GW2 Tequatl Rising

GW2 Tequatl the Sunless strategy guide

A guide to the newly revamped Tequatl the Sunless fight introduced with the Tequatl Rising patch. Video guide is now available.


Video guide

This video combined several attempts into one to show the turrets and other aspects of the fights. Fights recorded at Tarnished Coast and overflow hosted by Sanctum of Rall.


What you will need

  • Armor with Power, Vitality, Toughness. You cannot do crit damage to Tequatl so precision/crit damage are useless. You don’t want to be squishy and die constantly so you will need to replace your typical berserker armor with something a bit more survivable.
    • If you have lots of badges, you can buy a set from the WvW vendors for a few coins + Badges of Honor (a full set costs 950 badges and less than 6 gold).
    • Alternatively, dungeon vendors (AC/HOTW/SE) also sell a set with these main stats.
    • Orr temples also have them but the pieces are scattered around so you will need to visit a couple of temple vendors. See this page.
    • There isn’t a craftable/TP purchasable set with the PVT stat combo but you can try the Cleric set which replaces Vitality with Healing Power.
  • Powerful Potion of Undead Slaying – you deal 10% more damage and receive 10% less damage.
  • Sigils – Superior Sigil of Undead Slaying – 10% more damage to undead.
  • Food – I tend to prefer food with vitality for this fight. Good choices are
    • Orrian Steak Frittes:- +100 power/+70 Vitality
    • Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew: Gain might on dodge/+40 endurance refill rate
    • Mango Pie: +70 Vitality/Gain 85 health every second
  • Consumable
  • Coordination is extremely important for this fight so you will need some sort of VOIP software to listen to the commanders – Mumble/Teamspeak/Ventrilo etc. Every server uses different clients.
  • Turn off player names in the options, lower your graphic settings (but set reflections to Terrain and Sky to help see the shockwaves)


  • Tequatl fight is divided into segments that are 25% HP in duration. Each segment plays roughly the same except for the first segment from 100-75% which lacks the burn phase. You will generally need to make it to the 75% event with about 7:00 left on the timer or you will not have enough time to kill Tequatl successfully (unless everyone pushes really hard and make an amazing recovery). The entire fight has a 15 minutes timer but this timer is paused during the events at 75%, 50% and 25%.
  • There are six Hylek turrets placed a bit of distance away from Tequatl. They will need to be protected as they have skills that cleanse the raid, buff them, and remove the Hardened Scales buff from Tequatl. Mobs do not spawn to attack the Hylek turrets until 1 minute into the fight so you can have turret defenders attacking Tequatl and then peel off to defend the turrets at 50 seconds into the fight.
  • At 75%, 50%, and 25%, Tequatl goes up in the air and defend the Megalaser & 3 batteries event starts. During this event, tons of undead will rush to the 3 batteries and the megalaser to try and destroy them. Your job is to tag them before they reach their target and then use knockbacks/immobilize/slows on them. Priority is on the Plague Carrier Abomination as they do a ton of damage to their target if they explode on top of them. When there are around 15-20 seconds left on the event timer (the exact time depends on the remaining health on the batteries), you will want to run back to Tequatl so you can be there when he lands.
    • Make sure you stick on the Champion Krait Hypnoss at the Megalaser as he ignores everything and just go for the laser. Burn him down as soon as he spawns/respawns.
    • North battery have a lot of grub holes you need to stump and hylek champions.


  • If you let any of the batteries or the megalaser die, a massive tidal wave will wash over the beach, killing everyone.


  • Once the event successfully completes, Tequatl will be shot down by the Megalaser and stunned. This is your chance to do increased damage to him for a short interval. Use all your DPS cooldowns, timewraps, quickness etc here. Everyone except the six turret operators should be on Tequatl DPSing him down. After this burn phase ends, the Turret defenders can return to their spots.
  • Tequatl will periodically do shockwaves in the water that you will need to either jump over or dodge into it (dodge is the most reliable as the shockwaves later on are a lot higher and cannot be jumped over). Failure to dodge or jump past them will deal about ~3k damage to you. 


  • In addition, Tequatl will summon Tequatl’s Fingers which throw down a projectile that places a poison circle in the ground. This circle will deal about 1.5 –3k damage per tick but can be removed by #3 skill from the Hylek turrets. Additionally, well placed Walls of Reflection/reflects can block the projectiles from the fingers.


  • Players near Tequatl’s feet will need to watch for Dragon’s Step which can deal where from 2k to 9k damage. Those in the back near Tequatl’s tail will need to watch for his Tail Swipe and Bloated Creepers which will try to explode on top of you.
  • Past 75%, Tequatl will sometimes summon vortexes on the ground near the water. If you don’t dodge/run out of them, you will get sucked underwater. To escape the water, you will need to swim towards the light at the top.


  • Tequatl gains a buff called Hardened Scales every few seconds. Once this buff reaches to 20 stacks, a bone wall will be formed which blocks player access to Tequatl until it is broken down. This hurt your DPS so use the #2 skill from the Hylek turrets to prevent this buff from reaching to 20 stacks. Hardened Scales does not reduce incoming damage and only affects the fight once it reaches 20 stacks.


General Tips   

  • Pick up summon Fiery Greatsword/Icebow whenever you see them being dropped. They do more damage than your normal weapon. Elementalists should be dropping them whenever possible.
  • For Fiery Greatsword, players who pick it up will need to untarget and use the #4 skill (Fiery Rush). This will leave a fire trail that does a lot of damage. Then use your #3 skill (Fiery Twirl) to get back. Use your auto attack until the 3/4 skills are off cooldown.
  • Stay stacked as much as possible. This helps with buffs, cleanses, and revivals if you get downed.
  • If you are dead (not downed), you should be running back from the nearest waypoint (Brooloonu Waypoint) rather than waiitng to be rezzed. On the run back, you can use the jump pads to get back to the fight faster.


  • On the shockwaves, try dodge into them and then run back to the zerg to restack.


There are two positioning strategy being used. You will need to check with your commanders to see which one is employed by your server. In general, you have this configuration

  • 6 players on Hylek turrets
  • 20 players guarding the six turrets (split between the two sets of turrets). You can add more players if needed. These defenders will need to be on Tequatl during the 75/50/25% burn phase and return to their positions after.
  • Rest of the players in the frontline zerg with maybe a small group of players who will rotate between Tequatl and his fingers if needed.

Method 1 – Melee stacking: (Picture & description provided by Enforcer Rekkt @ Tarnished Coast)

  • The entire frontline zerg is stacked tightly on Tequatl’s left foot within melee range. Wall of Reflections and other projectile reflects are placed around the zerg to block attacks from Tequatl’s fingers. 5/6 of the Hylek turrets can cleanse and buff the zerg. 
  • Pros: Allow players to be in melee range to deal maximum DPS and also easier to coordinate as the main frontline zerg is in only one location.
  • Cons: Failure to properly stack can cause the zerg to die to poison circles from the fingers. You will also taking damage from Dragon’s Step, Bloated Creeper’s explosion, and need to dodge Shockwaves which can be a bit hard to see/react.


Method 2 – Ranged stacking

  • The zerg is split into two and placed in front of the two sets of turrets. Only ranged DPS is used and the turrets buff the zerg nearest to them. Zerg targets Tequatl’s head if possible.
  • Pros: You can avoid a lot of damage by staying ranged and you have more time to react to shockwaves.
  • Cons: Ranged DPS only and can cause confusion due to split of the zerg.


Hylek Turrets

Do not afk near the turrets or run past the turrets. More players near the turrets means more scaling which can cause champions mobs to spawn near the turrets.

The role played by the Hylek turrets is very crucial in this fight. There should be two teams of 10 players each guarding the two sets of turrets in addition to the six players on top of the turrets. The turrets need to be protected at all times from the risen mobs and Tequatl’s fingers. If the turrets gets damaged, they can be repaired by the Box of Repair Hammers nearby.

The mobs attacking the Hylek turrets do not spawn until 1 minute after the encounter starts. You can have some turret defenders attacking Tequatl and run back at 50 seconds into the fight.

Boon duration runes and traits affect the buffs you apply via the Hylek turrets so you will want people to have these on the turrets (especially the southern ones) if possible. Healing Power also affects the amount of heals from Hylek Salve.

Bug: if the turrets stop firing when you press the buttons, get off it and then get back on it.


  • Use #3 skill as much as possible to cleanse the zerg of the poison pool from Tequatl’s finger.
  • Have Tequatl marked  (Ctrl + T) and use #2 skill whenever it is off cooldown to remove his Hardened Scales. If you lose your target on Tequatl, use T to get the target back.
  • Use #4 and #5 skills whenever it is off cooldown on the frontline zerg attacking Tequatl
  • If your turret gets covered by poison pools from Tequatl’s finger, you can cleanse your own pool by the #3 skill.
  • Once Tequatl lands after being shot down by the Megalaser, use #4 and #5 skills on the zerg after they have started to engage Tequatl. Then use your #1 skill on Tequatl as this attacks now deals 9k damage when Tequatl is in that vulnerable phase.

Turret skills

#1 gw2-tequatl-guide-turret-skills-1 Stake Thrower Fire a stake at target. Does ~1k damage normally but 9k damage when Tequatl gets shot down.
#2 gw2-tequatl-guide-turret-skills-2 Scale Penetration Does no damage, but artillery pierces Tequatl’s hardened scales. 5000 range. 12s recharge
#3 gw2-tequatl-guide-turret-skills-3 Poison Cleanse Cleanse the poison created by Tequatl’s fingers – 3500 range
#4 gw2-tequatl-guide-turret-skills-4 Hylek Elixir Give 8 second pulse of Might, Fury, and Quickness. 3500 range, 15s recharge.
#5 gw2-tequatl-guide-turret-skills-5 Hylek Salve Give Protection, Regen, and Vigor for 5s. 3500 range. 15s recharge.

Class specific skills

  • Certain commanders generally prefer Guardians, Warriors, Mesmers, and Elementalists up in the frontline zerg and all other classes stay behind for turret defense. These four classes have skills that help the zerg with solvability and damage.
  • Guardians: Hallowed Ground, Stand Your Ground are stability skills you should use when you see the shockwaves coming. They will prevent the knockback from the shockwaves. Put up Wall of Reflection whenever it is up to reflect projectiles from Tequatl’s Fingers.
  • Mesmers: You can trait into Temporal Curtain (Focus #4 skill) to reflect projectiles. Put your Feedback on Tequatl’s Fingers and make sure your Timewrap is ready for use when Tequatl gets shot down.
  • Elementalist: Summon Ice Bows for the zerg to use whenever they are off cooldown. Summon Fiery Greatswords for use  when Tequatl lands after being shot down. Players who pick the greatsword up will need to untarget and use the #4 skill (Fiery Rush). This will leave a fire trail that does a lot of damage. Then use your #3 skill (Fiery Twirl) to get back. Use your auto attack until your 3/4 skills are backup.
    • Staff with Meteor Shower/Lava Font AoE skills are great for Tequatl as they can damage more than one hitbox of Tequatl and do more DPS.
    • Elementalists should also leave the batteries/megalaser event at 20 seconds to give them time to summon the fiery greatswords ahead of the main zerg.
  • Warriors: Make sure to have a Battle Standard as your elite to revive other players and have a banner with two shouts as your utilities (Banner of Defense is a good idea). Be sure to place the banners a bit distance away from the main zerg so players don’t pick up your banners while trying to grab summoned weapons or revive other players.


  • You get daily, account bound bonus chests for getting Tequatl to 75, 50, and 25%. These chests are only rewarded to you if you participate in the Batteries/Megalaser defense event. You do not get them if all you do is attacking Tequatl. These chests mostly reward you with greens and you do not get anything special from them.
  • You also get a daily, account bound bonus chest for defeating Tequatl. This chest contains Dragonite Ore and a rare/exotic.
  • Finally, You get a grand chest you can loot after defeating Tequatl. This chest is a daily chest that is character bound.
  • The grand chest contains mostly greens, some rares/exotics, 1 gold, dragonite ore but sometimes you can get lucky and get

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

40 replies on “GW2 Tequatl the Sunless strategy guide”

You should also note that getting hit by the shockwaves will knock you back and can even hit you multiple times. Do not try to jump over them if you are going for a kill as dodging is much more reliable (and always dodge towards the wave.)

As for the zerg strategies, my server (Blackgate) has been doing a single stack just slightly north of the one indicated between the point on the main island and the L-shaped island. We go full ranged to avoid the step attacks, and have pretty good warning for the shockwaves.

You left out a few tips. First your boon duration runes affects the buffs you apply using the hylek turrets, so the best setups are boon stacking armor runes+traits for turret users.
Also I believe aiming at the head does as much damage as hitting his feet, someone should correct me on this if I’m wrong, (I know it used to be pre-patch, but I believe it was changed).

PVT has more Power and VPT has more Vitality.
You see the difference? If not, you’re being petty here ^^

Definitely want the PVT. The more power you can get, the better, as raw DPS (from power) is what will take down Teq, NOT critical damage or conditions. VPT is sup-par in comparison. There is enough support from everyone’s secondary skills if the groups stay stacked in order to stay alive where the extra vitality from VPT is not needed.

Just quick point, if you stack on right foot you only get buffs/cleanse from one set of turrets also if you split for 2 groups dps stack they also have only 1 turrets range each side. We have done well with single ranged middle stack with organised group.

Dodge forward for the shockwaves, and save stability skills like Stand your ground for when he does his fear. Sure, you can condi remove it, except his casting lasts for so long that it’ll almost certainly be re-applied. Stability is a lot more effective.

For the stunned phase: There should be a small team of players (3-5) that clear out all of the Fingers of Tequatl at his landing zone to ensure there is no poison when he crashes down. Once Tequatl is vulnerable, every player on the map, except for the 6 turret operators, should be focused on attacking him. Fire Elemental Powder is very good here! Note: You’ll see the damage numbers on his head, but his hitbox is actually further back as per this image.

About Boon Duration: It helps against Hylek Salve, but not at all with Hylek Elixir. Ideally, you would want players with Healing Power and Boon Duration on the Hylek Turrets because it affects the Regeneration it applies. They also have a target cap that affects more than 10 but less than 30. I haven’t been able to confirm what the exact amount is!

Would Frost Spirits from rangers help? I know they used to stack, might still do, and I’ve heard that traited it’s about a +7% damage boost.

Just want to say sharpening stones are better for everyone because I’m quite certain undead pots doesn’t work on tequalt. The damage probably affects the elementalists weapons too, and that’s a good thing.

If you have Fire Elemental, don’t use Ogre Pet Whistle. It will take longer for the fire elemental to come out of CD as far as i know. the pet will die instantly anyway.

Other useful consumables:
Healing Seed Pod ( and Grawl Ritual Totem (

seed pod can be useful as emergency water field, it’s a bit better during Battery defense, or if you defend the Turrets.
Grawl Ritual Totem is good, to fear away the risen from battery and turrets for a few secs.

As for Turret defense: Assign a 3rd and 4th team that will do Turret Rescue Team. They will be part of the Zerg, but as soon as the Turrets are overrun, the Rescue Team comes and helps defend the Turrets until the situation is cleared. This is extremly helpful if your server has many afk leeches on the jumping pads. This will prevent scaling at the start and if the event is scaled up, you have a Plan B this way.

Also I think you should address event scaling Dulfy. Since it is the main reason why the event fails on most servers. Please add to your guide, that people should never wait for Tequatl behind the Turrets. They should stand at the front lines to begin with. AFK’ing at the Jump Pads will cause the server to fail, if you are still afk when Teq arrives. After the event is over, people should not regroup behind the turrets. They should regroup and wait at the Front lines. Also people should run back between the two turret lines when they respawn and not through the turrets, to also prevent scaling. There should only be the Turret Team and the Turret defense team standing at the Turrets zones. So 8 people per Turret Line. If there are more the event risks to get upscaled (and have a rescue team ready in case this happens)

If you are a condition necro you should be on turret defense. The
conditions stack up really fast on mobs and some of them, particularly
champions will be great targets to use epidemic on. The surrounding
enemies will drop dead extremely fast. A properly specced necro will do
~100+ damage per bleed tick, so with max stacks of bleed thats ~2500
damage a second to 5 extra targets every 12 seconds (Recharge traited
epidemic) + large stacks of vulnerability, poison/burning/torment and the control condis cripple/chill/immobilize help slow their advance on the turrets. During the vulnerability phase I’ve found it most efficient
to go Death shroud #4 to open followed by the auto attack on Lich form.
Even if you are specced for condition damage the stat buffs provided by
lich form + the vulnerability on Tequatl lets you do significant damage
to him. Otherwise you’re just attacking with your scepter and adding
bleeds that get removed by other players bleeds which are likely not as
damaging as yours since you can’t always rely on getting a summoned
weapon from an ele.

Dulfy, it is really nice for all of us casuals that don’t have time to spend 40+ hours a week online/ingame, that you share all this information. So many ‘pro’ players, be they real professionals like your self, or just the trust fund kids, welfare layabouts and other people with no real life committments just want to lord it over us casuals and crow about being first or how ‘easy’ it is for them. Thanks for carrying on a knowledge sharing tradition so many pros today think is passe.

in Baruch Bay some lot of comunity people have been working hard to get the event done by tons of casuals, killing it at various hours the whole weekend, dont think gw2 as a WoW envyroment, or any diferences on casuals and pros, this boss ins some server pride event that want to be done by everyone ^^

You make it sound like everyone was keeping the strategy a secret or something, but that’s far from the case. In fact, the strategy was first released by players from Blackgate, pretty much as soon as they figured it out. Not to mention Blackgate is very open with sharing the strategy, and encourages players to learn on Blackgate and take the information back to their home servers.

That said, I do agree that Dulfy is definitely a good source for information, and it’s much appreciated for it to be compiled into one place.

It is nice, that you are grateful, but as the other replies said it: this is just not the truth in GW2. I spent the whole saturday and sunday on Riverside explaining and organizing with, yes, “casuals”, and we managed to kill him I think 4 times with extremely different setups.

And then again, there isn’t much “tactic” to this fight anyways. Everything that is being used here is logic that even someone who only plays a few hours a week could grasp.
I do more damage on the boss now? Better use my high damage cooldowns/ group buffs now!
There are damaging fields on the ground? Better avoid them!
There are too many people at some place and the events scale too high? Better get the hell away from there!
There are those battery things, my event shows healthbars for them and everyone is running to them? Better join and defend them! After all “Megalaser” sounds pretty cool anyway!

Its no secret magic the “pros” are doing here.

I’m from SoR and I’m also a casual player. I hopped onto our server’s raidcall over the weekend to get the fight cause I couldn’t over the weekday. While some players in the over flow map chats liked to throw similar accusations about obsessive elitism, the commanders were very understanding and willing to help out. If we failed there was no berating about how “terribad” people were playing. Additionally, we had folks from various other servers like Ehmry Bay, Fort Aspenwood, even other bigger servers like TC and BG. It’s by no means an easy fight, but if you’re willing to hop onto a free voice chat program and actually listen to people who are organizing rather than throwing an ego fit about ONLY playing how you want to play, it will make a WORLD of a difference.

Thanks for the guide, Dulfy. Was nice meeting you ingame this weekend too, if only briefly. The zerg train does not wait for small talk, sadly!

your strategy looks very good and thanks for sharing. I still havent seen it in action. The last time I attempted to get a kill from Tequatl was 2 days ago. I finally gave up coz it just pisses me off. I can never get to my main server during peak hours. If I do it when there is less people, obviously we lose big. End up in an overflow where a lot of the players are just standing there waiting for a chance to be swept up to their main server. I can only afford at least 2 hrs a day to play the game. Sometimes that’s about your wait time for TEQ to spawn. What a stupid RECYCLED event from ANET IMO. But, you are still the greatest Dulfy

Um Oddly enough, teqiatl can still be completed with as few as 5 mins remaining if 75% has not been reached. We had a major dc event (not the ddos) but my guild mates and me plus about 100 more had gotten back in, and saw the situation, instead of leave, Turn and BURN. Max dps across all phases. We did it with 50 seconds to spare. I would say if 75% is not hit by 4 mins remaining, its a fail.

Looks like the links to the consumables in the “What you will need” section are broken and they don’t take you to the correct item.

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