GW2 Bone Pick and Deathly Dye pack in the Gemstore

GW2 Gemstore was updated today with Bone Pick, a new unlimited mining tool, and the Deathly Dye pack, which has a chance to give out six new dyes.

Bone Pick – 800 gems

  • This mining pick is soulbound on use like the molten mining pick.


Deathly Dye Pack – 125 gems per pack or 5 for 500 gems.

  • Contains one dye per pack from a pool of 25 dyes, including six new dye colors.
  • Swampblack Dye [&AgEduwAA]
  • Caustic Dye [&AgEeuwAA]
  • Toxin Dye [&AgEfuwAA]
  • Algae Dye [&AgEguwAA]
  • Acid Dye [&AgEhuwAA]
  • Acrid Dye [&AgEiuwAA]
  • Chat codes obtained from datamining thread posted by that_shaman on reddit.

Light armor


Medium Armor


Heavy Armor


  • Adnidireilasar

    so now we drill for oil with our mining equippment xD

  • Liric

    Is the bone pick any different than the molten one? It has a different color name…

    • Well the differences are not that big

      1) rock spews out black goo instead of lava/fire

      2) Pick looks different and the bone pick has a black trail after it.

      • Liric

        No actual difference in rates for ruined mats or anything though? I know my infinite harvesters have given me ruined logs and ore before.

        • Don’t think so and I have never seen ruined stuff from my infinite tools.

          • MeGaZlo

            No, it’s true. When any “automechanics” procks, all resorses collected after that until the end of cast will be broken.

            For examples: warrior’s auto-stability, engi auto-elexir B, explosion of ele’s arcane shield, auto-summoning of necro’s bone fiend (if you cover up your enemy by conditions and he dies when you harvest), etc.

            Tested many times by all classes

            • Lord

              I confirm this (first happened to me this week end while mining orichalcum and ancient tree in Orr).
              While being attacked, it can become ruined stuff

            • Shadowrak

              “explosion of ele’s arcane shield” I always pop this when I mine. I collect proper mats after the shield ends unless I get hit with an interrupt skill before I finish gathering

              • MeGaZlo

                Under the explosion, I mean a explosion. Shield explode after 3 hits. Also nor any control will work if you under shield. With the exception of unblockable. But you not often seen such from mobs…

        • FYI

          Being attacked while mining has a chance to ruin the ores you get. I’ve had this a few times as well, but always when being hit while mining.

          • Noka

            There are threads about this on the official forums and the devs have their eye on it.

            The exact bug is not linked to you being attacked but to passive traits activating skills. I.e. warriors with the trait Resistance activating Balanced Stance while mining causes ruined ore/ruined logs.

            In short: everything that automatically activates skills while mining/gathering causes ruined materials.

            • DaGhostDS

              I can confirm that.

      • craziplaya21

        We were graced with a hybrid not too long ago lol! (a bug)

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  • Jen

    why is this bone pick rare while the molten alliance pick is masterwork? shouldn’t they be the same color?

  • Ares Zax

    Toxin and Caustic dye look really nice on Heavy Armor. Rest seems close enough to existing dyes that I can give them a pass.

  • Cinnamongod

    Another soulbound item 🙁 I wont be getting any of these either.

    • Sini

      I actually want to buy this for my necro, but I can’t justify it since I already paid 800 gems for the molten pick for him. Oh well, they won’t be getting my money for that.

      • Sini

        Actually, I totally missed my own point. Way to go, Sini. Anyway, if I could give my necro’s molten pick to another character, I’d buy the bone pick in a heartbeat.

  • Sarigar

    I’ve seen people using the Molten Alliance picks in Orr and other places; I thought it looked very cool, but I didn’t know where they got the pick or that there was anything special about it. Now I want one! But I missed the first event, and the anniversary sale, so I reckon I have to sit tight til they show up again.

    The Bone Pick looks cool, but not really the right style for most of my characters, and it’s something I’d put on an 80, not a mid 40’s necro. I know some folks who will be enthused about it, though.

    • korval

      The molten Alliance pick is a reoccurring limited item on the gemstore.

      • Hugo

        Honestly, w/ them releasing this one, I doubt they’ll bring back the molten alliance one. Both times they said they weren’t gonna offer it again, but obviously they did it again so people would have access to the unlimited pick if they didn’t before (ANet loves appeasing people).

        But now that they’ve introduced this new model it seems more likely they’ll bring out new ones and not rerelease that one again. Just my 2c though.

        • korval

          Perhaps but I like my Molten Alliance Pick and don’t want to waste $10 on another pick.

  • JeinS

    rip off…if it’s a “Deathly Dye Pack” you should only get one of the new colors. I mean, there is already the dye pack that gives you all these other random colors. This one should be unique from it, not the same thing

  • nathan goossen

    what combo of armor is that for the heavy armor showing the dyes ? looks rather nice

    • wheniwasyoung

      this is a guess but coe shoulders,vigil leggings, arah arms, chest & feet

      • Jeylyfish

        chest is also from vigil’s armor set.

  • nathan goossen

    k thx alot

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