GW2 Twilight Assault Livestream preview

Some notes on tomorrow’s GW2 Twilight Assault patch update taken from the developer public livestream hosted by Leif Chappelle.

Background Info

  • Brand new level 80 TA explorable mode path – permanent addition to the game with its own set of achievements and meta.
  • New loading screen with Caithe
  • Brand new lobby to the left of the existing lobby of the explorable.
  • Lionguard is here for revenge – Aetherblades killed one of the councilors earlier in Dragon Bash. Caithe have some other agenda.
  • You talk to Caithe first to decide if you want to do the new path or the old paths (they are still level 55)
  • Old FU path has being replaced by this new level 80 path. If you have your Dungeon Master achievement, you will keep your achievement/title. If you havn’t done the old FU path yet, you will need to complete this path for Dungeon master.
  • New path rewards more gold at the end bonus chest since it is longer. You get more TA dungeon tokens for doing this path in the two weeks of this release. The token amount will be reduced to be same as other paths after the two week period.
  • It is build more in the style of an Arah explorable path – challenging, skipping is impossible.
  • The remaining two TA paths are not modified at all.

Aether Key pieces

  • When you beat this path, there will be optional objectives you can complete, one of them is finding and opening aetherblade chests.
  • Aether key pieces will be dropping in Maguuma maps and also inside the dungeon. You can put them together to open chests.
  • There are 5 objectives that open simultaneously and there are bonuses if your team do all 5 at the same time. Each objective is designed to be soloable.

Weapon skins

  • New weapon skins from this dungeon path are permanent and tradeable.

New Path (Beginning bits)

  • Volatile blossoms and husks still appear in the first bit of the path to act as some winks and nods to the current explorable paths.
  • Each encounter is designed to either teach you something or pay off something you have learned.
  • Designed by a combined effort of teams that designed Aetherblade Retreat and Molten Facility.
  • Caithe is there to keep the story going and provide some hints here and there.
  • Nightmare vines with their nasty AoEs will also be making a return in the first bit of the dungeon.
  • Scarlet makes her appearences in hologram form and orders the Aetherblades around.

Puzzle room

  • Sparki and Slick
    • Slick – Norn, Sparki – asura in a dredge mining suit.
  • Gates need to be opened by gears, room is is engulfed in fire with constant spawn of lava elementals.
  • Need to weaken the elementals and keep both oozes alive from one end of the room to the other to open the gate.
  • Oozes are hostile as well and will attack players.
  • Players with the ooze pheromone will attract oozes and cause oozes to follow them.

Razed Forest

  • Couple of Aetherblades roaming around killing off the wildlife.
  • Steam Watcher – new enemy type. If he aggros you, you want to kill him ASAP as he raises an alarm that keep summoning Aetherblade adds.
  • Aetherblade mobs have being adjusted – a little less stun heavy in a large pack.

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9 replies on “GW2 Twilight Assault Livestream preview”

no, FU path will be gone after that patch – it will be replaced by that new path, so you’ll get dungeon master after you’ve done that one

If you have not done the current FU path for your achievement yet, then you will need to do the new path for the dungeon master achievement. If you have already done the FU path, then you don’t need to do anything.

I read kinda confused about talking to Caithe to choose old or new paths.
Thanks for clearing that up. I won’t bother with fw/up then. *hurrah*

It is build more in the style of an Arah explorable path – challenging, skipping is impossible.

isn´t arah the most skippable dungeon in this game?

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