GW2 Bloody Prince and Executioner’s Outfit in the gemstore

GW2 Gemstore today was updated with some new items including Bloody Prince’s Outfit, Executioner’s Outfit  and a return of some old items such as Mad King’s Outfit and Witch’s Outfit.

New Items

Executioner’s Outfit – Town Clothing with Costume brawl skills – 700 gems

Five piece outfit: Executioner Hood, Executioner Shirt, Executioner Gloves, Executioner Boots, Executioner Axe Toy.

  1. Executioner Hack – Melee attack with toy axe (0.25s CD) – 200 range.
  2. Corpse Toss – Charge and toss another brawler (3s CD) – 600 range.
  3. Meat Grinder – Pull in and chop brawlers (5s CD) – 400 range.
  4. Next to Die – Target and execute a brawler (10s CD) – Costume Brawl Fear (2s) and scores a Costume Brawl hit on any brawlers in range – 500 range.
  5. Summon Skeleton – summon a skeleton familiar (70s CD)





Bloody Prince’s Outfit – Town Clothing with Costume brawl skills – 700 gems

Three piece outfit: Bloody Prince’s Mask, Bloody Prince’s Shirt, Bloody Prince’s Staff Toy.

  1. Prince’s Grasp – Reach out and attack other brawlers (1s CD) – 800 range.
  2. Prince’s Daze – Damage and daze other costume brawlers (6s CD) – 200 range.
  3. Cloak – grants temporary stealth and blocks all costume brawl skills for 5s (8s CD).
  4. Terror Trap – Lay a trap that will teleport you to- and scare- costume brawlers who trigger it. Costume Brawl Fear (3s) and scores a Costume Brawl hit on any brawlers in range – 240 range.
  5. Summon Familiar – Summon a bat as a magical familiar (70s CD)



Female Asura and Charr will use the male version.



Returning Items

Mad King’s Outfit – Town Clothing with Costume brawl skills – 700 gems

Five Piece set: Mad King’s hat, Mad King’s Coat, Mad King’s Boots, Mad King’s Gloves, Scepter of Thorn.

  1. Throw Pumpkin Head – Throw a madly flaming pumpkin head. (0.5s CD) – 800 range
  2. Mad King Cackle – Costume Brawl Fear (3s). (5s CD) – 200 range.
  3. Madly Funny Joke – Invoke the spirit of Mad King Thorn to tell a madly hilarious joke – Costume Brawl Daze (3s). (6s CD) – 200 range.
  4. Create Banquet – create a madly delicious banquet that lasts for 45s and can be used to score on brawl hit on any brawlers within range (35s CD) – 800 range.
  5. Summon Servant – Summon a madly obedient Candy Corn Servant (70s CD).




Witch’s Outfit – Town Clothing with Costume brawl skills – 700 gems

Five piece outfit: Witch’s Hat, Witch’s Gloves, Witch’s Coat, Witch’s Boots, Enchanted Broom.

  1. Swarm of Bats – Creates a swarm of bats (1s CD) – 300 range
  2. Summon Cauldron – Summon a cauldron that everyone can use. Trick or treat! (195s CD)
  3. Melt – Melt into a pile of magical goo – scores a costume brawl hit on any brawlers in range and blocks all costume brawl skills for 5s. (7s CD)
  4. Ride Broom – Jump on your broom and ride around. Blocks all costume brawl skills for 3 minutes. (7s CD)
  5. Summon Familiar – Summon a feline friend as a magical familiar (70s CD).




  • Ares Zax

    I don’t buy town clothes, but that Executioner outfit looks pretty sweet. 🙂 Does that Bloody Prince Staff come standard with his costume?

  • Swonko

    Man why would you pay gems for some town cloths?
    And im not even against the fact that arena net are trying to make ppl invest real money in the game.. But town cloths, come on..

    • digi_owl

      Costume brawl? Seems to be part of the dailies after all.

  • Pip Clank

    aww my heart broke when I noticed the executioner was a town cloth set and not a skin

    I really wish I could have that hood for my necro

  • DKO

    Can all constumes start a banquett or is that only for the king?

    • Only Mad King’s Outfit.

      • DKO

        thx for info

  • neb

    can you list the brawl skills please?

    • They are all listed, refresh the page 🙂

  • visitor

    Any pic on an asura please ? Can’t wait to get home tonight !

    • Uploaded the asura and charr versions. Unfortunately the females all use male models 🙁

      • visitor

        Aww, thank you, you’re the best ! Dulfy #1

  • Rameyuk

    They should make 2 versions. A combat armor skin (with no costume brawl skills) and a Town outfit with costume brawls skills. That should make ppl invest on gems..

    • AlfimieChan

      This. They should read this, and do it. This is imperative.

    • Ania Borkowska

      I dont think people should run around in pvp/pve in a witch skirt whole year, keep it in town. Its roleplaying gear.

      • LocoMan

        Agree when it comes to the female witch costume, but personally I think the male witch and both male and female executioner and bloody prince would be great armor sets, specially for necro and maybe the executioner one for thieves.

        • DaGhostDS

          I think there is worse than that skirt already in-game anyway and i was hoping for something nice for my necro.. Nothing except a staff in 3 month. 🙁

  • Ramasez

    Definitely would have bought one if they were armor skins.

    • The Spirit Molecule

      you can transmute them

      • Ramasez

        Wait seriously?

  • nekr

    Do the costume skills work in WvW? That stealth on bloody prince costume would be usefull for my necro. (obviously out of combat)

    • Yes they do work in WvW surprisingly.

  • Sarigar

    That beautiful axe renews my wish that they would add Greataxe as a weapon to the game.

    • Tgreen

      It sure does. There are so many choices for almost all classes that could be done … tomes, orbs, greataxes, spears.
      The only think I can’t think of is a new weapon type for Thiefs that wouldn’t be increadibly aweful.

  • LocoMan

    That’s not an executioner… that’s a dervish in disguise!!!…. Dervishes pls Anet… 🙂

  • meme

    i already bought the broom toy separately, will buying the witch costume overwrites the original function of the broom toy which is to ride around tyria?

    • Yes, the Enchanted Broom that comes with the witch outfit has the #4 skill which is identical to the rideable broom you brought in addition to having other skills.

  • ClothesObsessor

    Are the pieces of the costumes seperable? I can’t find any information on this.

    • They are but something like Bloody Prince’s shirt (1 piece) will override the graphics of other gloves, boots etc that you have equipped.

  • folk78

    So which will be the new OP costume brawl champ costume? Or will the Mad King still reign supreme? Only time will tell…dun dun dunnnnnnn..

    • Joshua Fan

      People abusing Executioner #3 are already making me lose hope in ever completing daily brawler.

      • Bi Jay

        Pay 2 win. :p

    • Ares Zax

      Mad King still reigns supreme. His Killing Joke skill causes multiple hits of Daze in a wide AoE radius (plus you can still move while activating it), and then he just AoE Fears everybody away after that to prevent counterattack. The Executioner’s skill 3 is handy for pulling everybody in, but it can be blocked or dodged, and it leaves you open to counterattack afterwards.

  • Cenarion_Child

    can u dye the costumes of bloody prince and executioner..?

    • Yes but for the prince outfit you can only dye the chest piece and not the helm.

      • Cenarion_Child

        sweet, worth buying 😀 many thx for the legit info..! 😀

        • Witchmaster

          i not surely know it, but i coloured witches costume for 2 times, after next relog it always has the old colours. Dont know if this is a bug only with that costume,, only with my pc, or sthg else. just wanted to tell, maybe sby else has the same probs?

  • chrishoffmann

    These gem items will last throughout the entire Halloween living story, not just until the 29th right? 🙂

  • Mike

    How many people you can hit with 3rd Executioner’s skill ? or its unlimited?

  • JP

    Will the witches set be around after Halloween or will it be gone to buy by then. I’m just starting out on gw2 so I don’t thnk I can get to end game b4 halloween

    • It will be gone in 2-3 weeks and you don’t need to be 80 to wear it. It is town clothing

  • Max

    WTF its just costume crap. Why not release better armour skins dagnamit.

  • The Spirit Molecule

    niiiiceeee ty arena ^_^

  • Akira

    Are the skills tied into the entire outfit or just the toy/weapon?

    • Just to the weapon

  • Jacquelinka

    is it possible to use just the chest piece of the Bloody Prince outfit?

    • Elizeu Gerlach

      if it is an outfit then no.

  • Rony Alcantara

    I love halloween

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