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SWTOR Pursuer’s Bounty Pack preview

A preview of the items contained in SWTOR Pursuer’s Bounty Pack, coming to the Cartel Market on September 26 at noon EDT (9 am PDT).



All armor sets are dyeable unless otherwise specified.

Trophy Hunter’s Mask – Helm only


Imperial Practice Jersey/Republic Practice Jersey – Chest only



Atton Rand’s Armor set



Cassus Fett’s Armor set



Series 512 Cybernetic Armor set



Energetic Champion Armor set



Potent Champion Armor set



Dynamic Sleuth Armor set



Voltaic Sleuth Armor set



Vintage Brawler Armor set



Elegant Dress



Luxurious Dress




Pictures provided by Thylbana of Jedi Covenant.

JM-28 Assault Cannon


AD-12 Heavy Blaster


CD-34 Blaster Rifle


MR-37 Sniper Rifle


Vigorous battler Lightsaber


Vigorous Battler Dualsaber



Morlinger Raptor – Modeled by Exiled


Grassland Varactyl – Modeled by Leuma


Ikas Falchion



Adno Windscorpion


Gurian Blasterbolt – Modeled by Exiled


Rark Sprinter – Modeled by Tren


Rark Marathon – Modeled by Tren


Rark Vaulter – Modeled by Exiled



D5-2D Astromech Droid


Poison Lobel


Savanna Nekarr Cat


Greenback Exobar


Flamecrest Exobar – Modeled by Exiled


Hoarfrost Exobar – Modeled by Turkness


Model Harrower Battle Cruiser




Regen Item

Orbital Kolto Strike





Chair 3


Chair 4


Victory Wave




Whatup – Modeled by Daisy


Color Crystals/Dyes

Advanced Blue Core color crystal

swtor-advanced-blue-core-color-crystal  swtor-advanced-blue-core-color-crystal-2


Black and Deep Green Dye Module


White and Deep Blue Dye Module


Dark Green and Medium Brown Dye Module


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

137 replies on “SWTOR Pursuer’s Bounty Pack preview”

Why is it that if you want a blue saber you have at least 5-6 different options to choose from but BW has yet to introduce a single max stat red saber that you can equip by level 10? And don’t say orange or pink because in game orange looks a lot closer to a deep yellow, and pink doesn’t really carry that classic dark side look, ya know?

I noticed that too. Perhaps they’ll get it right in the next pack. That needler type blaster is identical to level up custom blaster items seen around 15-25.

“Show Details” on the Pursuer’s Bounty Pack does work, but it requires a workaround. Go to Collections and click “Show Details” on anything not in the Pursuer’s Bounty Pack, then click “Show Items.” Now, go to Pursuer’s Bounty Pack and click “Show Details” on an item and you should be able to preview the items in the Inspect Item window of whatever you opened previously.

Hey dulfy , if the armor is avaible for you to use , could you link picture of your character with Trophy Hunter’s mask and Vintage Brawler armor? 😀

Orbital Kolto Strike. 🙂 That’s some heavy-duty healing!

Overall though this set is underwhelming. Apart from the Trophy Hunter’s Mask, there’s not much that looks like a must-have.

A little underwhelming with the next pack. New chairs… and that’s really it. I was hoping if there was gonna be another Cybernetic set, it would have been mirrored so the right side was the cybernetic replacement. This one… meh… Vintage Brawler and the mask are the only other good shells IMO, purely for the Shao Khan look you can make with it.

Oh I dont know. I think that “Emote: Spike” and “Orbital Kolto Strike” are both awesome. I also like the introduction of 2 totally new, never-before-in-game mounts (Ikas Falchion and the Rarks). A new core color for crystals (Blue) for those who are all about customization (more options = better). Along with this we get a few new armor models and a few new weapon models.

Really the new chair emotes are at the bottom of a long list of things that, IMO, are more interesting/new and good additions.

Now that the new Rark speeders can be seen… I like the look of those too. Crystals are a bit pointless for me, as 3/4’s of the characters I play use blasters. I’m leery on the emote, seeing as we can’t preview those till they are released.

However, I do amend that some of the armor is rather sweet looking. Atton’s in particular, though a shame it won’t be dye-able due to being lore armor.

Yeah, mirroring the arms/legs from the last Cybernetic set would have made a lot of sense. Hopefully, they do that with at least 1 of the next 2 packs in Shipment 3.

Thanks for the pic! I’d love to do that look, except there will be 10,000 “Darksithlordgary”s running around looking the same. :/

Those Rarks look terrible. You would think in the pantheon of Star Wars comics, graphic novels, trading card art, and fan art they would give their staff a library from which to gain intuitive insight into the look of retro star wars. For example why aren’t we seeing gear that looks like ROTJ princess lea bounty hunter chest and helmet?

Guess you didn’t notice technology ebbs, flows, and repeats in the Star Wars universe. The last pack had a saber that was identical to Aniken’s as well as the Hyroti Speeder that had an uncanny semblance to ROTJ Imperial speeder bike. Many would agree the apparel (see above roman gladiator wear) looks little to do with the appealing look unique to SW.

I’m not exited. Don’t like the new armor styles. And Cassus Fett ist disapointing. Some nice speeders… but the rest says: not my pack.

I’m with you on the new armor styles, although I kinda like the Cassus Fett armor. After telling us they heard the players loud and clear on the gaudy armor, someone over there decided to make a bunch of armor sets with hideous-looking animations randomly placed on armor sets in tacky pastel colors. Whoever got that bright idea should be fired, lol.

Well it’s a good thing they are letting us preview it early this time… Arguably the only decent set, the Cassus Fett, is missing the belt. Gotta make a bug report, hopefully they wont release it like that, but you never know with them, they don’t exactly have the best track record with Cartel Market bugs (every pack has something broken /sigh).

The Falchion is a really nice speeder design. Not a big fan of the Rark style, but I can see it appealing to folks. Hopefully they left off the clown horn.

Finally, we get a good set of real Mandalorian armor from KOTOR. The cape will look a bit odd on my Trooper, but I can always use Mandalore’s, so no problem there. Love the color, and I hope we can change it to the others that we saw the Mandos use in KOTOR (red, blue, black, etc). Hopefully, they’ll wise up and start making more primary and secondary color dyes like blue, red, yellow, black, white. SOOOOO many options they’re missing out on, it’s incredible.

What’s the difference on the blasters / rifles from the other pack? Just the color? Do they have any lazers or optics? Make different sounds?

I wouldn’t mind seeing a cybernetic set that still gave people a mid section, hell why not add in something along the lines of a relaxed cybernetics armor. Also I feel I need to get my hands on the Harrower and the orbital kolto strike.

Totally awesome that they’ve added Casus Fett’s hemet and chest piece with the iconic cape. Too bad the whole set is just a recoloring of Mandalore’s armor instead of a true Neo-Crusader armor set. + if you plan on buying the BBA’s gunslinger-style chestpiece, wait it out until this pack becomes available. The Sleuth armor will be way cheaper I predict than the 60k for the BBA chestpiece.

That might be true.On the other hand, the dynamic and voltaic vandal gear is not dyable..Might be the same for these armor sets, while the BBA one has a dye slot.
Any one know if you can die these?

Vandal gear is undyeable because of the animated sections on the armor (the green pulsing light etc). Have not seen any animations on the Sleuth armor pieces, so I reckon it will be dyeable, just like the BBA’s armor 🙂

Thanks so much as always Dulfy! Quick question – would it be possible to post a pic of a toon with just the cyborg gloves on? Or at least, would you be able to tell me if it looks more seamless with other sets? Thanks again!

I love the Cassus Fett set. It is almost a complete replica of the armor you see in the comics, with some minor adjustments to the cape, it usually hanging over the shoulder. But other than that it is a very well done piece.

The quality of the items is going up. Some may sell for a lot just because of the looks, like the Morlinger has thus far. That JM-28 will probably be popular. As will the Trophy Mask and the Cassus armour. It’s too bad they re-used the tiara. They could have inverted it, bent it or shortened its width into a sort of bowtie headpeace. Saves assets I guess.

me thinks the future purple, translucent black, and bondi blue morlinger in future packs will sell for even more , smiles.

I think I actually like every single thing in this pack for once. After getting about 150 of the other packs with no morlinger and no varactyl, I’m a little angry at the drop rates, but will give it a go.

I know you’re probably right, but the stated policy was objects from KOTOR. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they have zero respect for the rest of the EU and let me make that cape/ under part white. ;p

Anyway to know which of the armor items are in sets and which are individual? Or will I have to wait until the pack comes out? I’m thinking the Fett armor will be individual pieces?

what do you mean? u dont make any sense,
or u never buy a pack so u dont know it? .
you thinking Fett would be individual pieces? are u a peasant?

Pretty sure he meant to ask which armor pieces came in boxes like the auxiliary body armor or the upper body armor. The most rare sets will probably have all of their parts drop separately.

Nice mandalorian stuff.Now to get cash to purchase it onthe AH instead of buyng the packs for the low chance of getting them.

Hey Dulfy? How are you and the people that provided some of the screenshots previewing these, because, they are not available for preview on normal servers, and I couldn’t find the items in collections on the PTS…

They are available for preview with a little trick. First open ui customization and tick “enable movable secondary window”. Then open collections and preview any item from a previous pack. Move the preview window to the side so atleast part of it is outside the collections window. Don’t close it, but click the collections window, go to the new pack and click preview on an item. Now click on the preview window which will still be open in the background, the image is the same as the item before, but the actual items in the detailed view list has now changed to the one from the new pack.

I’m hoping someone will take a picture of new Blue Crystal color in game not from preview screen. It doesnt show correctly at all.

I believe it is bright blue but not as cyan. Could be popular color eventually.

For old Kotor fans we got now pretty much those desired colors. Hot orange is Heart of the guardian and Mantle of the force is pretty much as Cyan.

New blue Is probably brighter version of regular blue but not sure in what spectrum.

On the game launch splash page above the Live PvP Warzone Ad, there’s a character with a fluorescent pale blue saber that looks almost exactly like the one in the pic you posted. Could be a clue.

I think if I worked for EA or one of their affiliates I would be asked to come to dulfy and make a generic ” I like this pack it’s awesome” type of post.

Unless this is going to drop a lot later in the day than these things usually do, I think you have the drop-date wrong. If it doesn’t show by the end of the day, I’d suggest changing it to something like the 1st, which seems more likely. 🙂

These things have always been released on a Tuesday in the past. It does seem odd that they’d change that now.

Hey Dulfy I have 2 questions!
1st – how to get cartel packs on the PTS?
2nd – Does trophy Hunter’s mask change your voice during conversations?
Thanks for the answers!

Hey dulfy, I just had a quick question. Regarding Casus Fett’s armor, how rare was the drop rate for you with the individual pieces.(excluding the belt of course)

I got 3 Fett pieces in 20 (or 22?) packs: the helmet, chestpiece & gloves vs. 2 of the cybernetic parts: the helmet and belt (actually 2 belts, which are almost certainly a common item).
In those packs I didn’t get any varactyls, trophy hunter’s masks, Harrowers, Orbital Strikes, or Falchions.
Without more data to compare it to, I’m really not sure what any of this means.

Does anyone have the Gurian Blasterbolt yet? I can’t find it on the GTN and it’s the only one without a proper in-game preview picture in the list above…

I have one. They do seem to be extremely rare. It took a day and a half for one to hit the GTN, and I believe there are only 2 on there now. For comparison, there are 8 new Morlinger Raptors, and about 6 Grassland Varactyls.

The jersey’s are pretty common, they’re under 5k on the GTN. I think the Dye’s are fairly common, I’d think that they’d be under 50k on the GTN, for now. The Brawler set is either more rare or is in more demand, specifically the chest, it was around 300-400k on Jedi Covenant the last time that I checked.

Alright good. I run on Ebon Hawk and generally we have like half the server buy a hypercrate so there’s shit tons of everything on the GTN when they unbind. Plus as far as the Vintage Brawler set goes I’m more than certain its in incredibly high demand, it does look pretty good.

Ok nothing beats Cassus Fett’s armor. I mean c’mon KOTOR flashback am I right? That’s the one type of armor I’ve been looking for to use since KOTOR was released and now I can have it, for a small fee of course or I can try my luck on GTN and see if people aren’t selling his helm for billions of credits and there are some items people put up there for a billion cress or more. Perhaps as a joke….I mean its the organa loyalist armor that’s 1 bil on Ebon hawk….it has to be for humor. Anyway I’m getting Cassus Fett’s armor it will go great on my trooper and if I ever et around to making my bounty hunter

So… what kind of creature does the trophy hunter’s mask come from? I’m an rp player and it would really help with my back story on one of my toons. xD If there’s no answer, thank you for the help at least.

[…] Previews of the new bounty pack are out, and it’s a bit underwhelming. Yeah, there’s another Cybernetic set on there, but meh, already got one, and it can be dyed whatever color. I suppose it might have different colored blinky lights on the helm than the red ones on the existing set, but I do not think it’s enough to make me want to get it. (Edit: Ooh, I just noticed that the new set doesn’t have wings. That might bump it up to something I want.) The Trophy Hunter’s Mask, however… *drools* We’ll have to see if I can squirrel away some coins for THAT madness. Doubtless [hroth] will spend another couple hundred dollars on that silliness. I’ll probably want the Cassus Fett set too, because. […]

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