will want to go right whenever possible. The sequence if you want to follow step by step is as follows:

  • Left, Forward, Right, Right

If you see a wall dead ahead, go either left or right and then come back to the same route (i.e. if you go you left to advance forward, then take a right at the next intersection so you can back at the same forward back).


Hidden room 11: Past the maze, you will arrive at an open area full of bananas. Murder the entire banana population and doing so will cause a wall to open up where you can learn the Shatter Serenade (133133) that will cause frozen waterfalls to remain open and icicles to drop from the roof.


Checkpoint 5 to Checkpoint 6

No hidden rooms

Checkpoint 6 to Checkpoint 7

The infantile cloud here will skip a checkpoint so you don’t want to use it all the way. When you see bridges undernearth, jump on to them and proceed manually to checkpoint 7, which require you to climb on some pillars with goats jumping around. You should soon see a frozen waterfall and take the clouds to the left past the frozen waterfall to get saved to checkpoint 7.


Checkpoint 7 to Checkpoint 8

Hidden room 12: Go back to the frozen waterfall and this time take the clouds to the right of it. The visibility is quite low so you will need to zoom in your camera a bit to see the clouds. When you see the clouds started to go in two directions, go left. This should lead you to the final trio of three clouds.


You need to play the 332331 sequence on your flute while on these clouds. It is best to start playing 3 before jumping to the first cloud of the trio since the first note has a channel time. Finish the second 3 on the first cloud before moving to second cloud and play the notes 23. Jump to the third and final cloud of the trio and play 31. If done correctly the wall will open revealing hidden room 11. When you are in it play 133133 to make all the icicles fall down.

This short video demonstrates this.


Hidden room 13: Throw a bomb at hidden room 12’s middle wall and this will create entrance to hidden room 13 where you can get the upgrade Moto’s Finger by talking to the villager. Beware this room is full of bombs so whack them first before running in.


Hidden room 14: Exit the room with Moto’s Finger and this time throw a bomb at the left wall. This will create entrance to hidden room 14 which is a shop.


Hidden room 15: Exit the shop and this time throw a bomb at the right wall. This will create entrance to hidden room 15 which is a death trap (ground is filled with spikes). Only way to exit the room is via dying. Therefore you should get room 13 and 14 first before 15.


Hidden room 16: Before you reach the bridge that leads you to checkpoint 9, drop down on the ground in the area with the icicles and the ground spikes. There is a wall here that you can play 332331 on your flute to open to reveal two teleporters. Using the teleport on the right will reveal a shortcut to checkpoint 8 after you used your glove to open the wall.


Checkpoint 8 to Checkpoint 9

Hidden room 17: This is the yeti room, go to the back left of the room and you will find a wall you can open with 332331 song on the flute.


By Dulfy

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71 replies on “GW2 Master of Secrets World 2 achievement guide”

Dulfy, please put up a guide to the achievement of which you have to kill all the assassins in zone 2. Keep up the good work 🙂

You rock, Dulfy. My friends and I were doing zones 1 and 2 of world 2, baubles, secrets, and assassins. All four of us realized how screwed we’d be without you. Thanks 🙂

I wont even try this zone without your video … do you have and ETA on the z3 complete hidden rooms/baubles video?

Have this feeling master of baubles for w2z3 isn’t achievable in infantile mode. There’s a chest immediately after checkpoint 4 (I think, maybe 5), and one right before the yeti room. The problem is that the only shop that sells keys in the second part of the world is the one next to the room with moto’s finger. I can’t figure out how to survive after buying one there.

Don’t be an idiot, You can get the title with 13 achievements and the there are 15 achievements that count towards the meta. May want to lay off the insults unless you know what you are talking about.

Is it possible to transport keys through a teleporter? That way you could buy keys in an early shop and take them with you as a team of two. Would involve dying and that, but especially in infantile mode, I see no big risk in trying that.

There are four chests and you can get keys off the nearby mobs except (apparently) in infantile mode which I’d imagine would make this harder.

Chest one is in plain sight after checkpoint one. Get the key from a banana guy in a lower area, then climb back up to the chest.

Chest two is after checkpoint two. You get the key from the polar bear on the spiked plateau shown in the second screenshot for hidden room seven. The chest can be accessed from an opening in the side of that same plateau.

Chest three is just before checkpoint five to the left of the doorway immediately after the puzzle with the goats and statues. The key drops from a banana guy (if I recall correctly) immediately after checkpoint three in front of the area shown in the screenshot for hidden room nine. This key requires you to traverse almost two entire checkpoints and must be carried a longer distance than the other three keys.

Chest four is to the right of the entrance to the bridge immediately preceding checkpoint eight and the yeti. Unlike the other three keys, which you’ll probably acquire by accident, this one requires a bit of searching. Once you’ve found the chest, you can see some ledges to jump onto nearby to take you to the top tier area where there are more banana men. You’ll need to dodge jump the long distance to get onto one of the ledges and jump your way around the corner of the wall. If you suck at dodge jumping like I do, you’ll probably fail several times; you can retry by jumping on the chest and jumping back onto the bridge base to get back up and try again. The last key will drop from the banana man in the area directly above the chest.

Thanks mate ! Your guide is very helpful, is Dulfy one of your characters name ?

Just a suggestion, if you could enlarge the thumbnails a little bit, it would be easier to read/see without zooming in the picture..

Is there anyway to up visibility for the jump to room 12? I’m having an extremely hard time seeing through the fog where to jump. Is there a setting I can turn down?

Someone said you can turn the gamma down to the min value (0.5), doing so make the environment look a bit blue and can increase visibility of clouids. Alternative, you can zoom in your camera to see the clouds.

Guys i need help 😀 im done Tribulation Mode W2Z3 and left me 2 shops ;/ can someone tell me where and how many shops in W2Z3 ?maybe i miss one on Zone 1 or 2 ;/ Thanks

The one for moto’s finger counts. I don’t know if you are missing that one. I’m currently at 11/12 for TM world 2 shops atm. Can’t figure out which one is left.

W2Z3 i need get this hidden shop , where you are upgrade moto finger im for sure 100 % , so one more left me. Im think for each zone we have 4 shops , but im not shure.

Would it be possible to upload a work-in-progress guide for Master of Baubles? So that we can all find the last few we’re missing

Hey dulfy, when you eventually release the W2Z3 bauble guide, do you think you will include all secret rooms as with your previous guides or will you miss some? I just want to make sure I’m not wasting my time doing hidden rooms now if you end up showing them all in the bauble guide anyways. Thanks 🙂

Right, I just want to know if when they DO get the achievement, will they make sure to add all hidden rooms as well so that I can get both achievements at once. Otherwise I’ll just do the hidden room one while waiting for the bauble guide.

Hi everybody! Is there any acutal list of baubles in world 2 zone 3? i found a more or less hard to reache one … i would like to check if its known 🙂 thanks!

Take the path on the left of the hillbillies at the beginning of w2z3 (see first picture of the guide), then take the first path on your right (with trees and an ice trap). The stomp is at the end of this path.

For professional iceskater just play it on infantile and beware the few places you have to fight bananas (get bombs ready) the other two achievements are not in world 2.

can anyone tell me where to get extra healths? i got 4 from before and i know of the new extras is from wizard boss in W2Z3 my problem is where is the other one?(or does the wizard gives 2 extra health at once? :-??)

As, until now, extra hearts are obtained by defeating the last boss of a world, the sixth heart should be at the end of world 3.

y not sure but i think i saw some pics with 6 hearts or something.that was the
reason i got the impression that you can unlock 6 hearts now maybe they
used a bug or it was fake…or maybe world 3 is unlocked and i am
unaware since i only checked it for the genie achieves but i highly doubt it :D.ty for the answer since i got the 13/13 reward i think i am done with it since it seems there is no more rewards other than that from SAB Back To School achieves.

Anyone else having issues opening hidden room #12? I’ve gotten there so many times that I have the cloud pattern burned into my brain forever but when I play my flute on the clouds, just as Dulfy’s video shows, the door doesn’t open. I’m not sure what it is. I’m definitely playing the right notes and I’ve accounted for cast time. It just doesn’t seem to want to work for me.

Have you “Officially” learned the Gatekeeper’s Song? You can’t just play the song if you have not “learned” it the right way.

Yeah, I’ve completed everything up until this point. I’m sure it’s just something I’m doing.

Very frustrating, though!

I’m having a really hard time between room 5 and 6. While I’m falling I keep pressing W repeatedly and my char just doesn’t seem to move ahead. Anyone having similar issues? Any tip?

is any 1 else having trouble with room 5 and landing on the pillar iam smashing W as fast as possible and yet i still drop down to the bottom. NVM after reading below post and the link it would seem that todays patch has bugged out the drop.

Hidden room 5 is almost impossible to do for me. I’ve tried tapping W multiple times, tried jumping as I enter the room but every time I just miss the pillar and fall down to the bottom.

Second that. However, you can use the portal at the bottom of the room where the cloud used to be, then skip to 4:50 🙂

There is another exit out of secret room #2. Follow the left wall around until you are facing right of the way you were facing when you entered the room and use a bomb on that wall. You come out next to the checkpoint.

It would be a bit more helpful if it actually described which part of the achievement is each location. I’m pretty sure I was in all of them, but I still have “cave underneath the ice” to do.

weird.. I have the achievement for all the secret rooms
but I’m lacking the songs needed for the 2nd quest of 2019’s SAB quest

Is there a correspondance between those room numbers and the hints in game? I need “the beginning of a frozen maze” and “this is bananas” but they don’t look like #6 and #17 🙁

For those who might be confused, Dulfy does it order of the number corresponding with the wiki. This is the order with the description.

Hidden Room 1 – – – – – – A cave underneath the ice
Hidden Room 2 – – – – – – A roundabout secret
Hidden Room 3 – – – – – – The candle is too weak
Hidden Room 4 – – – – – – Tucked away after a checkpoint
Hidden Room 5- – – – – – Before a portal
Hidden Room 6- – – – – – Don’t look down
Hidden Room 7- – – – – – Perform a melody on a slippery corner
Hidden Room 8- – – – – – Perform a melody on a ledge above exploding barrels
Hidden Room 9- – – – – – Before bombing an icicle
Hidden Room 10 – – – – – The beginning of a frozen maze
Hidden Room 11 – – – – – This is bananas
Hidden Room 12 – – – – – Perform a melody without falling
Hidden Room 13 – – – – – After performing, left
Hidden Room 14 – – – – – After performing, straight ahead
Hidden Room 15 – – – – – After performing, right
Hidden Room 16 – – – – – Perform a melody in a room full of ice spikes
Hidden Room 17 – – – – – Perform a melody near the yeti mountain

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