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SWTOR Oricon bonus missions guide

A guide to locating and the four bonus missions on Oricon for the Bonus missions achievements under Daily –> Oricon

Watchtower Watchers – Achievement: Watching out for Watchers

  • Part of [DAILY] The Tower’s Core
  • When you approach the tower, you will see sensor arrays on the wall that you can click and interact. Interacting with them will grant you this bonus mission.
  • Click 5 sensor arrays and defeat an elite to complete this bonus mission. You will get the achievement when you turn in the bonus mission.


Power of Dread – Achievement: Reshaping Oricon

  • Part of [DAILY] Dread Engines
  • When you are destroying the 3 Terraforming devices required for the daily, click on the crystal that is revealed when a device is destroyed and it will grant you the bonus mission.
  • Head to the area indicated by the bonus mission and interact with this Ancient Energy Pyramid to spawn an elite. Defeating the elite, looting quest item and turning it in will grant you the achievement.


Dread Roots – Achievement: Get to the Bottom of It

  • Part of [DAILY] False Paradise.
  • When in to the general area for False Paradise, you should get an onscreen text telling you that your Seeker Droid has found something. Instead of digging blindly, look for roots sticking out of the ground and try dig there. Once you find your first Corrupted Tentacle Root, you will get the bonus mission, which require you to dig up two more.


Preempted Signals – Achievement: Scanning the Horizon

  • Part of [H2] Preemptive Strike.
  • In the north section of the heroic area you will find a Coded Transmitter you can click (if it isn’t clickable, try scan it using your macrobinoculars).


  • Interacting with it will tell you to scan four Antenna Arrays, after doing so and defeating the champion, come back to decode the transmitter and turn in the bonus for the achievement.


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20 replies on “SWTOR Oricon bonus missions guide”

Watchtower Watchers is currently bugged I believe. I cannot seem to get anything to interact after getting the 5 sensors… Defeated the elite and nothing. Thoughts?

Bonus from “Dream engines” mission is bugged for me. I can’t see crystal at all. It’s not there. No glow no nothing.

The crystal is not up high where you click to destroy the device; rather, it’s on the part that’s on the ground (directly below the part you click on to destroy the device).

they give green reputation tokens and cash iirc…
maybe even a basic commendation or 2, but the quest displays 0 reward until it’s actually completed and separate of its parent quest.

thats my point though… in that pic the bonus is only 1/3 and still attached to its parent quest. once you gather the last 2 roots it should separate and update the reward.

Anyone knows the name of the soundtrack in Watchtower Watcher? I mean the soundtrack that plays after killing the boss in Watchtower Watcher?

Scanning the Horizon, there is a platform that you can walk up and you can scan all 4 antennas from that point, instead of running all the way around the map. Sorry I don’t have the coordinates. I will try to post it later.

What they didn’t call out explicitly in the article is that you have to have a seeker droid (have done the initial mission) in order to obtain the Dread Roots bonus mission, and you have to have macrobinoculars (have done the initial mission) in order to obtain the heroic area bonus mission.

If you drop those initial missions, like I did, you can’t obtain the Oricon bonus missions.

Also, while your initial seeker droid scan will find a root and get you the bonus mission, subsequent ones may fail. In that case, you just go to a different root structure and try again.

I saw you are accompanied by Ashara. In brief, why do you prefer her?? Except the good looks : – ) If only she used Willpower, I would never pull Xalek. Too bad she can’t wear your old mods.

maybe someone can answer this is the dread Roots bonus mission bugged i never could get my seeker droid to activate in that area even though i had the main mission logged to get the bonus yesterday

I am a big fan of you but very poor explanation of pre-emptied strikes. you should have talked about bunker security door access as well

Please be aware that you have to have the Seeker Droid and Macrobinoculars BEFORE you take the respective missions. I’ve taken the missions and then went to take the tools for bonus objectives. Had to reset a heroic that was fully done already.

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