SWTOR Dread Fortress operation guide

A guide to the five bosses within SWTOR Dread Fortress operation. Both storymode and hardmode versions are available.

Boss guides

Recommended gear

  • Underworld/Verpine for hardmode, Kell Dragon is more than sufficient.

Loot Drops

  • Dread Forged rating 178 gear with set bonus
  • Oriconian – rating 178 gear without set bonus
  • Corruptor Blade from Corruptor Zero (legacy mainhand/offhand, hardmode only, color crystal does not change color of the red beam)
  • Volcanic Kell Drake from Dread Master Brontes (hardmode only)
  • [name] the Fearless title for completing the operation on any difficulty.


Storymode (info taken from here)

Nefra Arkanian Implant/Bracers + random Black Market
Gate Commander Draxus Arkanian Boots + random Black Market
Grob’Thok Arkanian Helm + random Black Market
Corruptor Zero Arkanian Offhand + Underworld Token (random) + random Verpine
Dread Master Brontes Arkanian Chest + Underworld Token (random) + random Verpine


Nefra Dread Forged Implant/Belt + random Oriconian
Gate Commander Draxus Dread Forged Head + random Oriconian
Grob’Thok Dread Forged Gloves/Legs + random Oriconian
Corruptor Zero Dread Forged Offhand + random 2x Oriconian
Dread Master Brontes Dread Foraged Chest + random 2x Oriconian
  • Luis Oliveira

    Awesome guide as always, Dulfy. o/


  • Rencty

    I wish it drops something more valuable then 69’s on SM

    • Havn’t confirmed it myself yet but some people said the later bosses drop Underworld tokens.

      • Flyinspaghetti

        On the PTS SM was dropping a guaranteed 69 piece with a random verpine/underworld piece (usually implants but I have seen verpine offhand/other items) after the second boss. The first full SM run I did we didn’t get the verpine until corrupter zero, second SM run it dropped on the third so it might not be a 100% guaranteed chance it will even drop at all for some bosses… a bit like the arkanian implants in the czerka flashpoints. I don’t recall seeing any set bonus underworld items so actual gear may be limited to verpine quality.

        • redsector

          All bosses apart from the last one drop 69s then the last boss will drop 1 UW token (gloves from Brontes) + 69s, everytime it done this for DF and DP

      • redsector

        I can confirm this they do and it was the last boss each time for me on both operations in SM

  • Parjai

    Any recommendations for SM gear? will ArkanianUnderworld mix be able to run this?

    • Ya should be fine

  • alxmdsn

    Lol, I love you Dulfy. My raid team was planning on going in blind tomorrow, but not anymore 🙂

  • Macewindy

    Nice to see a guide again Dulfy 🙂

    Is this loottable confirmed btw? Since to my knowledge bioware has kept the new loot pretty hush hush. Or is it just unkown of which quality dreadforged will be?

    • I can confirm the loot table of the HM drops as I have seen them personally and recorded them at end of my videos if you watch them. The SM info came from that thread I linked that person had screenshot proof of the drops. Now one thing I don’t know for sure is if these bosses have a chance to drop one of the two items like they did before for TFB HM i think. So there could be more loot drops than what i have so far.

  • Randor

    Hey Dulfy! How is this HM compared to the NiM difficulty jump in TFB/SV? Is this HM difficulty in line with all the other HMs that have come out, or is it a large bump up in difficulty like the last NiMs to come out?

    Thanks so much for the great guides!

    • We kind of breezed through it but they may bump up the diffculty on live like they did last time for nightmare TFB

  • Snarkasm

    Given the loot pattern, I wonder if Draxus is supposed to drop hands. Implant -> hands -> pants -> weapon matches the Scum drop order. (Scum drops main hand, but… pishposh. 😛 )

  • Valexi

    Any news on if this patch will make the 75 gear craftable? It seems to be the pattern that the second best gear in the game will be.

  • Marita

    Quick Question: Do you need to do the Oricon Quest Line before you can get the Dread Fortress Mission that grants the Tauntaun or can you grab that mission at any time like the other Operation Missions?

    • I think you need the Oricon quest line.

      • StressedEel

        you don’t you can just walk to the fortress manually through the heroic zone.

        • He is asking about the mission to get the tauntaun, not entry to the ops.

          • Marita

            She, BTW. :-p

            Thanks for the info Dulfy! Looks like I’ll have to rush through it on my toons today before my Guild starts running the new Ops tomorrow. 🙂

  • john pickard

    Is there any entrance to these Op’s on fleet for running them without going to Oricon as with previous Op’s or are the only entrances on the planet itself?

    • No entrance on fleet

      • john pickard

        lol, why arent I surprised. Thank you for the information and as always, for a wonderful guide

        • john pickard

          Hoepfully they’ll add one in 2.4.1 or something, make repeated running of them more convenient

          • Randor

            Oricon does have dailies, so the moon should be on the priority transport list. Should take about the same time as a QT to Ziost. Not too bad.

  • amaros

    Hey Dulfy I just finish Dread Fortress, not palace but fortress and got the achievement for beating the final boss but when i exited the game did not progress and so I could not get the new mission to enter the palace on the story line any thoughts?

  • Bersky

    What we need for Hard mode, full 72 is abble?

    • cookster

      yep, the weeklies say full 72 for hm
      however in saying that youll have more success in 75 gear

  • Mikhail

    Just did the first three bosses in HM Dread Fortress. It seems they changed the drops for live. We got a Belt Token from Nefra, a Head Token from Draxus, and a Gloves Token from Grob’Thok.

    • I believe first boss can drop either belt/implant cuz we just got an implant

      • john pickard

        Is that the only place an implant has been seen to drop?

  • Nakira

    For sm, all mechanics appear to be in place but damage is much reduced and some one shots (namely the laser on the fourth boss) can be survived. The pipe attack on third boss is not bad damage wise at all on sm. Also, on the third boss, another way to break the stun from the magnet is to sorc pull the stunned person out. Not great for tanks bc of aggro loss, but if it’s the only option, it works. The one-shot from Brontes’ tentacle net is still a one shot on sm though.

  • T’pau

    Yesterday we did the first boss HM with 16M and, instead of dropping 2 copy of the same object (like in TfB and SV) it dropped a Belt and an Implant.

    So it is confirmed that it can drop both.

  • Aragornius

    Corruptor’s Blade Drop from Corruptor Zero = Awesome!

    We killed 4 out of 5 Bosses last night in Dread Fortress HM. (Floor Inspectors on TOFN server)

    We got a Drop from Corruptor Zero:
    Corruptor’s Blade
    It’s an awesome looking VibroSword.

    Just thought I’d mention that. I’ll try and post a screeny later.


    I can’t add a screenshot of the sword in game at this time, since I’m not behind my desktop, but I found a picture of it from some SWtor Artwork on the Forums:


    • iceberg265

      Dropped for my guild as well.

      • Mortúùs

        Is it mainhand only?

        • iceberg265

          Not sure, no one really wanted it.

        • Aragornius

          It says mainhand, but I’m using it on my Jugger.. let me check.. I’ll send it to my mara.

          • Aragornius

            checked it on Mara.. seems to be MH only.

            • Anon omus

              Did you still have your Hilt in it that is, MH only?

              • Aragornius

                yes I did!!! I just took it out!!! and it’s OFFHAND 2 !!!

        • Malokai

          I can confirm that it is BOTH MH or OH – it just depends on what hilt you socket. I can also confirm that it does not Bind to MH or OH (ie: you can change it).

        • Aragornius

          NO it’s OH 2… I just didn’t see cause my hilt was in there..

  • cookster

    did 16m df sm last night with some guildies, and nefra dropped implant and bracers

  • crimsonaaron

    For the first, second, (fourth?), and final boss on this, when doing 16man if you have 2 tanks plus a dps in tank stance then I think it would be easier to help out on mechanics and mobs.

  • Zanteera

    All the bosses in 16-man SM drop 4 Ultimate and 6 Elite comms.

    The first three bosses drop four pieces of 169 gear: 2 set pieces and 2 non-set pieces.

    Fourth boss threw in a mix of Underworld/Verpine gear and Arkanian gear (4-6 pieces total – can’t remember, sorry), plus an Exotic Equalizer or two.

    Fifth boss had 3-4 Underworld/Verpine and two Arkanian pieces, and a Mass Manipulator.

  • Erin Miles

    Haven’t played this yet really want to…in a standard 16 man what is the best way to drop the bosses quickly and what can be used to lower their HP. Like I am a sith warrior (marauder class) and i want to drop the bosses quickly what is the best way to do that without sacrificing much of my HP.

  • Kaly

    There are many differences in this fight so NIM?

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