GW2 Tequatl Rising patch coverage guide

A list of guides, galleries,and videos related to the GW2 Tequatl Rising patch released on Sept 17, 2013.




Content from previous patch

Gemstore (videos)

  • Permanent Vigil Megalaser Finisher
  • World 2 Super Boombox

Patch notes

  • Nem

    Do a guide for killing this SOB.

    • RvLeshrac

      Here’s your guide:

      1) When you’re dead, use a waypoint.
      2) When you’re on the turrets, use ALL THE SKILLS AVAILABLE. They have descriptions.
      3) If you’re not on a turret, defend a turret.
      4) If you’re not defending a turret, repair a turret.
      5) If the turrets are defended and repaired, DPS.

      • UE

        Actually I would say ignore skill 1 unless a mob is coming close and you aren’t defended.

        Using skills 2.3.4 and keeping them on cooldown can keep his scales from hardening, remove the poison fields and buff allies.
        using skill 1 means you have to sacrifice one of those moves in a rotation and is ultimately more detrimental as it’s damage isn’t near as much as keeping those actually doing damage alive.

        • RvLeshrac

          Really, the important one is (1). I wish ANet had the ability to implement a method for us to set fire to the system of anyone who stays dead for more than two minutes.

          • UE

            Hmmm nope, it does what ~2300damage per hit at a really slow rate.
            Much better keeping the people alive that are actually attacking it and doing far more damage at a faster rate en-masse and stopping that wall from going up.

            Unless there is a mechanic I am missing here that you would like to inform me of.

            • Pedantic correction guy

              @UE RvLeshrac is talking about your point 1 (waypointing on defeat) being the most important

          • name

            I agree, when things are hectic, sometimes I start to res someone only to realize they’re dead-dead not downed. What a waste of time. Just WP back instead of being a selfish a-hole.

            And I would say #2 is the single most important skill on the turrets.

          • Kayla0440

            OMG yes!! I can totally understand if someone simply does not know the fight or understand the mechanics. But to lay there like a lazy, rotten bump on a log? UGH lol Drives me crazy.

  • LocoMan

    Hate to be THAT guy but…

    “this achievement has being fixed”… 🙂

  • digi_owl

    The songs on boombox2 are much preferred. Track 1 is a perfect zerg train leader. 😉

  • kroenen979

    Dulfy, can you please also make a guide on how to do the new achievements under Boss – Tequatl in the game UI?

    Thanks in advance. : )

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  • Norreka

    Tequatl Minipetshowoff

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