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SWTOR Tracker’s Bounty Pack contents

A list of items inside the SWTOR Tracker’s Bounty Pack which can be purchased on October 21 noon EDT. Updated with ingame pics and videos for several items.



Cyborg Construct AM-7 (Helm only)


Cyborg Construct RH-6 (Helm only)


Exchange Corporate Shirt (Chest only)


Hutt Cartel Corporate Shirt (Chest only)


Exquisite Dancer Armor Set (Female only)


Magnificent Dancer Armor Set (Female only)


Series 808 Cybernetic Armor Set


Charged Interrogator Armor Set


Overloaded Interrogator Armor Set


Galvanized Infantry Armor Set


Energized Infantry Armor Set


Expert Fighter Armor Set


Exquisite Formal Armor Set


Visas Marr’s Armor Set


Marka Ragnos’s Armor Set



Video showing off the new Amzab family of speeders


Morlinger Nighthawk – Modeled by Exiled


Amzab Renegade


Amzab Glory


Amzab Breeze


Gurian Royale


Longspur Ranger


Longspur Outrider


Coastal Varactyl – Modeled by Dodoki


Flatland Zeldrate – Modeled by Anyath



Green-Back Raptor – Modeled by Marasume


Verdant Raptor


D3-S5 Astromech Droid


Splotched Gizka


Rusty Vrblet


Model Ebon Hawk



JM-29 Assault Cannon


AD-13 Heavy Blaster


CD-35 Blaster Rifle


MR-38 Sniper Rifle


Unrelenting Aggressor Lightsaber


Unrelenting Aggressor Dualsaber


Color Crystals/Emotes/Toys/Dye Modules

Charred Orange Color Crystal


Deep Green and Black Dye Module


Black and Deep Orange Dye Module


Light Gray and Dark Purple Dye Module





Tactical Marker Pack – One time use pack that grant 3 consumable markers. Only useable in flashpoint/operations


Meditation Chamber – Modeled by Diabolicdemon



By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

175 replies on “SWTOR Tracker’s Bounty Pack contents”

May we have this kind of update in the Collectors Edition vendor now? No? Pifft. You can’t have money then. Mostly reskins except a couple of things as usual. Unimpressive anyway. Thanks Dulfy for showing us though.

Visas Marr robes! Hooray!

Are there many more packs in this series, incidentally? I want to see how many accessories they can put on the assault cannon and sniper rifle. I’m thinking a can opener next time.

These reskins have got to stop. This is beyond ridonkulous.

The new items and skins are a pleasant addition and overdue.

what I dont get is offering 3 sets of armor that look the same but different color, with dyes in the game. Then all the weapons are the same with tiny tweaks. I cant help but feel their time could be spent elsewhere to a more beneficial effect.

i agree with both of you. Making something with blue and making it again with red colors and renaming it does NOT make it a new, and sought after, item. This is beyond lazy. The problem is they make sooo much of these re-skins and make just a few cool things and dump them all into a RNG chest that gives you a small chance at the thing you want and a LARGE chance at getting the reskinned bullcrap. I loathed RNG chests in Guild Wars 2 and now I loathe them in SWTOR

Can I assume the assassin and trooper armour sets have the crazy, over-used strobe lights all over them like the sets in previous packs? :

“…have the crazy, over-used strobe lights all over them…”

That had me chuckling. I couldn’t have put it better.

i was so afraid that they might elbow sleeved the visas marr and marka ragnos set. THANK GOD they didnt!! THEY SHOULD BAN ELBOW SLEEVES!!

Do you mean the highlights of the Pursuer’s pack that they posted on the 4th? It went live on the 26th of September.

Well go figure some more unoriginal re-shaded and colored gear from a year ago with maybe a couple new things like the ELK Helmet….funny thing is people will be gobbling this crap up!!!

Exactly. It’s really ridiculous. And, people will still use real money to buy this garbage. Seriously man–W-T-F. You’re being short changed and you don’t even care! HA HA HA HA. So pathetic. The more EA sees that they can to do BS work, but get ALL of your money, they will continue to do so. And from their perspective–and from a business standpoint in general–I’m not even mad at them. I’m annoyed at the idiot community this game has; a bunch of brain dead sheep. New designs are worth buying; not re-skins. [Pardon my mini rant, heheh.]

Well, kinda a little underwhelming of a pack. Guess its a good thing, as it’ll save me a few bucks for this month.

Thanks again Dulfy! While I don’t love all the sets together there’s some pretty cool mix and match possibilities from other packs!

Meditation Chamber???????
Oh. My. Science…..
My SWTOR dream has finally come true 😀

It better not be “accidentally left out” of this pack upon launch next week either >.>

Oh, actually, a question about the Visas Marr set: is the miraluka style hood a seperate head item, or part of the chestpiece (so, like a regular hood)?

As a related matter, does that set come with a belt, or is the sash actually detailing on the skirt (in which case, might have to buy an invisible belt to wear with it)?

This completely blows all other packs in the series away. (Not to say the others weren’t cool, but this one is really impressive)
Great job BW, and great job Dulfy.

Yon laugh, but back in the day in SWG my proudest moment was creating our city Shrubbery garden. I take my shrubbery very seriously.

Ok, time to rant: These “Cybernetic Armors” are starting to get to me.

1) Why has every cyborg only lost their RIGHT limbs?
2) If patient has lost their neck, torso, feet, and half their limbs, why in the hell would you save just their left arm and thigh?
3) If IG-88 can bounty hunt, and we can now replace 90% of our body with robotic parts, why can’t we roll a droid as a toon?

OK, rant off.

because bioware is good but seriously i know we have all been bitching about gear but for real this new dread shit looks awful for BH agents consular’s its all ass and you will never catch my guardian wearing that garbage AND BIOWARE STOP MAKING SO MANY FUCKING PACKS U MONEY HUNGRY niggers and give us hood up and hood down

The Cartel Market is a life support system. The patient is SWTOR. Without it the game dies because Subscriptions are so low that it cannot sustain a viable profit margin on subs alone. So they re-skin an item ten thousand times throw it in a different pack each time and say “all new pack available”. When really there is maybe one or two items that is sought after and those are the super rare items (not re-skinned) which will cost some people out there a very shiny pretty penny that makes up for all the lost revenue that didn’t come from subscriptions to make up the difference. That’s why they’re doing this. It’s the laziest most profitable solution. Do they care? No, cause they showed us they don’t care.

Really? I’m all for the getting rid of the PC BS, but really? Then on top of it all you whine just for the sake of whining. If you don’t like it then don’t buy it/use it/play it or whatever, but stop whining.

Dude. Packs support the game. If you want to keep the servers up, make your peace with the blatant cash grab.

The droid appearances are to satisfy those who want droid toons. I think there would be a number of logistical/lore issues with adding a droid toon, in addition to taking ages & the expense of adding appropriate voice overs to the storyline, and the hassle of droid armor/loot tables. In the interim, if they ever choose to implement a droid race, players now have the option of looking like a droid (for those to whom storyline doesn’t matter). I haven’t purchased the droid armor, so I don’t know if it also affects the voice or not. Regardless, it essentially makes your character a droid.

If I had any interest in rolling a droid toon, I think this option would essentially satisfy that.

What a bland pack! The only thing that caught my eye was the Marka Ragnos’ set. It looks like some pagan ceremonial duds. However, I don’t think it would look good on my BH.

I predict the Ragnos helm to be one of the most sought after as there is nothing at all like it. It would be a mistake if the cartel pack crew didn’t make that a super rare item.

Marka’s armor looks brill, shame I don’t play Sith or I’d make something beautiful with that set. I do love the new animal mounts. I wish they had added the stripped Varactyl instead but the flathead Zeldrate looks awesome.

The Marka Ragnos armor is AMAZING. The rest of it is reskinned garbage / stuff from previous packs with very minor alterations. Sigh. At least the rifle looks a bit better than all the others that are nearly the same.

I think the purpose of that is to provide new editions of items no longer available, as many prior packs have been discontinued (old tiers as well, or non-repeatable quest rewards). I’d take 21 items in a pack, with 11 reskins/minor adjustments (including new light effects), than a pack of just 10 or less entirely new (at least in terms of character access) items. I actually like the slight adjustments to the slave girl gear, and the new versions of the interrogator gear, as they have additional features my current interrogator set doesn’t have. Plus, Gizkas have always been a good selling pet item, and my server has perhaps 1 or 2 Varactyls for sale, so having another version would be nice.

Thanks for posting these, Dulfy 🙂

I’m hoping all these cybernetic series are a hint that droid could be the next playable species. Surely these show that it could be done pretty easily? I’d love that 🙂

Some reskins here, but some genuinely new stuff – these dancer outfits are significantly different if you look at the chest (did that sound dirty?) And the weapons are very different.

Loving the Visas Marr belt.

Yeah, but already the Chiss one isn’t unique really, never has been. /map is the exact same emote as the Chiss heal, only difference is your companion doesn’t kneel like they do with the Chiss heal.

I just HAVE to get my hands on that meditation chamber and the Morlinger Nighthawk 😀
The new dancer outfits is also quite nice, even the headpieces.

Oh, and can’t wait for some lightblue colored reskins of the Cyborg construct headpieces which hopefully comes in the next wave of packs

Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a Naga Sadow set of armor for my sorc! But for now this will do I think. Loving the old comic lore armor sets. 🙂

Some nice stuff in this cartel pack, I do wish tho that whichever team designs the armours for the cartel packs help the endgame armour designers cause all the oricon endgame armour is way ugly. The jedi knight endgame gear too looks ugly, thankfully we have adaptive armour that we can use with endgame stats.

Hopefully we will see a Dewback mount soon like we use to get in SWG.

Yea I heard they are coming into the game, which is cool. It’s good to see that creature mounts are being put into the game but I think the ext thing we need to see is multi player speeders like in SWG (you can use existing landspeeder models for 2 man) and get a proper skiff in there like the lava skiff which was 8 man in SWG not the tiny 1 man skiffs you got in game now.

there is a way around it. Open collections. Click on an item that is already out. Click so it shows the items do not close small window just go back to the item that has not being released yet click it and close collections window. should be there under the small window

It is intended, there is a way to get around it. Click on items from previous packs, don’t close the pop up window and now click on items from the current pack. You will get the items in that pop up window to link

I just figured the Marka Ragnos outfits where timed around the new Thor movie release. I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of Loki’s running around the fleet now.

and when the Canderous Ordo outfit? 😛

I’m curious if any of the weapons will have the lightning particle effects they appear to have in the concept art…

Yup next pack will have effects on those same models. Same as lightsabers. Bioware just milking CM buyers 🙂

I know many are die hard fans here and im also still subscriber and player since beta. but please dont ever say again that CM isnt there for pure cash grab and how it dictates game now. Im always skipping packs that have no effects and wait next one and buy items from GTN 🙂

Unreal. A large portion of these are just re-skins. So..they’ve been in the game already since..forever…but you’re paying for it again? Because what—it’s a different color now? I mean…WTF? Choke yourselves BioWare/EA. Absolutely shameless and ridiculous.

Passive aggressive, pathetic attempt at an insult because you have no real rebuttal. Where does this happen often? Oh the internet, where soft people can be tough–moving on… How can anyone who plays this game even argue what I’ve said here? It’s a fact. it’s right there in your stupid “I’m a mindless follower” face. You are apart of the problem—obviously. Anything they put out, you will buy and continue to contribute to their half-ass’d work. Continue to allow companies to do lame work all while paying full price for it, and the games you like with continue to be more watered down and generally of low quality–which SWTOR has become a blatant example of. You’re probably an EA employee. If so; go fall on something sharp.

It seems about 21 of these “new items” are re-skins, and maybe 10 are actually new designs, Not counting the different colors of the same model.

Where did the non-bald images of the Lobot helmet come from? SW:TORs facebook page or the official website? Because then they have been removed there!

Wow, am I glad I quit this game. EAware is just milking the player-base for this stuff. I’m all for customization and more fashion options, but wow, is this taking the whole thing to an unhealthy level. Such a bad game, especially for elite PvP’ers.

I have every right to be here and post my opinions as long as it’s within Dulfy’s rules, thank you very much.

the thing is, you dont state a reason for something being ‘bad’, you just make lame blanket statements like a typical child. if you arent a company plant, youre an intense nerd that needs to find a better cause to express your opinion on than a game you dont play anymore

He mentioned his reason why he quit. I did for the same reason. This game is still around because obviously people love to spend money for vanity stuff (and EA will milk them as long as people buy them) and not because it’s good.

“Elite” PVPers in any game, are usually the reason the game community of said game, sucks–so, yeah. Bye? Don’t let the door knob hit cha and all that…

wow… the assault cannon…. wth… do these guys have some “size” problems they feel the need to compensate ? i thought it couldn’t get more absurd than it already is…

I’m seriously think about grabbing the Marka Ragnos set and putting it on a Sith Assassin, grabbing some green and yellow dye, and naming it Loki.

Markas helmet is so ridiculous (thanks to the really poor expand universe!) it will be very popular, just for the fun of it.

Just a heads up, one of the packs I opened had a Warzone Medpack in place of the reputation item/Cartel Certificate. The other 23 I opened were normal, so I doubt it’s a common bug, but I thought I’d note it.

I was watching leaked SSSP pvp video, and there was this great starfigher pilot named Dulfy kickin republic ass 😉 So how’s the controls? Give us some more info 🙂 (hate NDA)

Alright, that crystal is a must have for me. How rare are they? Oh and how other has that Gray Inquisitor Armor reskin dropped for people? I know alot of people will be eager to get it out of their inventories, and I’d be willing to take it.

I can stop buying packs now… 4 packs and I got the Hutt’s & Exchange shirts (that I wanted) a longspur and the new zeldrate mount! 😀

Me too. I like a lot of the stuff but they random chance of dancer crap is way to high. I just start destroying since the market is going to be flooded with it. I am hesitant to buy another HC because of the overwhelming odds to get dancer crap.

I broke down and bought 40 bucks worth and didn’t get anything of any kind of value. Not even low grade mounts or pet this time. They have made the odds of getting worthwhile items to rare probably in hopes they will sell more packs. Unfortunately, it just tells me that unless I’m willing to fork over at least $120 bucks I need not bother. And for the people waiting to buy the scraps on the GTN, I usually just delete the stuff I don’t want instead of getting $5,000 for an item.

That sucks. I got a coastal varactyl and the cyborg head thingie, and I only bought 4 regular packs (not hypercrates). Of course, what I REALLY wanted was the Visas Marr amor for my Miraluka, so I will still be hopping on GTN for it regardless, lol.

I don’t understand why you guys spend real money on these cartel packs? I just wait a few days and everything goes up for sale on the GTN, and I buy with credits.

This morning I bought the Marka Ragnos’s upper robe this morning for 500k,and the lower for 250k. Of course price will vary by server, but it was worth waiting a few days and keeping my cash 🙂

Of course you didn’t spend real money, but the point that Billingtroll is trying to make is that you were only able to buy such items in GTN because someone spent real life money to get the packs and place the items there for sale for credits. They don’t just pop out of nowhere. If no one bought the packs, you’d never buy the pieces you said with credits and you’d need to try the packs (that if you really wanted). In a nutshell, others “must” buy the packs and sell the items for you to buy them with credits.

If you know how the system works, then why did you ask in the first place? You wouldn’t be able to get CM gear without the people buying the packs. Just be quiet and greatful.

If you read the thread, I didn’t ask how it works. I said I didn’t understand why people spent real money on them, when they could buy the pieces off the GTN. No need to attack me for saying that.

You say you don’t understand why people spend money to buy it, but understand that if no one did then they wouldn’t be available on GTN for you to buy…

Exactly….Glad someone understood my point. I’m glad they buy them! I just don’t understand WHY they buy them, meaning why they don’t do the same thing I do.

Because some people are rich, and don’t want to wait two days for the binding cooldown maybe? Not really that hard to figure out. If you have more than enough money, it’s no biggie to buy the packs.

Maybe no one is paying real money to buy packs. Maybe it’s just a bunch of subscribers using their monthly CC allowance… hmmm Food for thought.

One can make the argument that they are using real money since they are paying a subscription.

ha except that wouldn’t be true, as a lot of people buy the hypercrates and that would mean saving up your points for like 13 months (assuming you don’t get a bonus for longer subscription) to buy one hypercrate. While I’m sure it’s been done, yeah not happening with the majority lol

Because if everyone only did what you do then nobody would be able to do what you do… there would be none on the GTN to buy because no one bought them with real money. The ones who buy with money create the supply in the GTN. If they don’t buy then you can’t buy on GTN.

There is a couple of reasons for people to buy packs and sell their contents on the GTN. It is not really efficient tough, because in most cases you would make more credits by selling the unopened packs and buying everything you want… after you get your credits of course (and that’s another bit of gambling). I would say there are those who sell of doubles, others who sell everything besides the stuff they wanted in the first place (like selling Marka Ragnos gear, because they do not like the look) and a group that really believes selling contents is the best way to earn credits. It’s a market and looking on the third group, there are always those on a market who have insufficient information, but that’s great from a consumer point of view, because that’s what drives the prices down in the long run. In my opinion, the reality behind these decissions is hardcore microeconomics and comes down to a mixture of impatience, gambling and (false) hopes. It is as much about the hope to get the one item you would have to spend millions on, as it is about the idea of earning millions by selling some other super rare item you do not want.

I buy the packs mostly because of the reputation items and because I collect everything…so it is nearly impossible to obtain enough credits to buy all items. 2 two hypercrates first and buy the things I still need then off GTN.

By the way….done with this pack almost already…all other packs obtained ^^

Well, right but if you sell the packs, someone is still opening them and gambling so no matter what price you sell it for say 100,000 there is a chance sure they’ll get a varactyl but more likely they will get crap. So, I tend to mostly buy packs with my subscriber bonus then if I get something of great value, I win, if I don’t then I didn’t really lose anything and even if I sell the stuff I don’t want for 10k that’s profit for me, as I didn’t buy points. Usually if I BUY points it’s for direct cartel market items or account wide unlocks of pack items I really like.

I’ll help you understand. People spend real money on packs because they want to sell them to you for credits. That’s why. Now do you understand?

you said:
“I don’t understand why you guys spend real money on these cartel packs?”

so, uh, you clearly dont know how the system works, otherwise you’d have realized that was a moronic question.

On my main server there are thousands of pack purchases thus guaranteeing most items will be bought on the cheap except for the morlinger. There are three pages of Coastal Varactyl which usually indicates a price dip within a day.

It’ll be even cheaper tomorrow, but without impulsive players with cash to blow we’d be paying far more. So don’t complain.

What was BW thinking making those Tac Markers 1 time use? They’re cheap now, but wait til no one is buying these packs anymore. I’m guessing they’ll release reusable versions in the next pack, like they did with jawagrams.

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