Patch 2.4 SWTOR

SWTOR Oricon missions guide

A guide to SWTOR Oricon missions and dallies introduced with Patch 2.4.

Are you looking for bonus missions/lore objects?

Lead in Quest

It is best if you start on the fleet as otherwise if you start on Oricon you will be sent back to the fleet and waste some valuable time.

  • On the Empire side find D5-F2, a droid for Oricon missions, on the north section of the fleet. Talking to the droid will start the mission A Master Revealed, which will lead you to Oricon. Reward is Artifact Gear Container which contains a random Artifact gear with 66 mods and 10476 credits (left pic)
  • On the Republic side find D5-F2, a droid for Oricon missions, on the south section of the fleet. Talking to the droid will start the mission Days of Dread, which will lead you to Oricon. Reward is Artifact Gear Container which contains a random Artifact gear with 66 mods and 10476 credits (right pic)


If you have skipped the cutscene for this lead in quest, you can watch it here.


How do I get to Oricon?

Oricon can be reached in two ways. It is a level 55 planet and it is similar to Section X in size.


  • Your personal starship –> Seat of the Empire –> Oricon
  • Purchase the priority travel option under Character perks in your legacy menu.

Oricon Map

There is an achievement called The Walking Dread (not The Walking Dead) for getting map exploration. The middle map is a picture I took right before I reached the last area (circled in red) for map completion. This should give you an idea of what is needed to explore and what will uncover by themselves when you have explored all the areas. 


A note about Oricon missions

Oricon solo daily missions are not available until you complete the a short quest chain that ends before the [Heroic 2+]. If you wish to unlock the [Heroic 2+] daily, you will need to complete the [Heroic 2+] in the quest line as well. The dallies themselves are pretty much identical to the quests in the chain except some of them will ask you for fewer objectives.

Note that the [Weekly] quest will ask you to complete the [H2] and the [Area] quest.

Empire and Republic quest chain/dallies are pretty much identical except for one minor difference in the quest chain. Quest 3 and 4 in the chain are switched in order between Empire and Republic. Empire quest names will be denoted by [E], Republic quest names will be denoted by [R] and dallies will be denoted by [D].

Empire [E] Republic [R] Dallies [D]
[Area] The Master’s Minions    

  1. A Master Revealed
  2. Gathering Forces
  3. Seeds of Dread
  4. Scarred Paradise
  5. The Hand that Sees
  6. [H2] Clipping Winds
[Area] The Master’s Minions

  1. Days of Dread
  2. Spark of Hope
  3. Haunted Paradise
  4. Seeds of Dread
  5. Eye of Terror
  6. [H2] The Darkening Stars
  • [Area] Oricon Decimation
  • Fallen Forces
  • False Paradise
  • Dread Engines
  • The Tower’s Core

If you have skipped cutscenes for the quest chain, you can watch them here all compiled together.





[AREA] The Master’s Minions/[AREA] Oricon Decimation

This is an area quest you get automatically when you travel outside the landing area. This area quest is a daily and requires you to kill 50 Dread Forces. It is called The Master’s Minions the first time you complete it and Oricon Decimation once you have done it at least once.

Story mission reward: Artifact Gear Container which contains a random Artifact gear with 66 mods, 5 Basic Commendations, 1x Corrupted Biosample, and 13620 credits.


2. [E]Gathering Forces/[R]Spark of Hope/[D]Fallen Forces

  • Free Republic Survivors: 0/5
  • To free the Republic survivors, you will need to interact with the Escape Pods that are scattered around in the designated area. Do this 5 times to complete the quest and return to Lord Hargrev.


  • Story mission reward: 1x Corrupted Biosample, 5 Basic Commendations, 13620 credits, choice of two Artifact quality gloves, and 50 DS or LS points.


3. [E][R]Seeds of Dread/[D]Dread Engines

  • Note: Empire players will do Seeds of Dread and then Scarred Paradise while Republic players have the opposite order.
  • Destroy Terraforming Devices: 0/5 (0/3 for Daily)


  • Disable the Primary Terraforming Device
  • Defeat the Corrupted Elder Subteroth – Hits rather hard so bring a healer companion. Defeating it will reward you with Thunder from Down Under achievement under Dallies –> Oricon –> Daily Bosses


  • Power Down the Terraforming Console
  • Story mission reward: 1x Corrupted Biosample, 5 Basic Commendations, 13620 credits, choice of two Artifact quality Chests.


4. [E]Scarred Paradise/[R]Haunted Paradise/[D]False Paradise

  • Obtain Bioenergy Enhancers: 0/10 (0/5 for daily) – For this portion of the quest you have to kill Dread Guard Beast Lords and Dread Guard Beast Lord Acolytes, only these enemies will drop the Bioenergy Enhancers that you need!


  • Locate the Dark Energy Source – Using the Bioenergy Enhance on your mission log will give the entrance to a cavern.


  • Enter the Rooted Depths
  • Defeat the Corrupted Bothrium Beast: Killing him will reward you with the achievement Little Cave of Horrors under Dallies –> Oricon –> Daily Bosses
    • Has a lifedrain ability called Extract which you must interrupt
    • Also summon tentacles that will heal him if not killed quickly.


  • Story mission reward: 1x Corrupted Biosample, 5 Basic Commendations, 13620 credits, choice of two Artifact quality boots, and 50 DS or LS points.


5. [E]The Hand That Sees/[R]Eye of Terror/[D]The Tower’s Core

  • Travel to the Watchtower Steps
  • Reach the Watchtower’s Control Room
  • Disable the Core’s Defenses: There are 3 consoles in the room that you must interact. Interacting with each one spawn a small wave of mobs that you must defeat. You must interact with the two side consoles before interacting with the consoles in the very back.


  • Access the Computer Core Controls
    • Defeat Commander Zaoron, doing so will reward you with the achievement The Eye of Zaoron under Dallies –> Oricon –> Daily Bosses
    • Commander Zaoron hits very hard and force chokes you from time to time. Bring a healer companion.


  • Story mission reward: 1x Corrupted Biosample, 5 Basic Commendations, 13620 credits, choice of two Artifact quality legs


6. [HEROIC 2+] Clipping Winds/[HEROIC 2+] The Darkening Stars/[DAILY HEROIC 2+] Preemptive Strike

  • Defeat Dread Host Commanders: 0/3 (0/2 for daily)
    • Need to defeat named Champions that are in the area.
    • Note: The map here shows the final destination of these Champions. They spawn elsewhere and take a long walk to reach their final destination. Thus they have a chance to be killed on their walk. The map is incomplete.


  • Sabotage Dread Host Transports: 0/5 (0/4 for daily) – You will need to get near the shuttle and click on the part at the top to throw a bomb.


  • Story mission rewards: 17025 credits, 1x Dread Guard Cranial Scan, 10 Basic Commendations, 150 LS/DS points, choice of two Artifact quality helms.
  • Daily Rewards: 13620 credits, 5 Basic Commendations, 1x Corrupted Biosample


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

100 replies on “SWTOR Oricon missions guide”

Yeah, I noticed that also :-/…I’m hoping they do that like in 2.0 with the 72’s (Quick Savant 31 in Mara pants…classic lol)
…I guess we will see when the Patch Notes come out…Did you happen to get any Implant drops on your Sorc on the PTS? Curious of the stats on them..

I hope they don’t give 78 gear with ultimate comms…people have farmed pretty hard on NiM TFB/S&V just to get 75…so giving away 78 for free is a bit rude =P

Just the mod normally though isn’t it, that or the enhancement i don’t remember! They’re still quite the leap up! Anyway patch looks exciting i’ve been hanging for some new ops!

Unlettered mods for healers and DPS and the Quick Savant enhancement for healers. It’s just mitigation loving Tanks that can’t salvage a single piece (if they copy black market/verpine) *sigh*

Yeah, it’s 78 non-set bonus (Oriconian) for Utimate, Verpine for Elite, and Black Market for Basics. 66 gear isn’t buyable for comms anymore bc they pretty much hand you a full set on Oricon.

Being a while but these guys were pretty tough to kill. Lots of HP and deals alot of damage. I saw alot of DPS getting owned by these. it wasn’t exactly a cake walk on my Kell Dragon geared healer either.

Writing them now, we only did 4/5 into Dread Fortress and never touched Dread Palace so my guides pre 2.4 will just cover those. Once 2.4 is launched I will finish up the operation guide.

Awesome. I mostly want to have some idea what to expect. Didn’t get to go on the PTS this time and all I know is new gear and 2 new operations with 5 bosses each. Outside of that in the dark.

Basic comms and other garbage rewards that are pretty much useless. Same old boring thing, different planet. That’s all this game is now. It’s no wonder I unsubed a month ago. Ohh well, looks like I wont be coming back. I’ll wait for 2.5 and see what comes.

Did you really expect something besides basic comms from…dailies? I mean seriously, have you ever played an MMO before? You should probably reconsider your attitude and play the game for fun instead of for “rewards”.

Dailies and weeklies certainly aren’t my idea of fun. It’s nice to do the quest once on each side though, to experience the story so that’s nice. Then again, the more choices you have for dailies, the better. Still, it just doesn’t make sense to me that level 55 dailies reward commendations that can only buy level 53 gear. They should at least grant commendations that can buy level 55 gear or be level 53 quests.

If they’s like to add something that’s fun, they should add some multiplayer mini-games like Sabacc, Pazaak, Dejarik, a X-Wing/TIE Fighter/Jump to Lightspeed style space combat simulation, etc.. I’d also like to finally see the long promised chat bubbles/overhead chat text option so it’ll be easier to socialize and roleplay in this game, too .

They are adding X-Wing/TIE Fighter/Jump to Lightspeed style space combat with the SSSP that will come sometime in the next year.

The developers stated that they tried chat bubbles during the beta. Many people complained about the chat spam and the lag the chat bubbles caused and how silly they looked, so they took them away. I don’t know why they did not just make the bubbles an option.

Actually they’ve said they were trying to get it out as a Christmas/New Years update. Which would be Amazing! They’re going to start to testing here shortly.

^ This times x1000. I don’t think EA realizes the potential of one of the most addictive side games inside of a game seen in KOTOR known as Pazaak. One of the planets seldom visited after leveling Nar Shadda has a huge floating casino. It would be so easy for them to implement and give reputation points and vendors just like the other ops.

why u here, mr.i-dont-sub-for-month-ago ?
and when 2.5 hit , are u will dick-commenting ”i will never be comming back , cos im idiot whos hate dis ded gaem but, hey i will commenting dat i wont comming back so ya guys will know”

I welcome more dailies! I really don’t know why some people don’t like doing them cause it’s a great way to gear alts and stock up on credits for stuff I want from the GTN.

Hey, has anyone found what and where the bonus missions are on Oricon? Looking at the Oricon achievements, I’ve found that there’s one titled “Oricon completionist” for finishing 4 bonus missions.
Also, could you post a map of the Oricon codex entries for the Oricon loremaster achievement if it’s not too big a problem?
Much appreciated!

There’s a bonus mission for the daily “[D]The Tower’s Core” where you’ll see there are panels along the outside wall as you travel up the stairs on your way up the tower. I believe you must clicky 5 of the panels, then submit the data via a specific panel at the outside, top of the tower.

Dulfy, quick question… I was thinking of getting back into my 55 Shadow for this – he has all Makeb mods and some BH gear too – the comp he’d bring is spec’ed about the same mod-wise. Will I get my butt handed to me or should my gear cut it? Thanks!

Basic Gear (156 rating), you basically get an entire free set just by completing the story arc so there’s no excuse for the people jumping into the new ops in black hole or whatever.

I hope these daily’s are as fun as CZ-198 was, I really enjoyed those, but I hit legend and really no need to go back. IMO that was a great blueprint for daily’s though….small area where you could do a couple at the same time, Bioware got it right on those.

I’m confused, the story chain is advanced by doing quests that are then repeatable as dailies without the interlinking cutscenes?

As I don’t want to watch the scenes, can I also ask whether the dark/light choice mentioned as a reward for the H2+ is made during that quest (as in, when grouped with other players, assuming you can’t power through it alone) or afterwards when turning in?

lore object for dread master bestia (holocron of corruption) is at -184,493 you have to follow a path up to the lore object from the left of the cave entrance and do a little bit of jumping on rocks to get up to it.

This probably isn’t all that helpful since your map is of their final destinations, but the last boss for the Preemptive Strike map (Melora) spawns at the tents just south of where you have Jor Masar. Not sure how far she walks but I know she starts going south around the Transport there.

there’s many more there’s one on top of a walker near the northern cave, and 2 in the heroic area (one in a tent) and one on the southern steps

The southen steps is Raptus, got it.. which tent has the last one?

Found Holocron of Artifice, Dread Master brontes, -230 , 10, on top of a Isotope-5 droid chassis, just jump on a nearby log to reach it

Update, Found it

Holocron of Artifice, Dread Master Tyrans 98, 1, inside a tent on heroic area, guarded by a large number of normal mobs

one of the bonus missions starts at the terraformers. after you click on it at the bottom is a crystal you can click on. you take it to the subteroth cave and the pyramid in front is then clickable. It’ll spawn a corrupted subteroth (gold elite) and you’ll have to kill it 🙂

I’ve found the final bonus mission, which is tied to the heroic 2 quest. Use your macrobinoculars to spot a control terminal near a satellite dish, not far from the southern stairs. Then scan the four relay towers along the outer wall of the compound. Then venture inside the compound, interact with another terminal and kill the Dread Commander.

So the 4 bonus missions are:

Watching the Watchtowers: retreive the data modules from the scanner arrays in the central watchtower
Reshaping Oricon: Retrieve the crystals from underneath the terraforming devices
Roots of Corruption: Dig up corrupted roots near the twisted obelisks and corrupted tentacles
Pre-Emptive Signals: Scan the data relays in the Dread Guard Launch Facility.

In addition, I’ve found all 6 Codex entries, too:

Dread Master Bestia: Located atop a rock pile above the instance with the Corrupted Subteroth.
Dread Master Brontes: Located on top of a walker near the area with the tentacles.
Dread Master Calphayus: Located on a protruding ledge, left of the terrace on the second level of the Watchtower, immediately after exiting the tunnel
Dread Master Raptus: Located atop the southern staircase leading to the heroic area
Dread Master Tyrans: Located inside a tent in the central square of the southern hearoic area
The Dread Fortress: Located on a pole at the top of the staircase, leading to the speeder that takes you to the operations

The terminal/dish was near the north stairs. The macrobinoculars indicate that there is something over there, like when there is a treasure to dig up.

I found a terminal in the NW section of the heroic that started it for me (between the dots for Kavo and Sorna on Dulfy’s map). From there, you scan the four watchtowers with your macrobinoculars, and then proceed to fight an elite mob near where you found the first terminal. This is marked on your map and can be found around where Dulfy’s quest marker is, in between Kavo/Sorna/Slegh.

Has anyone found all the champion mobs in the heroic area? I’ve gotten all of them but one (I’m not in game right now, so I can’t check which one I’m missing). I’ve searched all over the heroic area and can’t seem to find that last one.

The quests only give these rewards the first time. Once they become dailies they only give 2 basic comms and 8730 credits.

That’s the same one I was having trouble with, but ended up stumbling upon it the other day. It’s in the south half of the heroic, but I’m not sure where it ends up (was still walking when I started the fight).

We* found the spawn point for Malora Pradon. She was going to start walking north along the dotted path from her spawn point, but we interrupted her patrol so that we could get the achievement 😀

It’s extremely poor design to have overpowered elites like the Subteroth that require a healer companion while all the others will fail. Note to Bioware: SOLO missions are for SOLO players. Stop putting in elites that hit like heroic or flashpoint bosses

By not being fucking horrible at this game. Learn how to use your stuns. And USE YOUR EYES to figure out HOW the enemy is doing its damage to you.

Not at all. You happen to be bad, and nothing either one of us can say will change that. Get better, or stop complaining about not being able to kill things that are designed to be soloable.

actually moron- you cannot use stuns on elites. IT specifically calls it out that the mob is immune to stuns.

Ok first off, enough of the elitist crap and enough of the name calling.

Some tips on beating this and any boss you run across:

1. Pay attention to channeled abilities – this will often be a life/death thing when soloing. If you interrupt a mob’s abilities and learn which ones to interrupt mobs that you once thought unsoloable become a lot more manageable as a result.

2. What dictates whether a mob can be stunned isn’t whether they’re Champion (Gold and silver), elite (gold), strong (silver) it’s whether or not they have the immunity buff. The buff looks like a silhouette of a person from the shoulders up with a gold background. You can mouse over their buffs/debuffs to see a tooltip of exactly what it does. Subterroth is a special case. He starts out being immune to stuns and then an announcement is made when he becomes vulnerable to stuns.

3. When going up against enemies that are much more difficult you’ll find it’s wise to bring a healer companion if you’re not one yourself. I’m not saying you have to, only that your survivability will increase if you do. Until you learn how to approach a particular group of enemies I would recommend doing so.

As for me I could solo the subterroth as I’m a healer so I brought along HK-51 and damaged/stunned him whenever I could and healed when I had to. Alternatively my girlfriend plays a marauder and solos it with a healer companion.

Finally, there are guides that go into detail on how to optimize your character and what abilities to use when to play your class to the best of its ability. The official swtor forums are a great place to find this information and provides a wonderful community of people who can answer any questions you have.

Hope this helped and best of luck to you.

Excellent tips and thanx for sharing. The game for the most part in questing is designed to be soloable. This is why you get a variety of companions to bring wether you need the extra fire power or someone to heal or tank for you. So if you are having to bring a healer but you are still able to beat it then you are doing it solo. I have had no little issue with many of the mechanics in game as I leveled and gear as a tank with a dps companion. Some fights were long and tiring due to less damage output but overall I could survive long enough to learn the fights, what hurts and what to jolt, stun, knockback etc. If you got defensive cooldowns use em, if you got heal packs use em. Be thankful the game can be challenging at times because at the end you will fill accomplished it, if it was a cakewalk you would end up saying its a handout and not enjoying it.

Thanks for the tips. So tired of elitist douche bags who are more interested in condescending than helping. They forget that some don’t have $2000 gaming rigs bought by mommy. And some of us are older with arthritis in both hands, full time jobs and actual lives.

Don’t cry because you are in a shitty job and can’t afford a top end rig. It’s also funny how you have to mention you have a life, in a desperate attempt to validate being a peasant.

You will find most gamers with good rigs are adults. Claiming everyone with a good rig is a child shows how jealous you are.

You failed at life, get over it.

I find shitty players in real life….these are the types whom we remove .
But maybe in real life some of us are just all that and a BAG of really hot chips….

Hey Dulfy, great guide as always – just a quick addition: D5-F2, the droid (Imperial side) that gives the first quest to go to Oricon is also present on CZ-198 near the landing shuttle, in addition to his location on the Fleet you mentioned.

I would assume the same is true of the Republic version.


Any ideas how/where to get the heroic missions “A Hero’s Hero” and “The Unsung Hero” listed under the Oricon heroic missions “The Dreaded Hero” achievement?

For “A Hero’s Hero” kill any mob within the Heroic Area, except the Commanders. Anything else will count.

Hello. Is it possible to pass these missions in solo? I stuck with this Corrupted Bothrium Beast. It kills me in seconds!! (I’m 55lvl with 61 items gears).

Everyone is complaining about the subteroth beast. To me he’s easy. Im a marauder, easily soloed him with my purple mods, armorings, and enhancements. Of course I used my healer but even using jaesa and vette for dps I had no trouble. Learning your role is key to this fight

Actually the marauder is an excellent class to solo that fight with, better than most really since they have multiple/short interupts and deal a lot of damage quickly.

Mara is a faceroll class, try soloing him as a healer. It’s a infinite fight you can’t win.

I found Malora Pradon at coords (X,Y) 5,4 I believe that is where she turns around and starts walking back the other direction.

Check the mod (mouse over it)…higher purple gear is often locked to a specific armor piece (e.g. chest, waist, feet, etc).

To clarify, try putting the artifact mod into the same type (chest/waist/etc) of your orange armor. That has worked for me.

So I think I stuck in the Oricon missions. I’m on “The Hand That Sees” and I need to shut down defenses by accessing the three computers in the room – problem, I can’ t access the computers. I’ve tried resetting the quest (meaning run all the way back downstairs to rediscover stuff) but that didn’t help. Any suggestions?

The computer on the right barely allowed me to interact with it and its response is “Unable to power down internal defense grid”…

Does anyone know if you can get the mission back if you abandon the quest?

It’s been awhile since I started, and I’m only on Spark of Hope so I wanted to make sure before something goes wrong.

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