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GW2 Tough Customer World 2 SAB achievement guide

GW2 Tough Customer World 2 achievement guide showing you all 12 shops you need to find in World 2 Tribulation mode for the achievement.

There are four shops in each of the 3 zones, combining for a total of 12 shops for the Tougher Customer World 2 achievement.

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World 2 Zone 1

Shop 1 – After checkpoint 5 (After raft ride)

Right after Checkpoint 5 (the checkpoint after the raft ride), use the spinning flower to get to the crocodile in the middle of the river and then use it as a platform to get to the other side of the river where you will find your first shop. Do beware of the traps around the spinning flower.


Shop 2 – Before checkpoint 8 (After the hillbillie cave)

This shop is located right before checkpoint 8, which is the checkpoint after you have emerged from the hillbillie cave. You cannot head directly to the checkpoint due to an invisible spike trap blocking the way so you will need to jump on the walls to the right of this shop anyways to get to the next checkpoint. If you do miss this shop for whatever, you can backtrack after you get to the final checkpoint along with Shop 4.


Shop 3 – After checkpoint 8 (On the waterfall with the falling logs)

Once you hop on the first falling log for the waterfall right before the final checkpoint, you can twist your camera to the wall and watch it closely to see any wall sections that are different. If you notice a wall appears different, turn your camera towards the wall and start bombing it. When you hear the ding sound, you can jump in.


Shop 4 – After checkpoint 9 (On the other side of the river with floating logs)

This shop is all the way on the other side of the river with the floating logs but you can backtrack by taking the spinning flowers right on top of the last checkpoint. You will need to then head to the other side of the river and look for a water sprout near the very edge.


From there, follow the ledge all the way down and climb up the back wall. You will then see a mushroom pad which will take you up to the two spinning flowers that will lead you to the shop.


World 2 Zone 2

Shop 5 – After Checkpoint 3 (Shortcut Eagle)

This shop is right by the shortcut eagle. You will need the Glove of Wisdom to push the block below the shortcut eagle. The jump to the shortcut eagle is a bit tricky so either dodge jump or jump from the very edge.


From there climb up the tree to the shortcut eagle and immediately jump to the hill nearby so you don’t get sucked in. Get to the top of the hill and then bomb the grassy area to reveal a hidden shop.


Shop 6 – Before Checkpoint 4 (Glove miniboss)

After you hit the checkpoint right before the miniboss with the Glove of Wisdom, back track a bit to the two spinning flowers and use it to propel yourself to shop 6.


Shop 7- After Checkpoint 7 (After piranha temple)

After you have reached checkpoint 7, which is the checkpoint after the piranha temple where you need to collect piranhas from the bottom pools and feed them to the octopus scale on the upper levels, the next hill contains shop 7. You will need to bomb the grassy area to reveal the entrance.


Shop 8 – After Checkpoint 9 (After gong temple)

Once you have completed the gong run, take a right and use your glove on the push block to make a shortcut so you don’t have to do the gong run again if you die.


Head past the gong and then drop down and bomb the wall to reveal a hidden shop. This is the same shop that sells Chain Sticks for 400 baubles.


World 2 Zone 3

Shop 9 – Before Checkpoint 1

Shop 9 is right before Checkpoint 1 but you will want to save yourself at the checkpoint first before running to it or you may experience a long run back if you do happen to die on the way. There aren’t any traps in front of the shop but there is a trap right under the ledge to the shop.


Shop 10 – After Checkpoint 1

Right after passing the first checkpoint, drop down and keep going left. You will find a corner you can get in where you will need to throw a bomb on the wall to access it. It is the same shop where you can buy the 750 bauble purse.


Shop 11 & 12 – After Checkpoint 7

Make sure you have learned in-game the song 332331 which can be found in the last hidden room of World 2 Zone 2. If you havn’t visited that room and physically learned that song you won’t be able to access these last two shops. You will also need the wooden whistle which you can buy from the shopkeeper in World 2 Zone 3 in the starting area.

After reaching Checkpoint 7, which is the checkpoint right behind the frozen waterfall, backtrack to the platform with the frozen waterfall and then jump through the clouds to your right. In the first split between the clouds, take the right path, and then take the left path in the second split.


When you get to the final trio of clouds, play the note 3 while jumping to the first cloud of the trio and let it finish channel. After it has channeled, press 3 again quickly before jumping to the second cloud and play 23. Jump to the third cloud and play 31. If done correct, the door should open. There is also a NO cloud blocking your way just behind the second cloud so you will need to avoid his knockback by staying a bit distance away from him and then jump past him once the gate is opened.


Bomb the left wall of the room for shop 11 and bomb the middle wall for shop 12. Shop 12 is also where you get Moto’s Finger elite skill.

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