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GW2 SAB World 2 Tribulation mode guide

A guide to GW2 Super Adventure Box World 2 Tribulation mode and the associated achievements. This is a work in progress with World 2 zone 1 and zone 2 completed.


World 2 Zone 1

Video guide (shows all shops and tree stump for Tough Customer/Woodpecker)


Start to Checkpoint 1

You will need to jump through the back as the front and sides are all trapped mostly.


Avoid flowers after you get through the rich field as they explode.


The direction hand will shoot the middle of the bridge so just jump on the pillars supporting it.


Once you get to this section with the ledge, beware that all the rocks above will do knockback. I like to jump on the ledge and then to the big square rock. I will be knocked back on the big rock but there should be enough room for me to jump at the little jumping rock and dodge when I see it jumps up.


Climb up as you would normally and when you get to the waterfall the big rock opposite it jumps so you will need to jump to it and then dodge immediately to avoid knockback.


Once you get up the ramp, beware that the right side is trapped so take a detour through the left. Rest of the path to the checkpoint is mostly safe.


Checkpoint 1 to 2

Video shortcut:

The next section is a bit easier since adjusted the water in the last patch. Proceed through normally and use either whip or bombs if you can’t reach some of the crocodiles with your normal attack.  There is a jumping rock on this platform but he usually doesn’t trigger unless you get too close.


Once you get to the middle section where you need to get on to the top river, beware of a jumping rock that will knock you down but if you get to him fast enough he usually won’t trigger.


At the very end, when you are about to get to the platforms, note that there is a small rock that jumps and a barrel on top of the big rock that will explode. You want to hop over to big rock fast but don’t land near the barrel.


The first platform you arrive on the ramp is trapped so jump on the support and go around it. For the rest of the way to the checkpoint, just to be safe, you will want to jump on the supports whenever possible and avoid the platforms.


Checkpoint 2 to 3

Video shortcut:

The only trap you really have to worry about is actually at end near checkpoint 3. Just don’t go up all the way to the ramp. Instead, jump on the wooden supports to get to the checkpoint.


Checkpoint 3 to 4

Video shortcut:

This is the section with the ramps with the assassins, it is same as normal mode

Checkpoint 4 to 5

Video shortcut:

This is the raft part, same as normal mode

Checkpoint 5 to 6

Video shortcut:

For the flowers part, beware that there is a spike trap right near the flower so you will need to go around it.


For your first shop for Tough Customer World 2, you will want to take the flowers, hop on the crocodile and then hop over to the other side. There is a visible trap on the other side but otherwise the path is mostly safe to the shop.


Video shortcut:

After you have visited the shop, go back and take the flowers to the other side of the chasm. You will need to have a torch/candle here to burn the yellow trees and then fight a bear after. There isn’t a lot of traps to the next checkpoint but beware of two directional hands around the corner that will try and kill you.


Other than that it is mostly a safe ride to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 6 to 7

Video shortcut:

Next section is fairly easy due to the removal of the water sprouts. Just jump from rock to rock. Even if you do miss a jump and get knocked into the water, it is fairly to recover from it.

Checkpoint 7 to Cloud save #1

Video shortcut:

For your first and only tree stump in this zone for the Woodpecker achievement, head towards the hillbillies and then take a detour to your right into the forest. If you are unsure of where to go, follow the raccoons. The forest is mostly safe and not trapped. Kill the Raccoon Kingpin guarding the tree stump and then  destroy it. For the Kingpin I like to use bombs and kite him. You don’t have to worry about his melee attacks and just need to avoid the yellow bombs he throws out. In addition, if you kite him close to the tree stump, your bombs will damage both Kingpin and stump at the same time.


Video shortcut:

You can’t go the normal way across the river with the flowing logs since that way is completely blocked off with traps. Instead, you will need to kill the hillbillies and then carefully drop off the edge and grab the monkey balloon before dropping down again to your left. From there, you will need to go up against the river to a mushroom jump pad at the end where you will find the cloud to save right before the hillbillie caves.


Cloud save #1 to Checkpoint 8

Video shortcut:

Throw a bomb at the wall to reveal the hillbillie cave. Once you are inside the cave, just keep going left whenever possible while avoiding the exploding barrels. Soon you will come across an exit and will need to fight a bear once you exited the cave.


From the bear location, you will need to burn down some yellow trees and then use the logs to carry you over to the land before the next checkpoint.


Video shortcut:

To your left is the second shop you need for the Tough Customer World 2 achievement. You will need to go around the Tribulation cloud that is in that area.


Once you exited the shop, climb on the wall to the right of it and go around to reach the checkpoint. The normal way to reach the checkpoint is trapped so you will need to go around.


Checkpoint 8 to Cloud save #2

Video shortcut:

From the yellow tree behind the bear, go right to grab your monkey balloon.


With the balloon, you will want to make a careful jump from tip to tip of the ledge. The reason for that is there is a trap that is go directly across the yellow tree and you won’t trigger it by jumping from tip to tip. You don’t want to jump down either as Arenanet removed the mushroom jump pad that was on the very bottom.


On the other side you will find a mushroom jump pad to hop on with more mushroom pads that will take you to the very top. If you have trouble getting up to the ledge from a mushroom pad, just hold down W when you are at the top of your bounce.


Cloud save #2 to Checkpoint 9

Video shortcut:

For your third shop for Tough Customer world 2 achievement Take the very first log near the broken teleporter and then turn your camera so you can see the wall behind the waterfall. When you notice one section of the wall is a lighter color, start throwing bombs directly at the wall. When you hear the ding sound, jump into the hole you just created and that will be the third shop for Tough Customer World 2.


Once you exit the shop, die and respawn at the checkpoint. You will need to time the next section as you can’t use the pillar between log 2 (fast log) and log 3 (slow log). The pillar itself is trapped so you will need to hop directly from the second log to the third log.


Rest of the jumps are pretty safe and you will reach the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 9 to boss

Video shortcut:

The fourth and last shop for the Tough Customer world 2 achievement in this zone can be reached after checkpoint 9. You will need to take the flower pads after the checkpoint and then cross the river with the moving logs in reverse. You will see a water sprout at the other end that you can hop on.


From there, it is a simple matter of climbing the wall in the back and then use the flower pads to shoot yourself across to the shop. If you do happen to fell off the flower pad for whatever reasons (you shouldn’t since the patch, you can use the structure near the hillbillie to get back up).


Once you are finished with the shop, just drop down and use the spike traps to kill yourself. The rest of the path to the boss is not trapped and the boss fight is same as normal mode.

World 2 Zone 2

Video guide (shows all shops and tree stump for Tough Customer/Woodpecker)


World 2 Zone 3

Video guide (shows all shops and tree stump for Tough Customer/Woodpecker)


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

79 replies on “GW2 SAB World 2 Tribulation mode guide”

If you just can’t get the timing down right for the falling logs between cloud save #2 and checkpoint 9 you can use the hidden bear cave behind the waterfall at the end. It’s got a few traps but I found it easier than waiting on perfect timing and missing a jump.

Just try to make jumps to the last log and then enter the waterfall. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Sometimes? I have low spec pc and everytime when i move from a checkpoint there is ~1 sec loading time when character can die. I need 1-2 additional lives to move from a checkpoint, but i did it – thanks for a guide.

For me it worked fine most of the time. Like 80-90 percent of the cases it worked. Spawned me in the middle of the traps in the back of the checkpoint. But I did not die(only 10-20 percent I immediately died). I then jumped forward after spawning in the trap without dying… so I could move on.

More of a problem was that the next cloud save was bugged for me. Always ported me back to that checkpoint… but once I knew how to jump I just made it to the final checkpoint.

@Meh w2z2 is doable, but you have to skip the checkpoint because it doesn’t work. I’ve done it 2 times now. the only downside is that the flutes before that spawn you in spikes. and you have to wait until invulnerability pops then jump out.

Ok I just did Tribulation Mode and a “KEY” just dropped from a Bear in the shortcut behind the waterfall at the end for the purple bauble. I thought Keys weren’t supposed to drop from mobs in Tribulation Mode? Was this a rare chance?

I find shortcut eagle in tribulation rather amusing. If you fall down, you’ll get ported to checkpoint 3 (the one before the eagle), where as if you succeed you will be at the very start of the level.

Yeah just saw it, I dced before she did it it was before the 2nd waterfall and stopped at there, she did the shop after a certain checkpoint instead of before

I think it is worth mentioning as a general rule for tribulation mode: all barrels can be assumed to be a death trap. If you use your bombs you can safely destroy them from a distance so that they aren’t an issue (this helped me avoid several obvious death traps in world 2)

On the yeti, wizard and dragon using moto’s hand skill, 0, significantly reduces the fight length as it does quite a bit of damage. On the yeti it does 50% on the dragon/wizard about 25%.

Dulfy, thank you for the hard work!
A fun note, likely a bug: in World 2-1, the waterfalls do not push you down. That is to say, from Checkpoint 1, once you get to the second level, you can just run to the center platform if you run on the top edge of the falls.

After that, you can jump up the small corner platform and jump down to the rock below at the ramp. Screens attached!


Just some confirmation on other falls- most others this does not work, but I found at least part of the one with the log crossing does work (the “Frogger” part). However, that is not useful for the Tribulation guide.

how do last 2 shops in zone 3 world 2 it’s impossible i can only play 3323 and cloud stun me?

edit: ok i do this i play 33 on first before trio then i play 23 on first 3 on second and 1 on last it very hard

When I arrived to the part with the logs falling down the waterfall, my logs we in-sync’ed to what they normally were; thus making it impossible to jump the logs to the end. An alternative route was to go though the dark room filled with bears. There is only one trap and that is at the enterance if you didn’t land on the middle raised platform.

The red arrow in the first screenshot is pointing directly at a trap. The right-side of the arrow is the actual safe spot.

I found a bugged spot last night, on the platform just short of Checkpoint 1 in W2Z2, the platform with the many jumping rocks. I somehow managed to end up between the first two rocks on the right side, and they continued to jump in a rhythm enough to continuously knock me down and interrupt any attempt to jump or dodge away, and I remained stuck between them so I couldn’t even fall off the side and die. I had to dump out to the hub and lose all progress.

Does anybody have an idea on what is the Shortcut Eagle like in Tribulation Mode?

I checked the Shortcut Worm Tribulation Mode last night. Good grief, it was a major death trap full of spikes and poison box bubbles. I was far better off doing the zone as mentioned in the guide.

However, W2Z2 is a different case. It is just too long and quite frustrating (most especially the last part with the jump pads, disappearing clouds and pouncing piranhas). I will try to do it later or tomorrow. I’m quite busy at the moment. But if anyone has tried it or can tell me in advance, it would be sure a great help. Thanks!

Wow, just wow… W2Z2 is way harder than W2Z3 then… I thought this could have been my glimpse of hope or reprieve in trying to make things easier given my limited time. Sigh… at least I know now. Thank you very much for the reply.

I just got halfway through your guide and ran out of lifes, I was chatting with a friend and didn’t realis that hell is timed. Now I gotta start all over near 3 hours of dying constantly in there… wow, might be something to add / have added in your guides, although it’s ending the 30th but still.

In the section Checkpoint 8 to Cloud Save 2 in W2Z1, I found it easier to jump down before the spike trap, shoot the mushroom-dropper with slingshot, then use the mushroom to get back up on the other side. There’s a trap on the bottom floor next to the water before you turn the corner, so jump off the platform onto the ground when you make a left turn to get to the dropped mushroom.

Just got the last few achievements for the complete SAB set! Thanks Dulfy… it wouldn’t have been possible without these guides!! =D

At the last section of W2Z1, pretty much after the last cloud save during the log jumps, if you have trouble making the 2-3 jump (In this case, the third log is too far down to use to get to the checkpoint) you can use the secret tunnel at the bottom of the waterfall to climb all the way to the top and drop down onto the checkpoint. I don’t remember which chest this is but I’m sure any guide has it listed as the last one for W2Z1. The only trap down there is a spike trap on the very bottom ground layer, easily avoided by a hop to a raised section and if you memorized the route a quick jaunt using mushrooms to the top. Be aware there is a large amount of bears but I found the 70 baubles or so worth it over time and lives lost from diving the log jump repeatedly.

This is also great because you don’t even need to go up to the checkpoint cloud at the top of the waterfall which also saves a lot of time. You only need 1 or 2 mushroom jumps up the cliff to be able to get over to the secret bear room.

in w2z1 you can skip the section between 1 chek and 2 check if you insted of going up the rump you go the oposide direction jump on a rock on the side of a pilar and so go around the spike trap at the shortcut ramp

This is not between checkpoint 1 and 2 but rather between start and checkpoint 2 (to be precise). Just found it and it saves like 1 minute. good job!

yeah it is i meant doing so removes the section of 1 to 2
also does anyone have screnshot version of the other 2 worlds?

2 Things: make it more obvious that the Kingpin at the beginning is optional and the second cloud is a lot of wasted effort since there’s another checkpoint in the new version, right above it & only about 2 jumps after the first cloud. Which then brings you exactly to the same spot as the second cloud & is a lot of dying jumps & iced ground less 🙂

Hated you there for a moment, but otherwise really nice, thanks a lot for it.

Dulfy is their no other way to get the ice crystal to drop from the cieling in world 2 zone 3 without the flute? I am at the last 5 minutes of your video and been doing this for 6 hours and I hate for all that to be wasted because i dont have the song lol

if you dont have the flute, you have to push all the glowing stones with your glove-skill till they cannot be pushed anymore. afterwards you have to jump around the big icecrystals, to bring them down one by one, in order to reach the platform dulfy is using.

Aren’t you doing picture/text guides for Zones 2 and 3? They’re much more useful than video guides.

“Once you get up the ramp, beware that the right side is trapped so take a detour through the left. Rest of the path to the checkpoint is mostly safe.”

Except not! Right around the corner there’s another trap. Up until now you’ve been good with the “rest of the checkpoint is mostly safe” but this is just lazy. No screenshot guide for z2 and 3? Nobody did your work for you, huh?

If there’s a guide posted by someone who regularly posts guides for the community (and is helped by the community in many cases), I expect it to be accurate. The 3-year-old videos are not accurate and in fact make it harder than it needs to be.

In W2Z2, you can skip going up the pagoda to hit the gong by jumping on the pillar to the left of the checkpoint and then above the dart trap.

thansk dulfy for all the guides.

Cloud save #2 to Checkpoint 9 also works via the cave with the chest. I never managed the log 2->3 jump but fell down quite a few times and made it through the cave with bears to the checkpoint. The entrances are with spike traps, which kill you but the stone in the middle isn’t (and doesn’t jump). you can land on the edge (charcter stands in the air) or jump from a log to the rock inside. jump to the next stones and continue up as usual. didn’t encounter any traps there just many bears just like normal mode.

The video guides are outdated in multiple ways – the hand missiles, the new spike trap at the very end of 2-2, the spike room with all the No Clouds in 2-3. The knockback doesn’t last long enough anymore. Even the little things, like how you can’t hold a monkey balloon and melt ice at the same time because the monkey balloon is a bundle and you can’t use the torch while holding the balloon.

In short, take these video guides with a grain of salt and be prepared to find another, better one.

Make a better one then, the things you listed are nothing that someone couldnt handle on her or his own. 🙂

In W2Z3, just after Cloud Save 5 and before checkpoint 3, you can move on ahead normally and then jump into the hole you use to get to the yellow bauble (#31 on Dulfy’s Master of Bauble guide). You can then just jump down to the same portal she uses in method 2, saving a bit of jumping from either method. Hope this helps someone out XD

W2-2 video at 1:20, the trap does not extend to the edge of the non-tree platform, so you can jump to the edge of the hill, then jump to the next tree. This makes it a LOT easier and less “chance”.

W2-3 after cloud save #1, take the first left and hit Checkpoint #1 immediately. When you respawn at Checkpoint 1, there’s a little alcove to your left that you can use to jump up and over the arch directly in front of you, bypassing cloud save #2 with little effort.

You say ‘there are no traps till checkpoint’ after you kill the ‘mini assassin boss in the pegoda (the one that unlocks you the glove skill). not True. Left side of building huge spike trap. You have to avoid it via jumping on the ledges with the bauble in the mid, to then get to end via right side. This is in W2z3 before checkpoint 5.

Nope I’ve finished it many many many times and I live with my wife and child and am in great shape!

Just saying for z2, the part after the jumping rock+ frog combo, there are spikes underneath the rock and in front of the frog, as well as against the wall of the tree you jump on immediately afterwards. Then in the purple boss pagoda, there is a hidden trap if you just used the left side path to the exit on the 2nd floor, just before the door.

BTW, Dulfy did you get the cat in w2z2 yet at the gong? You need to bring it a piranha from the octopus area. The cat will be a little beedog in SAB, but an actual cat in home instance.

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