SWTOR Dread Forged and Oriconian PvE armor gallery

A gallery of the new Dread Forged and Oriconian PvE armor available with SWTOR Patch 2.4. Dread Foraged set is purchased with tokens while Oriconian set is purchased with Ultimate commendations and lacks the set bonus. Both armor sets are rating 180 (78 mods) and are adaptive.

Note: These armor models are pretty much identical (save in coloring differences) from the PvP armor. You can check that gallery out if you want the full male models.

Warrior – Dread Foraged


Knight – Dread Foraged



Warrior/Knight – Oriconian


Inquisitor – Dread Foraged


Consulars – Dread Foraged



Inquisitor/Consular – Oriconian


Bounty Hunter – Dread Foraged


Trooper – Dread Foraged



Bounty Hunter/Trooper – Oriconian


Agent – Dread Foraged


Smuggler – Dread Foraged





  • MrM

    Everything looked good on the warrior, until the gloves drank red bull. @_@

    • MrM

      Um. The Agent chest and Warrior chest are identical minus the hood being up/down. Wow……… 🙁

      • Gordon

        Game’s free…be happy they’re different from current gear lol

        • xxODDSHOTxx

          Yes, the game is free to the ones that do not wish to support the game, but others like me sub and it is frustrating to see the lazyness of the devs and just re-skin everything and pass it off as new and fresh ideas.

  • zu

    Looks like a mix of the Necromonger in Riddick and the Guild Wars Paragon. I can’t discribe how ugly these sets are in my eyes. Something like that has nothing to do with Star Wars. Please someone slap the art team at BioWare!

  • Koen

    are stats available anywhere ?

  • HuNtOziO

    These new gear sets look beyond awful, what on earth were they thinking. Also lazy design as they are all pretty much identical.

    • Best part.. they said it all was placeholders… ya right..

    • Hampus Jensen

      Exactly, they all look pretty much the same. Doesn’t help that Empire and Republic are the same except for colour (and that’s only for the dropped ones, commendation ones are the same).

      How did they get the idea that the top tier gear would make you look like a dread master minion anyway? I’m sure someone will want that but that concept was best suited for a set of cartel pack armour.

  • ThePilgrim

    Once again I still don’t think that they did a bad job with these armours. Yeah they aren’t exactly star wars but they are “Dread Guard” style. I do agree that Bioware got lazy with them. Concept was fantastic, execution of that concept was poor. All in all 5 out of 10. I’ll wear them.

  • Parjai

    good thing my current setup is all moddable gear, hello mods, good bye armor

  • Niggachu

    so, its not placeholder after all.

  • Benfynyn

    At this point I’d rather they just put the mods on the vendor so I don’t have to pay credits to rip them out.

  • TheMadVanguard

    stupid question where is the Dread Foraged vendor?

    • Zarra

      The vendor are now what used to be the ultimate vendor

      • Sean

        That’s the Dread _Forged_ vendor; he’s asking for the location of the Dread _Foraged_ vendor. All the image labels and the tags are typo’d.

  • Bennett A Sawyer


  • Verbera

    I’m glad they are bringing new gear, but I wish there was a little more creativity between the classes like the first original sets had. Warrior gear didn’t look like Operative gear, etc. Also, the new looks are “ok”. I think they were on the right track, but still not “awesome” yet. They have some pieces that look great, and others are just … meh .. or blah. haha.

    • ThePilgrim

      Finally I find someone else who doesn’t outright hate the new gear.

  • Marita

    When in doubt, Bio-Ware “Re-skins to Full”

  • Achrius

    Well they failed again with most the armors, although the warrior having a cloak with hood again and the helmet on is a big win for me. That part is at least more star wars looking than the rest.

  • Zaxen

    as much as i hate the new armor sets what bugs me the most they all looks almost the same

  • Luis Oliveira

    Hmmm I don’t know about you guys but I liked the armor set (although they look the same haha)

  • Mortúùs

    Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but each set has slight differences from it’s mirror. The Knight’s boots and pants are very different from the Warrior ones, the Inquisitor has a butt-cape but the Consular doesn’t, and the Bounty Hunter’s belt is different from the Trooper one. Not sure what’s different between Agent and Smuggler though.

  • Sibakero

    Oh well..atleast it’s adaptive..I mean, if you’re a consular and you want the Trooper/BH look, you can have that look and vice versa..for that reason, I also give this batch a 5/10, just because some parts of each armour looks alright..

  • Billigtroll

    The only reason for me to play this game is: Star Wars!

    Why should I continue when BioWare produces more and more armor that destroys all whats left of the look and style of Star Wars?

    Why don’t they understand?

    I could play Warhammer4000, and see no differnce! This sucks! Why making a Star Wars game that looks like all the other MMO-games out there?

    • ninjaface

      kotor 1 had sick armors. they need to start thinking of what might have been possible in the 70’s early 80’s when the good movies were made. also lucas got a lot of his inspiration from ww2 and ralph mcquarrie. they need to start looking into these older designs.

  • l;l,/nk;

    haha looks like a plastic toy figureine, and they all look the same for each class. fuck this game sucks

  • silence

    Well we got adaptive armor:) i dont see to many use tier anyway. But was nice to have good looking tier for each class. Imagine a 16 man ops all dress with the same tier:)) bioware needs to work more if they like more money.

  • Psilo

    Is it just me or do they look really really similar? Guess EAware´s imagination ran out on this one…

  • AceOfDymonds

    Just a quick nit-pick, you’ve got them individually labeled as Dread “Foraged” instead of Dread “Forged”.

    For me these actually reverse the trend from the last several armor sets. Usually, I’ve liked the body armors but hated the helmets for the sets, these I like the Dread Guard-inspired helms, but am pretty “meh” about the chest pieces.

    I don’t mind having a tier here and there that looks similar throughout, as long as that doesn’t end up being the status quo for all future sets.

    • Pablo

      Awesome typo dulfy!

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