GW2: New Hairstyles coming in tomorrow’s Twilight Assault patch

A preview of some of the new hair styles players can expect in tomorrow’s Twilight Assault patch. Images are taken from Arenanet’s GW2 facebook page.

Each race appears to have 3 new hairstyles for each gender. The exception seems to be Sylvari, where the hairstyles are shared between the genders.





















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39 replies on “GW2: New Hairstyles coming in tomorrow’s Twilight Assault patch”

A bit disappointed that the hairstyles for male and female Sylvari are exactly the same, but more options is always good. 🙂 That Princess Leia hairdo for female Asura is just too cute. XD

Nice to see some new hairstyles. Def glad I have a free Makeover kit to mess around with these with. 🙂

I like the Sylvari styles though I am disappointed at the lack of variety compared to the humans, but obviously they took a lot of work. But the human hairstyle that is Marjorys has a high chance of being taken by my “canthan” human. 😛 Asura hairstyles are awesome though, some good female ones now. Makes me wish I kept an Asura character.

Now if they just give us more faces.

Got dammit! I had just used my Total Make Over Kit a few says ago when I gotten 10,000 AP (I redo my human thief character including changing his hair!).
Still I am glad that the Asuran has more hairstyle now since they had the least amount compared to the other races.
Also eventhought it look like you can get Braham hairstyle but yet again Scarlet hair isn’t shown above (but again who would want her hairstyle?).

Actually, this is the second set of new hair styles they’ve done since launch, I believe. Can’t blame them for putting new character cosmetics at the bottom of there list though. So many more important things.

well, since the game mainly rolls around cosmetics anyways they might just keep adding these kind of things. Not that that is that bad but still </3

The second hairstyle for sylvari isn’t the same, actually. The idea is the same, but it’s got a slight variation (I also think the female one is a flower, while the male one is just leaves, but maybe I’m wrong, it could be because of the angle).

Also that face that the human is making in the second panel is note an new emote, I think the male characters actually make this face at the end of the /threaten emote (my Sylvari does it).

LOL. Love the Charr lion main one. Might use it for my next warrior.

Some of the others are pretty cool too. Like the first male Norn one. Not bad ANet.

I knew they would do Ragnar’s viking hairstyle for norn. Can’t wait next season of Vikings, so psyched >.<

So for the male norn it’s Braham’s novelty hair, which looks like it was the victim of a malicious lawnmower, something from a TV series (originality?) and finally ‘The Avengers’ Thor hair. >.< Thanks, but no thanks.
I will say though that the humans look nice.

Woah, that Norn sure looks hawt. I guess I’ll change my Charr’s hair, strange they didn’t say anything about the new horns or probably I missed the news.

I took a look at the Sylvari hairstyles and the 2nd one does differ between male and female the female has an open flower while the male is almost completely closed. Also it seems only the edges and the flower on the 2nd hairstyle are affected by hair color most of the “leafy” part is tied to skin color

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