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SWTOR Loremaster of Oricon guide

SWTOR Loremaster of Oricon guide showing you how to get all six lore objects for the Loremaster of Oricon achievement and title. Special thanks to Pri’ya of Harbinger for submitting the info!

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Holocron of Corruption – Dread Master Bestia (-182,491)

This lore object is on the path to the left and above of the cave you use for one of the quests. Once you get above the cave, you will see a lore object to your right. Getting to it is fairly tricky as you will need to jump on the rocks to the left of the big root sticking out to get it.



Holocron of Visions – Dread Master Calphayus (-339, 41)

Go up the watchtower and take the portal to the upper levels you will find in a cave. After taking the portal, go to your left and you will find a ledge you can jump on with a Holocron of Visions you can click nearby.



Holocron of Artifce – Dread Master Brontes (-230, –267)

This holocron is on top of a walker but you can use the tree root nearby to jump to one of the walker legs and then just carefully walk up the leg until you can click the lore object.


Holocron of Trials – Dread Master Raptus (46, 213)

On the steps leading to the Heroic area.


Holocron of Stratagem – Dread Master Tyrans (97, –154)

Inside a tent in the heroic area.


The Dread Fortress (302, 2)

Right between the Imperial and Republic speeders


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Here seems like the best spot to let you know how to find the Power of Dread bonus mission. No other info online to my knowledge. Once you’ve clicked one of the terraforming devices, there’s a small crystal to click in the centre of where it was. Then click on the item in the middle of the stairs in front of the instance.

Discovered (to my knowledge) by Re’th and Azinoth.

I was looking for the achievement when i read the PvP one… kill 1500 people on oricon… THEY ARE CRAZY. And i don’t even speech on PvE servers… -.-“

i know right! the pvp achievements are insane… no1 pvp’s in a daily zone, ppl just want to finish their quests and move on T_T

Thank to this guide I found all of the lores and got the achievement “loremaster of oricon” but I didn’t get the title? Title is not found under character and it’s also missing in my codex for Achievement: Titles

Am I doing something wrong?

Edith: It’s a legacy title. Of course it does now show up in character titles.

Okay, I looked again, closely. I found the title. Too tired yesterday and looked on the character titles. Obviously it’s not there. Just checked my legacy titles and found this title.

Sorry for the confusion, my apologies!

For the Bestia holocron, it’s possible to drive underneath the branch if you’re very close to where it meets the rock face.Just jiggle your speeder around until you come out on the other side.

Slightly off topic, but I can’t seem to find any answers on this:

I’m unable to get the bonus missions on oricon for the seeker droid and the macrobinoculars. I can get the other bonuses but when i go to the areas where you use the seeker droid i can’t use it. I also can’t click on the terminal in the heroic 2+ area either. I guess im missing a conversation or i need to do something in order for the bonuses to come available. General chat in the game is all snark and no answers. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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