GW2 Tequatl Rising

GW2 Tequatl boss achievements guide

GW2 Tequatl boss achievements guide showing you how to get all 10 achievements for Tequatl under Bosses category.

Meta achievement: Tequatl the Sunless – 50 pts

  • Complete all 10 of the follow achievements
  • Reward: Title – The Sunbringer

Achievements obtainable without a Tequatl kill

These achievements can be obtained without having to kill Tequatl


This is a hidden achievement, you cannot see it under your achievement window. You must fail the Battery & Megalaser event to cause a massive Tidal Wave to wash over the entire shore. You must avoid this tidal wave by using the jump pads that are used to get to the batteries etc.(Screenshot courtesy of Ella).

  • Recommended that you do this in an overflow that is going to fail the Tequatl fight anyways.
  • This achievement does not count towards the meta.


I Found it! – 5 pts

  • When you get Tequatl down to 75%, he will start summoning vortexes. If you get sucked into one of them, swim down and pretty soon in the dark water you will spot a Sunken Treasure. Make sure you have a heal or someone to revive you as you will take constant damage while under water.


Above the Waves – 10 pts

  • Jump over Tequatl’s shock wave 10 times. Shockwaves are created whenever Tequatl stomps his feet on the ground. You will need to time your jump and jump before the shockwave hits you. Sometimes you can get 2 jumps out of a wave. Failure to jump or dodge over a shockwave can down you if your HP is too low.


Have a Seat and Pull the Trigger – 1 pt

  • All you need to do is to get on a turret, you don’t even need to use it. This also works even if Tequatl event is not active.


Burning Light – 5 pts

  • Fire the Megalaser at full strength
  • Once Tequatl is down to 75% and you get to the event where you need to defend the Megalaser and the West, North, and East batteries, you must ensure that no batteries are dead to get this achievement.

Tail Flail – 5 pts

  • Dodge Tequatl’s tail sweep – stand at Tequatl’s tail and just try to dodge his swipe. May take you a couple of tries (pic provided by Choppos)
  • Tail sweep seems to occur same time as when Tequatl stomps to create his shockwaves – try time your dodge as the shockwave or shortly afterwards. Can also try swim in the water behind the tail and you may get it.
  • Another animation you can watch for is when Tequatl’s butt goes forward a bit and then he shakes his butt. You can try dodge right away after that.


Flawless Defense – 10 pts

  • Defeat Tequatl without allowing any of the hylek turrets to be destroyed (this achievement may trigger even if Tequatl is not killed as long as you make it past the timer with all six turrets intact from the beginning).
  • There are six turrets overall, make sure all six are alive. You can pick up repair hammers from boxes nearby and repair them before they are destroyed.

Achievements requiring a Tequatl kill

These achievements can be obtained only if Tequatl is successfully killed.   

Slaughter in the Swamp – 15 pts

  • Kill Tequatl

Watch Your Step! – 5 pts

  • Don’t get caught in any bloated creeper explosions

Quick on Your Feet – 5 pts

  • Watch the ground carefully past 75% and if you see a water whirlpool forming on your feet, run or dodge out of it. Alternatively, you can probably stay away froim Tequatl (i.e. doing turrets) and be safe from it.


Power Play – 5 pts

  • Make sure all 3 batteries stay alive during the defend the Megalaser & batteries event and kill Tequatl in the same attempt. Apparently you need to personally visit one battery at the 75% phase, another different battery at 50% and the third battery at the 25% phase. Once Tequatl is killed you will get the achievement.

By Dulfy

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101 replies on “GW2 Tequatl boss achievements guide”

Heads up: I (and the map) got Flawless Defense when we failed at the 3rd megalaser. We had protected all 6 turrets through the battle.
Probably a bug, but it’s triggering.

At 25% hp is the 3rd laser, where we failed. (Actually, north battery died with 0 secs left ><.)
From what I hear, it doesn't matter when you fail though, as long as they all stayed up. (I can't confirm the fail whenever thing though.)

Interesting bug we found on riverside randomly: We managed to run out of time exactly when the timer stopped for the battery. So we could still do the battery event(tequatl was gone)BUT the next time the timer stayed at full till we fired the laser for the first time.

same thing happened two times on auguryrock , 15m free off dps
i heard of another one where they gain 7minute before the timer begun

The flail always appeares, when tequatl stomps to create his shockwaves. Try to dodge the moment he casts the wave or shortly afterwards. You also only need to dodge his tail attack once. The achievement needs a moment to appeare, but you should get it shortly after the dodge. Since he casts both attacks (tail whip and shockwave) at the same time, the achievement loades after the shockwavecast has ended.

Can you please remove the suggestion to guest to other servers? There are so many AFK guesters on BG that the locals that haven’t completed it yet can’t even get in.

Pretty much this.

Most of the people on BG who’ve done it already have taken to jumping around to smaller servers en masse to let the guests try and do it on BG alone. 😉

I am not seeing the issue here, not everyone is playing on a server with big enough population or skilled enough players to tackle Tequatl. If your server can’t do it, then there are options.

The fact that Blackgate has alot of guests has nothing to do with what I posted. There are other servers who beat it as well. Blackgate beat it first and it was all over the news so it attracts people.

If that were and continued to be the case Dulfy, my suggestion would be to reach out to the other servers and request assistance from guilds to work with them and teach them how to be better players while at the same time promoting teamwork and communication. Shocking, I know…

Your suggestion is selfish, demoralizes and destabilizes the players’ home server and the game in general, all while having the potential to grief other servers local player base.

One requires more effort than the other, but which is in the best interest of everyone involved?

I must agree as well. BG has almost no chance of doing it now, because at times over half the map is AFK. Us real BG people have abandoned the server for this event.

And while I do agree that because BG was first that will attract a lot of people, your guide isn’t exactly helping.

Important note for Power Play – you need to PERSONALLY visit all the four batteries AND Megalaser during the fight. Just them staying alive isn’t enough – not sure if bug or feature.

I got Tail Flail achievement as I got feared into the water behind Teq. Not sure if that helps but people could try swimming around in the water behind the tail.

I got the Flawless Defense on an overflow server that never got Tequatl below 90% HP, although that was on Tuesday, they might have changed that since

Can anyone confirm if this is still working.
If your on an unorganized overflow, the server could still manage to work towards this achievement without caring about Tequatl – if it’s true..

It still works, we didn’t manage to get Teq at 50% but we were able to defend the 6 turrets and we got the achievement.

Is it also safe to assume that all achievements associated with Tequatl are also permanent? (I’m referring to the Tequatl Achievement, not Boss Week.)

I sure hope so. After getting kicked every second attempt at the boss I’m fed up with this bullshit. Not gonna touch it for a month now after I’ve got Boss Week finished.

Would be nice to get an “official” confirmation though.

Watch Your Step!-Achievment: What does it mean? I tried it a couple of times before. I dodged every red circle on the ground, but didnt get the achievment yet. Any tipps pls. Ty

You need to avoid any AoE from the creeper explosions, not just one. That means, you can only get the achievement by killing Tequatl.

Warning Dulfy, for Quick on Your Feet, you CAN get pulled off a turret into it. It happened to me during one of the overflow Tequatl attempts.

Power Play may be a bit more than simply running around, I made sure to hit up every battery and the laser, not only this but I did that all 3 phases (75%, 50%, and 25%) and when Tequatl went done I still failed to receive the achievement….

I used this strategy on my server’s kill last night and received credit for the achievement. Didn’t do defense on the megalaser, and the achievement does not list megalaser as necessary, so I would say it’s just the three batteries.

i believe you need to get credit for doing each of the 4 events throughout the fight. For instance how I got it:

spend half of time at west and the other half at north and got two gold event credits on the first laser phase

spend half of the time at east and half at laser to get 2 gold event credits on the next phase.

I didn’t do the turrets on the 3rd laser phase since I had a phone call, but when teq died I got the achievement

I went on 75% to west and then north, got credit for kills on both…
then on 50% went east and had credit for a couple kills… finally on
25% went to laser… also got kill credit there… and when teq died got
the achievement =D

I tried dodging for Tail Flail for about 10 mins, with no luck. Then I used Mist Form, while standing in the right place, and got it. Idk if it works for all other invulns, too.

I was standing behind Tequatl’s right rear leg, waiting for him to start his tail attack. Then he feared me with his breath, and as I was running away, I somehow got the achievement. Weird, but I’m not complaining. XD

Hi Dulfy, was just wondering what exactly drops the Tequatl only loot? The mini, breathers, ascended etc… Is it the big chest that spawns after you kill him, the dragon chests you get for damaging him to a certain percent or the daily bonus chest? Thanks!

The mini, aquatic head, ascended chest and superior rune of sunless as far as i know.
They all drop from the final dragon chest. The daily bonus chest for 25% only has one blue/green/yellow, karma and coin.

Hi! With these new achievements for Tequatl, does the the old achievement “That Had to Burn” under the “Bosses” category still work? Can anyone advise me on how to achieve it?

FYI, I’ve never done Tequatl prior to this patch. For some sheer luck, I managed to join the fight in my main server and got all the achievements listed above. Only the “That Had to Burn” achievement was not granted. Is this intentional or bugged?

Hi there. The old “That Had to Burn” achievement was similar to the “Burning Light” achievement – Before there were no batteries to defend, if the laser simply shot Tequatl and you were in the fight (As in just hitting Tequatl) you would get the achievement 🙂

Thank you very much for the info, Morten.

If that is the case, we should be able to get that together with the “Burning Light” achievement since the mechanics for it is pretty much the same. Why then is it not working now? lol

Unless I am missing something, I guess this achievement is bugged and needs to be fixed.

IMO, it would be unfair to make this unattainable (or unachievable, if there is such a word) since it is NOT a Living World Story achievement. Also, there was no message or note of any sort about disabling this beforehand. (I know I can just ignore that achievement, but I’m OC about this haha. Sorry in advance.)

This concern is quite valid, though I doubt ANet would give a f*ck about this. As usual, what can we expect from them? Just a lot of unforeseen errors, bugs, miscommunication and apathy lately.

Cheers for GW2 in succeeding WoW for the title of the best traditional MMO ever. (Please take note of the sarcastic tone, in case if it isn’t obvious to you.)

This is still achievable. I hadn’t done Teq before the Boss achievements were added either. The first time I defeated Teq, I got “Burning Light” but not “That Had to Burn”. But I did get it on a different run.

Just used a jump pad when the tidal wave came after laser defense failed and survived it, but I didn’t get the hidden achiev. Was anyone else able to get it?

Same with me, had my sunbringer, jumped over the wave, survived and all, didn’t get it. Which jumping pad did you use for it? I’m thinking it is either bugged and sometimes simply doesn’t pop, or it has an specific jumping pad to work.

Don’t think it’s a bug because it seems to be an achievement that was meant to be removed before the patch released. At least it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the intention because the achievement requires failing the event which is pretty weird. So I’d say the only bug with this achievement is that apparently someone was able to get it

I just got this one ~15 minutes ago, and do not yet have the Sunbringer title.

For anyone wondering, it does not advance your progress toward the Sunbringer title either.

Be sure to be on the pads close to the laser, as the wave won’t reach the east and west ones for example…I failed mine because of that -___-” (was the on the one that get me to the west turret and the wave stopped nearby…)

Hi! Is there a time limit to get the title “The Sunbringer”? or If the update is permanent then you would have all the time to get it?

For the power play achievement, do I need to defend the megalaser as well, or defending the 3 battieries, one at each phase would be enough?

What really grinds my gears is getting called a ‘noob’ by 40+ people that…instead of protecting the batteries… have the audacity to stand on the jump pad for an achievement. Save that crap for overflow.

can someone explane to me where are 3 batteries from Power Play title…iam left with that title for 3 days now cant finish….there is mega laser in middle and 1x batterie from each side of ML…where is 3rd batterie ..ty

ty yea since they are not labeled under living world naturally they should be available just wanted to make sure since anything is possible(like it could be new achievement listing model or because they turned it into special event one time per year thingy and decided to add these kinda things to permanent list from now or anything)

of course they will stay in, in bitch wars homo wars 2 everything thats completely gay needs to be in^^ gw 2 a agme fpr 10 year old child fuckers

is the “flawless defense” achievement bugged? I recently killed him and all 6 turrets were DEFINITELY still alive.
I’d also appreciate some tips for doing “above the waves” and “tail flail” because i just can’t seem to get those either :/

Stay Dry, Stay Alive.. is that hidden achievement still activatable. i tried so many times but it does not work. why!!!????

Not to brag or nothin, but I just got all of them save for “above the waves” in one go and it’s only because Tequatl didn’t actually shoot off 10 waves. He was stunned/killed too fast between phases/laser blasts that he couldm’t create 10 waves. It’s totally doable.

Re: I Found It! I have been unable to get the vortexes at 75% because Tequatl has been so easy to kill using stacks of might. I just found out today that anet has added a portal that appears behind Tequatl after successful event. I believe this is the only time the portal appears. It is found about midway down the sharp slope underwater on the tequatl statue island. Go near it and you will be asked if you want to enter. I wish I had taken a screen shot. The portal stays there for at least 5 minutes (maybe more)after Tequatl has been killed.

Can confirm that it is true. Done it today. There was a little npc guy in the water beside it when I was there. The portal is hard to see though.

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