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GW2 Tough Customer World 1 achievement guide

GW2 Tough Customer World 1 achievement guide showing you how to get to all 11 shops in World 1 Tribulation mode for the achievement.


There are two shops in World 1 Zone 1, 3 shops in World 1 Zone 2 and 6 shops in World 1 Zone 3 that you need to visit for the Tough Customer World 1 achievement.

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World 1 Zone 1

Shop 1 – Checkpoint 1

The first shop is right after checkpoint below the little hill with two monkeys. You can hop over to them from the tree tops and just drop down. You will need to respawn at the checkpoint after exiting the shop as there isn’t a way to progress to the next cloud save from the shop.


Shop 2 – Final checkpoint

The second and last shop in this zone is right below the final checkpoint before the boss fight. You will need to drop down from the left to avoid the traps and the enter it without touching the flower on the right, which explodes.


World 1 Zone 2

Shop 3- Cloud save after checkpoint 1

From the cloud save, get across the pond with the lilypads but head straight. You will need to enter the shop from the left as the right path is trapped.


Shop 4 – Checkpoint 2

From the second checkpoint, instead of heading straight toward the big tree to climb up, go right and dodge the big rock as it jumps up. Keep going right and you will soon see a monkey standing on log. Use that log to reach the shop which is on the other side of lava.


Shop 5 – Checkpoint 3

The third shop is right after checkpoint 3 and to the right as you drop down. Inside is a death trap but the checkpoint is just nearby.


World 1 Zone 3

Shop 6 – Checkpoint 2

Right after checkpoint 2, jump to the lilypad before the acid waterfall. You will then need to jump and then press W to get behind the waterfall. If done correctly, the waterfall won’t kill you and you will zone into shop 6. Don’t exit the shop yet!

Tip: Some people find it easier to jump to the very tip of the lilypad close to the acid waterfall and the jump to the waterfall.


Shop 7 – Checkpoint 2

Use a torch/candle to burn the carpet and throw a bomb at the uncovered ground. Jump down to reach shop 7.


Shop 8 – Cloud save right after checkpoint 2

Right near the cloud save is the shop, you just have to go up and then make a jump to reach it. The shop entrance is right by the green bauble.


Shop 9 – Checkpoint 3

You can either do this right after checkpoint 3 or get to the next cloud save and do it from there. Doing it directly from checkpoint 3 will require some backtracking, which isn’t too bad. Instead of going to the horizontal trunk from the big vertical stump, drop off the side of the vertical stump to a corner where you will find the shop tucked away.


Shop 10 – Cloud save after checkpoint 3

From the cloud save, drop off to the left on to the platform below. Use bombs on the crocodile blocking the semi secret passage and then use it as a platform.


Hop over some flowers and reach a wooden root. The next jump is a bit tricky to make and if you fail the jump you will die to the acid. Try aim your jump towards the location the red arrow is pointing.


From that root, do a long jump to get over to the next root, and then hop on the slanted root above it.


This will take you to the mushroom jump pads, and once you are at the top your path will be blocked by a No cloud. You can either move fast and be over to the other side when the No cloud do the knockback or you can use the mushroom pad to hop over to the other side and avoid the No cloud. Once you are past to the cloud, jump down to the store, which is where you need used previously to get Moto’s Breath elite skill if you have that.


Shop 11 – Final checkpoint

The last shop is to the right of the final checkpoint but you can’t get it by hopping over to the crocodile as his entire body is trapped. Instead. you have to backtrack a little and jump on the fungus pads nearby so you can jump down to the shop.


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19 replies on “GW2 Tough Customer World 1 achievement guide”

There’s something definitely wrong with the first shop in z3: I tried so many times now and still the “waterfall” oneshots me. Has it a random success or what? 🙁

Yes that one is very tricky, other people have died over 100 times trying to get it. Curious if it has to do with latency or what. Anyways you will have to jump into the waterfall without touching it. Sop you need to make a short jump rather than the standard long jump.

I would like to thank you for this tip. I have died a gazillion times on this shop. Watching you do it and trying it myself made me get into the shop in only 2 tries. Thanks! 🙂

dunno where to post, will leave it here – as far as the W2Z1 goes, there are four shops for the achiev – following the guide for hidden rooms from here, they are Hidden Rooms no. 1, 5, 10 and 11. W2Z2 attempt today, will post what i learn again

four more shops in W2Z2 – Hidden rooms no. 1, 2, 3 and 5, following bachelor of secrets guide. W2Z3 on friday maybe 🙂

I believe its just the ping being a problem… I cant seem to do it, even when i get to the door, when it starts to teleport me, i die due to the waterfall

When fighting king toad, it IS possible to kill the monkey by throwing crystal shards at it. It may say they won’t hit, but I just did such (and stupidly neglected to take a screenshot of it.) It does 25 damage per hit, but I don’t think it’s worth the trouble personally.

1. they changed the order a bit and where is the /actual nr/ 5th shop with the help-text “many mushroom bounces” ?

Is it possible to put the help text from the new achievments to each of these so ew can look up which we’ve done? Or can anyone help me find “the mountain has a back door” and “behind a tree stump”?

Can someone help me with “Past the big hollow log” shop? I can’t seem to find which one of the shops it actually is.

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