GW2 Gemstore update Jack-In-the-Box Scythe and fireworks

GW2 gemstore was updated on October 8 with two new items to help prepare for the upcoming Halloween festival. Players can purchase an unlimited harvesting tool called Jack-in-the-box Scythe for 800 gems and Hallows Fortune fireworks for 200 gems each.

Jack-in-the-Box Scythe – 800 gems

  • Account bound but becomes soulbound on use.


Hallows Fortune Fireworks – 200 gems each or 5 for 800 gems

  • Four different colored fireworks with 10 charges each and a Hallows Finale firework with only one charge.



  • Solomon Darkfury

    Lol just asked you about this in game! Glad to see you are punctual as always Dulfy!

  • Pip Clank

    I can always count on Dulfy to be up to date! Great job, I really enjoy the scythe this time.

  • Lyzran

    Are you also weilding the consortium sickle, or did they copy it over?

  • Acidicore

    Welp, that’s a terrifying item.

  • Synchropation

    Yo. THAT is CREEPY.

  • guest

    whats the name of those pants with things falling off of it?

    • Phoenix, is in the gemstore

  • Marc S

    aaaand the question that kills: is the scythe account bound or soulbound?

    • answered it already up top:
      Account bound but becomes soulbound on use.

  • nadrian3k

    Oh….so tempting…..

  • Curiosity killed cat

    Will this item stay permanently on gem store or it’s limited time sale?

    • I think it is limited like 2 weeks or maybe 4 weeks max.

  • guest

    Will the Jack-in-the-box scale down in size for an Asura? I’m hoping it wont. lol

  • The Spirit Molecule

    lol i like the jack in the box

  • permeus

    the jack in the box is horrifing why would any one want that?

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