GW2 Blood and Madness achievement guide

A guide to the GW2 Blood and Madness achievements introduced with the latest update. Updated for 2014 Blood and Madness


Meta Achievement

The meta achievement A Sweet Friend requires you to complete 12 achievements. You can either do the achievements under Festival –> Blood and Madness or do the Halloween dallies.

The following achievements under Blood and Madness do not count towards the meta achievement

  • Beaten Bloody
  • You, Back in the Box
  • Upset Stomach
  • Lunatic Inquisition Regular


Story Achievements


Head to Black Citadel near the Haunted Nolani waypoint and enter the story instance called the Reliquary. The instance is entirely soloable.


The instance itself is very straightforward. Magister Tassi is at the very end of the instance. One of the doors is blocked but you get around it by using the stairs to your right.

When Tassi tells you to throw everything at Bloody Prince Thorn, throw the Candy Corn at him and that should advance it. This part is buggy so if the instance doesn’t advance you may need to re-try it.


At the end of the instance, you should get a Tassi’s Relay Golem from Tassi


You should get both tiers of Containment achievement inside this instance.

You, Back in the Box

To be able to start this achievement. You must have the Mini Candy-Corn Elemental from either last Halloween or brought from the Halloween vendor in Lion’s Arch for 1 Candy Corn Cob (1000 Candy Corns).

  • This also works if someone in your group have the mini


Go back to the same location in Black Citadel and talk to Venna Castblade again telling him you have the pet. This will allow you to enter the passage leading to the next instance Resealing the Bloody Prince.




To defeat Bloody Prince Thorn, the key is on the glazed pool thrown by Tassi. Prince Thorn will only take damage if you are standing inside those pools as it will give you a buff that allow you to damage him.


At around 50% and 25%, he will disappear and summon a bunch of adds. Deal the adds the same way as they will take increased damage if you are standing inside the glazed pool.

At around 15%, he will stop taking damage and you will get the You, Back in the Box achievement after Tassi finish her little speech.

Upset Stomach

To get Upset Stomach achievement, eat 4-5 Pieces of Candy Corn while standing next to Bloody Prince Thorn (do it when he turns red and attackable) . You will get sick after eating some of it and puke directly on Prince Thorn. This will grant you the achievement right away.


Beaten Bloody

If you managed to bring Prince Thorn down to 15% under a minute, you will get the Beaten Bloody achievement. This is a bit tough solo so bring a friend or two if possible to make this extremely easy.

Mad King Labyrinth Achievements

Enter Mad King’s Labyrinth by using the portal in Lion’s Arch.


Candy Corn Crusher/Death to the Undying/Bonebreaker

Once you are inside the Labyrinth, take the portal and head down towards the maze.

The following 3 achievement can be only completed inside Mad King’s Labyrinth/Maze. To locate these guys, look for doors inside the Labyrinth, they seem to spawn at specific locations.. These bosses spawn from the doors but they are on a timer so not all doors at that location will spawn them. These bosses are all group bosses and are not soloable.


  • Candy Corn Crusher – Defeat Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn. Use reflects/feedback when he throws out candy corns as these do a lot of damage to him.
  • Death to the Undying – Defeat the Skeletal Lich
  • Bonebreaker – Defeat the Labyrinthine Horror – this guy’s spawn is a bit random and he can really spawn anywhere. He can join the fight when you are fighting Viscount or Lich.

Shut the Doors

Complete 50 door events inside Mad King’s Labyrinth. The doors are fairly easy to spot on the map. Interact with them to spawn an event and complete it to get credit.


Non Labyrinth Achievements

Something Good to Eat

Open 50 Trick of Treat bags – you can get these bags either as drops off random mob in Labyrinth, completing other achievements or from  Mad King’s Clock Tower, either in the final chest or chests along the way. You can also buy them from the TP.

A Stomping Good Time

Use the limited use Scarecrow/Mad King finisher they sent you in sPvP/WvW to finish off enemies. You will get 4 in the mail after completing the story content.  You can also loot more as rare drops off Mad King’s Labyrinth. Make sure you activate the finisher in your Hero tab first after you have “consumed” them.


Unlike last year, this can be no longer be done on Sparring NPCs in the Heart of the Mists so you will need to fight real players.

A Royal Tradition

Go to Grand Piazaa in Lion’s Arch and Mad King says will occur every hour.


Pumpkin Carving

This achievement can be done in a number of zones. If you have multiple characters, you can do it all in Lion’s Arch as the carving pumpkins reappear when you log on a different character. The pumpkins also reset daily as well.

Follow this guide to get the location of the carving pumpkins.

Daily Achievements

Check to see which achievement you get each day as there seems to be different set of six daily achievements each day.

  • Pumpkin Hacker – Carve 5 pumpkins. These are the same pumpkins you need for Pumpkin Carving achievement. .
  • Candy Carver – Eat 50 Candy Corns. Candy corns can be brought on the TP or received from Trick or Treat bags etc.
  • Jumping Mad – Complete Mad King’s Clock Tower jumping puzzle
  • Grim Reaper of Grunts – kill 40 Halloween minions – all the mobs in Mad King’s Labyrinth counts so this achievement is very easy to get.
  • Trick-or-Treater – Open 10 Trick-or-Treat bags.
  • Shut and Locked – Complete 5 door events in Mad King’s Labyrinth.
  • Halloween Costume Brawl Champion – Win 1 Costume Brawl

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

185 replies on “GW2 Blood and Madness achievement guide”

Are the three bosses (Candy Corn Crusher, etc.) soloable or are these group kills? I wasn’t around for last Halloween, so I do not know.

they are lvl 80 vets/champs and all mobs in labirinth are lvl 80, but dont worry, there are always commander (or two) with 50+ zerg

its a bug, bug, BUG, bugs everywhere, try leave and find next doors to Mad King, or wait for arena fix it :/

and i am not sure, but chest from this champs are daily or not? I kill them 5 times, all of them and only one chest work for loot 🙁

you can do “A stomping good time” in seconds – just down enemy (preferably your friend in 1vs1) then start finnishing him -stop, start again stop etc -every time you start finnishing you get one points towards achiv. – Probably bug so do it while you can.
PS. keep great work Dulfy

is this in a custom arena ? cause my friends and i are trying this in a custom arena and its not working. not even when we finish each other off with the stomper

tried both … my friend and i got it in WvW already. just wondering so the rest of my friends can get it w/o WvWing

Defeated the Viscount twice but no ach 🙁 Was there for about 75% of the fights and definitely got plenty of hits in. Bugged?

I got it in the end, for what it’s worth the two failed attempts were while I was in an overflow. The achievement popped the one time I did it in a non-overflow shard.

Can confirm, does not work.
EDIT: It works on the ones you have to fight in the north that are named after their profession.

I just tried that now. I can use the finisher on the NPC:s but A Stomping Good Time does not advance. It stays at 0, at least for me, even when I get the Animation and Everything on the finisher…

Hi, where do you actually getaccess the temporary Scarecrow Stomp?
I can only see the permanent one (not unlocked) in my Finishers panel. ty

The cancel and re-stomp is not intended and they will fix it in a future patch. However, for the PvP lobby – hall of memories, they said they are aware of it and while it is not intended they are okay with players using it since it is a more limited outlet to do the achievement.

“Pumpkin Hacker I – you can find pumpkins in Mad King’s Labyrinth or in Lion’s Arch.” Not only there but all around the three areas (Queensdale, Kessex Hills, Gendarran Fields) as well.
The Labyrinthine Horror spawns near the “90° turned T” in the western middle part of the Labyrinth.

Concerning “Reliquary”: After initially throwing the candy corn, you have to wait for them to stop talking before you continue. I looked on the forums and a designer said they believe not waiting is causing the bug. And voilà! Suddenly it worked.

You can only find them in Queensdale, Kessex and gendarren. I find most of my doors beneath the shaemoor garrison.

Tip for the Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn. Stand in the orange candy corn goop. Each stack will reflect one candy corn piece back at it. Not sure how to get the goo in the first place though.

I assume that you play SWTOR and fanboy it.


The glorious revolution will seed out you trolls!

sorry, I only saw two spawning points. and I fast read great high viscount, not the labyrinthine horror :-/
maybe it is because I played for a few hours, and I only get the great high viscount at this spawning point.

Last year there was an achievement for carving 100 I believe. I didn’t see it as an achievement for the Meta this time, but it may be part of the dailies.

This also works on Sparring NPCs north of Hall of Memories. You have to defeat them first and when they are downed use the finisher on them. The devs are aware of this but are okay with it so if you don’t want to do PvP/WvW, you can do them here.

Stil working ??

Yes, still working and you dont need to finish them you just need to go close and you can cancel the finish with ESC, this way you dont need to kill every npc around.and get you archievement faster :3

Lich Skeleton King was bugged for me. I was there and damaged him and it did not count… or maybe it just needs a lot more damage than you usually need to count…

Try joining a group, it usually helps. It’s like when you farm dollies on Cursed shore, you get more often chests from champions there if you join a group 😉

The stomping the downed players in the starting area of spvp wasn’t counting for me. Had to go stomp real players.

The doors are bugged for me – have done plenty of closed ones ie have the trick or treat when you run up to them – but it’s not registering when they’ve been killed – anyone else getting this?

Are you actually getting events every time you go to one of the doors and open it? I did several door Trick or Treats but only one of them actually spawned an event, most of the time it was just enemies I had to kill. I also assume you mean on the Queensdale, Kessex Hills, or Gendarran Fields maps and not the Mad King’s Labyrinth ( because when you go IN the Labyrinth and there is a door, it is an event and you just have to do enough damage to register and get credit, though I did have a bug with the three bosses where I got the chest, got gold, and did not get the achievement until the second time ).

You mention that Pumpkin Hacker and Candy Carver are Dailies for Tue/Wed but I do not see them in the list. Shouldnt they be in the Daily or Living World lists?

Those were only available BEFORE the daily rolled over 7pm CST Tuesday night, after that it became Shut and Locked and Mad Inquisition.

Thursday’s Dailies.
Grim Reaper of Grunts- Kill 40 minions. Easily done in the mad realm
Jumping Mad- Complete a run through the jumping puzzle, Mad Clock Tower.

Just completed locked achievements that u unlock by doing “A Sweet Friend”.
You, Back in The Box (5pt) – Simply finish instance.
Beaten Bloody (5pt)- This will require at least two people, I did it with 2 warriors (myself and my friend), we used banners and shouts to maximize DPS.
Upset Stomach (1pt)- most hilarious one. You need to vomit at Bloody Prince by eating too many Candy Corns.

by Shax The Reaper and Varangr Firemane from Gunnar’s Hold

Beaten Badly is a rather tough one to do solo, bring friends to easy the fight, and bring at a melee and range weapon.

Upset stomach requires you to throw up on him during the fight, eating candy corn (about 10 pieces) will suffice. Make sure to be standing close to him during the fight. You can obtain it while doing Beaten Badly.

You, Back in the Box is self explanatory. During the fight, Tassi will randomly shoot glaze around the fighting area. You need to stand in it to get the buff that hurts him. Sometimes he’ll run up you, others he will keep his distance.

For Beaten Badly it seems that the Prince’s health does not scale to the number of people in the instance. So a full party can just blow him up in like 20 seconds.

What does “This grant you a candy corn node in your home instance that can be mined once per day.” mean? I ate it… and it just disappeared, does it choose someplace random ?

If it works like the crystal node did (and there’s no reason to think it won’t), it will just appear in all home districts, for all your characters (so you could take your asura into The Grove’s home district and it would be there). But the spawn itself is linked, so that if you harvest the node on any of your characters in any of the cities, nodes in the other cities for other characters will all appear harvested until reset.

Much like how completing the Bazaar of the Four Winds metachievement got you a Quartz node in your home instance that could be mined 1/day, this gives you a candy corn node. It will appear somewhere in your “home instance” in a town (Salma District in Divinity’s Reach, etc.) I believe any cities’ home instance will count, but if you mine it in DR you can’t get it in the Grove on the same day.

For the Bloody Prince achievements, the pool puts a stacking buff on you that increases your damage against the adds and allows you to hit the prince himself. you do not have to kite things into the pool.

Also, the pool put out from Grand High Viscount is a tell on when he’s about to launch his ranged candy attack. If you build stacks in the pool you will be immune to the attack. Be mindful not to reach 10 stacks or you will get sugar crash debuff that slows you down and causes your stacks to drop off.

I kept wondering why sometimes I wouldnt take damage (and be flung so far away) when he does that bombardment, and sometimes I would…

I heard the Labyrinthine Horror spawning, he spawns at the middle of the map, on top of the center area, I was idling there talking and heard some noises, then the event popped up, and his icon moved VERY quickly towards the mob of people nearby. His movement seems to be aimed at a player in the labyrinth, much like scarlet when she spawned, targeting someone in the map at random. If you are targeted, he will appear out of a wall near you.

Also, I was in an overflow just now in which he did not spawn at all, and the viscount was not dropping anything when dead, it seems that people having trouble getting chests or achievements are mostly doing it on overflow, and they are bugged.

For the Archivement “Upset Stomach” you need to puke at the bloody prince while fighting him. Just stand in frond of him and spam candycorn until your charakter pukes. 😀 Nice Idea Anet

Hi Dulfy,
If you invite friends for the last fight with bloody thorn and they do not have finish the meta achievement, do you know if they can get the 3 last achievements ?
thx for your answer

Question about A Stomping Good Time. I need 2 more and ran out of the finishers. Is there a way to get more or do I have to spend 700 gems to get the perm even though I detest PVP and will never use it again?

Everybody got mailed 20 of them at the beginning of the event, and the achievement only requires 20. How did you run out? That being said, as Dulfy replied to you already, they do drop in the labyrinth.

I didn’t get 20 mailed to me… Or do these get deposited when you choose to deposit collectables? Also, only 1 dropped in the labyrinth in over 3 hours of play for me.

Just tried with a friend on the NPCs, unless we did it wrong (don’t see how) I think its no longer working.

Can anyone else confirm?

Someone said it was working 10 hrs ago and there was no patch in between. It is isn’t an exploit either as I checked w/ Anet and they said they are aware of it and feels it is okay. You sure you are going to the right spot and have your finishers activated?

Ok I think something is wrong. In the Hall of Memories, i tried using the finisher before fighting (thinking it was a buff? but no buff shows), then I attempt after the enemy is down, and the finisher gets consumed but doesn’t do anything.

What am I doing wrong? =/

It was armature hour over here! So I totally forgot about ACTIVATING the finisher in the tab for it now =(

It definitely works, thanks again for all your help and great guides 🙂

Make sure you activate the finisher in your [H] Hero tab first.
The bottom selection on the left [finishers].
You must DOWN the NPC (NOT Kill) and use your interact key (F key unless you rebound it) to use the finisher on them. Do it 20 times to get this achievement complete. It is still working as of 28 mins ago. You can also cancel it and re-apply with the interact key over and over again to never use the finishers at all. Just letting people know in case they want to hang onto them without using them all up on the achievement.

2nd question I have 12 of the events but the royal tradition part. how do I complete it with out it sorry I am brain dead XD

if you did the first bit of the story instance, you should have gotten Containment. and then finish the rest of the 6 that are available, plus 3 days worth of Blood and Madness related dailies (2 achieves per day), you should have a total of 13 achievements for the meta.
if not, just wait until the next day’s B&M dailies, just do one more and you’ll have it!
hope this helps.

Re: Beaten bloody

You can actually stun him a bit before he hits 75% or 50% hp and he won’t disappear and summon adds. With a good burn and some good timing/a little luck you can take em down really quickly this way!

I used Basilisk Venom, worked quite well.

Yesterday I was wasting 3 hours in the laby. trying to get the Horror killed, and it did not even spawn ONCE (!).
My question is, is it even spawning on overflow servers?

Hi .. I killed all 3 bosses in overflow within 30 minutes .. You have to go from one door to another, make events and sometimes this bosses will respawn instead of event

i just did the “Resealing the Bloody Prince” achieves and one of my guildies got a big prize out of the daily chest, 1Candy Corn Cob 5High-Quality Plastic Fang 5 Gibbering Skull 5 Tyria’s Best Nougat Center. he sold them for a profit of around 90g. thats a big prize for a 1min dungeone 😀

Heyo. For the “Something Good to Eat” Achievement, another way to get the bags of candy that is not listed above, is to trade candy corn to the kid’s dressed up and playing near-ish to the Mystic Fountain. Behind the trait book sellers. 10 candy corn nets you 1 personalized treat bag, 25 nets you 3, while 50 nets you 8. So if you have lots of spare candy corn, you can do this achievement in under a minute.

(It’ll cost 320 candy corn if you do it this way)

Hiya dulf, first of all, TY for your awesomeness in blogging about all this, and i was wondering if you had anything on lunatic inquisition regular?

For the “A Stomping Good Time” achievement you can not only use Sparring NPCs, but you also may use it when they’re almost dead – if they die before you finish them, you will get
tick up (nearly one second after finishing ‘finisher move’) and not lose finisher’s charge.

Hi, doing the mini dingeon with bloody thron prince counts as the monthly dungeon reward. (you have to wait until the chest reward is offered)
It is a fast way to get the 10 achievement points for the dungeon this month 😉

Hey Dulfy! Thanks for the awesome guides. They are very helpful! Quick question. Can I still do the daily achievements for the “A Sweet Friend” meta achievement? I didn’t start them on the 15th (felt lazy to do them) so they will be available in the daily achievement section from today? Thanks!

Oh wow cool thanks! For a moment thought I couldn’t get the achievement done anymore. Dulfy you’re starting to sound lazy like me 😉
j/k.. again you do a wonderful job with these guides, I love them and use them all the time.

Where did the spvp map with the 3 tombs spawning skeletons go? Where are the haloween events how do i get the daily for mad king says?

It ends on Friday? not Tuesday? O.o

Friday is better but I thought all events ended on Tuesday, didn’t they?

Not at all. It’s to your advantage as you don’t have to gather 1.000 candy corn to buy it now, because you will need it for the story.

You can still use it as a mini. And it still works for the story.

Tessa interacts with the actual mini creature, not the item in your inventory. So you just have to equip it in the instance.

You can actually take his health all the wayto 10% in one go without the adds if you use ice bow #5. Silly ANet forgot to add a safeguard like with the Cliffside fractal boss. So he’ll be unable to hide while stunned.


I wrote five because I meant five. The ice encasing is a long stun that bypases his scape skill. It prevents him from hiding at 50% health, giving enough time for a spike to take him out in less than 10 seconds.

Mindless zergers. It’s as if they can’t see any skill other than their silly premade meta cycles.

Silence. You didn’t even consider phrasing your message something like “Don’t you mean ice bow 4?”. You arrogantly assumed without thinking and had the audacity, the hubris of correcting me.

Hmm? I thought we would get more backstory from King Thorn’s family past and such and see more characters and places. What a downer 🙁

lol that comments mixed old and new, i just read comments and suddenly dafuq i did just read, look again, and it was post 1y old 😀

No one can enter the second story instance at the moment. Seems like people exploited this instance over and over and got 250 event items each time…

It will work. Tessa will use her instruments in the actual mini creature. She won’t check the mini item or your mini wardrobe unlock.

As long as there’s a candy corn elemental mini running around, she’ll start the process.

Only Lunatic Inquisition Achievement left.
So long this achievement to get the 50 points (10*8 lunatic games)… 🙁

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