GW2 mini pets Tequatl Rising

GW2 Tequatl Rising minis

A gallery and video of the Tequatl Rising Minis you can purchase from the gemstore for 500 gems.



Mini Risen Thrall


Mini Risen Brute


Mini Risen Plague Carrier


Mini Risen Abomination (Account Bound)

  • Created by combining each of the three minis above with a Superior Rune of Sunless in the mystic forge
  • Picture provided by Aurora Wonderland


Mini Tequatl The Sunless (Tradeable)

  • Rare drop from Tequatl the Sunless (final boss chest when Tequatl is defeated), pictures provided by Tiburron


Mini Risen Hylek (Tradeable)

  • Rare drop from Tequatl the Sunless (final boss chest when Tequatl is defeated), pictures provided by Enforcer Rekkt.


By Dulfy

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25 replies on “GW2 Tequatl Rising minis”

Same here

im on seafarers rest and all people do here is zerg rush Teq and die over and over and over again lol

no matter how many people spam chat with instructions nobody listens

The Runes are drops from Tequatls chest – not sure if it’s the one for killing him or if it can also be in the daily reward chests for 75,50,25%.

Regarding the Minipet I am also curious as how to get it… Mystic Forge again?

Hey Dulfy,
here is a screen of presumably world’s first miniature Tequatl The Sunless.
I don’t know how to send you more or better screenshots (or if you even need them), so just tell me 😉

Btw, thanks a lot for your great work, very much appreciated <3

Yep, though I am not sure if it was the event chest or the final (exotic) version of those chests you receive every 25% of his health.

Does anyone know from which chest the minis drop?

So far I’ve heard they can drop from the big chest standing ingame (once per character per day), others told me it’s only from the bonus chest (once per account per day) or perhaps the “Dragon Chests”.

Would be great to have any confirmations on this.

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