Dread Fortress operations Patch 2.4 SWTOR

SWTOR Dread Master Brontes Dread Fortress operation guide

A guide to Dread Master Brontes, the last boss of Dread Fortress operation.


Loot: Unassembled Arkanian Chest 1 random Underworld Token, 1 random piece of Verpine gear (no set bonus) 1x Exotic Element Equalizer, 4 Elite Commendations.

Recommended gear: Artifact gear or above. You may want to have some Black Market/Arkanian gear just to be safe.

Differences from hardmode

Phase 1

  • No debuff from the left/right hands of Brontes so there is no need to tank swap.

Phase 2

  • Brontes’s Arcing Assault does not cleave or leave behind tank swapping debuffs
  • Corrupted Clone only throw out one Corrupted Nanites instead of two on hardmode.
  • No energy spheres

Phase 3

  • No debuffs from the fingers that increase your damage intake if you don’t kill them fast enough.
  • No energy spheres

Phase 4

  • No stacking debuff and the two Hands do not spawn in this phase.


October 15 changes

  • Finger of Brontes now deals much less damage in 8m hardmode and is a “breeze” to heal through compared to previous versions of the encounter.



Loot: Unassembled Dread Forged Chest (rating 178), 2 random pieces of Oriconian gear (rating 178, no set bonus), 1x Exotic Element Equalizer, 6 Ultimate Commendations, 8 Elite Commendations, and Volcanic Kell Drake.


Recommended gear: Underworld/Verpine. Kell Dragon is more than sufficient.

Phase 1

Phase 1 has three types of enemies

  • Left Hand of Brontes
  • Right Hand of Brontes
  • Finger of Brontes


Fingers of Brontes should be killed by DPS ASAP as they can deal a lot of damage if you don’t kill them quickly (they will normally use their Pulse Beam attack which only deals ~3k damage but if you don’t kill them before their buff timer expires, they will start using Focused Beam which hits for anywhere from 5-10k per hit). They do spawn in random locations so DPS have to keep an eye out for them.

The Left and Right Hand of Brontes will need to be turned away from the raid as they have a nasty conal slam attack that can wreck the raid if not turned away. Each hand will despawn and respawn on the other side of the room if you deal a certain % of damage to it (~20%). When they despawn, they leave a debuff on the tank that was tanking them so they will need to be picked up by a different tank when they reappear (i.e. tank swap).

Different raid groups have a different ways to deal with the two hands. Some groups damage them equally so they despawn roughly at the same time and tanks can just swap when they respawn. Other raid groups focus all the DPS on one hand first and whenever this hand respawns they do a tank swap. The second method is what my raid group uses as we find it easier to manage.


During the transition, a pair of Reach of Brontes will spawn at the feet of random players and start beaming together. Anyone caught inside the beam will die instantly. Those who are too close to the Reach of Brontes will take massive AoE damage unless they move away. Four pairs will spawn one after the other during this transition.


Phase 2

During phase 2, you get to damage Dread Master Brontes to 50%. You have to watch out for three things

  • Brontes’s Arcing Assault cleave and tank swap
  • Corrupted Clone’s Laser Blaster and nanites
  • Energy Spheres (run into them at 15-19 stacks)

Dread Master Brontes has a frontal cleave called Arcing Assault. This attack come in two versions, a 1s cast and a 4s channel that usually casted back to back. The 1s cast isn’t too worrisome but the 4s channel will place 4 stacks of debuff on the tank, which increases their damage taken from Brontes and forces a tank swap. Make sure to turn Brontes away from the raid as well or the entire raid will get cleaved and debuffed by Arcing Assault.


Corrupted Clones of Kephess will also spawn during this phase and they will need to be tanked by the offtank. Much like Kephess in Terror from Beyond, the clone has a conal attack called Laser Blast and will need to be faced away from the raid. In addition to the Laser Blast attack, the clone will throw out two Corrupted Nanites on random raid members which can be cleansed.


Starting at ~65%, Brontes will say “Your limitations must be explored” and Energy Spheres will appear around the room. These Energy Spheres are attached to one random player in the raid (usually a DPS). Whoever is targeted by the Energy Sphere need to run into it to explode it but you do not want to do this until the Energy Sphere has at least 15+ stacks (but under 20) of a buff.


  • If you run into the sphere too early, you will take too much damage and likely die
  • If you let the sphere get 20 stacks, it will explode dealing massive AoE damage.
  • If you have defensive cooldowns that significantly reduce your damage intake (i.e. marauders/sentinels), you can run into them early, just don’t explode them near the raid.

50% Transition

Before you reach the 50% transition and trigger it, you want to clean up the Clones and Energy Spheres as much as you can as they can make this transition difficult. Do not stand in the direction that Brontes is facing when this transition starts (she always faces the same direction) or you will die right away when her beam comes up.

Brontes’s beam will start in a clockwise fashion and if her beam touches any of the Unshielded D-09 Droids, there will be a massive explosion that wipes out your raid. Your goal is to kill the droids before her beam gets there.This is a DPS race for the most part.


Once her beam completes a full revolution around the room, this transition ends. Healers will need to be prepared and top everyone off/bubble everyone as the next phase is very intensive for healing.

Phase 3

At start of Phase 3, there will be 6 Fingers of Brontes in the middle and two Hands of Brontes on the side. It is tank’s job to grab the Hands of Brontes while everyone else grab one Finger of Brontes and stand next to it. (It helps if you pre-assign everyone to a finger). You want a healer on either side so they can be in range of the tanks holding Hands of Brontes.

Spike of Pain is a purple circle place under random player. It deals ~10-12k damage if you do not move out of it. With how heretic this phase, some purple circles may go unnoticed and they can kill off players who are low on HP. It is worth mentioning them early so you know to avoid them.


Fingers of Brontes: Everyone need to focus on one Finger at a time as these fingers will start casting Focused Beams that deals massive damage if they are not killed quick enough.  You cannot move away from the Fingers as they will start shooting someone else instead so you want to kill melee DPS’s fingers, then healer’s, and then finally ranged DPS. This order free up the melee DPS right away so they can help with other fingers and allow healers to focus on healing.


Hands of Brontes: Tanks will need to kite Hands of Brontes’s slam to kill Energy Spheres that are trying to reach rest of the raid while rest of the raid is killing their fingers. The spheres will come from two corners of the room but which corner they spawn from is purely random. Also becareful to never point the slam at rest of the raid as that can cause some serious raid damage.


Once all the Fingers are dead, focus DPS on the Hands evenly. The Energy Spheres do not stop coming until both hands are dead and transition to phase 4 so if you despawn one hand too early (despawns at ~ 5%), you will have nothing to destroy the Energy Spheres on that side.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is a soft enrage phase. Both hands will spawn again with their low HP on two diagonal corners of the room. Getting each Hand to 5% spawns a shield around them, which cleanses the stacking debuff you get from Brontes. You can fight Brontes until you get 10 stacks of her debuff, then run and damage a Hand to 5% to spawn the shield. Repeat this again for the other hand when you get another 10 stacks.

  • Manifest Supremacy is her stacking debuff, which increases the damage you take from Brontes but is also a DoT that ticks harder with more stacks. It appears to tick every 5 seconds and when you get to ~20 stacks it can deal close to 10k damage per tick.
  • Purple circles will spawn on top of random players. Move away from them.
  • Fire and Forget – selects a random raid member and punt them away like Styrak in S&V last phase. Tanks need to taunt Brontes back immediately after she punts someone or they will be killed. Ideally everyone should have their back to a wall but the purple circles make it a bit hard to stack up.


Once the hands are dead, pull Brontes to a wall and tank her there


Your goal here is to kill Brontes before her stacking debuff becomes too much to handle.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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we have a huge issue with that debuff … it doesnt look like we’re killin the fingers alot slower than they are in the movie .. but the things stacks on the 2 ranged and 1 healer to the point where it becomes unhealable :/ idk what the mechanic is with the debuff but its screwing us up bad…

Whattie, we figured it out. Fingers start stacking the debuff in 2 cases. Proximity based if the person they fixate on moves away and secondly 20 seconds after beeing damaged. Solution: assign ppl to stand next to each finger and dont aoe. Focus single target dps on a single finger at a time -> no more debuffs if u kill each figer under 20 sec of engaging it. Good luck m8

For the first phase there is actually a smart mechanic to attune. The hands place a refreshing debuff called “Touched” that actually attracts the attune to normally the tank, but a dps can get it if they get hit, and then the hand channels “Attachment” (I think that’s what its called) .5 second right before it tunnels. Anyone who has “Touched” now has the “Attunement” debuff. We actually have it down so that only the main tank has “Attachment” to any one tentacle during this phase, as the tentacles spawn in an order around the courtyard and immediate TSs are key while all DPS burn the each tentacle in order of them being up.

In Story Mode, there are no energy spheres and no stacking debuff on phase 2 just so that anyone who is only story mode ready can know.

Any tips on the fingers phase. We keep getting there, get our fingers to die quickly (seems as quickly as in your video), but healers die and then we wipe. I don’t believe they are standing in purple but can’t take the damage especially if they get the pulsating beam from the orb too. Healing hasn’t been an issue to date, but I guess we could be failing the healer check.

we get 2-3 stacks debuff and die too quick to be healed, we cant figure out why we get so many debuff at the same time…

we have the two tanks on the big ones, one each on the other six. we start from the finger of the melee dps, then the 2 healer ones. but we usually wipe between 3 and 5 fingers. all of us get 2900dmg each second, and those with 1 stack 6000, 2 stack 12000…
those stacks look random to us, we cant understand why we get them also looking at other videos including yours we cant understand what we do wrong -.-

hmm no DPS average 2200 which is the same amounts i see from other videos and we die after about 20-30seconds which is way before the 45-50seconds it takes for that phase.

Something you may consider if its HM is purple circles. if someone is standing in them or even a half meter outside they will get hit hard.

I know this was 4 years ago, but in case someone is still dying to this…I don’t think Dulfy’s solution is correct. First, the fingers from phase 1 are not the same as phase 5 (Dulfy’s phase 3). You can check on the datamining websites, Disqus is not letting me embed links. In HM and NiM, the Phase 5 Tentacles have a 5 sec cast called Focus, which applies the Focused buff to itself. This channel gives you 5 seconds to get to your tentacle. The only stacking debuff, that I see, is the Focused Incineration from
Focused Beam. Focused Beam has a lower priority than Pulse Beam, but
Pulse Beam also only has a range of 3m (You might also notice, that
Focused Beam has a range of 4m to 150m, so they can’t be casted on the
same target). So, if you assign a body to each Finger, and those
bodies get within 3m of those fingers within the 5s cast time of Focus,
the Fingers should only cast Pulse Beam on the assigned body.
I’ve checked this against Dulfy’s video and it corresponds to our pulls
and our wipes in HM. If someone finds this analysis wrong, please let me
Also updated HP for 5.0:
Finger of Brontes (Phase 1): 109900HP
Hand of Brontes: 1977105HP
Corrupted Clone: 291607HP
Unshielded D-09 Droid: 204182HP
Finger of Brontes (Phase 5): 213871HP
Dread Master Brontes: 6328390HP
Enrage Timer (from datamine): 555s (9m15s)

Having the same problem, their is either a mechanic, they didn’t bother to explain in the guide, or somehow skipped right over. We get several debuffs that i do not see in other videos and die within seconds.

Having the same problem, it is insane. I watch video after video, of guilds getting 0-1 debuff and we are getting over 3.

In this fight, even in 8 man, it helped my group to have 1 person who was in all dps gear and dps spec, but they went into a tank stance. This helped to draw aggro on the little finger, if a tank went down they could step in for a bit, and it helped in nearly every phase in the fight, even the last one with an extra person for the quick tank swaps. The enrage timer is pretty long so didn’t run into an issue with that.

Hi Dulfy, great guide as usual, but we’re have really trouble on the 50% transition. Do you guys stop all DPS on Brontes, clear up then push her over 50%? Also is there a definite number of Energy Spheres or do they keep coming till the transition?

Under User Interface then press on your ops frame and press “show information” and then you can selecet health width and height

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