GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Blood and Madness Halloween weapon skins

A gallery of the five Blood and Madness Halloween weapon skins you can get from Black Lion Chests. Each skin costs 1 Black Lion Claim Ticket and can be traded on the TP.

Chiroptophobia Greatsword Skin – [&AgH3rgAA] – Modeled by Rasmmi/Special thanks to Vox Shatterfall for the skin



Araneae Longbow Skin – [&AgH9rgAA] – Modeled by Rasmmi/Special thanks to Vox Shatterfall for the skin



Dead Stop Shield Skin – [&AgEMrwAA] – Modeled by Sir Stiofan



Bloody Prince Staff Skin – [&AgESrwAA]- Special thanks to Beef Adobo for the skin



Silly Scimitar Skin – [&AgEVrwAA] – (note the sword skin is rubber like and will bend) – Modeled by Beef Adobo



By Dulfy

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65 replies on “GW2 Blood and Madness Halloween weapon skins”

The guild tower shield looks very good with aegis IMHO (it’s the one I use with my guardian). The aegis fits right in the middle of the ornament in the shiels, looks like it’s part of the design.

Another GS bias… It gets a different looking skin AND bat effects while the rest is blah, especially the sword.

Can I ask a silly question… has anyone noticed lately that the bow previews all seem to be backwards? (like the part thats on the outside of your hand is on the inside) looking at the video, it looks like the bow is correct though.

It’s because all the previews always show in your right hand. So a bow or focus that has been specifically designed to be held in the left hand (like they all are when actually wielded) ends up being reversed in the preview.

I want more rubber weapons! I’m amazed how much tech GW2 has for weapon effects that are hardly ever used!

Anyone have a translation for the text on the shield and does the text change when it’s drawn? If some higher rez photos can be posted, I’ll do it.

that sword i admit that its funny but the staff-.- its just looks like a rip off of some of the exotic weapons :/ AND WHY ALWAYS MAKING THE STAFFS SO BAD! T_T

Am I the only one freaked out by the quaggan mini? Imagine the blue part being the sclera (the white part of the eye) and the actual eyes of the quaggan being the irises…brrr

dulfy, do you happen to know if the new glove armor pieces from doing the Clocktower have unique skins? Or does it just reuse existing skins?

i just looted a Mad Kings chest piece from the Labyrinth, any chance you could post a pic of what the full suit looks like?

One simple question dulfy, do u know craftable chests through the mystic forge will be available this year again? The moneymaking is really a bit annoying in this one..

Eww my grammar… was a bit mind-afk. Just want to know if we can get the weapon skins only through BL-Chests or can craft the Mad King Chests again. Sorry for my last comment,,

Why…why why why would they make almost every single one of these incredibly awesome….. and then… there’s the silly fucking scimitar. Why…. just… why? My thief says boooo.

If your thief doesn’t want to shoot rainbows with a dreamer and swing a silly scimitar, then he’s not a real man.

well my reactions when scrolling down this page were a mixture of eewws and mehs and then i come down to the staff and it was WOW!!! one of the coolest staffs in the game imo gonna definitely try to get that xD

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