GW2 reveals Tower of Nightmares, next content patch for October 29

The next content patch in GW2’s biweekly cycle will be called the Tower of Nightmares. This patch will involve the kraits and new super weapon they have building. In addition, players will gain access to a new universal healing skill that cleanse themselves and nearby allies.


    Some new trouble is growing in Kessex Hills. Carefully hidden by magic, the krait have been working tirelessly on a terror unlike anything seen before in Tyria. Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade are investigating the illusory curtain that’s cloaking part of Viathan Lake, and they need your help! What secret lies behind the veil?


    Take a sneak peak at the Tower of Nightmares release with ArenaNet devs during the preview livestream on our Twitch channel on Monday, October 28 at 12PM PDT.


  • Antitoxin Spray

    Prepare for battle with a new universal healing skill! A dose of this cutting-edge Antitoxin Spray will cleanse yourself and nearby allies of poison, torment, confusion, and toxin. This skill is available to characters of all professions.

  • gw2-Antitoxin-Spray

  • Krait Obelisk Shard

    Complete the Tower of Nightmares meta achievement to receive a Krait Obelisk Shard for your home instances, which can serve as a place of power for earning a skill point or charging Quartz Crystals!


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32 replies on “GW2 reveals Tower of Nightmares, next content patch for October 29”

No, it does not. From healing signets, glyphs to cleansing all conditions or blocking or reflecting stuff there are tons of things I’d rather have.

On another note: “Yay, Krait!”

The question that I have (and know that it will be shown later) is……what the heck is this? I mean, is it a dungeon? Solo content? Series of trials?

lol are you new born today ?? this will be like any others living story, half solo story, half 5-party dung with 15 points meta achiev, which give you reward, maybe with daily achiev, which will supply one achiev from meta, only one questions are on table, if this tower will be perm or clasics LS :/

I’m REALLY looking forward to that new Krait Obelisk Shard. Finally, no need to leave the Home Instance for charging Quartz! 😀

Yes you dig it, you charge it 😉
Do we know if the skill point is account bound, character bound and reset daily (ok I am dreaming).

Wow, krait. Yeah, that’s almost as cool as actually continuing the goddamn dragons storyline or human gods or cantha or anything else that matters at all. I hope there’s another ridiculously terrible mary sue fanfic character like Scarlet, too.

The human gods are gone. GW2 isn’t a human-centic game like GW1. Human stuff is not going to be the centerpiece of every update.

either way, those new updates are boring and the story after zhaitan still haven’t been continued, we wanna see more dragons and epic fights

well if they make it monthly or even every 2 month with awesome stories and stuff to do, it will be more than fine with me

Because this is so much better than having new armour and weapon skins or an Elder Dragon story or even a new Claw of and Elder Dragon. Yay…krait….again….because we didnt have enough krait dropped in with Teqatl2.0

To be honest, im looking forward to this new patch, many of you says its boring, but the krait have som really interesting lore behind them, and they are almost as intresting as the dragons. Krait are the only race that is purly evil, 😛

If they are anything like the Krait in Nonmoa Lake, Timberline Falls we’re in for a world of hurt. o _ o

I was trying to get to the diving goggles and was constantly getting owned by them. Their platform is so small there’s not enough room to run around. Let’s hope the TON has lots of room to run around.

Ohhhh, I feel your pain! I was working on my map completion and that was the worst part of the whole endeavor. Small space + fast respawn = you’re gonna have a bad time. (But still kind of fun)

I think this is great. We haven’t deal with Krait yet. We got karkas, Dredge, Flame Legion, pirates (aetherblade), mechanical …
when will we deal with giants, centaurs ?
thanks for all, Dulfy

So, is it just me or does the purple swirl in the sky look kinda like the purple swirl from the first path of arah when you look through the telescope? And the zone looks more Zhaitan corruption with the green aura everywhere with the floating death particles….

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