GW2 Super Adventure Box

GW2 Super Adventure Box World 2 Achievement guide

GW2 Super Adventure Box World 2 Achievement guide showing you how to complete all the achievements in World 2.


Meta achievement: Major in Achievement

  • Reward: Honors in Applied Jumping (title), Storm Wizard’s Backpack Cover


  • Complete 13 achievements in the Back to School achievement category. Baby’s Second Super Adventure does not count towards this meta achievement.

World 2 Overall Achievements

Academic – 10 pts

  • Complete world 2 in normal mode
  • Please see this guide if you require any help in completing normal mode.
  • Also, keep the following in mind
    • You must be near the reward chest at the end of the zone.
    • You must wait for the timer in the top right corner to reach zero and move you to the next zone.
    • You must not be in the continue area (The Moto Room).

Major in Enhancement – 5 pts

Baby’s Second Super Adventure – 1 pt

  • Complete World 2 in infantile mode

World 2 Zone 1 Achievements

Associate of Baubles, World 2 – 5 pts

Associate of Secrets, World 2 – 5 pts

  • Find all 11 hidden rooms in W2Z1.
  • Guide: If you are going after the baubles achievement anyways, you can skip this guide as it covers them already.

It Was An Ambush – 5 pts

  • Survive the log raft ambush without dying
  • Tips:
    • Always stay in the middle of the raft as the red assassins have a knockback
    • Do it in infantile mode as enemies drop health items more frequently when killed
    • Plant bombs between enemy spawns to help you kill them quicker.
    • Purchase Chain Sticks (if you are not sure where, check the Major in Enhancement guide) to help you kill the assassins faster.

Tiptoe – 5 pts

  • Complete world 2 zone 1 without angering any hillbillies
  • Do this on infantile mode and the only group of hillbillies you have to worry about is the group near the end standing right next to one of the checkpoints. Smash the barrel next to the shop nearby which will grant you invisibility for a short duration, allowing you to run past these hillbillies without aggroing them. Achievement is rewarded once you have defeated the boss. 

World 2 Zone 2 Achievements

Bachelor of Baubles, World 2 – 5 pts

Bachelor of Secrets, World 2 – 5 pts

  • Find all 9 hidden rooms in W2Z2.
  • Guide: If you are going after the baubles achievement anyways, you can skip this guide as it covers them already.

Become the Master – 5 pts

  • Defeat all assassins – if you follow the baubles guide above you will get this achievement at the same time as the assassins are also listed on that guide.
  • Achievement is rewarded once you have killed the last assassin, you do not need to kill the boss to receive this achievement.

Wings of Justice – 5 pts

  • Find the shortcut in World 2, Zone 2
  • If you are doing the achievements for hidden rooms/baubles, you will get this achievement along the way.

World 2 Zone 3 Achievements

Master of Secrets, World 2 – 5 pts

  • Find all 17 hidden rooms in W2Z2
  • Guide

Master of Baubles, World 2 – 5 pts

Professional Ice Skater –5 pts

  • Complete World 2 Zone 3 without being frozen by a banana.
  • Tips
    • Do this on infantile mode so you can skip over as much banana as possible using the infantile clouds.
    • Helps to do this with a friend so they can go first and clear out any bananas for you.
    • Avoid meleeing them and use bombs to kill the bananas from afar. Dodge if you see bananas throw stuff at you.

World 3 Achievements


Super Adventure Secret – 5 pts

  • Talk to the genie in World 3 after you have completed world 2 to get this achievement. You will be automatically ported to World 3 after you have finished World 2 Zone 3 for the first time but you can also get to world 3 from inside Super Adventure Box.


Special Instruction – 5 pts

  • After completing Super Adventure Secret achievement, go to Rata Sum Research Waypoint and head to one of the labs near it. Interact with the Control Panel and put in  Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. You will get the achievement once you have finished watching the cutscene.


By Dulfy

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38 replies on “GW2 Super Adventure Box World 2 Achievement guide”

For the achievement “It Was An Ambush” I find really easy to use whip on the first assassin and keep him perma stunned. If you do that, additional foes won’t spawn and the ride will be extremely relaxing 😀

or, if you’re doing it with a party, stand in the middle and just spam hit in the direction the assassins are spawned, and if you need food or anything, just use whip to retrieve 😀

I did it by not killing the white assassin when it spawns. I would just avoid its ninja stars until the end of the raft and voila 😀

@Dulfy: You can still show the guide for the Baubles in W2Z3, instead of freezing it so people can’t look through the guide. It might work for some people, since many people have already done it. Re-open it, please!

The “Master of baubles, world 2” achievement is considered as bugged because, so far, nobody has done it. So, if you have proof that many people have done it, please let us know.

Does anybody know whether the armor of Ketto (the asura in the sphere thing of the cutscene) is available in the game as equipment?
I really like the style of it prettey much. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

For the ‘Tip toe’ achievement, are you sure we can do that in infantile mode? I just did it right now without aggroing the hillbillies and I did use stealth to pass them. But when I defeated the boss, theres no achievement :/

I did it in infantile mode, I did it with stealth and I got the achievement. But it was in the very beginning when the guide is just up, not sure any recent patch mess things up.

I also had trouble getting this achievement with stealth (before the patch). You can just get around the hillbillies by jumping between the shop and the tree.

Apparently, if any player in the group does not get hit by bananas, everyone gets the achievement at the end. So doing this in a group makes it much easier.

I think its worth mentioning that if you want “It Was An Ambush” achievement use the whip on the assassins when running thru it solo. Only one assassin will appear and u can keep him stunned for the whole raft ride.

Hello everyone. I am kinda new in gw2 and this is my first time posting and participating in the adventure box event. In all of the videos and guides i see those clouds that makes the hole stage easier and fast to finish but what i need to do to make them appear?

I just followed the baubles guide for World 2 Zone 2.
but it seems there’s more assassin than in the guide
I found them in the cloud area.
might wanna update that.

Doesn’t seem like it, but the Furniture Shop achievement does, all I’m missing is beating W2Z3 on Normal but I still got the meta achievement.

Hey dulfy for the super adventure secret achievement, i cant for the life of me get into world 3 to talk to the genie, i finished world 2 like 10 times.

Same for me. I defeated the Storm Wizard on normal mode but the game just ported me back to spawn after the robbers. Going to the house with ‘3’ also doesn’t give me an option to enter. Did ANet remove this one?

Can anyone confirm if A-Net has locked away the “Super Adventure Secret” and “Special Instruction” so we no longer can get them?

Seems World Three is now closed off. Did this in 2017 in normal, and it also ported me after the robbers event. Too bad…

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