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SWTOR Oricon rare spawn Harbinger of Fear

Information related to the rare spawn on SWTOR Oricon planet named Harbinger of Fear which can drops the helm from the Hallowed Gothic set. Information provided by Theho @ T3-M4


  • Oricon (-322, –110 ). He spawns in this general area but not always in the same location.


Place holder

  • Acolyte of Fear, there is a 1 % chance for the Harbinger of Fear to spawn instead.
  • Acolyte of Fear has 50k HP while Harbinger of Fear has 160k HP. They all have massive knockbacks that can push you into the lava and kill you so put your back against a wall when fighting them.
  • Acolyte of Fear can drop the helm as well but has a much lower chance to do so.

Spawn timer

  • ~ 5 minutes


  • Hallowed Gothic Helm (bind on legacy, requires champion reputation). It was removed from the Oricon reputation vendors and put on this rare spawn instead.
  • This helm drops from both the placeholder (Acolyte, low drop rate) and the rare spawn (Harbinger, guaranteed drop).


Special thanks to Theho of T3-M4 for providing the information!

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57 replies on “SWTOR Oricon rare spawn Harbinger of Fear”

I have had two guildmates get the helm from the Acolyte, so it looks like there is a small chance of getting it from the placeholder.

Well 4 hours later and a ton of Acolyte kills, not a peep from the Harbinger nor was I lucky to get any drop from the 4 hours worth of Acolytes. 🙁

I have been farming this thing off and on for a few days now almost 20 hours in total and still no luck, did they reduce the chance of getting it since last week or something ?

I´ve farmed this one 4 hours in a row one night; nothing-
Today, first kill, and it dropped.
Now it´s bound to legacy, I wonder how can I get “copies” for my alts, or do I have to farm it again all over?

I came out and was doing the dailies, happened to be around about 4 times when the Acolyte popped up and each kill netted me a helm, guess I got lucky.

Stuck on Oricon for several hours, killing an Acolyte each 5 min. Not once have I seen Harbringer, and none of Acolytes had anything except 300 credits. One Acolyte was stolen by a passing through pub player, wonder if he got it.

I must have been even more lucky. Never looked for it. Dropped from second Acolyte, on a character doing Oricon for a first time.

I wish I could sell it….

Edit: Maybe I’ll make Lana wear it! Yeah!

Just got it today. 9/18/17. Only had to farm Acolyte of Fear about 10 times (5 min spawn) before Harbinger of Fear popped up. I would kill Acolyte then go to a quest, come back, kill Acolyte again, go do another quest, rinse and repeat. Was surprised Harbinger showed up. Just lucky I guess. The fight is easy and the helm is awesome!

Had to sacrifice a Jedi 5 times (pvp zone… he kept coming…) for the bloody Harbinger to deign to spawn. But it did drop in the end =)

Thanks to the wookies and their sister Imp/Rep guilds I finally managed to get it a few weeks back along with the Judged Dread one.
Their PVP achievement Planet events are brilliant.

Seeing as planetary drops are tied to level now, maybe it only drops if you’re around level 53-56 and you’re killing those particular NPCs. Who knows man, who knows.

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