GW2 WvW Season One achievement guide

A short guide to the WvW Season one achievements. These achievements will become unlocked on Friday Oct 18 at the WvW reset time.

Meta: Premier Season Veteran – 50 pts

  • Complete 15 of the following achievements
  • Title: Veteran of the Mists
  • WvW Season 1 Reward Chest key, used to unlock a WvW Season Reward Chest give at end of the WvW season. The contents of the chest will depends on your server’s performance. The end of the season is Dec 5, 2013.

WvW Dawn at of the Season

  • Just a basic achievement telling you if the WvW season has started. This should be unlocked on Oct 18 at WvW reset time, which is ~9 pm EDT or 6 pm EDT for NA servers. Euro servers will reset at 18:00 UTC.

Capture Achievements (eight achievements)

If you are not sure where the various objectives are, look at your map, all of them are marked.

  • Map specific objectives: Castle and Mercenary camps are only in Eternal Battlegrounds and Ruins are only in the Borderland maps.


Sentry Capture Extraordinaire – Capture 255 enemy sentry points – 26 pts

  • Remember killing the guard next to the sentry isn’t enough, you need to also capture it
  • Five tiers
    • Tier 1 – 1 sentry captured – 1 pt
    • Tier 2 – 35 sentries captured – 5 pts
    • Tier 3 – 85 sentries captured – 5 pts
    • Tier 4 – 150 sentries captured – 5 pts
    • Tier 5 – 225 sentries captured – 10 pts

Camp Crusher – Capture 100 enemy supply camps – 26 pts

  • Five tiers
    • Tier 1 – 1 camp captured – 1 pt
    • Tier 2 – 25 camps captured – 5 pts
    • Tier 3 – 50 camps captured – 5 pts
    • Tier 4 – 75 camps captured – 5 pts
    • Tier 5 – 100 camps captured – 10 pts
  • Reward: WvW Season 1 Achievement chest (green/rares, blueprints, Empyreal fragments)

Mists Merc Camp Vanquisher – Capture 50 mercenary camps – 16 pts

  • Five tiers
    • Tier 1: 1 mercenary camp taken – 1 pt
    • Tier 2: 15 mercenary camps taken – 5 pts
    • Tier 3: 30 mercenary camps taken – 5 pts
    • Tier 4: 50 mercenary camps taken – 5 pts

Master of Ruins – Capture 50 ruins – 21 pts

  • Five tiers
    • Tier 1: 1 ruin captured – 1 pt
    • Tier 2: 15 ruins captured – 5 pts
    • Tier 3: 30 ruins captured – 5 pts
    • Tier 4: 50 ruins captured – 10 pts

Demolition Expert – Destroy 30 enemy wall or gate – 16 pts

  • To get this achievement to count, you must do enough damage to a wall/gate, which is hard to do if you are just attacking it with your weapons. For better chances of getting it to count, group up with other players or use rams/other siege weapons to destroy the gate/wall.
  • Three tiers
    • Tier 1: 1 wall and gate destroyed – 1 pt
    • Tier 2: 10 walls and gates destroyed – 5 pts
    • Tier 3: 30 walls and gates destroyed – 10 pts

No Tower is too High – Capture 30 enemy towers – 36 pts

  • Five tiers
    • Tier 1: 1 tower assaulted – 1 pt
    • Tier 2: 5 towers assaulted – 5 pts
    • Tier 3: 10 towers assaulted – 5 pts
    • Tier 4: 20 towers assaulted – 10 pts
    • Tier 5: 30 towers assaulted – 15 pts

The Keep is the Thing – Capture 10 enemy keeps – 16 pts

  • Three tiers
    • Tier 1: 1 Keep assaulted – 1 pt
    • Tier 2: 5 Keeps assaulted – 5 pts
    • Tier 3: 10 Keeps assaulted – 10 pts
  • Reward: WvW Season 1 Achievement chest (green/rares, blueprints, Empyreal fragments)

Castles in the Air – Capture Stone Mist Castle in Eternal Battlegrounds 5 times – 20 pts

  • One tier

Kill Achievements(four achievements) 

Supplies Severed – Kill 225 enemy supply caravans – 35 pts


  • Five tiers
    • Tier 1: 1 caravan destroyed – 5 pts
    • Tier 2: 50 caravans destroyed – 5 pts
    • Tier 3: 100 caravans destroyed – 5 pts
    • Tier 4: 150 caravans destroyed – 10 pts
    • Tier 5: 225 caravans destroyed – 10 pts
  • Reward: WvW Season 1 Achievement chest (green/rares, blueprints, Empyreal fragments)

Guard Slayer – kill 500 enemy guards – 26 pts

  • Five tiers
    • Tier 1: 1 enemy guard killed – 1 pt
    • Tier 2: 100 enemy guards killed – 5 pts
    • Tier 3: 200 enemy guards killed – 5 pts
    • Tier 4: 350 enemy guards killed – 5 pts
    • Tier 5: 500 enemy guards killed – 10 pts

Mist Invasion Defender – kill 10 enemy invaders – 10 pts

  • One tier
  • Reward: WvW Season 1 Participation Bag (rewards a Tome of Knowledge, 4 Drops of Liquid World XP, some siege blueprints)

Advanced Mists Invasion Defender – kill 450 enemy invaders

  • Three tiers
    • Tier 1: 50 enemy invaders killed
    • Tier 2: 200 enemy invaders killed
    • Tier 3: 450 enemy invaders killed

Misc Achievements(seven achievements)

Big Spender – Spend 250 Badges of Honor – 5 pts

  • Spend 250 Badges of Honor on the WvW vendors. There are laurel vendors in WvW that sells you Ascended trinkets for WvW Badges of Honor, which can be useful if you need Ascended stuff for your alts.
  • Alternative, you can purchase Taste of Liquid World Experience which costs 2 laurels and 50 Badges of Honor each. Each bottle give you 1 World Rank or so, allowing you to get some ranks into World Ranker achievement as well. This item can be found at the last tab of the Laurel merchant.

Seasonal Mists Defense Restorer – Supply 500 repairs – 21 pts

  • Four tiers
    • Tier 1: 10 repairs supplied – 1 pt
    • Tier 2: 150 repairs supplied – 5 pts
    • Tier 3: 300 repairs supplied – 5 pts
    • Tier 4: 500 repairs supplied – 10 pts

World Ranker – Gain 50 world ranks – 21 pts

  • Four tiers
    • Tier 1: 1 World rank gained – 1 pt
    • Tier 2: 15 World ranks gained – 5 pts
    • Tier 3: 30 World ranks gained – 5 pts
    • Tier 4: 50 World ranks gained – 10 pts

Obsidian Leaper in the Mists – Complete the jumping puzzle in Obsidian Sanctum – 5 pts

Emerald Leaper in the Mists – Complete the Emerald Sanctum jumping puzzle – 5 pts

Garnet Leaper in the Mists – Complete the Garnet Sanctum jumping puzzle – 5 pts

  • Identical to Emerald Sanctum, just on a different borderlands map

Sapphire Leaper in the mists – Complete the Sapphire Sanctum jumping puzzle – 5 pts

  • Identical to Emerald Sanctum, just on a different borderlands map

WvW match ups for Season One (EU)



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73 replies on “GW2 WvW Season One achievement guide”

this one can be probably done be going there with alts – they can level much faster that your main. You of course can´t do as much as your mine but in zerg it doesnt matter so much.

You can also get Big Spender by purchasing 5 Tastes of Liquid World Experience. Keep in mind that it also costs 2 laurels per. The upside is, you get to progress the World Ranker achievement. For those unaware, after level five, the amount of experience becomes static, amounting to 5k per level. Using this method, you’ll be 10% of the way into World Ranker. It all depends on you.

those arent small numbers, this is large amount of time that needs to be put into this, I don’t know how to feel about this considering I don’t like WvW

it’s not really hard, i’ve already the meta only by player as normal (only ruins an jp’s i had to do specially for the meta)

Well, it’s something they offer for the people who want to do lots of WvW, instead of doing only things that are either PvE (most of the content of the living stories) or PvP (some of the minigames). It’s also the least updated part of the game, so it’s nice.

You can either suck it up and go for it, you have 7 weeks to hit these numbers, or just don’t participate in doing something you don’t like.

Geat Job!!
Please incllude in the guide that to get Demolition achievement you have to use a machine, attacking doors won’t count even if you alone break the wall down.

I got the first notification on for this by dpsing down a door from SM. Probably a bug since I didn’t get it for towers.

*edit: It seems I have credit for 2 doors from never using siege. I believe I got them both from dpsing SM’s inner door.

The BL JP’s seem bugged. I can get both key parts from the chests, and I can enter the vault, but I can’t open the chest. Can anyone confirm this? I’ve tested this on two borderlands, including my own.

Mists Merc Camp Vanquisher: You just have to tag it, if another faction takes it you also get credit. (might be a bug)

Sentries and Dolyaks seem a bit boring and a lot of farming(might be good for people that do a lot of small group roaming). If you are with the zerg always people are running faster and killing them. Might be hard to get… but then again you don’t need to get all of the achievements for the Meta. Other stuff should be good with zerg.

Hi how do you get Dawn at the season ?
It is not achieved, but all the others achievement are unlocked.
I went on WvW on saturday and sunday morning, but nothing append

I don’t think you need to use a siege weapon to get Demolitions Expert. I had multiple friends and acquaintances besides myself confirm that they received credit towards the achievement for breaking down a gate/wall without using a siege weapon.

I borke down 11 gates and walls, 4 of which I used siege weapons for. 7 times i simply auto-attacked the gate while others tore it down with rams.

I’m pretty sure it’s a matter of damage done to the gate/wall. I checked it as well because it seemed inconsistant to me, (Sometimes it counted, sometimes it didn’t) but after several attempts I find that if I have enough time to simply shoot at the gate with normal attacks, the achievement advances. If I use a siege weapon it is pretty certain that it advances.

TL;DR – It’s possible without siege weapons, it’s most likely a damage threshold.

You need to do a certain amount (unknown) of damage to get credit. Same as with tagging a mob. So, if you’re in a full party of players with high power, you’ll get it a lot more often that if you’re on your own playing a condi build. You’re also more likely to get it the more your server is relying on PvD to take down the gate – if there are 5 sup rams or golems or whatever, they’ll take it down fast enough that you won’t be able to rack up enough damage to get credit.

If you are determined to PvD gates, Fiery Greatswords (the 3 and 4 skills) will really help.

it works if u get WXP from the gate. only then does it count towards the achievement. best done during a WXP/karma train arranged with another server…

These achievements actually ruined WvW experience. Not only in quality(people wants to do achievements and they give a fuck about commanders orders/tactics), but even in queue waiting times. This is so lame.

thats gw2 , never seen a game which is fucked up after 1 year that hard . its really sad to see that gw2 always gets more of a kindergarden assbitch game for 5 year old idiots, really a agme for children but not for ppl with at least a bit of brain

Well looks like one thing’s for sure, the game is around for dumbasses to say stupid and untrue crap about it.

With a name like “anethater” did you really expect him to say nice things about GW2? He’s just a troll.

Just sounds like you’ve just been having bad luck. But no one ever said life was fare. Groups I’ve been running with have been great. Fallowing the commander perfectly. Really close to getting my Meta.

As for the WvW ques. Yeah, they suck bad. But at least a new no que WvW map is coming soon. Too bad the old maps aren’t that way already though…

Question : I play a warrior, but does not manage to advance quickly in defeating other players (play greatsword – Rifle).
what kind of stuff/skills traits can you give to help me.
Thanks a lot for your answer.

First advice would be switch from rifle to bow. You have ranged AoE now which is very helpful for tagging players.

Greatsword is also not very useful due to the 3.5 second root from Hundred Baldes. Perhaps consider another build completely.

GS with a stun on your other set can be very strong. Learn to play it and you can just laugh as they have to eat the full HB.

Whirlwind attack gives good mobility in combat along with evade. Any melee is challenging to use in middle of zerg, but GS can be used effectively like other melee options. It’s also probably the best melee option for tagging if you’re careful. Personally, I use Hammer + Longbow.

I play GS/Rifle and it is great for meleeing zergs and hunting down single targets at range.

If you want to AoE zergs, get a bow.
If you want max mobility get a warhorn on one of your sets.

There are many different builds that all work fine.

Thanks for all your answers.
I changed the GS to Horn (Axe or Sword) so that I can follow with the pack easily and keep the rifle (i will try the longbow as soon as possible). and managed to score 100 hits in 1 day.

I took my PRT armor with Superior Melandru Runes instead of my Knight’s armor.

After a few tries, I notice theat I was killed too fast because I tend to run away from the group and was killed by other players.

No, but I think there will be (at least) :

– the Mini Dolyak because it has been added to the mini collection.
Permanent Trophy finisher (Type I or II) depending on the server rank after this event

I didn’t play the pvp touney, so I do not know which reward were on it.
So the mini dolyak should be in the WvW Season 1 chest.

For all of you complaining about the time you need to spend to get these achievements and the grind for the achievements. Stop, right now. These are achievements meant for people who wvw cause honestly we’re screwed in that aspect. Have you seen some of the basic achievements? Dolyak slapper would take you 10 YEARS to finish if you kill 10 a day. If you are extremely determined to get these achievements, then run with the zerg, get into your community’s VOIP (raidcall, teamspeak, mumble, etc) and listen to the commanders. Also, this is not a full zerker pve thing. You run pvt (power, toughness, vitality) through and through otherwise you’ll just melt and res the enemy zerg. If you cant do any of those things, then you’re just screwing over your server as well as yourself cause then you won’t be able to finish the meta and you minus well get out of WvW and just do another dungeon. I run both WvW and PvE so I do know what I’m talking about, so no use calling me “elitist” or anything. I’ve dealt with just as many in PvE as I have in WvW and I’m trying to help you guys out here so that you can get the meta easier. Run with the zerg and you’ll get these in no time. You have 7 weeks!

Also sorry for the long post 😛

Also, I have 9/15 done after 3 days, with another 3 almost done and the rest either over halfway done on the last tier or very close to being halfway done.

Is ‘zerker ok with 1500 range/defensive utilities? 🙁
I never was too into WvW until recently with S1 since the reward system seemed pretty lackluster.

I never before try to write a guide but like to give few
pointers to easy achievements. I have 14 done already. I do a lot of WvW on JQ
in great WvW guild.


EBJP is hard if you newer done it before. Get on EB map and keep asking in map chat for Mesmer port in JP. I got it on first day. I did Obsidian myself few times but recommend port as a fast and easy solution. BL’s JPs are very easy usually takes 5-10 min to complete. Get a group with Mesmer or 2.
Try not to fight in JPs’ no one wonna end up dead in the middle and most of the
time it is peace in BLs JPs.

Master of ruins can be done within 2 hours time frame. Get a group together and run around stomping.
I would not recommend doing it solo or in group less than 5 members. It might take much longer due to multiple deathsJ.


Don’t be lazy get behind a treb and hit SMC wall. If aim well it is usually 2-3 points within 5 min on not upgraded SMC wall. In worst case build treb yourself on one of the towers wall facing SMC if your commanders are lame enough not to have few up already. Runing with zerg and hitting gates with rams or weapons works as well.

Merc camps is a real pain. It can be done only on EB and EB usually has worst pugs and longest QE.

I have seen an advice to tag it and agree tagging does work sometimes
but camp has to belong to someone when it tagged. If you just tag camp when it
is ready for event and then other side take it there is no points. Leave it be but if u manage to accomplish it kudos to you. I am not even trying
A lot of achievements make more sense while looking at whole picture
and not at each achievement invidually. Supply camps usually have 4 or more
guards 2 yaks and sentry posts outside a camp. IE 100 taken camps equal to at
list 400 guards 200 yaks and 100 sentries. Run very fast. Crazy zerked PVE wars
kill mobs very fast.

Invasion defender. Hope your server has at list one good
commander who understand mechanic of zerg fights and will not kill his own zerg by
stupidity. If u have a toon with good AOE skills like Necro or Ele 450 kills
are easy to get. Remember you don’t need to perform actuall kill. Tag enemy player and if he dies within certain time frame you get kill count. What is interesting i once manage to tag BG player then SOR player kill him. I got kill and loot. Now when i see huge zerg fights without my server involved in it am always run toward it tag as much ppl as possible on both sides and run away to safe place to wait for bags to come.:)

Get to SMC when it being trebed by opposite side and waste
supply repairing wall. You’ll make some ppl very unhappningy doing it but who cares
really. 15-20 min to finish it if u have good supply inflow and no one mimicking
your bad behavior.

Note to Anet. All achievements are extremely time consuming and boring even for ppl like me who loves WvW and at this point of the game ignores PVE completely. I enjoy a good zerg fight and siege but hours spend on running around hunting poor yaks and taking camps feels like insult. I bielive there is tons of interesting things can be added to wvw
instead of making ppl wasting hours on bullcrap.

Note to noobs needing this guide. Please get your achievements
ASAP and stop coming to WVW you are ruining it for people who really like it
but can’t get in for hours and have to deal with all stupidity going on in WvW ATm

“Get to SMC when it being trebed by opposite side and waste
supply repairing wall. You’ll make some ppl very unhappy doing it but who cares
really. 15-20 min to finish it if u have good supply inflow and no one mimicking
your bad behavior.”

Please do not follow this advice. You have weeks to get the achievement and there are other achievements you can do instead if you don’t have the patience. Working against your server just so you can get some achievement points is really selfish.

Usually I’d agree with you my advice sounds bad but during
this week following it can actually be beneficial to your server. In T1 SMC during peak hours flipped every tick
or 2 and no one bothers to upgrade or build siege. Spending all supply on wall
repairs guarantee opposite side will not get SMC with full supply depots to
build trebs

capturing mercenary camps, demolition expert, and the 5 castles and 10 keeps is gonna be a bish T_T

Hi. Capturing Merc Camp is not so difficult.
I have noticed that you get merc credit point even if you fail the event to capture it,

So you can
1) put a camp to neutral
2) help a little to get some credit in the event
3) fail the event so that it still belongs to the opponent
4) restart the 3 firts previous actions.

There are 3 merc camps on CBE, so you can turn around and make this quickly.
It takes around 5 minutes between neutral and capturing a camp.

I have noticed some storyline quests where you kill guards count toward season meta achievement while leveling my asura.

but anet rruly doesnt know how to make a season, 1st week vizu piken sfr, last week same ^^ so they obviously want vizu to win, really a shame that this french fags who double team dont get minus points in league, really a shame, but nothing other was expected by stupid frenchies^^ so league in gold league absolutely senseless give vizu their shit and then just kill all of em^^

u mad bro 😀 ?

The best wins ,period.
Do not try to find reasons.
They win coz they are the best.They may not be perfect ,but they win.

Learn to play , stop being a racist faggot , and go get an education.

No, he´s telling the truth. It´s just fuckin ridiculous playing against 2 french servers. The problem is, Canadians also play on French servers, and they have just opponent time zones. So when Paris time zone servers are hardly trying to deff it´s towers and stuff, Vizuh and Augur just have MORE THAN ENOUGH players to cap the whole map. Sry, haha, no, not just one map. ALL MAPS belong to Frenchman.
Yeah sure, they ARE good. But they never would win this season that easy if they wouldn´t have this advantage.

Do we already know what’s in the Meta achievement WvW Season Reward Chest ?
I dream of new skins or ascended armors but it will be fore sure blue&green stuffs…

9/15 – didn’t do stonemist, sentries, dolyaks, jumping puzzles [4].Guess I’ll do the JP’s then try 2 others? 😀

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