Cantina Tour SWTOR

SWTOR New York Cantina Tour flashdrive asssets

Items in the flashdrive from the New York SWTOR Cantina Tour which occurred on October 12, 2013. Items of interest includes a customization for Blizz and Zaldrate mount. Special thanks to a friend who went to the Cantina Tour and obtained the flashdrive for me.

Cartel Market

Blizz Customization (left), Blurrg pets (right)


Formal Wear (left), Infected Wamprat (right)


Zeldrate Mount


Concept Arts

Republic Scout (left), Imperial Scout (middle), Imperial Scout attachments (right)


Imp Scout 2 (left), Republic Scout paint jobs (middle), Republic Gunship paint jobs (right)






By Dulfy

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28 replies on “SWTOR New York Cantina Tour flashdrive asssets”

You don’t like the cords coming from this mount’s neck? But, of course! That’s how you ride a Zeldrate! You surgically implant two cords of rope into its neck. Everyone know thattttttttttttt. 🙂

Really wished for Dewback or Reek Mounts… I guess they are lazy and going to use that model for a long while now.

I agree. Why didn’t they show a person on the mount? We’ve seen the concept art for the Dewbacks, but what does the player look like on one?

Thanks to Dulfy.

But BioWare is kidding us? This recycling content isn’t worth the disk space on the flash drive.

Another Bizz Customization, while there are still 0 for Scorpio.

Blurrg? Yes, you may hear this sound when I am thinking about BioWare.

the zeldrate mount is cool, but it should be nicer if they put in the dewback mount. The dewback is something we don’t have yet, the zeldrate like’s a bit like varactyl without that big collar on his neck. And btw, i have enough of blurghs. I WANT THE DEWBACK MOUNT!

What a bunch of lazy rehaggled crap. I’ve been a sub since day one and even I’m considering leaving. I’m sick of this lazy cash-grab work and designers completely out of touch with Star Wars.

What I see here are reskinned pets, reworked Alderaan armor and mount nobody cares about but was chose for it’s ability to reuse the Veradactyl animations. It’s lazy.

Thanks for the news Dulfy.

Let me correct this for you:

“What I see here are reskinned pets, reworked Alderaan armor and a mount I don’t care about but I think was chosen for it’s ability to reuse the
Veradactyl animations. In my opinion It’s lazy.”

Your previous statement was wrong, you cant speak for everybody. And conviently you forgot to mention the stuff which wasnt rehashed like the new spacestuff and companioncustomization.
Technicly you could call it as rehash too. If you go that way than you are just a rehash of your father and mother. I wont continue down that road to avoid stepping on toughs but use a bit more consideration what you call ‘lazy rehaggled crap’.

Some might think its nice.

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