GW2 Sunless Weapon skins

A gallery of the Sunless Ascended weapons you can get from Tequatl as a rare drop in the new Tequatl Rising patch.

Looking for models!

If you own any of the Sunless weapons, I would love to get in touch with you ingame and take some high res pics to replace the previews. Please contact me ingame via whisper or mail (IGN is Dulfy, US servers only)

Reaver of the Sunless – Axe – [&AgHrugAA]


Razor of the Sunless – Dagger – [&AgHsugAA] – Modeled by Its Soo Fluffyy


Artifact of the Sunless – Focus – [&AgHtugAA]


Claymore of the Sunless – Greatsword – [&AgHuugAA] – Modeled by Rosafer


Warhammer of the Sunless – Hammer – [&AgHvugAA] – Modeled by Hawkhana


Greatbow of the Sunless – Longbow – [&AgHxugAA] – Modeled by White Blue


Flanged Mace of the Sunless – Mace – [&AgHyugAA] – Modeled by Old Sayid


Revolver of the Sunless – Pistol – [&AgHzugAA] – Modeled by Spar Cindermane


Musket of the Sunless – Rifle – [&AgH0ugAA] – Modeled by Ausfer Lolwut


Wand of the Sunless – Scepter – [&AgH1ugAA] – Modeled by Shi Dealer


Bastion of the Sunless – Shield – [&AgH2ugAA]


Shortbow of the Sunless – [&AgH3ugAA] – Modeled by Sionn Frost


Spire of the Sunless – Staff – [&AgH5ugAA] – Modeled by Glasidria


Blade of the Sunless – Sword – [&AgH6ugAA] – Modeled by Ms Anne


Brazier of the Sunless – Torch – [&AgH7ugAA]


Herald of the Sunless – Warhorn – [&AgH9ugAA]


Harpoon Gun of the Sunless – [&AgH4ugAA]


Trident of the Sunless – [&AgH8ugAA]


Impaler of the Sunless – [&AgHwugAA]


  • Stachelbaer

    That’s just lazy… taking the same model as the ascended weapons and reskin it?
    Really AN?

    • Anonymous the Nameless

      You only just noticed that they recycle skins?

  • Schiinch

    Hmm….Dulfy said that they were just gonna be reskins, EXCLUSIVE RESKINS. This is what they announced, and it is nice because these are Death Shroud themed weapons. I do like it.

  • Natalya Novikov


    How lazy and horrible.

  • Tide

    These are amazing, need the scepter, dagger, and staff.

  • Name

    I’m excited to never get one of these. I bet the drop rate will be .0000000000000001% and if you ever get one it’ll be the one you don’t want. Yay a scepter for my warrior. Yay a greatsword for my ele!

    • Raru

      if its the same meachanism as with the other asc. weapons you may choose your weapon

    • AshlaBoga

      Drop Rate is rarely that bad on anything.

  • Shinokata

    I think it should be that you get an item that gives you a choice of which skin you want instead of hoping to god that you get the right one for the character you want it for.

    • Anon

      If by skin you mean weapon type, that’s exactly how it works with all ascended weapon drops.

      • Shinokata

        I know how the ascended drops work. I wasn’t sure if this would be the same type of choice chest or would be a specific drop for each weapon type. Thank you for confirming.

  • Aquariuz

    Whats the armor set that dulfy’s wearing?

    • Neil Seraph

      mix of phoenix / gemstore chest / crafted legs

  • TweedleDeeDee

    These are just an example of the content > quality spiral that’s been going on for months.
    These weapons visually look like a kit-bash between the nightmare weapons of TA and the winter weapon skins with a green filigree texture. With a revamped boss which shouldn’t have needed it in the first place had their had some basic QA, this update is looking very promising for what we can expect for the future!

  • Ares Zax

    These actually look pretty good! dulfy, any idea if these skins are tradable? 🙂 I might pick up that dagger for my Necromancer.

    • Gurkiran Dhaliwal

      I hope they are tradeable. If not im never going to get one

  • chili

    No one will ever get one of these until the unbuff Teq.

    • Derek Wilson

      hmmm Blackgate just downed it…. guessing you are just the whiney type

      • The Spirit Molecule

        BeastGate4LIFE SON!!!

      • Luke Bailey

        Or just one of the people unlucky enough to be stuck in a overflow server with people who have no idea what they have to do and just zerg it over and over and over again like idiots

        these new boss upgrades require some actual knowledge and most people can’t be bothered to look up what they have to do

        thus the event fails

        as much as I love the upgrades I hate having to rely on other people specially those who are too lazy to learn what to do and too ignorant to listen to the people who do

      • bob

        ah yes Blackgate who had 120 people in TS and on task how hell will lower pop servers do it you? A snob is what you all who upvoted you are in same bot get a life

  • The Spirit Molecule

    I want the dagger, two pistols, the axe, the mace, the scepter, the staff, the harpoon, the spear, and a trident.

  • Gurkiran Dhaliwal

    These weapons are account bound right? also from what i saw in Kelani’s video they are precision toughness condition damage. Usable for others but definitely not for my warrior. Which means if im lucky enough to even get one it would cost me another 200+g to level up weaponsmith to keep ascended status but have a nice skin. They should have made these weapons tradeable and also allow people to choose stats.
    (unless that is what happens because no one has had one as a drop yet but i doubt they will let you choose stats or sell them)

    • Luke Bailey

      I agree

      Solid stats suck

      I would have preferred if these items were simple skin items and you had to double click to use them like other unique skins before them

      Condition Damage is great for some builds but not all
      warriors with GS for example have absolutely no use for Condition damage thus the sword is utterly wasted

  • Sime

    Wow, this is so cool!

  • Mark

    So basically, ascended weapon skins with a palette swap and a smokey effect? Lame.

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  • EduardoPaperShaper

    Has anyone ever gotten a sunless skin? O.o I haven’t met or know about any player who owns an Sunless weapon skin.

  • Jinxy

    I got the greatsword last night!

    • Awesome, mind if I contact you ingame to take a pic? are you US or EU?

  • Nipenthis

    Kudos to the guy showing the Warhammer, it’s the f**king Hulk, great customisation!

    What kind of shoulder and head armor pieces does the Charr showing the Musket wear?

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