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GW2 Master of Baubles World 2 achievement guide

GW2 Master of Baubles World 2 achievement guide showing you how to get all 63 baubles in World 2 Zone 3 for this achievement. Included also are all 17 hidden rooms so you can complete Master of Secrets World 2 at the same time. Guide is created using information provided by TFMurphy.

Required items: Wooden Whistle, Bombs, Glove of Wisdom. You must also have physically learned the 332331 song from the last hidden room in W2Z2.

For a painless collection of baubles, use Infantile mode, which works but you need to buy keys from shops since mobs do not drop them. Make sure you have at least 50 baubles to start for 2 keys just in case.

Couple of other things

  • Make sure your bauble wallet is never full during the collection of baubles. Waste them on bombs if you are full.
  • Only baubles in the “open” world and in chests count – those dropped by enemies or found by smash things in shop/dug up do not.
  • You cannot exit to SAB hub while doing this, doing so will reset your progress. You can die or go to Moto’s Hell (i.e. where you need to buy more continue coins).
  • If you DC/crash etc then you will need to start over.
  • You only get the achievement at the end when you kill the final boss

Video guide


Start to Checkpoint 1

1. Blue bauble

The first bauble you will find is just around the corner from the starting area.


2. Yellow Bauble

As you go up the slope, look back and do a couple of jumps to get this yellow bauble tacked away on the ledge.


3. Yellow Bauble

Go up a bit more from that yellow bauble and drop down to your right to find this yellow bauble.


4. Blue Bauble

From that yellow bauble, drop down again to your right and enter the maze. You do not need to go through the maze. Instead, keep going left and you will find a blue bauble hidden away behind some trees.


Up ahead is a wall you can open up using the gatekeeper song (332331, make sure you have physically learned it ingame at the last hidden room in W2Z2 or simply pressing these buttons won’t work). Inside is a climbable area and at the very top you can drop down to the other side. The other side have an icy cave with two polar bears. Near the second polar bear is a wall you can bomb to reveal your first hidden room for the Master of Secrets World 2 achievement.


Pushing the door inside open will lead you to the area with the Raccoon Kingpin but you can jump off and respawn if you don’t feel like tackling him.

5. Blue Bauble

After you have respawned or exited the maze, keep following the infantile clouds until you arrive at an area just below a ledge with a polar bear on top. Bomb the right wall here for your second hidden room.


Once you have dispatched that polar bear, look behind you and to the right. You will see a bauble there on the pillar. It is fairly hard to reach that bauble so you may have to use a dodge jump or crack out your whip to try and snag that bauble.


There aren’t any baubles rest of the way to the checkpoint so head to the shop near the first checkpoint to get your third hidden room. You will also want to grab a key from the shop there as the next bauble is contained in a chest right after the checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1 to 2

6-7. Red Baubles (2)

Past the first checkpoint you will spot a polar bear guarding a chest. Use the key you just got from the shop to open the chest to find two red baubles.


8. Yellow Bauble

This next one is a bit tricky, from the chest, you will want to head left and then jump into that small corridor in the wall. Go through that corridor and at the end of it drop down to retrieve a yellow bauble.


9. Yellow Bauble

The next yellow bauble is just below the chest on the ground not far from the checkpoint


From that bauble, take two lefts and you will find your fourth hidden room.


10-13. Blue Baubles (4)

On the next area with the four mouths that blow winds, you will find four baubles neatly lined up. Take your time and grab all 4 baubles.


14. Blue Bauble

Backtrack to the first blue bauble of the quadruple  and then jump down to grab this blue bauble that is located right undernearth the first blue bauble.


15. Yellow Bauble

From the area where bauble 14 is located, go forward and take the left opening. You will find a door you can open with your push glove that reveals a yellow bauble that was at the raccoon area earlier. Jump off and respawn at checkpoint and grab a key from the first shop.


16. Blue Bauble

Keep following the infantile clouds and after you take the purple teleporter look back to find a blue bauble.


17. Blue Bauble

On the bottom level of the long climb upwards to checkpoint 2 you will find a blue bauble at the very bottom.


18. Green Bauble

Near the middle of the climb is a green bauble which is fairly easy to reach on infantile mode as you will be trekking right into it.


19. Yellow Bauble

The last bauble before the checkpoint is near the top of the climb, it is a bit off the rainbow path.


Checkpoint 2 to 3

20. Blue Bauble

Drop your key off at the checkpoint and then follow the path to jump down through an opening in the wall. While you are dropping down, keep your eye on a blue bauble half buried in the pillar.


21. Blue Bauble

Keep following the infantile cloud for a bit and when it does a 180 reversal jump off it and use the purple teleporter up in the mountain with the jumping goat. After you get teleported, look for a blue bauble near the teleporter.


22. Blue Bauble

Use your torch on the nearby frozen waterfall and push the teleporter block from that area out to the mouth. Hop on that teleporter and get ported a new area where you where need to push a square block to an opening in the window so you can hop down and grab this blue bauble. Make sure you use your glove on the door (this will open a shortcut) and then use the teleport nearby to get ported to the next area.


23. Yellow Bauble

After you have taken the teleporter, head up to the area on the right to grab a yellow bauble in the middle.


24. Purple Bauble

Jump down to the area below with two more bananas and then hop on an opening in the wall nearby where you where find a chest and a door opened w/ your push glove that leads back to the checkpoint. Grab the key you left at the checkpoint to unlock this chest containing a purple bauble.


Once you have grabbed that bauble, take the shortcut I mentioned earlier (under 22) to quickly get back to the area with the spikes and bananas. This time, don’t jump off to the second area but instead throw a bomb down at the wall in the corner. Jump through the hole and quickly tap W to land on a pillar mid-fall. This will be your fifth hidden room.


From that pillar, jump to the ledge on your right and go around to get to the other side. You can throw another bomb at the wall to reveal another hole. Jump from the very edge of the icy ledge to get inside the hole. Reaching the hole opening will reward you the sixth hidden room achievement so there is no need to drop off the opening. If you do happen to drop down to the other side, you can keep jumping down to the very bottom where you can find a teleporter to port you out and respawn to get back.


Once you have both hidden rooms, drop down to the shop at the bottom and buy a key from the shopkeeper and carry it all the way to checkpoint 2. Drop it off at the checkpoint

25. Blue Bauble

Take the shortcut teleporter at the checkpoint and then this time go left and drop down on the polar bear guarding the lone blue bauble.


26-28. Yellow Baubles (3)

Drop down from behind the polar bear to the very bottom platform and then hop on the pillar near the edge and drop to your left. From there you will find a wall you can open with the 332331 song that reveals 3 yellow baubles. This also counts as the seventh hidden room.


29. Purple Bauble

Go right after you have grabbed all 3 yellow baubles and at the end you will find another wall you can open with a purple bauble inside. This room also counts as the eighth hidden room. Once you have grabbed that purple bauble, drop to the rainbow bridges below and backtrack to checkpoint 1 to grab another key that you will need to carry to checkpoint 2.


30. Purple Bauble

Take the shortcut teleporter again and this time go left again. Right before you reach the top platform with the teleporter, jump to your left and you will find a wall with an opening you can jump through.


Once you are at the bottom, use the glove to push the door open and carefully go around the ledge on your right. You should see a frozen waterfall you can open with your torch and a purple bauble behind it. Respawn at the checkpoint once you are done with it.


31. Yellow Bauble


Bring one of your keys and take the shortcut teleporter again. Go up left and before you reach the top platform with the teleporter, you will want to drop down this little hole. You will find a yellow bauble once you are at the bottom.


32. Yellow Bauble


From that last yellow bauble, keep dropping down and at the very bottom you will find another yellow bauble. Pick that bauble up and find a teleporter nearby that will take you to the other side of the chasm.



Make sure you bring your key with you as you pass the teleporter and drop it off once you arrive at the other side. Go up the icy ramp, kill the polar bear and then suicide to get back to checkpoint 2. Grab the remaining key and take the teleporter shortcut and this time go all the way to the platform at the top with the teleporter.

You now should have 2 keys on the other side of the chasm. Make sure you have 2 keys before hitting the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3 to 4

33-38. Blue Baubles (6)

Once you have reached checkpoint 3, go up the steps and immediately bomb the wall to your right. You will find 6 Blue Baubles inside it. This room also counts as the ninth hidden room.


39. Blue Bauble

Go up the ledge to bomb the icicles up top and then grab this blue bauble tacked away in the corner.


Checkpoint 4 to 5

40. Blue Bauble

In the middle of the spike corridor, you will find a blue bauble to your left behind a red explosive barrel. Grab that bauble and to your right is a wall you can open with the gatekeeper song (332331) which will reveal hidden room ten.


Jumping up the steps in the hidden room will lead you to a corridor with series of frozen waterfalls. Pick the second last waterfall and go right whenever possible. If the right side is blocked, go forward/left and then go right again. The exact sequence is Left, Forward, Right, Right. Once you exit the maze, you will arrive at an open area with tons of bananas. Kill everyone of them and a new door should open containing hidden room eleventh and a NPC that will teach you the 133133 shatter serenade.


41. Blue Bauble

Exit the area and go back through the maze, proceed forward past the frozen waterfall and you will find a blue bauble to the right of the puzzle with the jumping goats.


Checkpoint 5 to 6

42. Blue Bauble

Right after the checkpoint is a blue bauble to the right.


43. Purple Bauble

On the left is a chest containing a purple bauble, you will need to backtrack all the way back to the area before checkpoint 3 to retrieve one of the keys.


44-48. Blue Baubles (5)

On the uphill climb, you will find 5 blue baubles along the way to pick up. One of them is a bit behind the infantile cloud you jump down to so don’t forget to grab that one.


Checkpoint 6 to 7

Make sure you activate the next three infantile clouds all the way to the spiked area so you have a way to backtrack later on. After you have activated all three clouds, suicide back to checkpoint.


49. Blue Bauble

Follow the infantile cloud for a bit and then drop down to the icy ramps below. You will spot a blue bauble shortly after you got off the ramps.


50-51. Blue Baubles (2)

The next two baubles are on the clouds on either side of a pillar.


Checkpoint 7 to 8

52. Purple Bauble

Hit the checkpoint and then backtrack to the platform with the frozen waterfall. Make sure to have your wooden whistle out. If you have trouble seeing the clouds, either zoom in your camera or turn your fullscreen gamma down to 0.5. Jump on the clouds on the right and take a right on the first split of the clouds and a left on the second split. This should land you to a section with a trio of 3 clouds before a closed wall where you will need to play the note 3 while leaping from the last cloud before the trio. On the first cloud of the trio, play 3 again before jumping to the second cloud. On the second cloud, play 23, and on the third cloud play 31. This should open the wall, allowing you to get a purple bauble and counts as hidden room twelfth.


Also bomb the walls to reveal hidden rooms thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen. Make sure you go into the hidden room on the right last as it is a death trap.


53. Blue Bauble

Respawn at the checkpoint and there is a blue bauble ahead with one of the polar bears. Behind the polar bear is a series of clouds that will take you to the next area with the spiked room and the push block puzzles.


Once you arrived at the spiked area, take a right and follow the wall. You will soon see a wall you can open with the 332331 song to reveal a hidden area that counts as hidden room sixteen. Take the teleporter and push open the wall to reveal a shortcut to this area from the checkpoint incase you die.


54-57. Blue Baubles (4)

Put the 3 push blocks in place and use them to get up on the ledges and pillars to grab the four blue baubles that are scattered around this area.


58. Purple Bauble

You will now need to backtrack all the way back to the area before checkpoint 3 and grab the last key you dropped off ages ago. When you backtrack through the area with the sloped hill, you will need to jump on the ledge on your right and go from there to get back to the spiked corridor. Take care to not fall off and die somewhere hard to reach as you cannot get another key if you lose it.



59. Yellow Bauble

This bauble is very tricky to get. Make sure you save at the next checkpoint first incase you do miss a jump and die. From the chest, you will want to do a series of jumps, some of them are corner jumps where you need to switch direction midair to reach the platform.


Once you are up top, you want to kill the 3 bananas so they don’t interfere with your jumps and then jump to the platform higher up. One of the jumps may require a dodge jump to cover the distance.


Once you are at the very top, drop down to reach the two bananas in the distance. To the right of the second banana is a passage that leads to the yellow bauble.


Checkpoint 8 to 9

60-63 Blue Baubles (4)

Around the four corners of the Yeti room are four blue baubles you need to pick up. On the left corner is also a wall you can open up with 332331 song to reveal your last hidden room.


Don’t forget to kill the Storm Wizard to get your achievement!

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

158 replies on “GW2 Master of Baubles World 2 achievement guide”

So for the Fifth room, I cannot make it onto that pillar for the life of me. Whenever my character loads the room, there’s a quick second at first in which I cannot move and so I cannot make that landing. Am I missing something here? Like, is there some way to make this work and I’m just being dumb? Any assistance would be wonderful! And thank you so much for making this guide!

It is bugged and devs are aware of it. Wait for a patch to get that hidden room but the rest you can all get. There are no baubles there so no need to worry about it other than for the hidden room achievement.

Okay, gotcha! Thank you so much for the reply – that was incredibly fast! I burned though 15+ lives trying to make that landing. 🙁

excuse me, i followed your guide to try to get the achievement.
but i still don’t have the achievement even i finish the final boss.
is it still bugged now?

Same here. And I’m sure that I did it exactly – all 63. I’m trying to do it again, now. I’ll post about results.

I have problem, i follow video. But i cant reach pillar on hidden room 5. Tap W now dont work for me on build 23,627. I try it on 2 acounts. I do this many time before if i finishing other achievements. But now not work. Any ideas??:(

The guide is correct: one could get the achievement after yesterday’s first patch with the same list of baubles.

Second patch perhaps re-introduced a bug…

Thank you Dulfy for video…. Just copied your way in video in game…and figgured out that not only hidden room 5 is bugged, but also bauble achi. Anet made me very happy that I have to repeat this 3hour journey… 🙁

Add me to the list of people that followed the pictures exactly and counted and still didn’t get credit (last night before the video had been uploaded). There is definitely some buggyness still going on.
Also, am I the only one annoyed that I am forced to dodge/jump for that last bauble before the yeti. I had done everything else without it and every jp in the game without it, but I just don’t think that one is possible without it.

Thanks. Worked fine for me. I also skipped most of the hidden rooms and visited only the ones I needed to collect baubles. If others have problems and also already got the Master of Secrets: Make you you don’t skip all the secret rooms and read the guid closely(or watch the video) so you don’t for get to visit the secret rooms that contain baubles.

One remark: In this description I can not find the yellow bauble on the other side of the “spiked” area in the maze (where you can find the trunc).
Am I wrong?

If someone is having problems with the hidden room 12 (clouds+whistle), you can actually play 3-3-2-3-3- before you jump on any of the clouds and play the the final note 1 when you arrive at cloud trio.

Big thanks Dulfy for all these SAB guides. They have been a huge help.

Just followed this guide, step by step, checking every point on a piece of paper next to me… And I didn’t obtain the achievment… (I kill the storm wizard and waited till the end of the countdown at the very same spot the “snake” disappeared, center of the map).
Spent 2 hours on this, thanks Dulfy for this guide, but I think I will hate ArenaNet at least for tonight (I’m european player).
By the way, Thanks a lot Dulfy for those guides on SWTOR and GW2 !

Same thing happened with me earlier today. I’m on Sorrow’s Furnace (NA). I submitted a ticket but I hope ArenaNet cares enough to get back to me, hopefully awarding me the achievement, too. 😐

I did it for the second time with this written guide, i failed again obtaining achievement… The only bauble I didn’t get is the one from the Yeti…

I’ll try again another time with video.

For you guys succeeding, did you get the 20 bauble from the yeti?

Yes, you’re are right, I forgot that point 🙂

I did it for the third time yesterday night (EU) and got the achievement, I think I was missing one bauble at 54-57 spot.

Thanks again Dulfy for all those guides, and for GW2 community which help you.

HaHa! wow… Did they really design it so that the only way to get bauble 15 is to suicide after it? Spend 20 baubles to get 10?

I don’t see where the suicide is a problem. Even if you suicide the numer of times the guide suggests, you will come out with a big plus of baubles.

Hey Dulfy, small typo correction, on Bauble 15 it says “From the area where bauble 13 is located, go forward and take the left opening.”

I think it should read “From the area where bauble 14 is located…” etc.

Yesterday, I followed the guide (both video and written) to the T. I didn’t get the achievement. I appreciate the wonderful guide, Dulfy, but I really wish ArenaNet would get on the ball and fix this bug. I want my achievement. u_u

I count the bubbles that I had and I found all 63 bubbles but didn’t got the achievement.
So wy don’t they fixed it, it spend four hours at it. But then again all is buged. 2 times a say I get trown out the game server problem.

Don’t count them. Just go step by step, baubble by baubble, with GW2 in windowed mode and pause every couple of seconds. That’s how I got it 😛

A lot of people, myself included, are reporting not getting the achievement despite getting every bauble. It’s likely bugged still.

I followed your guide stopping after every 35ish seconds to copy this video move for move. got into every area with no issue. unlocked all items and other achieves. still didnt get the bauble one after my 2nd go. it’s bugged.

I have follow it step by step twice with a friend and solo and I can ensure you I didnt miss a single bubble.

But the achievement didnt pop, pretty sure its bugged on some collection patten

Well I did this last night with two other people in the party, we did all the baubles together step by step. At the end, only two out of three of us got the achievement. Maybe some bug still causes the achievement to not be awarded 100% of the time. I’m quite sad my friend didn’t get it cause we spent ages on it 🙁

We had the same issue in w2z1 where the other guy didn’t get it for some reason while two of us did.

Thanks for the guide btw it was a great help 🙂

Followed your guide today, and did not get the achivement ;( (I checked video + pictures at each bauble) then followed an other guide and diden’t get it neither. This is still bugged… as Tsar CUBE said, you don’t always get it, even if you get ALL baubles. Same happened to me for W2Z2, I had to do it 2 times to get the achivement. Well, it’s not like it only take more than an hour per try…

Thanks for all guides, they help a lot 🙂

I got the achievement following this guide just now. One confusing part was that the guide wants you to skip getting the 2 yellow baubles in hidden room 6, but it does have you backtrack to it later via a different route.

Finally got it. It’s probably the bauble 25 that I missed, cause it’s on the bear. Well, I’m now done with SAB… till it’s return ^^

Hi! With regards to Bubble 31 and 32, aren’t those 2 yellow baubles part of the secret room when you go through the 6th hidden room hole opening? If so, do I really need to bomb the wall and reveal the hole count if I’m going to get the 2 baubles anyway? (I still can’t seem to move and fall to the pillar/platform when I enter the 5th hidden room….)

Please correct me please if I am wrong. Thanks!

31/32 can be reached from hidden room 6 or from the other route (which is the one I showed). You do not need to reach hidden room 6 for the baubles but you will need it for the hidden rooms achievement.

Followed the video guide second by second with a friend, we got ‘master of secrets’ and ‘baby’s second super adventure’ but failed to get the master of baubles. Double checked with the pictures and I am 99% certain we hit every bauble. Annoyed that the achievement didn’t register

Comleted this achievement, followed this guide. Thank you Dulfy!
If you have too many baubles (max. 750), you failed to get the achievment. Try to start the zone lower than 250. First 2 try buged to me, because of this. (sry my English)

+1. This should be mentioned in the guide, was 100% sure I got all but at the end of timer we didnt get anything. Retry with less baubles and it worked!

I did retry with lesser baubles, like 50 baubles but still it doesn’t give me the achievement… I followed everything although I’m skipping the hidden rooms coz I already got it the first time but still this is not giving me the achievement 🙁

completed… took 2hrs and 30min+ single handedly… its accurate, organized and well thought of. Thanks again dulfy

I did it 3 times, first time was with full baubles so i redid it and then completted it again, didnt get it, tried again, yay didnt get it. Allthough its nice to mix the guide with the secrets one, it makes it troublesome for people who already have secrets or are redoing because it means its longer… and in the end of course im going to skip parts of the video that shouldnt have baubles there but then forget if there is any and possibly miss some

The bauble achiev seems to be bugged again/still,we tried on 2 different systems with this guide (which we know works),step by step, but it is impossible to get (we made sure to not have max baubles etc).

Anyone else having this problem be sure to send a bug report ingame.

All done! Thanks very much for adding the ‘not having max baubles’ thing, because that’s what got me earlier. All bauble related bugs seem to be gone too…
The dodge jumps are horrible to do tho, can’t seem to get them right in a reliable way, but with luck, swearing and more luck I made it to the end! Thanks for the guide Dulfy~!

Two attempts at this today, first failed because I had max baubles, second failed for some other reason. Three hours bugged to meaninglessness.

its starting to ring as if when one hits the end of the achievement progress but is carrying 500 baubles then you will NEVER EVER get the achievement from there on. ive sent a support ticket out and quested as much as a thought was necessary on the forums for people in the same position. its a real windfall as i after 6 runs i havent gotten bachelor of baubles 2-2 yet.

Worked on first time, thank you a lot. To anyone who’s still struggling, I recommend following the WRITTEN guide (much easier to follow than pausing/rewinding the video), you might also type the current number of picked-up baubles in the game chat each time you pick one up, to keep track of the progress. Better to spend 10 more minutes doing it focused than to replay the whole thing 3 times (as I did previously with W2Z1). Good luck!

Hi, Dulfy. If I can make a suggestion about the bauble guides: for SAB 2-2, you listed total baubles between each checkpoint. Can you do the same here and in future guides? For example, “Checkpoint 1 to 2: Blue (7) Green (1) Yellow (4) Red (2) Total Baubles: 14 Baubles. Chest in this area.” It helps in making checklists just in case there’s a rogue bauble missed from going back and forth to the guide and losing one’s place. The guides do get longer for each zone and I anticipate even more when worlds 3 and 4 come out.

I am completely incapable of dodge-jumping! -.- Never ever been able to do it. Is is still possible to get #59. I can’t seem to make the long jump.

Never mind! Just did it for the first time ever. My mouth literally dropped open, I was so surprised.

I bound dodge to C and it seems to now work 🙂

Hi Dulfy, can you add the Torch as a required item for this? I needed to save up 400 baubles before I could pass the first checkpoint 🙁

Thanks for the guides, read all the bauble and secret guides and just finished getting them all because of this guide and the others.

You should re-do these guides, they are inaccurate, most of them are. since they changed it this year.

Yes, I just did them following your guide…just many of the clouds have been removed i think, but everything else was in place.

I found 2 yellow baubles in secret room 6 (after 24 in this guide).
1 – tucked in corner behind 1st polar bear.
2 – middle all the way at the bottom

I don’t know if the mechanics have changed, but if you, by chance, do not have both keys at some point after you’ve crossed the chasm, the shop at the end of the cloud trail (52 on the guide, on the left in secret room 12) sells keys. If you have more than 1 heart left, you can then jump off the ledge and respawn at the checkpoint, still holding the key. You then would only need to bring 1 key over to checkpoint “3” on the guide instead of having to double back twice. If you also do that, you won’t need to backtrack all the way like Dulfy does in the guide, shortening your super adventure.

Thank you Dulfy-senpai for hard work, thanks to you I was finally able to get the achiev!! After trying to do it by myself for like 30 hours lol!! You da real MVP !

This didn’t work for me, even though I used it twice. I’m not sure if the guide is missing something, or the achievement is bugged for me..

Fourth attempt worked! I made sure to note down each bauble as I found them, as well as made sure to do it after the daily reset, so that it’d be the first time I did the level that day. I can vouch for this guide’s accuracy. Thanks Dulfy!

A tip I want to give, if you want to backtrack less, is to try it in normal mode instead. Key drops are not determined by chance – they will always drop from particular mobs close to the chests. The enemies that drop keys are:

First chest: One of the three bananas at the bottom of the area.
Second chest: The Polar bear guarding a blue bauble.
Third chest: Hard to miss – the banana before you get to the large icicle you can use the Shatter song on.
Fourth chest: On the way to the last yellow bauble, where you climb up, one of the bananas drop this key. It’s the banana pretty much right over the chest!

I hope that helps someone!

Took me hours but got them all and the achievement! Thanks so much! The vertical ascent near the beginning doesn’t have rainbow clouds anymore, so you’ll have to find your way up by jumping. And the part where you have to do the 133133 ice shatter song, it doesn’t work. I had to find my way to break down those stalactite with Slingshot.

No, something is definitely up. I got the same as a lot of others: followed the guide exactly, got every single bauble, but absolutely no achievement even though I found every last one of them. 2.5 hours down the drain…maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. Probably not. I’m not a fan of spending all of that time doing an achievement only to not get it because of shitty coding.

TL;DR – There IS a bug here because I DID get every single bauble. You are not crazy, everyone! I’m thinking it has something to do with having completed the same zone earlier in the server day on infantile mode. I’m pretty sure there is a bit that isn’t being set (or reset) somewhere as a result…

This would be the second year this guide has failed me. I think you’re right in that this may need to be attempted on a first run through.

If it helps, label each bauble you get as you go in say chat. First attempt I must have missed one somewhere, but doing it the second time and labeling each bauble as I went along, I got them all in the process.

Also helped that I had got all the secret areas the first time through, so the process felt a lot quicker the second time through.

There are some minimal changes with path clouds in infantile mode. I hope you make an updated video incorporating those changes. I had trouble finding my way up the ascend because the clouds are gone.

Dodgejump by pressing jump and then dodge. It should feel like you’re pressing them at the same time. You just lead with jump.

If that doesn’t work the problem is likely with your keyboard. Try binding your keys so you don’t use the spacebar. I used to have this issue.

Just few notes from me, you can get another key from hidden room 14 shop, so long as its not your last heart you can fall to your death and still retain the key =]

is the shatter song bugged or something because it is not working for me i had to sling shot every single crack in the icicles. D:

I know two things. One, I followed this guide to the T, twice. Didn’t get the achievement. Two, this guide was extremely difficult to follow. Words can’t even describe how frustrating it was to try and decipher what you meant at some parts. Four hours down the drain. I’m done.

Read the comments below, plenty people followed it and got their achievements. Just means you missed one somewhere. If you find the guide difficult to read, then i don’t know what to tell you.

I made a note in chat of each and every bauble I got, twice for each attempt, and compared it to your guide so I know for a fact that isn’t it. Plenty of others have had the same problem despite following your guide, likely to do with completing w2z3 earlier in the server day. For some reason the achievement doesn’t count unless you try for it first after server reset.

Something in the game has definitely changed. I’ve noticed the difference in what is shown in the guides for places that the infinitile clouds is lacking in areas in my game. I’ve noticed this in other zones in world 2, but it didn’t hinder my playing. However with this area, not only am I missing clouds that would make the game much faster to go through, but I see that I have additional portals in world 3 that are not here in the video guide

Before the 6-7. baubles in the chest there is a yellow bauble straght down on the ice with the banana enemies. You can see it looking down standing on the rainbowroad.

Hey, next time you want to lead the player right up to a checkpoint (#2, via baubles 10-13) maybe mention to NOT HIT THE CHECKPOINT because otherwise you can’t backtrack to the first shop as stated LATER in the instructions. >:(

I just followed this guide and got the achievement without any problems. The main things to be aware of are, 1) some of the infantile clouds have changed (e.g. in jumping up to what dulfy calls “checkpoint 2”); and 2) there are some more checkpoints around, so dulfy’s checkpoint number doesn’t always mean what you think it means. Making the adjustments is pretty easy, though.

Are there more baubles in 2016 mission? I follow the video to get all baubles twice but can’t get achievement. The girl ‘Betty Bauble’ tell me I miss some baubles.

Please update your videos. It’s awesome to get stuck somewhere because the clouds were removed and the way up is very unclear.

Thank you for all the awesome work and time you put into these guides. I was able to get all the baubles no problem. You’re a life saver.

Doing this stupid shit for 9 hours now and I can’t seem to come any further than the part before the Yeti. My mental and physical force drains even more. Should I still do this? :/
It might look easy in the guide but it actually isn’t for someone having a half broken hand and lots of disabilities.

take a break bro, 9 hours will have taken its toll on your concentration and focus. better to sleep over it and try again once you’re more relaxed.

Works for April 2017 event as well (infantile mode). Bauble locations
are unchanged. Will suggest noting down the no. of baubles in say chat
whenever you get one. Extremely helpful to keep track of the 63 bauble

I think you are missing No. 18-19.. because the cloud is removed now and you can’t reach them, only after you get to Checkpoint 3, from which you can go through the secret wall and drop down to get them one by one.. I just followed the guide and finished it..

Thanks, Dulfy. Just completed this (April of 2017). Some minor changes to the infantile clouds and warps (Like some skipping baubles). Regardless, as long as you pay attention to the guide, you should be able to figure out where each and every bauble is.

As post above mentions, I have done Dulfy’s guide three times. Twice by following the video and once by screenshots. All three times, Betty Bauble says I didn’t get all the baubles. It is not #18 and #19. While the video is from an older season and clouds have changed, you are able to scale up to the +5 and +10 baubles in that area no problem. Have there been some new bauble additions in 2018? Was another chest added? Do you have to do the part to kill all bananas if you are only collecting baubles (not hidden rooms)? I really appreciate Dulfy’s guide, as always, but I cannot figure out what I am missing! Anyone from 2018 have success?

I don’t know about the bananas because I was doing hidden rooms at the same time. There is at least one bauble in the area with the hidden rooms you access after playing the flute on the clouds so if you were avoiding hidden rooms maybe you are missing there? I numbered all the baubles in the chat box once I found them so there was no chance of me moving on without any and it did work this year. Took me 5.5 hours in total so you must be getting pretty frustrated by now 🙁

I hope you find them!

Thanks for the help! I will try and muster up the will to try again. After two fails, I skipped hidden rooms that didn’t appear to have baubles. I did get the 50 bauble after playing the flute on the clouds. I like the idea of chat logging them. I will try that. Thanks again!

Thanks again for your post! I did as you said – but I did it old school (pen and paper). Marked off each bauble. I got it! I also did it right after reset – so that’s a variable…perhaps that had something to do with it? I’m done with W2Z3 for a good long time 😉

I just saw both your messages, I’m glad you found them all!

And the achievement is done for good – you never have to do that ever again 😀

Wish the same could be said for tribulation mode, I did both worlds and really do not feel like repeating that 15 more times for all the skins.

Do you have any idea which ones you were missing?

Did it 2 times for 2 days same as on video,and still npc at end telling me that i didn’t pickup all bubles….it looks like its not the same and in 2018

Were you using the video guide or text guide? Because I followed the video guide exactly and got the achievement a few days ago.

Hi, I’m currently trying to collect all the baubles by following your video guide, but at 14.04 there is a yellow bauble in the hidden room and you don’t say anything about it.

Just did it again (Apr 2020), the bauble that most people miss other than 18 & 19, would be one of the baubles when you drop down (44-48).

Only realized this when I did my 2nd run through and started marking down every bauble I got.

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