GW2 Blood and Madness Halloween weapon skins

A gallery of the five Blood and Madness Halloween weapon skins you can get from Black Lion Chests. Each skin costs 1 Black Lion Claim Ticket and can be traded on the TP.

Chiroptophobia Greatsword Skin – [&AgH3rgAA] – Modeled by Rasmmi/Special thanks to Vox Shatterfall for the skin


Araneae Longbow Skin – [&AgH9rgAA] – Modeled by Rasmmi/Special thanks to Vox Shatterfall for the skin


Dead Stop Shield Skin – [&AgEMrwAA] – Modeled by Sir Stiofan


Bloody Prince Staff Skin – [&AgESrwAA]- Special thanks to Beef Adobo for the skin


Silly Scimitar Skin – [&AgEVrwAA] – (note the sword skin is rubber like and will bend) – Modeled by Beef Adobo


  • Shannon Peters

    I kinda like the shield skin.

    • Schiinch

      Too bad Aegis will destroy yet another pretty shield

      • Bob Dobalina

        The only shield that Aegis doesn’t destroy (and enhances it in my opinion) is the Dragon Jade shield.

        • Corsicca

          I personally think Aegis looks amazing on the fractal shield

        • LocoMan

          The guild tower shield looks very good with aegis IMHO (it’s the one I use with my guardian). The aegis fits right in the middle of the ornament in the shiels, looks like it’s part of the design.

      • Shannon Peters

        Agreed. I get so annoyed by the Aegis when I want my skin to be seen

  • Smiks

    Staff skin is cool, but the rest are fugly :<

  • Marc S.

    dat shield!! o-O

  • StoneyB

    LOVE the greatsword. Bat wings? Where’s Ozzy?

  • Jia Hao Liang

    The staff

  • Coldman

    Chiroptophobia, fear of bats. lol

  • Steph Owii-owii


  • Daniel

    WORST update so far, no backpacks and only 5 new weapons skins, just a shame last year was EPIC.

    • Yamaha

      Finally someone agrees.

  • Himei

    Another GS bias… It gets a different looking skin AND bat effects while the rest is blah, especially the sword.

  • Rajani Isa

    The longbow is slightly disappoint to me. It’s too similar to Arachnophobia.

    • I know right? and no special effects either..

      • Celicynd

        Can I ask a silly question… has anyone noticed lately that the bow previews all seem to be backwards? (like the part thats on the outside of your hand is on the inside) looking at the video, it looks like the bow is correct though.

        • Not just bows, focus previews are also bugged. Like some directly clip into your body, really odd.

          • Stil

            It’s because all the previews always show in your right hand. So a bow or focus that has been specifically designed to be held in the left hand (like they all are when actually wielded) ends up being reversed in the preview.

  • Joshua Fan

    I want more rubber weapons! I’m amazed how much tech GW2 has for weapon effects that are hardly ever used!

  • Vai

    The staff skin just looks like a reskin of the modniir staff to me.

  • Gaytastic

    Anyone have a translation for the text on the shield and does the text change when it’s drawn? If some higher rez photos can be posted, I’ll do it.

  • Yamaha

    Great more ugly weapons! 😀

  • shujin51

    Why does Beef Adobo weapons look so plain?

    • Cuz it is designed to be that way. It is a toy weapon with the unique selling point being very rubber like and bendy

      • shujin51

        that sword i admit that its funny but the staff-.- its just looks like a rip off of some of the exotic weapons :/ AND WHY ALWAYS MAKING THE STAFFS SO BAD! T_T

  • Kenji

    Am I the only one freaked out by the quaggan mini? Imagine the blue part being the sclera (the white part of the eye) and the actual eyes of the quaggan being the irises…brrr

  • Shane Gaustad

    What are the odds in receiving a Black Lion Weapons claim ticket from the BL chest?

    • Pretty low, 1 in 25-30? You are much more likely to get a scrap, and you need 10 scraps for a ticket..

  • Ares Zax

    dulfy, do you happen to know if the new glove armor pieces from doing the Clocktower have unique skins? Or does it just reuse existing skins?

    • existing skins I think

  • Gondz605

    the scimitar is suck, why they didnt make the real one??

  • Guest

    i just looted a Mad Kings chest piece from the Labyrinth, any chance you could post a pic of what the full suit looks like?

  • robyx

    is it possible to obtain ghastly grinning shield in this patch?

  • Ectoman

    And what about this Scarecrow Staff?

    • That is a NPC staff..

  • ??? HO THE HELL AM I?!

    i got the shield

  • ??? HO THE HELL AM I?!

    cool eh? 😀

  • Denravi

    One simple question dulfy, do u know craftable chests through the mystic forge will be available this year again? The moneymaking is really a bit annoying in this one..

    • Denravi

      Eww my grammar… was a bit mind-afk. Just want to know if we can get the weapon skins only through BL-Chests or can craft the Mad King Chests again. Sorry for my last comment,,

      • I don’t think you can craft the Mad King chests anymore 🙁

        • Denravi

          What a mess :/
          I was so happy to use my 300 tonics.. Zzz
          Sadness spreads

  • The Spirit Molecule

    that schmitar is such a silly schmitar

  • That One Guy

    Why…why why why would they make almost every single one of these incredibly awesome….. and then… there’s the silly fucking scimitar. Why…. just… why? My thief says boooo.

    • The Guilty Party

      They’re all pretty goofy, tbh.

    • Real men swing flaccid swords

      If your thief doesn’t want to shoot rainbows with a dreamer and swing a silly scimitar, then he’s not a real man.

  • SpaceKitten

    Don’t forget to update your weapons galleries with these and TA’s new skins! D:

  • luminatx

    So all the other weapons are going to be ignored? awesome.


    When will they start to cost more tickets? Thanks.

    • Likely after Nov 12

      • ESCUDO

        Alright, thank you.

      • btamb

        Are they going to be on sale forever? or should i just buy them now?

  • Damonwex

    well my reactions when scrolling down this page were a mixture of eewws and mehs and then i come down to the staff and it was WOW!!! one of the coolest staffs in the game imo gonna definitely try to get that xD

    • writinwater

      oh wait you actually liked something ? halt the press =)

      • hillbo


  • IchbinVol

    Chiroptophobia is just in time for Necro’s new Reaper spec. 🙂

  • Saragossa

    Don’t they cost 2 tickets not 1?

    • Jesus Christ

      Article is from 2013, so if it is 2 tickets now Anet has increased the price.

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