SWTOR details plans for holiday season release

A new blog went up on the SWTOR forums to discuss some details of the releases and events players can expect this holiday season.

Hello everyone,

With the Summer of SWTOR officially behind us, and some big announcements about our upcoming free Digital Expansion now released, I wanted to just share in one place a summary of the things we are working on for you in the months ahead. Some of this is a recap of information we have already released, but there are some new pieces here too!

First up is Game Update 2.4.2, which is currently targeted for launch on October 29th. This biweekly update contains the usual bug fixes and minor tweaks, but it is notable for two very important features: the start of Ranked PvP Season One, and the launch of web-based Ranked PvP Leaderboards!

Have you ever been frustrated trying to find an available name when making a new character? We currently have many, many millions of character names across all the servers, some of which are no longer in use, and as has been frequently noted here on the forums it is difficult to find any good names. We want to flag some 36% of those characters for rename, many of which were created in the early days after launch, and free up a lot of name options for our current players. Get ready to snag that name you always wanted! Exact details are forthcoming, but here’s what you need to know now: Current Subscribers will not have any characters renamed, regardless of activity or level on that character. Period. Even on inactive accounts, the bulk of characters renamed will be under level 10, and no character level 30 or higher will be renamed. November 12th is our current target date for this.

Speaking of November 12th, that will be the start of the next Bounty Contract Week, which we’ll continue to have every month. In other event news the mysterious Gree Starship will be returning in December. As you’ve seen, we continue to update and improve these events and add new Galactic Reputation rewards.

As Thanksgiving Season approaches, you are at the top of our list of things we are thankful for. We receive a lot of support from you, the players, and it’s really because of you that we are able to continue development on this game we love so much. We’d like to show a tiny measure of that thanks with a Double XP weekend starting November 27th and continuing through Thanksgiving Weekend until December 2nd.

The no-longer-super-secret space project has been revealed at last! We are working hard to bring you the Galactic Starfighter™ free Digital Expansion in February, but on December 3rd we are planning to open it up to Subscribers with Game Update 2.5: Galactic Starfighter Subscriber Early Access. Also in Game Update 2.5 we’ll have continued class balance updates and an all new PvP Warzone Arena, the Makeb Mesa Arena.

We will have individual blogs and updates on each and every one of the above items, stay tuned to and these forums for updates! This isn’t an exhaustive list, and we are also working on some (very exciting) longer term stuff and some shorter term surprises we aren’t ready to cough up just yet. As always the dates listed above are the dates the teams are shooting for, and though we are working very hard and feel like we can hit them there is always a chance something will have to slip if it’s not ready. I’ll let you know as soon as we know if that happens.

We here at BioWare would like to say thank you for your continued support. I was going to say ‘keep your feedback coming’, but I don’t think you need the encouragement – you’re a vocal lot! But we love to hear it, and we wouldn’t rather have any other community than you. See you in game!

Bruce Maclean
Senior Producer


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

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Not coming back in the same form, I believe the wording was. At the time you’re talking about, I remember my guild starting to speculate that they’d pick a different planet, or something.

There seem to be a lot of nay-sayers, but the game is steadily, quietly getting better and better. It would seems the devs learned from the over-hyped launch. The quality they are putting out is great, and they have a payment model that has ironed out the kinks.

So, I’m going to say it… ;p I’m pleased with SWTOR.

hate to tell u every MMO has class balancing and changes based on what they learn about peoples playstyles and and just general adding of new gear so saying that is kinda foolish

No wait, Maybe you didn’t understand what I meant.
I like class changes… new gear to build etc. But as Infiltration Shadow I can’t say they have understood our feedbacks. Seems they don’t know how to; actually their class changes haven’t a sense.
Shadow tank yes they fixed their spikness but remove self healing, why? it was a characteristic of shadow tanks, maybe is it too difficult to balance armor rating and self healing?
Ps: I don’t need any buff at my dps, I just saying that their works about classes are poor.

SWTOR has its fans and steady supporters BUT population trends show decline since september for US servers and since summer for EU. EU doing even worse as average all server are now light populated according to torstatus (that has been accurate since game started).
Overall they make money but population wise this game havent expanded, rather opposite.

But the focus is still heavy towards cartel market packs as a lot money comes from there.

Here they come. ^

Population has actually been steady up. They changed the server tech, so torstats is wrong. (Since they only read light/ normal/ heavy.) It takes a lot more people to get to ‘heavy’ than it did before. Actual numbers of characters in game is growing on the US server I play on.

EU may be struggling. Dunno. But, the game has been growing subscriptions solidly for several months.

Lot’s of good stuff to keep the torches and pitchforks down for the moment. S1 ranked has been way too long in coming so it’s about time, and it’s nice to see they’re planning to add a new WZ. I’d hope they’ll just add a new WZ with every major update, that would calm the PvP crowd down a bit I think.

Looking forward to Double XP and the events returning!

You can say it’s been a long time coming, and I would agree, if it weren’t for the fact that Guild Wars 2 only just now kicked off their world versus world season 1…

I actually signed up to this site to comment here. There is a list of things I want to say, and the first one is aimed at Dulfy, herself.

1) Dulfy, I do thank you tremendously, for the time, research, and for this site. I do come here almost every day to see what is new with SWTOR, and I do thank you a lot.

2) People love to complain, complain about “Well this wasn’t done yet, and that wasn’t done yet, and this is messed up along with that, this is why I don’t sub anymore” League of Legends, WoW, and almost every other MMO ALWAYS has something broken after a new patch, now while I am not a “Fanboy” of bioware, BUT I do support them, by subscribing and once in a while buying CC.

2A) People complain “Well this wasn’t made and they said it would be” (IE: Guild Space Stations) While, yes that was something from launch, massive things like that do take time. I am in no way shape or form a “programer” or anything, BUT I do know how hard it is to do it.

3) Cartel stuff: People complaining “This is a reskin and that is a reskin” While I do fully agree it is lazy of them to reskin, there ARE some reskin’s I do like (Like the charged robes in the new pack) But you can’t have a group of, lets say 10-15 people keep making ALL new items every pack, it takes way to much work (the coding, the meshing, the deving) If it is anything like IMVU, to do a “Mesh” (The wire frame around the clothes) takes a VERY long time to get it to where it doesn’t glitch, like raising your hand up, and you see a hole in the mesh, under the arm showing your skin. Now coloring is a bit easier (deving) but it still takes a long time to do. I know on IMVU, it takes months to get a mesh perfect for an item to not glitch (usually 2) and then to color it how you want it, takes about anywhere between 3-7 days if not more (depending how much detail you put in) now think of that time, and apply it to SWTOR. You have about 1 month 1 week to get 1 new item done and produced. Obvusally you have people who do this professionally, and can do it quicker, but you still have meshes and deving to do, it is not as simple as a “Copy this look from this picture and put it in game for a whole new robe/mask/helmet/ect” Go to youtube and type in how to mesh on IMVU, and watch the longest video you can find.

All in all, I give SWTOR an 8/10 game, you have 8 classes to play, so 8 different stories, then another 16 advanced class to play through, if you really want. I currently have an Assassin on Ebon Hawk called Noxxus, and a jugg (both at 55) A commando (40) and I am working on an op. While I am “bored” because I do not want to level a 4th character, does NOT mean there is no “content” there is plenty, if you are willing to relevel characters.

So again Dulfy, I do thank you for making this site, and helping the community by giving us this information that you give us everyday.

Much Respect and love,


I hear very strong rumours the Rakghoul event is back at the end of this month. That would tie in very easily with Halloween and make a lot of sense. From what I remember you could get some nice crystals from this event so will be looking for those (Green/black?).

If I was going to bet I would be putting my money on the 29th Oct patch 2.4.2 for this. But that is a guess.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and we are also working on some (very exciting) longer term stuff and some shorter term surprises we aren’t ready to cough up just yet.

Bruce Maclean
Senior Producer

omg 🙂 i’d love you guys if u made the rackgoul event repeatable… it was the best event !!! 😀 especially that disease :)))

I do recall it being said that the Rakghoul event was never coming back…ever. I guess they can change their mind, but I would just plan on never doing it again.

In that case, Sharp Dresser wouldn’t require the Containment Officer and Bloodguard outfits. Bio’s been careful to either remove achievement requirements that will no longer be possible to get (e.g. Korrealis speeders from the Gearhead achievement) or re-offer them so that the achievement becomes possible to clear.

I still have some mixed feelings of the progress of the game so far, still awaiting the continuation of our class stories (most important update that game needs), End game still needs alot of work, There are alot of people who either dont raid at all or raid very little, as well as those who arent very into PvP, we need something end game that still allows you to have fun and enjoy the game as the powerful character you are, without being unfair to those who work hard raiding. but overall excited to see what is in store for us down the road.

You do not PVE and you do not PVP? what the hell are you looking for? There is no middle. You either PVE or PVP.

Yes Rabid is correct, PVE is not all about Raid Raid and more Raiding. I loved what Rift did with Chronicles for instance, A solo or 2 person group that got to do the same “raid” for story purposes and vanity/not as powerful as hardcore raider gear.

At Cantina Tour Germany they stated there wouldn’t be a continuation of class stories, as the ‘faction stories’ is how what they feel is the best ‘story soloution’ for the playerbase.

Definitely a lot easier to just develop one story per faction instead of four… easy to understand and I don’t see why they just don’t come out and say this. Instead we get something like “best story solution for the playerbase”?

Don’t think it is about time but money. It cost’s to much to make individual stories for each class for every additional area they introduce. People would be screaming down the house saying the don’t introduce anything new if they cut releases down to make this happen and they won’t hire the numbers to make it quicker.

I can see how it would be easier to develop, but one thing that brought alot of players I know to the game in the first place was individual storylines to make you as a player feel important and powerful. Starting to get a little too much like WoW tbh, but ill keep with it, maybe things will change.

I raid some not a lot and I am not close to running out of things to do. You have the regular events, multiple different factions to improve your standing with. The seeker droid quests and the micro binoculars quest lines. Crafting and gathering (if that’s your thing) and of course the option of levelling a new character.

I would do the ops if they could be soloable. I have no care to grind 3487423-2347842 hours to get the minimum armor required.

I think we can expect to see Class story continuation if and when EAware do a boxed expansion. According to last I heard, they’ve already made SW:TOR profitable again, so maybe they’ll cave and do it.

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