Dread Palace operations Patch 2.4 SWTOR

SWTOR Dread Palace Operation guide

A guide to all the 5 bosses within Dread Palace operation introduced with SWTOR patch 2.4. Both storymode and hardmode versions are available.



Loot Table

  • Dread Forged rating 178 gear with set bonus
  • Oriconian – rating 178 gear without set bonus
  • Praxon Pyroclast from Dread Council (HM)



Bestia Arkanian Earpiece/Belt + random Black Market
Tyrans Arkanian Gloves + random Black Market
Calphayrus random Arkanian Relic + random Black Market
Raptus Arkanian Legs + random Underworld token + random Verpine
Dread Council Arkanian Mainhand + random Underworld token + random Verpine


Bestia Dread Foraged Earpiece/Bracers/Belt + random Oriconian
Tyrans Dread Forged Relic + random Oriconian
Calphayrus Dread Forged Boots + random Oriconian
Raptus Dread Forged Legs + random 2x Oriconian
Dread Council Dread Foraged Mainhand + random 2x Oriconian

By Dulfy

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23 replies on “SWTOR Dread Palace Operation guide”

I’m hoping this makes it easier to get Underworld gear so I can start running the SnV and TFB HMs and NiMs and other things. Before this it was kinda hard to get from 69 to 72.

Well actually u needed to do something.
Sure it wasn’t easy but it required skill and patience too run them in HM and NiM , now that u get 78 for like nothing.. it’s totally lame.. They simply should have made the 75gear buyable for underworld comms., not the 78. Now SnV and TFB are no challenge at all.

For those people Bioware invented SM, for those who want a bit of a challange they invented HM and for those who love getting their asses kicked for a while until they figured all tactics out, they made NiM.

For SM I got:
Bestia – Arkanian Belt, Random Black Market
Tyrans – Arkanian Gloves, Random Black Market
Calphayrus – Random Arkanian relic, Random Black Market
Raptus – Arkanian Legs, Random Black Market, Underworld Head (Think its Random Underworld)
Didn’t do dread council yet though, pugs are hard to get through that one

This may be a stupid question dulfy, but how you record your gameplay? Ive tried different software, but they all seem to have some affect on my pc (mostly fps). What do you have under the hood too (I.e. what system do you have)?

Im using Shadowplay ffrom nvidea, it has an inbuilt microchip for
recording, and can record the last 20 min if u did some cool u wanna
save:) and do not effect ur game at all since it is a microchip in ur
graficcard for that use only.. realy nice and really easy 2 use..:)

Bandicam is great or at least I love it, not free (there is a demo version I think).
It hooks directly into directx for better performance, and it allows you to record uncompressed or xvid, or hardware accelerated formats ( ) also external formats like x264 if u have the vwf codecs.

I have had issues with overwolf and bandicam in the past, so if you use overwolf, test before buying

Looking for someone who has the schematic for the dread chest piece. Paying 4 mil. Just want it for cosmetic looks not gear. And without the flap in the back please ( : On Harb server. Can be contacted by Kailyana. Thanks

I know this is an old guide, but for some of the new players maybe a “Notable Trash” section would be a nice addition?

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