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you no longer see other people as selves. they are now small blue orbs. so no missing that platform cause you cant see around a norn

that wasn’t really an issue, since 90% drop out after the first couple jumps last year and then people begin to spread out, I guess they really need to help out those that couldn’t make out the first couple jumps…

Update: this year’s reward is a pair of exotic gloves with Superior Rune of Mad King. Repeats 1st time only gives me 2 bag and second time 4, seems less then last year. Going to try with second character and see I can get another pair of gloves like last year or only 1 pair per account… and yes, the jumping puzzle itself is exactly the same, so no challenge at all for those pass it last year. (I failed the first 4 attempt then I get my feel back on it).

More update: confirmed… only one per account for the gloves…

Damn, that really sucks. πŸ™ I was hoping to get another Exotic armor piece to go along with my boots from last year and the Aetherized shoulder piece.

I was really looking forward to taking my big fat charr into the clock tower to really piss people off but now that won’t work πŸ™

there are only 4 of them and give 3 corn each, dont know if they reset with leave of the instance or not, I check this tomorrow

Candycorn nodes now frequently re-spawn while you are running the labyrinth. counted at least 6 re-spawns in an hour farm last night. (oct 16th)

If you’re good at jumping puzzles, you can get about 30 trick or treat bags in 15 min, so 120 an hour if you run the clock tower. And the trick or treat bags have 1-2 candy corn each as far as i know.

Yes, if you good at the clock tower, with the change of the chest (instant click open of the chests on the way), each run you get 7 to 10 bags for opening all the chest and the clock room chest. And once you are done in the clock room, just exit to outside and join the clock tower again so you have all the chest each run (you can only open the chest every other run if you stay inside the same clock tower.

I was so excited for this patch, it may be fun to alot of people but for those of us who were here last year it is a major letdown. The only new thing in this patch is the new story and some ugly weapon skins (Not including the staff.)

Has anyone actually gotten credit for Shut the Doors achievement outside of the Labyrinth? Running around Gendarran Fields and all of the doors are just trick or treat doors and aren’t counting towards the achievement for me.

I got a few proper event doors in Kessex before bed last night, so either I was really unlucky before or they made GF the safe place to take your kids trick or treating.

you need to get an event pop up, if the door close or just stay open with a bag dropped on the floor, go to the next one.

Doh…I didn’t get an achievement for completing the Clock Tower puzzle. πŸ™
It was just counted toward a meta-ach.

fastest way i know off is doing the clocktower puzzle. Loot all 3 chests on the way up and after winning, you leave and rejoin. By rejoining you have a chance to skip the 2 min waiting time you have when you win, and the chests will be lootable again. Personally I get ~15 bags every 5 min.

I hate temporary content…why does everything have to be temporary, why can’t they just find a way to make it all accessible always at all times permanently forever. Some kind of asura device that one would have in one’s inventory.

As of today… they added the fragments to the clockwork tower repeated chest, but only once a day… the chest is empty when you go there again, bag farming is over… And besides the activity achievement, no point of staying for the whole event…

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