GW2 Boss Week Tequatl Rising achievement guide

GW2 Boss Week Tequatl Rising achievement guide showing you how to get all the achievements under Boss Week Living World category.

Note: Completing the achievements here only reward you with 5/9, to get the meta you will need to do daillies (Here be Dragons! etc)

Thanks everyone who submitted their pics/maps. I know not all of them were used but I appreciate it nonetheless!


Meta Achievement reward

Meta achievement reward: 25 achievement pts and Wing of the Sunless (backpack cover), account bound


Hunt the Dragon: Sparkfly Fens – Find 10 dragon tooth

Overall map: The numbers don’t mean anything, just their order of discovery and used as a reference (map provided by Shinkuga)


1. Splintered Coast


2. South east of Caer Brier Waypoint


3. West of Ocean’s Gullet Waypoint, you have to traverse through a cave to get it (just follow the arrows)


4. Southwatch Post POI – SE of Ocean’s Gullet Waypoint


5. Saltflood Waypoint – NW of it


6. West of Dryground Waypoint on top of a hill.


7. NW of Darkweather Waypoint


8. SE of Forvar’s Waypoint


9. SE of Orvan’s Glen Waypoint near the heart.


10. NE of Brooloonu Waypoint


Hunt the Dragon: Blazeridge Steppes – Find 10 dragon shards

Overall map: The numbers don’t mean anything, just their order of discovery and used as a reference


List provided by Gwendabella

1. Lowland Burns Waypoint – just north west


2. Terra Carorunda Waypoint – east on hill


3. Refuge Sanctum Waypoint – north to the cliff right under the U of ‘Unbroken Expanse


4. Guardian Stone Waypoint – north west along the north side of the wall.


5. Refuge Sanctum Waypoint – southeast (on cliff just southwest of vista)


6. Splintercrest Fort Waypoint – southwest (on cliff just NW of Ferrusatos Village)


7. Splintercrest Fort Waypoint – northeast (near the water just south of the vista)


8. Tumok’s Waypoint – north (inside the circle ooze thing just before you get to the water)


9. The Last Whiskey Bar Waypoint – north (on the cliff overlooking the right road)


10. Guardian Stone Waypoint – east (right under the east part of the cliffs)


Hunt the Dragon: Frostgorge Sound – Find 10 dragon scale

Overall map: The numbers don’t mean anything, just their order of discovery and used as a reference

List provided by Gwendabella, map provided by Fia Edana


1. Earthshake Waypoint – northwest (where you fight jormag stage 1)


2. Watchful Waypoint – underwater (pretty much right under the waypoint)


3. Skyheight Steading Waypoint – east at waterfall


4. Blue Ice Shining Waypoint – west (above wp)


5. Drakkar Waypoint – southeast


6. Twoloop Waypoint – north (on cliff south of the heart)


7. The Barrowstead – right near this POI


8. Earthshake Waypoint – west side of Trionic Lattice on the cliffs above the trolls.


9. Arkor’s Tomb – north (on cliff)


10. Twoloop Waypoint – just east of the word ‘Maladar’s Inlet’ on land.


Shoesize: Massive – Sparkfly Fen

  • You are looking for a dragon footprint


She’s Over Here! – Sparkfly Fen

  • Rox can be found near the waypoint but she may sometimes wander around


  • Murth

    Kinda sad you end up in overflow when it spawns…

    • Morten Møller Jakobsen

      Why? Event happens in overflow as well.

      • Murth

        Didn’t happen for me. Does it work like scarletts overflow then?

        • Morten Møller Jakobsen

          That’s what they promised, although I can’t confirm it, I wasn’t in overflow.

          • Qrko

            I can confirm, I was in one and it started 3 minutes later than on my main server.

        • Pip Clank

          it does spawn. The spawn timer is just different since it depends on when he last spawned was killed/not killed and the general spawn window. Stick around any map, overflow or not, for at least 90 minutes and you’re garunteed to encounter him

  • Rhubarb

    Found another tooth on the brdige, south of Caer Brier WP
    Another tooth West on hill [Dryground Waypoint]
    [Darkweather Waypoint] NW is another
    [Braggi’s Stead Waypoint] SW on ledge of ruins

  • Nelien

    Hints found so far:

    — Sparkfly Fen (Tooth) —
    1. Straight south of Fabled Djannor POI
    2. Right next to Southwatch Post POI
    3. Straight south of Deadman’s Reach POI (Orvar’s Glen WP)
    4. A bit south of Nicantl Grounds, through cave, on waterfalls (Ocean’s Gullet WP)
    5. Northwest of Darkweather WP
    6. Just south of “Wreck of Argent Warrior”, underwater. (Forvar’s WP)
    7. East of Brooloonu WP, along the mountainside.
    8. South east of Caer Brier WP, on a bridge
    9. Just south of Jinotl Deadgrounds, on a hill (Dryground WP)
    10. Southwest of Braggi’s Stead WP, jump down from ruins.

    — Blazeridge Steppes (Dragon Shard) —
    1. Right next to the Lowland Burns WP
    2. Southeast of Refuge Sanctum WP, near Tail of the Star God POI
    3. Far NW of Guardian Stone WP, along the ruined wall.
    4. East of Terra Carorunda WP
    5. Right inbetween Tumok’s WP and Steeleye WP
    6. South of Griffonclaw Peak POI (Splintercrest Fort WP)
    7. North of The Last Whiskey Bar WP


    I’m stopping here since the rest have already been found by other people and will soon be posted by Dulfy. Good luck everyone!

  • VunDola

    Darkwater Wapoint NW another clue in sparkfly

  • Tasslehoff fast map for 9 clues, still looking for 10th

    • Ralf Klee

      Orvar´s glen Wp south east u got that one?

      • Tasslehoff

        yes thats what i missed. Thanks

      • Crick

        south east of ovar glen’s waypoint or directly south of deadmans reach

    • killer nerd there ya go 🙂

    • The Spirit Molecule

      Dude, awesome !

  • Kiba Shadowpaw

    Blazeridge Steppes – Boss week Shards 1 and 2

    1 – South of LlB wp through the tunnel
    2 – Lowland burns wp

    • Guest

      I have no idea where those points are, can you please do the map of the zone and circle them. Thanks.

    • The Spirit Molecule

      what the fuck is LIB ?

      • Claire

        lowland burns waypoint, his map isn’t fixed, this is to the south of shatterer

  • Testosu
  • Yoru No Ou some locations in FGS for the scales :3 hope it’ll help

  • Darth Muffin
  • Gwendabella

    1. Splintered Coast Waypoint – south west

    2. Caer Brier Waypoint – on bridge southeast

    3. Wreck of the Argent Warrior – underwater west

    4. Nicantl Grounds – on the cliff (have to go through cave with skill point)

    5. Deadman’s Reach – south near the heart

    6. Southwatch Post – southwest on cliff

    7. Saltflood Waypoint – north through upper ruins then drop down to tooth.

    8. Dryground Waypoint – west on hill

    9. Darkweather Waypoint – northwest on cliff10. Brooloonu Waypoint – northeast on cliff overlooking the shipwrek with the mines

    • Awesome, ty for the list 🙂

    • Aci

      3. South-East/East not west, good job anyway

  • Nileht

    another tooth //Nileht

  • Nileht

    and another one // Nileht

  • Thayet

    The one in Frostgorge

    • The Spirit Molecule

      Dankeschön ^_^

  • The Spirit Molecule

    lol crazy fast

  • Narvelan
  • Narvelan
  • Loahki

    One east if Terra Carorunda Waypoint in Blazeridge just south of the heart on a ridge

  • Narvelan

    the last one you see on my pics

  • Kikkah

    Quick map for all 10 tooths in sparky fly

  • Shinkuga

    10/10 Sparkfly Fen

    • Awesome tyvm 😀

  • Ashura Uchiha

    south of dimotiki Wp

  • Gwendabella

    For Hunt the Dragon Blazeridge Steppes:

    1. Lowland Burns Waypoint – just north west

    2. Terra Carorunda Waypoint – east on hill

    3. Refuge Sanctum Waypoint – north to the cliff right under the U of ‘Unbroken Expanse’

    4. Guardian Stone Waypoint – north west along the north side of the wall.

    5. Refuge Sanctum Waypoint – southeast (on cliff just southwest of vista)

    6. Splintercrest Fort Waypoint – southwest (on cliff just nw of Ferrusatos Village)

    7. Splintercrest Fort Waypoint – northeast (near the water just south of the vista)

    8. Tumok’s Waypoint – north (inside the circle ooze thing just before you get to the water)

    9. The Last Whiskey Bar Waypoint – north (on the cliff overlooking the right road)

    10. Guardian Stone Waypoint – east (right under the east part of the cliffs)

    • thank you!

      • Ok I Did It

        Number 10 should say
        10.Guardian Stone Waypoint – EAST ( right under the west part of the cliffs )

    • Sailleana

      Guardian Stone Waypoint – west (right under the west part of the cliffs) EAST part on the EAST side

    • Bi Jay

      It should be:

      4. Guardian Stone Waypoint – north west along the SOUTH side of the wall.

      The north confused me. :/

  • Pinker Keks

    the seven i found so far in Frostgorge

  • Cruel Angel Thesis

    Frostgorge ~ the ones i found so far

  • Adamant

    scale at claw phase 1 along ridge, cant miss tripping over it, another one to the far nw near champ fish

  • Alandiria

    Dulfy, thank you for all your effort 🙂

    • Wilendar

      You will thank him by disabling adblocker’s 😀

      • Thayet


  • Nightsorrow

    9 out of 10 locations found in Frostgorge:


    (not sure if IMG links work, first time poster!)

    • The Spirit Molecule


  • Evgen Eressko

    Does this “Boss week” last for 1 week or 2 weeks or something ?

  • Fia Edana

    10/10 in frostgorge

    10. is on the east from hotw in water under the island

    • Don Calzone

      Can you do a map and circle it?

    • The Spirit Molecule

      yea man u cud’ve used paint and put that last circle there man…so lazy :p

  • Oni Link

    Number 10 of Blazeridge Steps is wrong. It is EAST (not west) from Guardian Stone waypoint and it is under the EAST (not west) wall of cliffs.

    • Talara

      Thank you! The original directions had me looking ALL over the place, and none of which was correct. Lol.

    • Gwendabella

      Thanks for the fix. My group was moving fast and it was hard typing everything out xD

  • Fia Edana

    Now updated 10/10 locations ind Frostgorge:

    • The Spirit Molecule

      there we go ^_^ thank you very much <3

      • Fia Edana

        youre welcome 🙂

        • Sailleana

          sorry but i really cant the find the one in lower left corner at stoensledge draft…where is it?

          • Ok I Did It

            You have to go into the ship, its above the WP on the ledge

  • Loahki

    10th blazeridge clue is to the east not to the west

  • Gwendabella

    For Hunt the Dragon Frostgorge:

    1. Earthshake Waypoint – northwest (where you fight jormag stage 1)

    2. Watchful Waypoint – underwater (pretty much right under the waypoint)

    3. Skyheight Steading Waypoint – east at waterfall

    4. Blue Ice Shining Waypoint – west (above wp)

    5. Drakkar Waypoint – southeast

    6. Twoloop Waypoint – north (on cliff south of the heart)

    7. The Barrowstead – right near this POI

    8. Earthshake Waypoint – west side of Trionic Lattice on the cliffs above the trolls.

    9. Arkor’s Tomb – north (on cliff)

    10. Twoloop Waypoint – just west of the word ‘Maladar’s Inlet’ on land.

  • Shinkuga

    Blazeridge Steppes Maps

    • Shinkuga

      ops, double map of upper zone

  • DjinnoftheSea

    Ya, it’s East of Guardian Stone under the cliff where the cliff meets the water. for the 10th Shard that is.

  • Riz

    4 and 10 are now the same locations on the pictures. Just different angles.

  • WayoftheDragon
  • Magica

    East of Skyheight Steading Waypoint – Frostgorge sound

    • Magica

      Seems someone already posted a map about all the places, big wave to that guy <3

  • Ale Stayrock

    Anyone found the sunken treasure? for “I found it” achivement?

    • Mockingbird

      im looking for this one too 🙁

    • nithilin

      You need to take tequatl down to 50 % hp, then he’ll cast his new ability Vortex. If you stay inside the vortex long enough, a chest will appear. Hence the achievement.

    • Echoen

      I just found it! 😛 We got Teq down to 75% and he sent us to an underwater grave. The achievement came to mind so I looked down and saw a chest in the distance. Touching it got me the achievement.
      The hard part is getting to it since the entire time, your hp is dropping. Luckily I was on my warrior with Healing Signet, Adrenal health, and Mango Pie regeneration. I thought I took screenshots but oh well. I’ll try looking for it again when Teq’s up again.

  • Doomer1

    Did all the achievements and have 6 of 9…..I guess more content coming?

    • seerio


      • mundou

        which dailys? i only have here be dragons and i am now at 6/9 or do u mean over the next days?

        • Thayet

          Do the Tequatl event once a day.

          • Tsar CUBE

            It’s not always Teq, first daily that counted for me was just participation in killing a world boss, I killed the Jungle Wurm for that one and it still counted.

    • Bi Jay

      There are dailys which count.

  • Magica

    All Pictures from frostgorge clues here.
    Add the descriptions if you like.

    • Magica

      Two more.

  • Ashura Uchiha

    in the second part 4 and 10 are the same

    • refresh the page, it has being updated

      • Alpha O Mega

        you sir, are a godsend 😀

        • Thank the players, not me. I just compiled all the info they sent to me 🙂

          • Alpha O Mega

            your compiling skills sir, are godsend

            • Shifted


  • Creator Viktor


    Battlecast Tequatl, coming soon to a League near you.

  • Alpha O Mega

    you should totally do a guide on the Boss section of Tequatl. I will give you my firstborn son.

  • poebel

    FYI: You won’t be able to see the dragon footprint for “Shoesize: Massive” if you play on low graphic settings. (You can still interact with it.)

    • sharkmegabyte

      It’s just 1 setting that affects this: Environment. Low will not show the footprint. Set your Environment to Medium or High if you want to see it. (You can still get it, but you have to hunt for the little yellow “Dragon Footprint” text, which is much harder to find).

  • tcp

    well done thanks for updating

  • Grongher

    i’ve talked with warmaster narru and he said something about protecting batteries :s maybe this is a hint for defeating Tequatl?

  • Wytchling

    The one for Arkor’s Tomb in Frostgorge is directly north of Ridgerock Camp Waypoint.

  • jedijonas
    just watch this and you know what to do ^^

    • Heretiko

      WTH? How did Tequatl go down so fast when timer reached 8 minutes? I see him spamming a button, then the boss receiving like 41k damage multiple times, if i remember well. Dev Cheat or what?

  • Jayntree

    Which dailies count for this acheivement?

  • Amadahy

    Help 🙁
    Danke 🙂

    • Jayntree

      There is a bridge to the ice ship there. Go over the bridge and before you go into the ship take a left and you will see it down there.

    • Reivetel

      Actually, that scale, you have to go into the polar-dude’s place and get to the next level and head towards the edge. You should see it on a point sticking out of that ship above the water.

  • Mal Longshot

    great guide

  • Nipenthis

    I thought they rewarded 6/9? Or was that 6th point like a daily or something I did without noticing?

    • 6th is a daily, you automatically get if you participated in the Tequatl fight

  • gravyboy25

    I’m stuck at #3 of Hunt the Dragon: Sparkfly Fens – Find 10 dragon tooth. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or what but when I “interact” with the “dragon tooth” the bar goes up to half then it stops and nothing happens. The achievement log is not updated. I tried going to location #4 and the same thing. The bar goes up to half then nothing happens. Anybody else experienced this?

    • Virindia

      This is happening to me at #3, too.. came here to see if I was the only one.

      Edit: So I noticed this happening to me again at spot 9, and it happened after I interacted a second time (OCD, sorta like checking the stove even though you know you already turned it off), my toon’s making an animation as to say “no, no, tsk, tsk”. Gonna run to another to check my theory.

      Edit: This is exactly what’s happening.

      • Reivetel

        If you have the dailies on “Track” it will tell you as soon as the item is clicked whether or not the percentage of that daily has gone up in completion. If it doesn’t go up, there is a chance you’ve already gotten it as some point.
        Or at least, that’s what I’ve found to be easiest to determine the achievements if I’m not getting a sustained bar, or character reaction..

      • gravyboy25

        Same thing is happening to me.

    • MoldyPeaches

      This is what’s happening to me at Frostgorge #2 (the underwater one). While interacting with it, character does nothing, but face it. I know that if you’ve been there before, character does this, “nuh uh” emote. I hope they fix these glitches soon :/

  • Caraal

    I can’t find the sunken treasure within a watery grave. Im looking for it while the dragon is actually attacking.

    • Fazhu

      Maybe you have to actually defeat teq before it shows up?

    • Joanna Piekarz

      When the dragon will get to 75% he will start summoning vortexes. If you get sucked into one of them you should swim down. But take care case underwater you will loose hp. 🙂

  • Randi Etheridge

    Does anyone know what the other dailies are? It only looks like there is the ‘here be dragons’ one :/

    • Leviathan Scourge

      It is a daily, there will be one each day. So for the back piece you need to play for 4 days.

      • Randi Etheridge

        Oh, duh I didn’t think about that LOL now I feel dumb; I guess I just assumed there would be more than one daily XD

  • Skellentrop

    you are missing number 7 on your overall map for Frostgorge for those of you wondering which one isnt there.

    • No 7 is there, at the very bottom

  • Dorian zu Heltzer

    Thank you !!!

  • Witch


  • Guest

    Thanks for the guide! Now I just need to wait too more days for Boss of the Week Daily! =D

  • Thanks for the guide! Now I just need to wait two more days for Boss of the Week Daily! =D

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  • Oldman 65

    Cannot find the daily for Boss Week listing for today, cannot seem to find where to go for it.

    • Daily is Boss week: here be dragons, basically participate in Tequatl encounter or any other world boss encounter 1 time.

      • Sometimes it’s only Tequatl that counts (like today).

        • Yup, as long you participate in the Tequatl encounter you should be safe 🙂

  • fyrye

    Typo in “She’s Over There!” achievement, it’s listed as “She’s Over Here!” for me
    (minus the T, I actually only noticed because I mistyped it myself in google)

    • Thanks, corrected

  • Hanatash

    Anyone know how long Boss Week is gonna last? It’s not actually a single week, is it? I really wish Anet would clearly state how long each LS event arc is gonna last, or put timers on all achievement sections like they do for daily and monthly. It’s bloody frustrating having to jump through hoops to get the end dates and not just starting dates.

    • Two weeks like usual, until oct 1

      • Hanatash

        Things are hardly “like usual”, considering that half, if not more, of the living story installments lasted for a full month. The only thing that’s certain is when the next release is coming out, but that says little in the terms of when the current one ends. Throw in some misleading titles like Boss “Week”, and things just get confusing.

        But yeah, I guess no release is gonna last fewer than two weeks since that would mean a break in continuity.

        • fruiyt

          2 as usual

        • AvengerOros

          The first new content release of a cycle lasts 4 weeks with a 2 week release midway (e.g. SAB – 4 weeks, Boss “Week” – 2 weeks)

      • Heather Ceana

        If it is 2 weeks, why is it called “week”? Why not something more accurate?

  • yolo

    i only got 6/9 what now ?

    • Heather Ceana

      You go and fight the dragon for 3 days. Sadly, this has been stacked so
      hard that we have no chance to win. Too many people show-up, die and
      just lay on the ground.

  • Lummy

    You can still get the Shoe Size: Massive, but I think the others are now removed.

  • Suìcúne

    i still can do that?

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