SWTOR Patch 2.4 Coverage guide

A list of guides and galleries related to SWTOR patch 2.4 scheduled for launch on Oct 1 after maintenance.




Patch notes

  • Mortúùs

    Gonna post this here, because this is the best place I can think of to ask. Has anyone found the new vibrosword model that some of the mobs in the Ops and on Oricon have? I really want it, and I heard it was linked or something earlier today, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

    • Rare drop from corruptor zero apparently.

      • Mortúùs

        Thanks for the reply, hope it drops and I win it 😀

        • Janssen

          Dropped in our run last night. On Corrupter, as Dulfy said.

          • Mortúùs

            Was that a SM, or HM run?

  • Will McBurney

    Here’s a token enhancement cheat sheet for everyone. This should help you best allocate those early tokens to get your team up and running.


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