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SWTOR Galactic Loremaster achievement guide

A guide to obtaining all the SWTOR lore objects and loremaster achievements on every planet for the Galactic Loremaster achievement which rewards The Loremaster legacy title.


General Information   


To get the Galactic Loremaster achievement and the legacy title, you must have the following characters

  • Inquisitor/Warrior that have completed their class quest on Korriban
  • Trooper/Smuggler that have access to Ord Mantell
  • Consular/Knight that have completed their class quest on Tython
  • Characters on both factions that can access and complete Corellia planet arc (level 47+)
  • Level 50-55 characters on both factions with access to Makeb


  • Achievements points: 10 per planet (20 for planets like Balmorra/Taris) and 50 pts for completing the Galactic Loremaster achievement. They can be found under Location –> Planet –> Exploration in your achievements menu.
  • Legacy Title: The Loremaster, for completing the lore objects on every planet.


Hutta Lore Objects   

Map of all Hutta Lore Objects


Evocii History Evocar
swtor-loremaster-of-hutta-evocii-history swtor-loremaster-of-hutta-evocar
Evocii Tribes Evocii Exile
swtor-loremaster-of-hutta-evocii-tribes swtor-loremaster-of-hutta-evocii-exile



Carbonite Freezing  (use elevator to get to level 2)


Korriban Lore Objects   

Requirements: You must have a sith warrior or sith inquisitor as Sith Weapons lore object requires you to complete their class quest  and The Red Engine is from a heroic quest that is only available to these classes.

Map of all Korriban Lore Objects


Sith Weapons – Only obtainable by Sith Warrior/Inquisitor

  • Received at near the end of the class quest on Korriban when you receive your lightsaber
    • Warriors: The Final Trail
    • Inquisitors: A Map for the Future

Map of Sith Academy Korriban Lore objects Admission to the Sith Academy
(Sith Academy level 2, above Inquisitor class trainer)
swtor-korriban-lore-objects-admission-to-the-sith-academy-2 swtor-korriban-lore-objects-admission-to-the-sith-academy
Slavery in the Empire
(Sith Academy level 2, above Warrior class trainer)
Sith Titles
(Sith Academy level 2, south of Warrior class trainer)
swtor-korriban-lore-objects-slavery-to-the-empire swtor-korriban-lore-objects-sith-titles

Map Tomb of Tulak Hord Lore Objects


Legacy of Tulak Hord


The Red Engine (part of [Heroic 2+] The Hate Machine, tablet is revealed at end of the mission)


Ord Mantell Lore Objects

Requirements: Except for Refugees of War, all other lore objects require you to have either a trooper or smuggler character as they are rewarded as part of quests that are only obtainable by these classes.

Map of all Ord Mantell Lore Objects


Refugees of War (Fort Garnik)


Split by Rebellion (Fort Garnik)

  • Talk to Lieutenant Xorem in Fort Garnik to get the Victims of War quest (see Fort Garnik map above for Lieutenant Xorem’s location). Then talk to Jaen Kett in Mannett Point to get the codex entry.


Ruled by Corruption (Avilatan Badlands)

  • You get the quest Republic Roulette from Corporal Dregg in Avilatan Badlands (see big Ord Mantell map above). You must pick the light side choice and get the Questionable Ethics version of the quest which you turn in to Ethics Officer Drage in Fort Garnik.


Underworld Influences (Oradam Village)

  • Talk to Gizmel to get [H2] Buying Loyalty. Make sure you pick the light side option that tells the droids to destroy the spice. Returning to Gizmel after its completion will reward you with the codex entry.


Tython Lore Objects

Requirements: You must have a Jedi Consular or Knight to get the Jedi Weapons and Holocron lore objects as they are rewarded as part of the class story.

Map of all Tython Lore Objects



  • Rewarded as part of Enemy Force, a Knight quest line after you have spoken to Master Bela Kiwiiks
  • Rewarded at completion of The Path of a Jedi, a Consular quest line.

Jedi Weapons

  • Rewarded near end of The Forge, Consular quest line after you have crafted your first lightsaber.
  • Rewarded near end of Weapon of the Jedi, Knight quest line after you have crafted your first lightsaber.

Rediscovering Tython


Rebuilding the Jedi Order


Dromund Kaas Lore Objects

Map of all Dromund Kaas Lore Objects


Kaas City Lore Objects


Monument to Lord Ergast Spires of Victory
swtor-dromund-kaas-lore-objects-loremaster-monument-to-lord-ergast swtor-dromund-kaas-lore-objects-loremaster-the-spires-of-victory

Sithspawn (The Wall)

  • Complete [Heroic 2+] Shadow Spawn given out by Lord Shalath


The Obliteration of Kressh (Revanite Camp)

  • Guarded by a champion mob


Coruscant Lore Objects

Map of all Coruscant Lore Objects


The Sacking of Coruscant (Coruscant Spaceport)

  • Obtained by talking to Anitol Rosspar in Coruscant space port and getting the quest Crisis in Galactic City from him.


Republic Government (Senate Tower)


Reconstruction of Coruscant (Old Galactic Market)


History of Coruscant (Jedi Temple)


Imperial Balmorra Lore Objects

Map of all Imperial Balmorra Lore Objects


Markaran Plains Lore Objects Balmorran Pollution
swtor-imperial-balmorra-lore-objects-loremaster-markaran-plains swtor-imperial-balmorra-lore-objects-loremaster-balmorran-pollution
Imperial Subjugation (inside building) Imperial Military on Balmorra
swtor-imperial-balmorra-lore-objects-loremaster-imperial-subjugation swtor-imperial-balmorra-lore-objects-loremaster-imperial-military-on-balmorra

Balmorran Corporations (Assembly Line heroic area of Okara Droid Factory)


The Invasion of Balmorra (inside Balmorran Arms Factory)


Republic Taris Lore Objects

Differences with Imperial Taris Lore Objects

  • Same locations: Environment of Taris, Malak’s Attack, Taris Prebombardment, Republic Reconstruction. Rest of the lore objects are all located in different locations.

Map of all Republic Taris Lore Objects


Republic Resettlement Zone Lore Objects


Republic Reconstruction Taris (Pre-Bombardment)
swtor-republic-taris-lore-objects-loremaster-of-taris-republic-reconstruction swtor-republic-taris-lore-objects-loremaster-of-taris-pre-bombardment

The Sinking City Lore Objects


Jedi Civil War Taris and nonhumans
swtor-republic-taris-lore-objects-loremaster-of-taris-jedi-civil-war swtor-republic-taris-lore-objects-loremaster-of-taris-and-nonhumans

The Rakghoul Disease (The Sinking City)

  • Lore object is on the Research level, which is the bottom level of General Dynamet Hospital.See entrance location on the Sinking City map.
  • Go to the east side of the Research Level and then go up the stairs to find the lore object on a desk near an elite rakghoul.



Lore Objects in Tularan Marsh


Environment of Taris


Malak’s Attack (Tularan Marsh/Transport Station 5)

  • Look at the Lore Objects in Tularan Marsh map for entrance to Transport Station Five


The Promised ones (Tularan Marsh/Transport Station 5)

  • Look at the map under Malak’s Attack to see the location of this lore object.


Nar Shaddaa Lore Objects

Note: While lore objects on both factions are shown, you only need to do one faction to get the achievement.

Map of all Nar Shaddaa Lore Objects


Slave Trading on Nar Shaddaa (Empire) – Duros Sector


Slave Trading on Nar Shaddaa (Republic) – Shadow Town


Data Slicing (Empire) – Corellian Sector


Data Slicing (Republic) – Nikto Sector


The Spice Business (Empire) – Network Access


The Spice Business (Republic) – Red Light Sector


Tatooine Lore Objects

Note: While lore objects on both factions are shown, you only need to do one faction to get the achievement.

Map of all Tatooine Lore Objects


History of Tatooine (Empire and Republic)

For Empire it is right next to the starship upgrades vendor in Spaceport, on a board above him.


For Republic it is also located in the spaceport near the exit.


Womp Rat Fever (Empire and Republic)

You need to get the Womp Rat Fever from the Womp rats you can find in either Mos Ila or Anchorhead. If may take a while for them to infect you so don’t hit them and just let them attack you. After you have the fever, buy a Czerka VX-736 Injector from either the stims vendor or the medical droid to make it go away.


Dune Sea Lore Objects (Shared)


Krayt Dragon The Sarlacc
(Dying to it will grant you Worm food title)
swtor-tatooine-lore-objects-loremaster-krayt-dragon swtor-tatooine-lore-objects-loremaster-worm-food

Alderaan Lore Objects

Note: While lore objects on both factions are shown, you only need to do one faction to get the achievement.

Map of all Alderaan Lore Objects


Noble Houses  (Empire and Republic)

For Empire this is located in Rhu Caenus Spaceport right next to the Starship Upgrades vendor.


For Republic this is next to the exit in Pallista Spaceport


Kaamos Territory Lore Objects (Empire)


History of Alderaan (Empire) Joiners and the Killik Hive Mind (Empire)
swtor-alderaan-lore-objects-lorekeeper-of-alderaan-history-of-alderaan swtor-alderaan-lore-objects-lorekeeper-of-alderaan-joiners-and-the-Killik-hive-mind-2

Joiners and the Killik Hive Mind (Republic) – Alsakan Lowlands


History of Alderaan (Republic) – King’s Pass


Battle of Alderaan (Shared) – Juran Mountains


The War for Alderaan’s Throne (Shared) – Castle Panteer-Glarus Valley


Imperial Taris Lore Objects

Differences with Republic Taris Lore Objects

  • Same locations: Environment of Taris, Malak’s Attack, Taris Prebombardment, Republic Reconstruction. Rest of the lore objects are all located in different locations.

Map of all Imperial Taris Lore Objects


Tularan Marsh Lore Objects


Environment of Taris (Tularan Marsh)


Malak’s Attack (Tularan Marsh/Transport Station Five)

  • Look at the Lore Objects in Tularan Marsh map for entrance to Transport Station Five


The Sinking City Lore Objects


Jedi Civil War (The Sinking City)


Rakghoul Disease (The Sinking City/Dynamet General Hospital level 2)

  • Look at the map for Jedi Civil War for location of Dynamet General Hospital


Republic Resettlement Zone Lore Objects


Taris Pre-bombardment

Republic Reconstruction

swtor-taris-lore-objects-loremaster-of-taris-taris-pre-bombardment swtor-taris-lore-objects-loremaster-of-taris-republic-reconstruction

Republic Balmorra Lore Objects

Map of all Republic Balmorra Lore Objects


The Barrager

  • Rewarded after completing the Liberating Sobrik quest as part of Balmorra planet arc.
  • See this list which shows the entire Balmorra planet quest arc.

Republic Relationships with Balmorra (Bugtown)


Balmorran Pollution (Camp Traken-4, north of Markaran Plains)


Markaran Plains Lore Objects


Imperial Subjugation (Markaran Plains)


Balmorran Corporations (Markaran Plains)

  • Assembly Line area of Okara Droid Factory


The Invasion of Balmorra (Sundari Flatlands)


Quesh Lore Objects

Note: While lore objects on both factions are shown, you only need to do one faction to get the achievement.

Map of all Quesh Lore Objects


Atmosphere of Quesh (Empire and Republic)

  • Republic players will receive this when they accept the Venom Safeguards mission from a Republic commando on Quesh Republic Orbital station.
  • Empire players will receive this when they accept the Toxic Clash mission from the Imperial Vaccination Officer in Quesh Imperial Orbital station.


Quesh Venom (Empire and Republic)

  • Republic players will receive this from Venom Cleanup mission in Three Families War Camp from Goonawaro.
  • Empire players will receive this when they accept the Toxic Clash mission from the Imperial Vaccination Officer in Quesh Imperial Orbital station.


Military Adrenals (Empire and Republic)

  • Republic players will receive this during discussions with Moff Dracen during the The Republic Strikes Back mission in Broga’s Palace.
  • Empire players will receive this when you accept the Blood and Venom mission in Imperial Outpost (Imperial Mining Control) from Sergeant Molvar.


Discovering Quesh Venom The Quake
swtor-quesh-lore-objects-loremaster-of-quesh-discovering-the-quesh-venom swtor-quesh-lore-objects-loremaster-of-quesh-the-quake
Hutt Neutrality The Three Families
swtor-quesh-lore-objects-loremaster-of-quesh-hutt-neutrality swtor-quesh-lore-objects-loremaster-of-quesh-the-three-families

Hoth Lore Objects

Note: Hoth, unlike previous planets, require you to have characters on both sides that can access the planet.

Map of all Hoth Lore Objects


Imperial War Strategy: Quagmires (Empire only)

  • Obtained by finishing the Hoth bonus series for Empire. You start this bonus series by talking to Captain Graich in Dorn Base  (he is right next to the landing shuttle).


Keeping Warm: Do’s and Don’ts – Icefall Plains (shared)


Hoth: No Place for Vehicles – Highmount Ridge (Shared)


Caught Between Two Foes – Highmount Ridge (Republic only)


The Battle of Hoth (left) /Salvaging Starships (right)– Starship Graveyard (Shared)


Belsavis Lore Objects

Note: You need to have a Republic character that have completed Belsavis planet arc and some of the dallies to get all of the lore objects.

Map of Belsavis Lore Objects


The World Razer  – Republic only

  • To get this codex entry, you must complete the Belsavis Republic planet arc which ends with The World Razer.
  • If you are not sure which part of the Belsavis planet arc you have completed, you can check this list here.

The Infinite Empire – Republic only

  • Lore entry is rewarded when you complete [DAILY] Sleeping Rakata picked from the Monitoring Station Console at Oasis Republic Post. It is part of the Belsavis dallies which can be completed starting at level 47.

Minimum Security Station Lore Objects


Belsavis Prison Personnel Belsavis Prison Break
swtor-belsavis-lore-objects-loremaster-of-belsavis-prison-personnel swtor-belsavis-lore-objects-loremaster-of-belsavis-prison-break
Belsavis Vaults  
swtor-belsavis-lore-objects-loremaster-of-belsavis-vaults-2 swtor-belsavis-lore-objects-loremaster-of-belsavis-vaults
Belsavis Automated Security  

The Domination Experiments (High Security Section)

  • This is inside Republic territory inside the east most tower. You will likely get flagged there but as long you avoid the L55 champion droids you should be fine.


The Tomb Lore Objects


Esh-Kha Culture
swtor-belsavis-lore-objects-loremaster-of-belsavis-esh-kha-culture swtor-belsavis-lore-objects-loremaster-of-belsavis-esh-kha-culture-2
Primeval Beasts Mind Trap
swtor-belsavis-lore-objects-loremaster-of-belsavis-primeval-beasts swtor-belsavis-lore-objects-loremaster-of-belsavis-mind-trap
History of Belsavis  
swtor-belsavis-lore-objects-loremaster-of-belsavis-history-of-belsavis-prison-2 swtor-belsavis-lore-objects-loremaster-of-belsavis-history-of-belsavis-prison
Rakata Technology  
swtor-belsavis-lore-objects-loremaster-of-belsavis-rakata-technology-2 swtor-belsavis-lore-objects-loremaster-of-belsavis-rakata-technology

Voss Lore Objects

Note: All of the lore objects here are shared between the two factions.

Map of  Voss Lore Objects


Voss-Ka Lore Objects


The imperial Attack on Voss The Three
swtor-voss-lore-objects-loremaster-of-voss-imperial-attack-on-voss swtor-voss-lore-objects-loremaster-of-voss-the-three

The Old Paths Lore Objects


Mystic Visions The Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Healing
swtor-voss-lore-objects-loremaster-of-voss-mystic-visions swtor-voss-lore-objects-loremaster-of-voss-the-pilgrimage-to-the-shrine-of-healing

Gormak and Voss origins (The Pelath-Ri Marches)


Corellia Lore Objects

Note: You must have a level 50 or above characters who have completed the Corellia planetary questline on both Empire and Republic side to get this Loremaster achievement.

Lore Objects Requiring Planetary Arc completion

  • Medal of Imperial Glory – rewarded to Empire players who finish the Corellia planetary arc that ends with The Battle of Corellia.
  • First Class Corellian Bloodstripes – rewarded to Republic players who finish the Corellia planetary arc that ends with Right to Arms.

Map of  Corelllia Lore Objects


Incorporation Islands (Empire) Lore Objects


The Rocket Tram System (Empire)


Starship Manufacturing (Empire)  
swtor-corellia-lore-objects-loremaster-of-corellia-starship-manufacturing-2 swtor-corellia-lore-objects-loremaster-of-corellia-starship-manufacturing

Blastfield Shipyards (Republic) Lore Objects


The Rocket Tram System (Republic) Starship Manufacturing (Republic)
swtor-the-rocket-tram-system-corellia-lore-objects-republic swtor-starship-manufacturing-corellia-lore-objects-republic

Invasion of Corellia (Labor Valley)


Axial Park Lore Objects


A Culture of Freedom History of Corellia
swtor-corellia-lore-objects-loremaster-of-corellia-a-culture-of-freedom swtor-corellia-lore-objects-loremaster-of-corellia-history-of-corellia

Government District Lore Objects


The Legislature (Republic only)


Coronet City Corellian Government
swtor-corellia-lore-objects-loremaster-of-corellia-coronet-city swtor-corellia-lore-objects-loremaster-of-corellia-corellian-government

Ilum Lore Objects

Map of  Ilum Lore Objects


Pilgrimages to Ilum Stealth Technology and Warfare
swtor-ilum-lore-objects-loremaster-of-ilum-pilgrimages-to-ilum swtor-ilum-lore-objects-loremaster-of-ilum-stealth-technology-and-warfare
The Republic’s Alien Allies The Battle for Ilum
swtor-ilum-lore-objects-loremaster-of-ilum-the-republic's-alien-allies swtor-ilum-lore-objects-loremaster-of-ilum-the-battle-for-ilum
Ilum Crystals  

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57 replies on “SWTOR Galactic Loremaster achievement guide”

Collected all lore objects on corellia – but still one is missing: corellian blood lines
Any idea where I find that one?

Thanks for doing this… I already finished but it’s great for others
maybe the devs will see how much people like these achievements
and decide to fix the Beastermaster one too

Awesome Guide! I’m certainly gonna use it!
Hey, if there are any fellow Ebon Hawk players reading this, I’ve started a Global Channel channel for hunting codex entries and earning Achievements. The Codex Channel, please come join by typing /cjoin Codex.

The channel exists on both sides, imp and republic but I mostly play on the republic side.

Yo, you still have the channel up? I know it’s now Star Forge, but if you’re still playing and you have it up….

You missed one on Belsavis that is Republic only. The Infinite Empire is gotten from Completing the Sleeping Rakata mission.

I’m loving this and I’ve been working on it all day. So far the only issue I’ve run into is on Quesh. I’m trying to get Quesh Venom on the Imperial side. Does it really have the same requirement as Atmosphere of Quesh or did that get copied over?

Anyways, thank you very much for another excellent guide.

I already got this lore object before I started the guide so i can’t verify but from what I looked up it does to appear to have the same requirements. Is this not the case for you?

I already had the “Quesh Venom” one as well. That’s kind of why I got confused. I didn’t realize there were two that had quesh venom in their name. It probably is true.

nvm. I see I was getting confused between the map showing “Discovering Quesh Venom” and the section explaining how to get “Quesh Venom”. All was good once I saw the other pic. Thanks again Dulfy:)

Hi Dulfy, I think they’ve changed the requirements for Imperial War Strategy: Quagmires on Hoth. I only got it from completing the bonus series, not starting it.

Yeah, I can confirm this is the case (post 2.0) as well, as I had to complete the bonus series on Hoth before I got the unlock.

And otherwise, thanks for this. Would have been glad to help as I got this the first day it was available (when you were taking pictures of my Praxon Aether), but I guess you got it covered.

Now if they would only fix Beastmaster.

Acutually since there is no more bonus series anymore, now you just need to complete the mission “Revenge of the Bane Brigade” granted by Captain Graich in Dorn Base to gain this codex entry.

I think that you missed one shared Lore in the Dune Sea (Sand People), is on Motesta Oasis, where you do the Imperial quest “Thirst for Glory|”, Cord -2446,417

No, I am not missing any lore in the dune sea. Please make sure they are actually required for the achievement. Loremaster of Tatooine only have 4 lore objects and it is all covered in the guide

I abandoned the Corellian questlines eons ago, and picking up the quest again requires access to instances that are no longer available for my toons. As finishing off the Corellian lore items is all I have left, is there any way to reacquire the questlines, or do I need to level other toons just to get the Republic and Imperial lore objects?

I am not aware of any way to reacquire these quests once you have abandoned them. I am missing the World Razor one from Belsavis myself since it appears I abondoned the questline about 1.5 years ago hah. You can try contacting the CSR and see if they can help you with it.

Thank you so much, Dulfy for this site and all the information you’ve provided!

Wanted to let you know that the “list” you referred to under Quesh “Military Adrenals” (Republic) is no longer valid.

I decided to take my Level 55 back and get Quesh Lore Achievements and found on “Military Adrenals” I had to start the Quesh quest line beginning from “Republic Commando” NPC on Quesh: Republic Orbital Station.

Thanks for all your work Dulfy. I could not have the lore objects on Ilum without you! Of course, I did fall over, I mean find the “Deep Drillers” by myself, right in the middle of two others you pointed out…

I am afraid to be a pain to you, Dulfy, but I’m afraid all the awesome work you put into this guide hit a huge, nasty pothole. I know that you know closed their doors leaving a lot of broken links. This sucks…

Hi Dulfy. Thanks for the great work, but what about planet, which have been added with SoR and Ziost? 🙂 Thanks!

Maybe a stupid question, but under Exploration it says x/200, but the 4 Archivements net only 175. Anybody know what the missing 25 pts are?

Can’t finish Ord Mantell lore objects because it’s not giving me the quests – Rebublic Roulette and Buying Loyalty… ;((

When I enabled option -show exploration missions-, I was able to talk to Corporal Dregg and finished Republic Roulette. But there is no npc for H2 Buying loyalty.

I cannot obtain Sleeping Rakata daily quest to finish Belsavis. :/ In the outpost, if I try to click the terminal it says it appears to have been deactivated. Will try on various characters and try to finish any quest I see to see if it appears then. But thank you for the extensive guide, Dulfy!

Esh-Kha Culture isn’t lit up for me, when I click it nothing happens. It’s the only one I’m lacking on Belsavis. Republic, finished all story/class quests on Belsavis, etc. Did this change to Imp only? Any ideas?

Having problem locating the battle of ilum lore object, its not where your map says it is unless im missing something

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