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GW2 Dreamthistle weapon skins gallery

A gallery of the new Dreamthistle weapons introduced with the Tower of Nightmares patch. They can be purchased from the Black Lion weapon specialist at back of the bank in Lion’s Arch.

Looking for models! if you own any of the weapon skins below, I would love to take a high re screenshot of it.

Please msg/mail me ingame! (IGN Dulfy, US servers only)

Video of previews to show the animation/effects


Dreamthistle Axe – [&AgE+vwAA] – Modeled by Zanosar


Dreamthistle Dagger – [&AgFBvwAA] – Modeled by Rasellyn


Dreamthistle Focus – [&AgFEvwAA]


Dreamthistle Greatsword – [&AgFHvwAA] – Modeled by Old Sayid


Dreamthistle Hammer- [&AgFKvwAA] – Modeled by Raerith Rhaegar


Dreamthistle Longbow – [&AgFNvwAA] – Modeled by Old Sayid


Dreamthistle Mace – [&AgFQvwAA] – Modeled by Crilt


Dreamthistle Pistol – [&AgFTvwAA]


Dreamthistle Rifle – [&AgFWvwAA] – Modeled by Faewyn Yewfell


Dreamthistle Scepter – [&AgFZvwAA] – Modeled by Heisenberg


Dreamthistle Shield – [&AgFcvwAA]


Dreamthistle Short Bow – [&AgFfvwAA] – Modeled by Fae Sun


Dreamthistle Staff – [&AgFivwAA] – Modeled by Khaal Drioc


Dreamthistle Sword – [&AgFlvwAA] – Modeled by Frost Thief


Dreamthistle Torch – [&AgFovwAA]


Dreamthistle Warhorn – [&AgFrvwAA] – Modeled by Zanosar


Dreamthistle Harpoon Gun – [&AgFxvwAA]


Dreamthistle Spear – [&AgF0vwAA]


Dreamthistle Trident – [&AgFuvwAA]


By Dulfy

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29 replies on “GW2 Dreamthistle weapon skins gallery”

Reworked would to me indicate some small changes in textures and such. Not having the business end of the weapons vanish when not wielded.

I agree with digi_owl. Apart from the glow, even shape and texture of the Dreamthirstle are quite unique. They have less leaves than Verdant, less spikey than Nightmare, and a distinct thirstle theme. They are not “reworked” just because they are plant-based weapons.

Feels like the new Twilight arbor weapons, the old Twilight arbor weapons, the sylvari’s weapons… It’s beautiful, but I still see nobody with this “flower” weapons. (?!)

I opened the page. Did not see them at the time. Posted the link. Reloaded the page and thats when i saw you added them. so both the addition of the codes and my post were done in the 10 minutes i took to post the link XD

The base design of these appear to be reskinned Verdant weapons, but I’m always happy for more plant-themed weapons. 🙂 (Not sure if they’re worth a Black Lion ticket though…)

verdant/TA weapons for every season, we got al colors, purple, dark blue, dark green. expecting white and red for christmas maybe? really really disappointed at the lack of effort they are putting into content and rewards. want the achievement? repeat the same action 25 times in a row…oh but it’s in different regions so it’s a totally new experience! yeah right

Same part as i get sick of the black lion chests for getting these weapons :/ Worst part about those achevement is that that kind of stuff is in almost every patch.

here is some achievements that made you travel a lot for no reason.

queens jubilee: balloons
zephyr sanctum: small and big baskets.
Dragon bash: holographic projectors and effigies

sky pirates: holographic projectors with 50% chance for aetherblades

And there is a lot more to that list.

Considering they have to come up with this stuff once every 2~4 weeks, I would cut them some slack.

Seriously, every two weeks. That is unheard of in any other MMO.
They just started getting the hang of it by making more content persisting/permanent. They are improving and can only do better from here on out.

Agreed, They are learning and listening to what we want as a community. How many other MMO’s do that? How many roll out as much content as they have been doing? I am happy I can choose what events I want to do and which I don’t and its completely my choice. I don’t see a lack of effort, I see an effort to give us the best gaming experience. I paid for the digital deluxe when it went on sale and I sincerely believe I got more than my moneys worth so no complaints from me!

Content every two weeks is a problem, not a benefit. League of Legends suffers (or did when I played) the same problem: by changing and/or releasing content every 2 weeks, everything is incredible volatile and does not have a chance to be settled. In addition, the extreme pace means that things keep getting released without being properly tested.

They have several teams, each of which have a couple of months to work on content, not two weeks… it only works out that new content is ready every two weeks because of the amount of teams they have working on content.

Does anybody know if the blueish part of the weapon disappears on stow like preview or is it still visible? eg the blade of the greatsword


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