Dread Palace Patch 2.4 SWTOR

SWTOR Dread Council Dread Palace operation guide

A guide to the Dread Council, the final boss encounter of Dread Palace operation.


Loot: Unassembled Arkanian Chest, 1 random Underworld Token,, 1 random piece of Verpine gear (no set bonus), 1x Exotic Element Equalizer, 4 Elite Commendations.

Recommended gear: Artifact gear or above. You may want to have some Black Market/Arkanian gear just to be safe.

Differences from hardmode

Phase 1

  • Tyrans only sends out 1 Death Mark (instead of 4 on hardmode). This Death Mark is always a skull icon.
  • You have 200 seconds (over 3 minutes) to get the 3 other Dread Masters to 50% once one of them is pushed to 50%. This means that you can pretty much just focus and burn down one Dread Master at a time instead of having to coordinate their burns.

Phase 3/4

  • Like in hardmode, you want to bring everyone but Calphayus down to 25% (Calphayus should remain above 30%) before burning them down to 15% to trigger phase 4.
  • There is a soft enrage in phase 4 in which the AoE ticks for harder and harder but there is no stacking debuff.



October 15 changes

  • Calphayus, Raptus, and Tyrans can no longer be damaged while they are inactive in the first phase of the fight. Previously you could damage them before they went active.



Loot: Unassembled Dread Forged Mainhand (rating 178), 2 random pieces of Oriconian gear (rating 178, no set bonus), 1x Exotic Element Equalizer, 6 Ultimate Commendations, 8 Elite Commendations, Praxon Pyroclast speeder.


Recommended gear: Underworld/Verpine. Kell Dragon is more than sufficient.

Enrage timer: Unknown but it is fairly tight due to his high HP.

Phase 1 – 100-50%

Bestia will become active first, followed by Calphayus, Raptus and finally Tyrans. They each have their own separate abilities and the raid will need to split up to deal with them.

  • Bestia – Tanks will need to be on her and tank swap whenever they get 3-4 stacks of her debuff.
  • Calphayus – Offtank will need to be on him when they swapped from Bestia,  a melee DPS should be chasing him around
  • Raptus – a high mobility rDPS should be kiting him (i.e. DoT spec’ed class is the best).
  • Tyrans – Doesn’t need to be tanked or kited. We stick 2 rDPS on him that swap to Bestia when Tyrans reaches ~55%.



  • Force Push attack that will throw you across the room – stand in the very middle of the room or face yourself such that you will get pushed to the middle of the room.
  • Places a stacking debuff on the tanks that requires tank swap as it allows Bestia to deal more damage and potentially one shot the tanks at high stacks. We tend to tank swap at 3-4 stacks or after 2 Force Push.
  • Corruption aura around her that buff any other Dread Master standing next to her (increases their damage done and reduces their damage taken. swtor-dread-council-dread-palace-operation-guide


  • Has a shield around himself that reflects all damage coming outside the shield. Melee DPS is the best candidate for this
  • Regularly drops orange circles on the ground. Any player standing in it will have their healing received reduced and any Dread Master standing in it will take reduced damage.



  • Deadly Slash attack with frontal knockback (purple telegraph on the ground). Either run out of it or run into him to avoid the knockback.


  • Also has a Whirlwind attack where he will spin and chase a player. Stay outside the red circle or you will take massive damage.



  • Periodically cast out 4 Death Marks on the raid. Each Dark Mark has a different icon and different duration. If the Death Mark is allowed to expire on the player, it will instantly one shot them. I have labeled the 4 marks here with ranking based on their duration (1 is the shortest). Anyone with a cleanse can remove them, including agent/smuggler’s Evasion skill. This leaves just tanks/melee DPS without cleanse and healers should prioritize them first.


  • Also casts Thundering Blast, a blast that will hit anyone in the path of the blast. Hits for ~10k damage as long he doesn’t get buffed by Bestia.
  • Pulls random players to him, this is more of an annoying for people kiting Calphayus or tanking Bestia as the pull can screw up their pathing.

Pushing to phase 2

Phase 2 will trigger if all four Dread Masters get to 50% HP within 40s of each other, When the first one reaches 50%, that Dread Master will return to his/her throne and start channeling Siphon Energy. It is a 40s channel and at end of the channel they heal up. What this means is that you need to push every Dread Master to ~55% and then together as a raid, starting pushing them one at a time to 50%. Once the first one returns to the throne, you have <40s to push the other 3 to 50%.

Phase 2

In phase 2, the ghost form of Styrak and Brontes will return. One player will need to head to Brontes’s throne, go through the portal, and interact with the crystal on top of her throne to remove her Supremacy buff, which will make her immune to damage otherwise when she gets low. One of the tanks will need to go and do the same for Styrak. Styrak is taunt immune but getting this crystal the the subsequent buff seems to make him sticking on the tank with the buff.

  • Bronte’s throne is to the left of the entrance if you are facing the entrance. Styrak’s the throne is to the right of the entrance.


You want to drag Styrak and Brontes together so DPS can AoE both them of at the same time. There is a timer for getting this phase as each of the 4 other Dread Masters have a buff called Weakened. When this buff expires, they will jump down and enter the fight. If this happens and Brontes and/or Styrak still remains alive then you are going to have a very bad time.


Styrak should die fast as he gains a stacking buff that increases his damage output. After Styrak is dead, get Brontes to 20% and stay away from the entrance. Brontes will cast her Overcharged Beam attack which will always point first at the entrance. This beam will one shot players if they get hit by it.


Phase 3

Phase 3 is much like Phase 1 except there is no tank swapping on Bestia since she doesn’t put the stacking debuff on tanks anymore. Two DPS should head to Tyrans and Raptus’s throne and grab their crystals. The buff they receive seem to allow the the specific bosses to stick on them.

  • Tanks can grab the crystals from Bestia and Calphayus to prevent their abilities from autocrit, dealing more damage than necessary. swtor-dread-council-dread-palace-operation-guide-10

We also do a bit of rearrangement of the DPS in this phase compare to phase 1. Calphayrus’s DPS will switch to Tyrans, Tyran’s DPS will switch to Bestia and Raptus’s DPS remains the same. Calphayrus seems to cast Dark Empowerment if you bring him to 30% HP or below and this wipes the raid if he finishes casting it. Even if you push to phase 4, he will keep casting this ability.


You want to bring Bestia to ~20-25% and then get everyone else except for Calphayrus to around the same % (Calphayrus should remain above 30%). Then push one of the Dread Masters (we picked Tyrans) to 15% and this will trigger phase 4.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is  soft enrage phase where all four Dread Masters will gather around the holocron and do perioidic damage that increases with time as their buff stacks get higher. Every Dread Master should be fairly low in HP except for Calphayrus which you should kill last. Focus your DPS on one Dread Master at a time.

For healers, if the healing becomes a bit hard to keep up, focus on keeping the DPS alive as the tanks are not tanking anything in this phase.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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SM Differences:

Phase I:

-If a Master is taken down to 50% during Phase I, they need to channel for 200 seconds instead of 40 to regain 25% of their health. This allows the raid to burn down the Masters sequentially instead of needing to worry about bringing them down evenly provided they have decent DPS. My raid generally does Bestia—>Raptus—>Tyrans—>Calphayus.

-Tyrans doesn’t throw out Deathmarks as often, and it seems to be limited to 1? 2? raid members instead of 4.

Phase II:
-Seems to be mostly the same. Perhaps the Weakened debuff on the other 4 masters lasts for a longer period of time, but all HM mechanics seem to be present.

Phase III/IV:
-Phase IV’s soft enrage where the Masters gain the stacking debuff is much more forgiving than HM. Like Phase I, the masters can be snuffed from 50% to 0 instead of 50—>Everyone but Calphayus to 25%/Cal at 30%—->Kill in order

Does anyone know if Force Shroud is working to cleanse Death Mark? Since when Evasion works this should work aswell ;D Which means AssaTanks and DPS can cleanse it away from themselfs.

Raptus also periodically does Smash (no cast, same animation as Warrior), very important for DPS and Healers to stay away from him even when not kiting, especially in 16m.

Got a nasty bug in SM yesterday. Without knowing the mechsnic(we wanted to figure it out ourselfs) we pulled Bestia to the entrance so our Tank could stand back to back with the door an don’t get pushed around by her. Long story short, she didn’t return to her throne at 50% so we smashed her down to when the last phase triggert. With all other dread masters at about 70-80% you can imagine how fun that was…

Some more sm/hm diffrences, 16 man sm is 3 deathmarks. Deathmakr is not a oneshot on sm, my jugger tank in 72 gear took about 163 from it.

Is there a reason not to kill Calphyus first and use him to trigger burn phase – is he casts that insta kill maybe it’s better to have him dead and be free to use flybies etc. in burn phase?

Cal ONLY casts Dark Empowerment (the insta-kill) if you knock his HP under 30% during Phase III. If you trigger Phase IV and then lower his HP to under 30%, you’re in the clear.

DE is a 20-second cast, and he continues the cast even if you manage to force the Masters to Phase IV, so you would need to burn him from 30% to zero in less than 20 seconds. You would need insanely good DPS to make that work (if it’s even possible).

Dolphy, can you elaborate on any specifics for the final phase on HM? We’ve been killing it easily every week, but this week we suddenly take much greater damage after killing of bestia (kill order is bestia->tyrans->raptus->calph for us). If you can confirm whether AoE damage increases the damage they do, or if other effects could trigger negative damage mechanics, etc.

No change for us this week in terms of damage. Just killed them a couple hrs ago. Might have triggered the final phase early and cause your raid to take unnecessary damage. Oh please spell my name right.

Bestia – Tanks will need to be on her and tank swap whenever they get 3-4 stacks of her debuff.
Calphayus – Offtank will need to be on him when they swapped from Bestia, a melee DPS should be chasing him around
Raptus – a high mobility rDPS should be kiting him (i.e. DoT spec’ed class is the best).
Tyrans – Doesn’t need to be tanked or kited. We stick 2 rDPS on him that swap to Bestia when Tyrans reaches ~55%.
do you have more than one rDPS in your group? or does the one kiting him dps tyrans while running?

We typically have 2-3 rDPS in our raid group. First time we killed him we used 2x snipers and 1x merc but since then the operative DPS (who swapped to sniper for first kill) has learned to kite Raptus without much issues.

Well i tried it several times in SM only and it seems undoable with 16m raid… I have one tank assassin and sorcerer healer, well with both i couldnt finish it with 16m, with 8m (only tried as healer so far, with my tank assassin still didnt – only 16m) we do it either the second or at most 3-th time…. so can u tell whats the diff between 16m and 8m beside their HP…… are they doing more dmg or what?

As far as bestia is concerned, the larva do a crazy amount of scaled damage in 16 m, which can lead to several problems. Aside from that, however, the only thing that needs to be monitored is how many people fall when you get to the council, because you practically need ever DPS you have to be able to DPS Styrak and Brontes down fast enough for a good phase 3. Sure, Raptus is a bit of a bitch in 16m, too, but at least his heal phase is easier than 8m.

Well i ment the fight with dread council, fighting them alone in first 4 rooms is not a problem. The problem is with the Dread Council when we fight them all, not a single time we were able to reach even phase 2….
On Calphayus we have always one of the tanks on him and on Raptus – rDPS to kite them away. But always at some point half of our raid is killed in like a one shot or at least they got from 90-100% to 10-30% instantly….. the rest are damaged as well a lot, which cuase a wipe…

Well, on 16m SM, you down Bestia the minute she jumps down, burn Tyrans to stop him from casting deathmarks, burn down Raptus (because nobody likes Raptus), and then burn down Calph (because he’s last in the pecking order). While this is going on, a single DPS should be kiting Raptus from his throne to the entrance (and then back) because that’s about the distance it takes for him to channel his AoE. The main tank should be tanking Calph off to the side near his throne, and everyone else should be on Bestia until she jumps up to her throne, which is when the off tank who was tanking Bestia must switch to kiting Raptus. If you have high DPS, there should only be about two deathmark casts at the most.

Wish the guides on your site were a little more detailed for sm as well as hm/nm. Dissappointed that I can’t find a full SM guide for anything.

This fight should be updated for phase 3. You make no mention of the tanks getting the crystals from Bestia and Calphayus. Without these crystals, those two bosses autocrit on their special abilities, causing far higher damage and wiping most groups

Thank you so much for this comment. Seriously, we had no idea of this and were wondering why phase 3 seemed like a healing bitch. You saved our asses 🙂

Seconded with the thanks! We got to phase 3 for the first time and us tanks were getting hit very VERY hard in our group. Dulfy’s writeup of phase 3 doesn’t mention the tank crystals at all, but your comment made us give picking up the Bestia and Calphayus crystals a go.

Once we worked that out, we were able to down Council for the first time. Yay!

“We also do a bit of rearrangement of the DPS in this phase compare to phase 1. Calphayrus’s DPS will switch to Tyrans, Tyran’s DPS will switch to Bestia and Raptus’s DPS remains the same.”

I don’t quite understand how this fits in with the tactics, are you putting this as a suggestion for everyone who reads the guide, “you should probably do this as well”, or why do you do it?

Do this to insure that Calphayrus does not get dps’d down past 30% simply takes the DPS off of Calphayrus and assigns them to another boss

So probably worth noting (or not at all) that Bestia no longer does force push in either phase on story mode (unless my instance horribly glitched)

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