GW2 Twilight Assault Aetherpath dungeon guide

A guide to the various bosses and achievements inside this new path added to Twilight Arbor with the Twilight Assault update.


Dungeon Boss/Puzzle strategies

Ooze Font Puzzle


The key to completely this puzzle efficiently that I find is to have one player (preferably someone tanky like a guardian or warrior) run around the room and gather up all the lava elementals that can and just kite them around (don’t kill them).  Now the remaining 4 players divide into groups of 2, with one getting the pheromone from the tree and the other defending against any possible lava elemental that may spawn/respawn. Projectile reflects work really well against the immobilize attack that the lava elementals have.


You have a window of around ~10 seconds after you get one of the oozes to the door to get the second ooze on to the other side of the door. Therefore, you want to start the oozes on both sides around the same time so that unless one side seriously screws up both oozes should arrive at roughly the same time.

Slick and Spark


With Slick and Spark there are a lot of ways of killing the duo but the the method that worked for us was killing Slick first and Spark second. Slick shoot out black pools that needs to be cleaned up with oozes while Spark pulls player in and perform Fire Lob (spinning attack) that seems to lose effectiveness at range.

Whoever gets the ooze pheromone (random since Slick shoots them out at random players) will need to switch to a ranged weapon and kite the ooze around to clean up the black oil pools spewed out by Slick. Kite the ooze well away from the rest of the group who are stacked on top of Slick DPSing him down. If you get pulled in by Spark, dodge out immediately as her Fiery Overload can one shot you otherwise.

  • If more than one player gets the ooze pheromone, the ooze only follows the closest player.
  • Each black oil pool in the area not cleaned up by ooze generates 1 stack of Toxic Fumes debuff, which is a constant ticking DoT on your party.
  • Killing the ooze will penalize you by giving the entire party 10 stacks of this Toxic Fumes debuff so you want to keep the ooze away from rest of the party to avoid any AoE damage.


Once Slick is dead, focus on Spark but beware of the Hot Foot debuff you get which ticks for constant damage unless you keep moving (same mechanic as the last boss of Volcanic fractal). You don’t have to worry about the black oil pools anymore but do beware of Spark’s Fiery Lob attack which can deal out a lot of damage. Try dodge out and away from Spark as projectile reflects isn’t exactly reliable against this type of attack (the attack seems to lose effectiveness if you are far away).


If you find Spark hard to deal with, you can try killing Spark first. With Slick remaining, he will shoot the black oil pools a lot more often. If your party wipe after killing one of the pair, the other one will respawn.

Holopirate Generator

While the Holopirate Generator isn’t a boss or a puzzle, it is worth mentioning incase you are not aware of how to kill it. To kill the Holopirate Generator, you will need to kite the Holopirates it generates back to the generator and kill the pirates right there so they explode and their explosion will damage the generator. I find it easiest to just stand at the back of the generator and start killing the newly spawned Holopirates from there.


Foreman Spur


Clarification from Arenanet regarding Who’s in Charge Here achievement which tells you how to pull his crew to get the achievement.

Sorry for the confusion surrounding this achievement. It is a bit complex, which makes it difficult to qualify in the sentence we have available in the description. So to help out anyone currently stuck on this one here are some clarifications:

Clarification on who is included in the Foreman Spur’s crew:

  1. The NPCs standing in formation in front of the foreman counts as his crew. The patrolling steam watcher and any creatures spawned by the watcher don’t count as a part of Foreman Spur’s crew, nor do any of patrolling NPCs on the walkways.

You can get the achievement by aggroing Spur and then attacking either Spur or his crew.

  • If the players kill off the crew, but if the party wipes before killing Spur, the players lose out on the achievement.
  • If the players kill Spur without killing any crew first, they get the achievement after wiping out his remaining crew. Once Spur is killed, the party can wipe without fear of losing the achievement.

You can fight some of the crew without losing out on the achievement. Here’s how:

  1. Once the foreman has been engaged, you can kill him or his remaining members in any order.
  2. Portions of the crew can be defeated before engaging the foreman (aka getting Spur to turn hostile and attack), but you must avoid killing a complete row.
  3. Using the foreman as reference, row 1 starts at his left and runs right, not front to back. So if you are attempting to make this achievement easier by pulling portions of the room, then make sure at least one mob per row remains standing before engaging Spur.

The intent is to first engage and kill Foreman Spurr while fending off his crew, after he is dead then you should be able to wipe/disengage. To allow for some flexibility in the difficulty we allowed the crew to be thinned out some. Unfortunately, this flexibility also allows the achievement to be completed using alternate strategies which makes it difficult to summarize in a sentence and has, unfortunately, ended up causing confusion in how the achievement can be earned.

Hope this helps.



For Foreman Spur, you want a big room to kite him as he have a coupe of nasty abilities if you are bunched up and can’t move away from them.

  • Axe Grind – he will throw shiny axes on the ground that persists for a while as a ground AoE attack. If you are standing in it, you will take massive AoE damage.


  • Axe Spin – When he is spinning his axes, he will evade all attacks and do a lot of damage to you if you do not avoid his spin. It is best to run in a different direction from him rather than trying out out run or out dodge this spin attack.


  • Whirlwind – When he does this whirlwind attack, everyone is boxed in and cannot move out of the circle. When this happens, it is a good time to melee him as he doesn’t not perform the Axe Spin attack. When the Whirlwind circle disappears, you will need to be extra cautious and not get too close as he tends to do his spin attack once the circle disappears.


Security Room puzzle

This puzzle is simple conceptually but can be confusing with all the electricity flowing around. There are four pillars in this room that you need to activate. The pillar that needs activating has a circle hovering on top of it. You need to jump on top of that pillar without touching the electricity on the ground below. If you do touch it, you will get a negative charge on your head and be kicked from the pillar if you try to approach it. If done successfully, the pillar will have a light beam shoot out of it telling you that it has being activated.



Do this one player at a time and once you have activated the pillar, stand on top of it. Once all four pillars have players standing on top of them, the holopirate generator nearby will activate. The 5th player will need to aggro and drag the holopirate generated by this generator to the door to blow it open.


If you are after the Grounded achievement, one person can get this achievement for the 4 other players. There is a small time window after activating each pillar where the floor won’t be electrified. One person can go in and activate the first pillar. Have rest of the group stand near the entrance and quickly hop on the first pillar during the “break” in the electrified floor. The same person then activate the second pillar, then have 3 other players follow to the second pillar (leaving one behind on the first pillar). Do this for all the other pillars, leaving a person behind each time. Once all 4 pillars have players standing on top of them, this designated player then kite the holopirate to the console.

Legendary Clockheart


To activate the Legendary Clockheart, you will need to destroy all 8 Holopirate generators around the room.

Note: If the floor becomes electrified, move to a different section of the room. Exploding a holopirate next to the Clockheart will also reset the floors.

The Legendary Clockheart has a deadly ranged attack so you will want to fight him at melee if possible to avoid this ranged attack (he throws clockworks at the ground that damages you).


When meleeing him, be sure to watch for his attack animation and if you see him raise one of his arms, immediately run through him. He has a super nasty conal slam that will down you if you don’t avoid/dodge it. Alternatively you can just stay at his back when meleeing him.


From time to time, he will gain a shield that makes him immune to damage and quickly gaining a stacking buff. If this buff gets to 30 stacks, he will unleash a special attack that allow him to slam the ground several times in a 360 degree fashion. You can stop him from getting to 30 stacks by dragging a Holopirate in the room to him and have the explosion take out his shield.

  • If he does unleash his 30 stack special attack, it isn’t the end of the world. Most of your party will likely will be downed but he will lose his shield and his stacks so if you can recover quick you can go back to DPSing him.


Post dungeon objectives

To get the Above and Beyond achievement for completing all 5 objectives in a single run, you will need to split your group into three Two members of your group will be helping the Lionguards out, one will be will be stopping the Aetherblade officer. The 4th and 5th player will be accompanying Caithe to Scarlet’s Secret room.

Once you complete these first 3 objectives, you can do objective 4 together and then you should have a few minutes left to finish up objective 5 (make sure everyone have a key beforehand or you have 5 keys in the entire group).

1. Help the Lionguard clear out all remaining Aetherblades.

  • The Lionguards are gathered right by the Aetherblade Shipyard Waypoint. There are two achievements for this objective and they are pretty easy to get if you have at least one or two other group members coming to help you.
  • Lionguard Justice achievement can be earned if you do not allow any of the five lionguards die.
  • True Friend to Truma if you do not allow Truma fall below 75% HP.

2. Stop the Aetherblade officer from escaping the facility


After you have defeat the final boss, follow Caithe for a bit and you will see a Veteran Aetherblade Officer trying to run away. Get to him and murder him before he has a chance to escape for good.

  • You will get the Hold it Right There achievement for killing the officer.


3. Accompany Caithe to Scarlet’s Inner Sanctum


This part is easy to screw up, so make sure you do these steps correctly

  • Make sure someone is there to follow Caithe immediately after defeating Clockheart. If you need the secret room achievement (What Does She Know) and the suggestion box achievement (Broken Clockwork) follow Caithe as well. The door will close after Caithe gets in and won’t open again until someone interact with the suggestion box.
  • Only players that need the /suggestion box achievement go into the secret room. If too many players enter the secret room, the mob that spawns from suggestion box will be a champion instead of a veteran.

4. Use EMP Grenades on the Aetherblade airships (3).



There is a box in the room where you defeated Legendary Clockwork (it is near the new opening that was created when you defeated the boss). Interacting with it will grant you an EMP Grenade. There are 3 airships to use the EMP grenades on and using them on all 3 ships will grant you all tiers of Unshippable achievement and complete this objective.

5. Locate and open the five hidden Aether chests (opening all 5 chests grant you the Pirate Booty achievement)


  • You can only open an Aether chest if you have a key from assembling 5 Aether key pieces.
  • Each unique chest you personally open will advance you one tier into Pirate Booty achievement (This achievement won’t advance if you open the same chests, even if you do them in a separate run. This means you need to visit all 5 chest to get full tiers in Pirate Booty).


Special thanks to Enforcer Rekkt and his crew for helping me running through this dungeon.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

117 replies on “GW2 Twilight Assault Aetherpath dungeon guide”

I was surprised it wasn’t harder its not too bad just comes down to mechanics.
Edit: didn’t have mesmer i’d say guardian is more needed.

Not so hard? OO
I never complained because I find something to easy, but this one is too hard.
Why they don’t do like in GW1 ehere you can choos normal mode and hard mode for the dungeons? So all can do it, even if they don’t have a mesmer.

We had 2 ele’s, a ranger, a guardian and a warrior last night and we finished the dungeon no problems. Took us a while to figure out the mechanics, but we did, and we beat it. Also got 4/5 of the after achi’s. I was the only one with a key completed, so we couldn’t do that. Got the meta, got the backpack, and am looking forward to more runs here.

It’s not hard if you are familiar with concepts and class specs. My guild group and I made it through with one or two wipes max. One warrior, a guardian, ele, necro and mesmer. Don’t mindlessly run into the champ thinking you can tank it. It’s a group effort to take on the dungeon.

Too hard? sry lol, it’s neither too hard nor too easy! it’s a pretty designed dungeon! for the guys yelling: omg it’s not possible to make it through……..guys pls learn to play your classes and use your brains to understand how the bosses work.

I get that. But I am disturbed by the trend. Look at recent patches. Queen Jubilee with hardest solo challenge in game yet (Liadri). SAB with tribulation mode where everything 1-shots you (“it is designed to be not fair”). Tequatl, the hardest zerg event in game yet. Twilight, the hardest 5-man dungeon yet. I mean, I get it that many people want challenge but where is the more casual oriented content recently? GW2 was marketed as a casual and relaxing MMO (unlike some other games with hardcore raiding and such). Do we have a paradigm shift? Again, I am not disturbed by singular pieces of content. I am disturbed by their recent direction. If I wanted heroic raiding, I would seek different game.

I totally agree with you Vivi. I come back home to play some easy medium content and again it is some hardcore very specific mechanics that has to be flawlessly executed to succeed. That is really pissing me off that recently I cant get any achievement and I used to enjoy previous patches like Scarlett and dragon bash and bazaar of 4 winds.

Are you guys for real? You just had the EASIEST event out there with the queen jubilee events and Scarlet Invasions with her super easy little dungeon that could be freaking solo’d. And now you complain when something a little more challenging that is added which is not even that hard! The biggest problem with GW2 is how retardly easy the dungeons are now that there is a little bit of skilled involved and you complain. Sounds about right.

It IS still for casual gamers. I haven’t played for a month but I feel like I wasn’t left out of the loop at all, and am still at par with the “maxed” out gear most people had. And since it’s SO easy to get to end-game, these challenging new updates is a great addition to the game. It demands the casual players more skill, not more hardcore time.

That’s how I see it, at least: That “hardcore” means you have to keep grinding, keep being updated, keep being in the loop. As for “casual”, you can come and go anytime you want in the game. And for the casual’s sake, ANet is trying not to make a game that’s a monotonous, high HP boss, inventory grind, where all you do is spam you skills. As a casual player, I’m happy that ANet is demanding more skill into my game, rather than pressing 1 all the time.

This, exactly. In WoW I had to spend 4 days a week, 3 hours each day just preparing for the Sunday night raid. Here, we ask in guild chat, get 5 people, and do a dungeon. It’s not faceroll, but it’s fun and challenging. I don’t need to use potions or food for it, and I can just do the dungeon on the spot. That doesn’t mean I want it easy, just means I don’t have to spend my week preparing for 1 run.

In fact, a typical raid in WoW takes 4 – 5 hours. In that time you could do 5 runs of this dungeon easily. Challenge and all. That’s why its still casual, but requires skill and co-ordination. That’s all. In fact, not even a lot of that. You don’t need to be on Raidcall or TS or Vent. If everyone knows the encounters, you don’t even need to speak or call out anything, everyone just does what needs to be done. It’s not hardcore at all.

Hey Dulfy, did you get above and beyond yet, I don’t know how to get it. We did all 5 event at the end, 2 times now and still didn’t get the achievement o.o

on the clockheart there is a hidden timer as after a while he will hit us all several times for 11,800 dmg each hit (that is with my guardian -10% dmg signet)

I pugged it yesterday and the hardestthing about it is that you need good coordination. We didnt find any guides yesterday so we figured it all out on the spot with trial and error, but had alot of fun doing so. I like this place. The ooze event is probably by far the worst thing about this dungeon, god thats annoying without ts. If you say its the hardest dungeon yet so far, you find this harder than arah exp then Vivi?

Yes I do find it harder from Arah exp. Lupicus just take long to kill but if you know how to dodge you will rarely die. He is only harder if you zerk him with melee but in such case you are doing that at your own risk (to kill him faster if you are good enough). The only thing which was harder in Arah was “old” Simin. But she was nerfed in a patch long time ago. As as side note. I completed all content I mentioned in my post. I killed Liadri, I completed SAB TM, I maxed Tequatl, I already completed the new dungeon and will do more runs. But the stream of more challenging updates is starting to wear me down. Not something I would expect from Guild Wars 2. I start to feel like I log to another job. I already have one (but at least they pay me there) 🙁

Oh an group was 2 war 2 guard and a hunter and atleast 2 of those people seemed like very casual players and aside from the ooze event, everyone stuck to the tactics we were trying and it worked fine.

The first time my guild ran this, we spent about 2 1/2 hours in there just learning the encounters through trial and error. It was fun and interesting. After that, we seemed to have blazed through it between 30~45 minutes depending on the group composition. I’d say that the difficulty is “just right” when it comes to it. There are some mechanics that the party needs to be aware of, but they’re not very annoying to deal with– and once you get the feel for the fights, it’s pretty much cake.

With that said, I have completed the dungeon numerous times and have managed to score the Mini Clockheart that can be earned for completing all 17 achievements. Here are some screenshots of the mini if you want to post them: Size-wise, it looks like it goes up to my knees, and my character is at the tallest setting.

Overall, I’d say this dungeon path is a breath of fresh air compared to most encounters. At the very least, you still have to pay attention to your surroundings, but the encounters don’t drag out for too long if you end up with some non-zerkers in your group. Plus the post-dungeon stuff is rather fun to do and I kind of wished every path had something like that. Personally, I can’t wait to see what kind of revamps the other dungeons will get in the future. If it’s anything like this path, I should more likely be impressed by it.

— Fleeting Flash of Reddit Refugees (Sanctum of Rall)

Is the aether key used up once you use it on a chest? People left my group before the extra events and since I personally didn’t have enough keys to open all 5 chests, I hadn’t tried using it in case I’d lose the key and waste it…

I can verify that once you use a key, it’s used up. But if other members of your party have a key, you still get credit for opening the chest just not the loot that comes with it.

I’d like to add that for the Legendary Clockheart, whenever it’s allowed to use its 30-stack discharge skill, after it is finished 1/4 of the floor will become electrified. If it is allowed to reach 30 stacks again, another quarter of the room is electrified, etc. Having a Holopirate explode next to it in order to remove its shield will also de-electrify the floor.

Legendary Clockheart – easy boss if you keep it simple 🙂

Everyone goes melee, watch for his Aetherized Shielding buff to come up at which point one person goes to pull a holographic mob over to clockheart – rest of group can move towards puller if they want to shorten time with shield being up. Then kill holo so he explodes on boss and removes shield. Back to tank’n’spank and dodge the super attack; jump to Clockheart’s back side when his frontal cone AoE is coming. 3-4 repetitions of this and he’s probably dead.

For ranged, stay just behind him while one person (tanky type) keeps him moving in circles. It’s also better to wait until he has about 20 or so stacks of that buff before exploding a ghost, as he will wait until the buff is gone before putting his shield back. This allows for more dps time on the boss, and makes it a faster fight.

For Slicki and Sparki. In all my 3 runs, killing Sparki first is easier.

Slicki has high health, so it takes longer. But in that time you may get hit by Sparki, which is bad. So it’s better to kill Sparki fast. just stack on him and dps while someone pulling ooze in circle.

Without Sparki, Slicki is not dangerous at all. Also, if Slicki dies first, you’ll get the hot feet debuff. If Sparki dies first, there’s no debuff except the oil poison.

Definitely agree!

Slick and Sparki – our group found it very easy to kill Sparki first; full damage focus and have the tagged people lure the ooze into Slick’s oil pools… it’s completely manageable to lure the ooze around once Sparki is down. As a pug group we did it on our 2nd try after 1st try was a laugh we just rushed in trying to tank’n’spank both to see what would happen 😀

Might have to eat my own words… last night took down Slick first, his dot dmg is pretty persistent while you can dodge Sparki most of the time.

Actually, we found it much easier to down Slick first. We tried Sparki first 2 times, and while we got him down, the pools just pile on too fast.

With Slick down first, it’s easy to range Sparki down and take minimal damage. It becomes a super easy fight.

Did the dungeon yesterday and when we finished the last boss, not really knowing about the objectives, we jumped all down to defend the Lionguards.
After we succesfully defended, we looked for the chests (and found them).

Maybe I was blind or just went the wrong way – but I didn’t find a way to get back up to the area of the last boss fight to finish other objectives – like the Aetherships or Scarlets secret room.

Is there any way to get back up? Can you maybe point it out to me?

There’s no chest up there, I believe.. they’re all underwater accessible by backtracking through the dungeon and getting to the level below the one you came in.

Thats true, there is no chest – but you cant access the other objectives like Destroying Aethershisp, Scarlets Inner Sanctum, etc. if you cant get back up.

The question is if people who defend the Lionguard can get back up to get the other achievements.

You’ll have to run back through the old rooms you went through to get back to the top. I did the same thing but I managed to snag the Unshippable achievement before the timer ran out.

There’s a chest on the right of the door before you run out that gives you one EMP grenade. Then head out but don’t jump down. Follow the paths on the right and you’ll reach where the ships are. Use skill 1 with AoE circles enabled for an easy hit on the ships.

The respawn rate of the fire elementals in the first room isn’t that fast to require a kiter to gather them all. Yesterday we had several tries using that technique, and after some fails 1 member left, we eventually did it even in 4.. 2 per side -> 1 ooze kiter, 1 ele killer and it went flawless.

Mesmer portal each player to 4 platforms, then lure holo. The mesmer wont get achiev probably.. but the other 4 players will

My group tried the above in the ooze room with little success. What ended up working well for us was to have 1 person on each side kiting the elementals back toward the door. One on the left, and one on the right. Then we had 2 people grab the oozes and head toward the cogs. A guardian stayed back and helped with whichever side was having issues with the oozes. When we switched to this strategy, we got it first try.

only hard if you don’t know how to handle him , as long as you don’t let him overcharge that 360 aoe , you can even rez people while 1 person kites the boss around towards the holo mob.

question for getting 5 chest achievement… 5 player get 1 chest each enough.. or every player must get 5 chest ?

Since Pirate Booty has 5 tiers and each tier is opening 1 chest, I think you have to personally open all 5 chests to get the achievement. It doesn’t have to be done in a single run though.

So I had my key and we got to the last boss after a couple hours of figuring out the dungeon but I had to leave for work! So my question is, for the chests, do they always drop the new skins or is it random?

Question about Who’s in Charge Here? achievement.

My team tried to do it last time. We killed some mobs and pulled Spur without disengaging. When Spur was low, we lured the last group of mobs. Killed Spur then the last group of mobs without out of combat. However, no one of us got the achievement. We didn’t kill the silver mob and one of us died completely during killing Spur.

Is that why we didn’t get the achievement?
What should be done to get the achievement?
No out of combat and dead after hitting the first mob in the room until we kill them all?

The way we got it (not sure if we got lucky/bugged achievement) or what is we killed all but Spur and 1 group on the very left. We pulled and killed Foreman Spur, everyone except me died during this fight.

So we are out of combat, rezzed everyone up and then pulled the last group. When the last group of pirates is killed, everyone got the achievement.

I did this twice as you say, no achievement for none in my party. We killed it on first attemp and none died. We pulled some veterans who resetted though, when they got too far from spawn place. Maybe they must not reset.

I also got 2 friends that got the achiev on release day, repeated it today with the same steps (to unlock it for others guildies) and those didnt get it. I think it was bugged before, and there needs to be another way to do it now…

I finally get the achievement. Thanks for the help! My group wiped many times during the fight and reset the mobs so many time. But we still get the achievement. It’s just buggy imo.

WE tried again, 2 of us got downed, but we killed boss at first try, then the last pull, and none of us got the achievment……….

I just tried this way FOUR times, no achievement for anyone in the party. It must be bugged. Anyone has a 100% sure way to make it? Can’t find info on any forums… Would really apreaciate it.

I can attest that this isn’t bugged.

My group and I did it just awhile ago with me leading it. We did it by pulling and killing the 3 groups on the right side (1 group at a time). By right side, I meant the side near the WP. We left 3 groups (on the left side) before engaging the foreman. We lured the foreman to the space where you jump off and attacked him there. After we defeated him, we wiped the remaining mobs and got the achievement.

Many people got it like you said, or even they died and wiped, and got it anyway.
But i know many ppl (me included) that tried almost every possible way and didnt get it.

Just tried the Who’s in Charge Here achievement, we lured some of the mobs except a group that was in a corner. We pulled the boss, killed him and then finished off the rest of the mobs. No achievement.

It seems you’ll have to leave the majority of the crew alive, about 50%, if you can. Less if you can work that out. That’s how it worked for us.

For the ooze font puzzle there’s a easier way , while doing it with my guild we tried with 3 people killing larvas in one side and the other 2 guys lure the ooze via the same path , the one with full health can cross the fire pit towards the other engine with just enough health to pass.

During the Clockheart Fight, blowing a hologram on the clockheart’s shield also resets any sections of the floor that might be electrified.

Hi Dulfy. The Clockwork in the secret room. Is it supposed to be a vet?
The last time we did, we had 4 people in the room and it spawned a champ.
It took us too long to kill it that when we came out, there was only 1 lionguard left.

Also, we only need at least 1 person to be in the room and kill the Clockwork to fullfill the objective for Above and Beyond, right? Everyone else can do other objectives?

Clockwork isn’t part of the objective, it is just for the achievement. The objective is simply reaching the secret room. Like I mentioned above, have 2 do lionguard, 2 do aetherblade captain, and then 1 person escort Caithe to secret room. Once all 3 objectives are done, those who need the achievement can get to the secret room and interact with the suggestion box. The clockwork may scale up to champion if too many players are present too.

after “aetherblade captain, EMP, lionguard” (4 people) –> go upstairs to get to the secret room where 1 player already entered and waited for these 4 people –> but the door was already closed.. so 4 people couldn’t go in the secret room…

Thank you.

Then for Above and Beyond, we only need 1 person to follow Caithe and go inside room. Can that person go out right away before the door closes to do other objectives?

When I try to open chests after boss is dead, after a while the chests gets locked in behind barriers.

How do I open the doors to the 5 bonus chests again?

the room with electricity might have changed , my entire group got pulled in middle of the room and we barely had 5 -10seconds before we got hit or maybe just a bug because yesterday it didn’t tp us inside the room

Nvm , it only happens if 1 or more players stay outside the room when they do everyone gets instant ported inside. just like bosses rooms.

As for the “Who’s in Charge Here?” Achievement, what we did was, after killing the watcher, went straight to the boss and lure him (from the right side where the stairs/WP are). After a messy fight we killed the boss (along with some mobs),then finished the rest of mobs and got the achievement. lure the mobs group by group until the last one didn’t seem to work for us.

also one of my guildies said he got the achievement with one person died once(but got resurrected), so I think it’s ok as long as no one is fully dead when you kill the boss.

Ok, this is starting to get on my nerves now :(, I’ve tried the dungeon at least 12 times now for the achievement ‘Who’s in charge here?’, and we have yet to get it. I would like to have some clarification:

When they say without dyeing or disengaging? If 1 party member gets defeated, is it a goodbye? And also for the disengaging, if one minion comes and we disengage but the boss is still attacking us, is it another goodbye? Also lastly, is killing of his entire crew except one ok for the achievement or do we need to leave more then 1 alive?

I’m starting to give up on this achievement :[

Omg, I finaly made it! The achievement does work, but it took us many tries to get it.

I just double checked with a friend and it does work.

The tactic require a pretty decent group thought as you don’t have alot of room to kite the boss.

Here’s what we did :
Once you arrive in the room with the foreman, you go straight to the right in between the too pipes ( right of the waypoint ), kill the steam watcher and then shoot the boss with a 1200+ ranged weapon. Some aether minions will agro, you may kill them and then finish the boss. After killing the boss ( may be harsh for certain group, as you have a low space to kite and kill him ), you simply go clear the minions in the room.

Verified : One of our member was defeated during the fight versus foreman, resurrected after the fight, but before finishing off the minions, so I guess as long as party don’t wipe, you are good.

No. As said before, looks to be random. I’ve did it few hours ago, my party has wiped, we respawned, and then killed in 2nd try flawless. So we killed the 10 aether remaining and got the achievment.

So many histories of how to get achiev around, that is still much more alikely random…

There is just one thing I’m really sad about this new release: the attitude of hardcore players.

Honestly, I find this dungeon very engaging albeit difficult. What I can’t stand lately are these elitists or know-it-all players who impose on you what your build or character should be. Come on, anyone can play any type they want as long as (1) they know what to do with their profession and (2) they know the main strategy for these bosses.

Personally, I’d rather group with “noobs” and guide them to finish this dungeon. These a**holes (like Garru and some other peeps) are really what brings the community down for GW2. They feel like gods or lords of MMOs (maybe because they came from WoW) and do not accept alternative strategies (such as this guide) or discussions.

Seriously, what has the GW2 community become into???

I must agree, people stating this dungeon is too easy are plain retard. Simply because they can finish the dungeon with their elite group that they have been playing with for the past few months, they think the dungeon is easy… I mean a lot of player have to team up with random other players they never even talked to before and they have no voiceip to communicate. It makes this dungeon realy hard to finish with a random group. There is a need for good people in guild wars 2 right now, as a lot of “hardcore” player are being rude to many new or un-experienced player in many situation. Even if it’s not in this exact dungeon, it happens everywhere else in the game as well. (fractal/wvw/pvp/world bosses)

To be honest, I believe most of those dungeon veterans are not mad because someone in their party are not doing well, but they are mad because PEOPLE CAN’T READ THE LFG DESCRIPTION. If I’me doing a teaching/casual run, then I expect to meet players not playing to my like of style, and that’s totally fine . But it really get to me when I’ve posted EXPERIENCED ONLY and I still get lvl 80 guardian who has yet to unlock his scepter skills, mesmer asking me “What’s feedback?” and full celestial guardian who refused to use reflective wall in the ooze part saying he didn’t need it. you can’t really blame us right?

The only people who can say it’s too easy are the ones who finished it blind with no guides or videos and finished it in record time.

Why do you bother to run dungeon like this or any other dungeon with randoms? There is high probability that you will encouter a newbie or an elitist, none of them make a good party member. Personally, I don’t run dungeons (well I do but only easy ones to understand like CoE) with randoms, that’s one of the many reasons why I’m in my lovely guild.

Finally got the ‘Who’s in charge here’ achievement. First we killed the steam watcher and any mobs he spawned. Afterward we kited the foreman between the too pipes and lend him towards the area where you first dropped off to the room, so we have more room to fight him. We did wiped the first attempt but we managed to get him killed the 2nd time around. During the fight with kited in some pirates and then finished him off. We cleared out the room and we all got the achievement

can someone clarify “stay cool” for me? i went through the ooze puzzle without going in the fire and i didn’t get it

Pets don’t get the burning debuff (At least once they thought about it!) so it’s safe. However I did it earlier too as guardian – Stayed on the road putting up reflection walls etc etc so I didn’t pass the fire once. Didn’t get the achievement though. It seems highly random… And it’s really frustrating.

Dulfy! Please write in your guide that the person who is with caithe must STAY inside the room and cannot leave. I left and my party isn’t get in anymore. T.T

hi guys, any1 know, if this metaachievements for clockheart minis stay in game after livingstory ends or not ?? I mean, I need finish this meta during livingstory, or it will be possible finish this later, like other activities and got minis ??

Hi Dulfy and folks, just figured out the most possible way to get the ” Who’s in Charge Here?” achievement. Just make sure you don’t disengage from fights when you kill Foreman Spur and onto the last group of mobs, and no one is fully dead when the last mob killed. So what my team did was: 1. pull the first 2-3 group of mobs and kill them, leave the last group. 2.pull Foreman Spur from the right side, when he’s down to the last 5% of health, someone pulls the last group of mobs so we don’t disengage. make sure everyone is alive or rezzed up when the last mob is killed (so it doesn’t matter if you’ve been downed or fully dead).

The “Grounded” achievement is difficult for me :<

We got teleported into the room despite no one started it. And everyone touched the lightning floor.

Hi Dulfy,
for Slick ans Spark, there is a way to easily defeat them.
If I remember, when you enter the room, there is a rock on the far left of the room.
Just jump on it and range attack slick and spark (we start with spark)
You should avoid nearly all aoe damage (no one was down or dead during the fight)
and do not have to bother with the debuff or ooze.

Right, but the player who guided us (one 10 time dunjon completed and 4 first time dungeon visitors) followed this path. (managed to get nearly all the achievements in the first run with his advises), and we took several damage but no aoe debuff
If this is considered as an exploit, Anet, please remove the rock.

Hello guys,
can someone explain me better how to get grounded achievement for the whole party in one run? Thnx for the answer _)

Ive completed the dungeon twice and all 5 lionguard have survived and im yet to get the achievement corresponding to it. Is it bugged?

So my guild just got through this recently. It was quite tough and exilerating but we discovered something on the Legendary Clockwork. If we were unable to pull the Holo Pirate in time then our thief would use Basilisk venom as the boss was casting and it would reset and we could continue attacking. It helped a ton.

This path needs a revisit, expecting pugs to be fully equipped to handle the slime section is a bit much, especially since reflects and shields aren’t common across all classes.

A dungeon should not force me to exclude a class or person due to “not having” something.

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