GW2 mini pets

GW2 Blood and Madness Halloween Minis

A gallery and guide to all the minis you can acquire from the GW2 Blood and Madness update.

Costumed Mini 3-Pack – 500 gems

Mini Assassin Trick-or-Treater


Mini Aviator Trick-or-Treater


Mini Quaggan Gost Trick-or-Treater


Mini Ghost Carlotta

  • Obtained by combining the above 3 minis with a Candy Corn Cob (purchased for 1000 Pieces of Candy Corn near the Laurel vendor in Lion’s Arch – right outside the WvW gates).


Other Minis

Mini Bloody Prince Thorn – Purchased for 20 Candy Corn Cobs – Modeled by King Solamnus I V

  • This mini does not have any special effects, which is disappointing for such an expensive mini


Mini Candy-Corn Elemental – Earned by completing A Sweet Friend meta achievement under Living World –> Blood and Madness


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15 replies on “GW2 Blood and Madness Halloween Minis”

A spot for a Mini Dolyak was added in the bank with this update. Any idea where that is obtained or any info on it?

there are achievements in the living world section that have to be completed during the first season of WvW competition to get the dolyak

Perhaps that’s the point (insanity is one of the main themes for this update), but still… I doubt they found a number of people had even 40 stacks of CC in their inventory -.- I thought having 10 was ridiculous -.-

True, but I was more suggesting that people had been hoarding CC from last year and Arenanet made the costs of some of the rarer stuff reflect the amount of hoarding (to keep the rare stuff rare)

I do think the general candy corn prices for the 20 slot bag and mini is a bit crazy. I would think maybe it was so high if I thought they’d carry him for the next few years it could be a long term goal. But we know that won’t happen. Candy corn was easy to get last year. But not 20k worth, takes some major farming. ._.

Exactly! I farmed purely cause it was easy to do, and something that rewarded me in other ways (not just CC) so I thought I was rare in having so much CC still in my inventory, but damn… It’s a drop in the ocean for the prince mini D:

and the fact if you sold the amount of candy needed for that bag would net you more than the price of a normal 20 slot bag.

Bad oversight is bad.

great 😀 just managed to get all the mini (except dolyak) from this patch this morning (was lmissing mini candy-corn elemental)

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